In my own journey, I desire this only: 1) To live in conscious union with the Infinite Creator; 2) to follow the example set forth by Jesus of Nazareth; 3) to express the first two desires as a white, or positive, adept.

What is an adept?  All creatures  return to the Source at some point.  The adept is no different and follows the same path…except they choose to do it on an accelerated tract by intentionally living in a way that helps to pierce the veil of forgetfulness (3rd density) in order to enlighten themselves and others and the planetary consciousness.  Jesus was an adept.  Many have been.  I am too.  Perhaps you also feel called to this path?

The following is my compilation of passages from the Law of One that illuminate adepthood.  First the basic outline is presented.  Following is the outline flushed out with mostly direct quotes from the Law of One Material. This outline and the posts that follow are an introduction to adepthood.

What is the Adept?

  1. The Adept is the Creator.
  2. The Adept is the magical personality.
  3. The Adept is the Higher Self.
  4. The Adept is a mid-sixth density being.
  5. The Positive Adept is a white magician.
  6. The Adept is a crystalized healer.
  7. The Adept is a balanced entity.
  8. The Adept is the most humble servant of all.

What does the Adept do?

  1. The Adept becomes the Creator in awareness and deed.
  2. The Adept lightens the planetary vibrations.
  3. The Adept balances the energy centers of self.
  4. The Adept becomes the archetypes at will.
  5. The Adept uses will, power, love, wisdom, and polarity to balance, heal, reconcile, and enlighten self and others.
  6. The Adept affects changes in consciousness intentionally.
  7. The Adept disciplines the personality in love and light.

What are the most basic steps to becoming an Adept?

  1. Know yourself.
  2. Accept yourself.
  3. Become the Creator.

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