The Godding of God: “The Creator does not properly create as much as It experiences Itself” (Law of One, Session 82.10)

By Doug Esse

God eternally gods.

Pure Awareness without distortion of any kind, no experience, no hue, no sense of being, a plenum so infinitely replete that even the thought of thought seems unthinkable—too constrained. How and why does one apply the first brush stroke upon a perfectly blank canvas when the canvas already contains the plenum of infinite potential expression?

Alas, the artist must paint. A focus emerges from within. A concept of the painting-to-be, half inchoate, half pristinely clear, moves into the artist’s mind’s birth canal. The images now titillate delight and joy as they desire birth. The artist desires it, too.

The artist pours herself into the act of expressing the new creation. And the creation, itself, as it is born into form upon the canvas, dialogs with its creator on the how-to’s and wherefore’s.

The artist steps back and looks…really looks. He knows that his creation is from him, came through him, but is not entirely him. The painting stands on its own ground, a kind of being unto itself. It has its own nascent sentience that calls out to be engaged with. It knows two things: I am complete, and I desire experience. A new triune-complex crystalizes. The artist, the painting, and the I-Thou communion that tethers each to each…an energetic chord that can’t be broken. How do you break oneness?

Other artists—the co-creators that they are—are seduced. They engage with this newly-materialized thoughtform. Their acts of engagement produce experiences which recapitulates new I-Thou trinities: two beings that gaze upon each other long enough so that the painting impregnates itself into its lovers.

The artists feel the seeds of inspiration swimming in the Fallopian tubes of their indigo-ray centers, their third eyes.

The painting-admirers leave to incubate their new creation-embryos now embedded.

Whatever the artists create through their own self-expressions, will contain the imprint—the “suchness”—of the master’s original act of kenosis, the self-giving into the act of painting so that the painting and the parent together collapse into particularity that which had always been contained within the wave of potentiality. Thus, the original painting—the sentient being that it is—has also become a co-creator. Its seeds gestating within the heartminds of other artists, will bear fruit, multiply, and in time, implant their own “suchness” into yet other artists.

Meanwhile, God witnesses, feels, and experiences what is happening inside of His womb. She delights in the compounded experiences which give her compounded returns of joy. The joy only quickens more desire to experience Herself.

To the master artists inside of Him, She has one message:

Let us remember that we are all one. This is My great learning, and My great teaching. In this unity lies love, which is also Me. This is My second great learning, and My second great teaching. In this unity lies light. This is My third great learning, and My third great teaching. Through my Triune nature of Unity, Love, and Light, all planes of existence in materialization move and have their being. Unity, love, light, and joy, this is the heart of evolution of My spirit (ref 52.11).

God gods gods who god.


One thought on “The Godding of God: “The Creator does not properly create as much as It experiences Itself” (Law of One, Session 82.10)

  1. lovely words. i find a lot of solace when i remember that the creator lives through us all, trying to experience it all, loving every second of the ride – playing out every finite possibility within the infinite-ness.. the vessel is literally an instrument through which god plays out life and consciousness. I love how the law of one books & Ra provide such detailed info on the amazing instrument that is the mind/body/spirit complex. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and this excerpt.

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