Gospel of Thomas with Doug and Noa: Logion 32

Logion 32:  Jesus said: A city that is built on a high mountain and fortified cannot fall, nor can it be hidden.


Noa: I am not sure, I can see two things here.  Sometime about City = ego. An ego built up too much is dominating and will dominate your life when you are too attached to it (fortified).  Or it’s just the opposite of that… I need to keep thinking about this one.


Doug: For me, because of the way Jesus is talking about it, I would see that the city here is something akin to Truth, Beauty, and Love of the highest qualities.  Those things, if authentic, are above reproach. They are fortified because of their transparency and purity. Also, a mountain could be a symbol of higher consciousness level.

When someone is integrated and authentic, they shine with a light.  Others can sense it. You can tell who is a “True Self” person by their integrity, transparency of intention, and self-awareness.  They are humble and holistic.

city on a mountain

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