The Sheer Ecstasy of the Eternal Process of Your Divine Gnosis:

–Doug Esse

To You, Most Loving Infinite Creator God,
Who transcends all Things,
Who incarnates as all Things,
and Who dwells within all Things.

All glory, honor, love, adoration, joy, and peace are Yours now and forever.
We praise You, we adore You, we give You thanks for Your eternal love and unity which includes Us, as You, as Us.

Not one, not two, but both one and two.

We are You and We are in You.

You are Us and You are in Us.

All Things are portals–conduits–into Your universal Presence,

The mystery-clad Being that eternally becomes being becoming.
All things recapitulate the One Original Thought (1):

The Absolute Will-Pleasure (Gk: eureskia) of self-gnosis.

The Original Thought begets the Original Desire (2):

That all Things seek and become One.

The sheer ecstasy of the eternal process of Your divine gnosis:

Silence, will-pleasure, focus, kenosis,

Evolving, seeking, finding, uniting, and silence,

Now replete with delightful savory of the infinite play that becoming begets.


(1) Original Thought

(2) Original Desire

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