Buddhist, Christian, Lightworker

For me, there is no difference between these at the non-dual level.  I admit that I don’t know that much about Buddhism.  I study Buddhist teachers but I am not practicing that approach to the Creator formally.  Still, it seems to me that when one sifts away unhelpful doctrines or dogmas (which may be correct on increasingly lower relative levels from a non-dual source), there remains so much commonality that they can be seen as one overall path that emphases different centers, as it were.  Buddhism gets the head right and Christianity gets the heart right.  If a Christian is serious about cleaning the interior life and starting to become aware of how much the ego controls our daily actions, thoughts, etc, then they would do well to learn to think as a Buddhist.  If a Buddhist feels inclined to take bodhisattva vows then they are living from a reality that see all members as one Body and full enlightenment is seen as a corporate movement that includes and transcends individuals.  As my formation in this lifetime is as a Christian,  I believe I chose it to be so in order to learn some new things.  For me, I am aware of two other past lives immediately before this present one in which I was also Christian.  I believe that Christianity can teach humanity (including cosmic brothers/sisters) certain important things about the nature of the Creator. There is a certain “force field” of love that my heart chakra picks up when I intentionally live as a follower of Jesus.  This intention is one that I have to make every moment.  This is when I see that all is Christ, all creation is Christ, which is defined as the oneing of the material and the spiritual.  Ultimately, all is spiritual, even the material, but as the Creator chooses to experience Itself in and with multiplicity, then this necessitates different levels of reality to be created and allowed freedom to manifest towards logical extremes.  An absolute reality is a non-dual reality and contains all.  The first thrust towards multiplicity created creation that was both non-dual and relative, just as we are.  No matter how outwards creation divides itself in the creative twists of fractalization, the non-dual and relative co-exist, and that’s the Christ.  And it takes Christ consciousness to perceive this and to live from this reality.

As one who has awakened to this Christ consciousness, I look to Jesus now more than ever.  How did he live and love in his time?  This was his real message to the world.  And yet, I am not denying that something of cosmic significance that happened after his death (ie harrowing of hell, resurrection, and ascension). I do not worship him as he never asked to be worshipped.  In fact, the whole notion of worshipping the religious leaders throughout history is a clever way that negative forces can control nullify the message and gain control over the believers.  Worshipping the creator is what is necessary, and this only if by “worshipping” we also mean an acknowledgement of a transcendent reality into which we are also called to participate.  If worship leads us to theosis, then this is good.   The Creator is in you and in me and great men and women have known this.

For me now, when I think on Jesus, I feel a familiar joy and heat in my heart that signifies the reality of being present to a person.  Call it a large, bigger than life field of love in which other fields fit inside.  Jesus is more present to me now because we both share in the same consciousness, his.

My main work now as a Christian is to be a lightworker.  That is, I consciously use the Holy Spirit to manipulate energy in the form of light to bless and enlighten others.  It is subtle work and the real results take place on the subtle realms.  I, as Christ, use Christ to bless Christ.

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