Know Yourself, Accept Yourself, Become the Creator (74.11): Using self-compassion as a life-giving tool to help ”discipline the personality”



So many of us experience low-self esteem. Even if we are well-versed in some sort of nondual spirituality, the reality of unitive consciousness with the Creator may not often be an experiential gnosis we enjoy. In this presentation, we discuss the blockages in the lower three chakras and how they often present in our daily lives. Here, we will add that the road to higher self-esteem is self-compassion. Through this medium, the lower chakras and the high chakras meet in the heart. The presentation utilizes wisdom from the Law of One and teaching from a pioneer in self-compassion studies, Dr. Kristen Neff:

Energy Center:Responsible For:Major Question:Lower-Triad Answer:
Red RaySurvivalWill I survive?I don’t know. Probably need to fight, flee, or freeze
Orange RayPersonal IdentityWho am I now?I am an imposter. I am my pain body. I am my mistakes. I am wrong. I am stupid. I am weak. I am lonely. I am… SHAME
Yellow RaySocial RelationsDo I belong with them? How do I fit in?I have to cover up my lowliness by: [Enneagram Type] Nine–> not engaging life; One–> wrath; Two–> pride; Three–> deceit; Four–> envy; Five–> greed; Six–> fear; Seven–> gluttony; and Eight–> lust
For more on Enneagram, see:

Violet Ray: Seeing yourself as a holy sacrament given to the world so that the world can awaken to Its holiness.

Indigo Ray: “The indigo ray is opened only through considerable discipline and practice largely having to do with acceptance of self, not only as the polarized and balanced self but as the Creator, as an entity of infinite worth.  This will begin to activate the indigo ray” (32.14).

Blue Ray: Honest, true, and free (from being overly blocked in other energy centers) communication to yourself regarding who you are.

Green Ray: Seeing yourself from the light of understanding and realizing that you belong.

STEPS OF SELF-COMPASSION TECHNIQUE –Accepting what is –Talking to yourself as if you were talking to someone with whom you felt a warm connection –Opening your heart to others in the world that may be experiencing something similar and wish them well. Wish them wholeness. Bless them. And tell them you see them…and love them.

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