A Life of Thanksgiving: Living the Law of One In Daily Life

While the origins of the holidays in the United States may be clouded in mixed polarity, we humans as Co-Creators, have the ability to make straight the path through creation of positive thoughtforms.  During this holiday season, and throughout the year, we can decide through our intention to make everyday, indeed, holy.  Instead of falling to the easy temptation of complaint and resentment, we can choose to forgive reality for it not being ideal, greet each positive or negative encounter with sincere gratitude, and thus create an entirely positive streamlined momentum of energy that adds Light and Love to the planet.

To live a life of Thanksgiving is the most rewarding and effective way to live out the positive polarity on Earth.  It is truly transformative for not only the one who through careful attention and single-hearted intention lives this life, but it transforms those in relationship to the one.

A life of gratitude is not an easy one because it requires us to view our catalysts with a certain lens that is not so common on Earth, nor is it mentored well.  Ra offers some guidance here and taking the Law of One material as a whole, four stages emerge. I will present them below in slightly different ways so as to provide interesting nuances that may stir up new insights from the usual concepts.

Take In: Acceptance

We are taken.  We are beloved. We are held and anchored into a larger life. We are not our own in the best sense because we belong to the Infinite Creator.  The positive path is one where you and I surrender to a higher will, a more expansive love, and an encompassing forbearance that envelops us while always transcending. In a real way, the Logos’ “body” on Earth is you and me as Third Density Co-Creators.  We are the Hands that heal, the Feet that walk in solidarity, the Lips that utter to others whispers of  belonging.

The moment which brings us constant catalyst for growth is designed to be taken, too. It is given to us by our Higher Self as grace offerings for our learning upon our chosen path. In fact, our unconscious is often in cahoots with our Higher Self during our Third Density incarnation so that we receive the lessons (catalysts) we desire for our space/time experience (83.27).  How can we take in the present offering, this moment that contains love (10.14)? Do we have the eyes to see the grace there?  It is there, but can we accept it? If not, if we find our hearts closed off to the gift-of-now, then let us make a calling (10.13) for the eyes to see love.  Seeing love–and accepting ourselves, our present moment, and the other as they are–is the cornerstone, as Ra says.

10.14 Exercise One. This is the most nearly centered and usable within your illusion complex. The moment contains love. That is the lesson/goal of this illusion or density. The exercise is to consciously seek that love in awareness and understanding distortions. The first attempt is the cornerstone. Upon this choosing rests the remainder of the life-experience of an entity. The second seeking of love within the moment begins the addition. The third seeking powers the second, the fourth powering or doubling the third. As with the previous type of empowerment, there will be some loss of power due to flaws within the seeking in the distortion of insincerity. However, the conscious statement of self to [another] of the desire to seek love is so central an act of will that, as before, the loss of power due to this friction is inconsequential.

Metaphysically speaking, the more we seek to see love, the more we become capable adepts in embodying love. Seeing and accepting the moment are the ways that the Infinite Creator takes us and our experiences into Itself so that we–the Infinite Creator and us–can experience the sheer delight and joy of our becoming as the present unfolds (13.12).

But what of negative encounters?  What do we do when we need to set boundaries?

open heart
Keeping the heart open even in difficult engagements

Even aggressive ones? Then we set boundaries.  The issue is not that we need to like this person’s prickly personality or that particular uncomfortable situation. The issue is about constriction.  There will be a noticeable constriction in the heart energetic area for those who train themselves to be sensitive to it.  This constricting bodily sensation is our sign to intentionally make a choice using our free will about how to deal with the catalyst before us. The real trick is to keep the heart open while setting appropriate boundaries; and this can be done.  If we ask for this ability, then we will gain access to it (49.8).


Take the moment as it is.  See how Love is clothed in the present moment, disguised so as to perplex us towards activating our heart-minds.  Can we see how now belongs?



Only a Co-Creator can behold something and bless it.  It takes intentionality to do this and a desire that the object of our blessing, whether another person or thing, be well and happy. A blessing is a special kind of energetic transfer because it entails that the one who blesses have in that moment at least an activated heart center.

For me, to bless another first requires me to know in and through my whole being that I am blessed; that I am thoroughly sacred.  This is a knowing that is not at all head knowledge but rather it is a rooted gnosis.  Ra reminds us that when we gaze in the mirror, we see the Creator (10.14). To the degree that I know and accept myself as holy and blessed, is to the degree that I can see this same essence in another with eyes not mine but the Logos who dwells within me. And to see another with such radiant Love is to bless in its purest sense.  To bless is more than just accepting the person as they are because there is an added quality of self-transcendence that through empathic means reaches out, connects, and tethers one to another. There is a “oneing” that occurs through the gaze of blessing.

Even when another person is acting negatively towards us, we can bless them.  To properly bless is to properly see.  Even if a situation occurs that causes us hardship in the moment, we can bless it.  How many times in our lives do “bad” things happen which later turn out to be great gifts of experience?  If we allow ourselves to rest within the Logoic perspective that all things belong, that all paradoxes are eventually resolved, then we can bless people, places, events, and things knowing that all of what we see before us is in its own way seeking and becoming one (20.27). We certainly do need to make decisions about how to react to the moment, but after taking it in as Love disguised, we bless it.  Doing this keeps the heart wide open and our third eye (sixth chakra) awakened through our assiduous application of faith.  It is the Logos in us that sees and blesses the Logo outside us.  Everything is the Logos experiencing Itself and when we direct our will through surrender to unite with the will of the Logos, we become a blessing for the planet.



I tell my clients that I am both broken and whole at the same time and that my service to them is to offer my wholeness through having gone through my brokenness. In this way, I help call forth and awaken their wholeness as they work through their own inner places of shadow and the unexplored. On this side of the veil of forgetting, there is a real wisdom in knowing that perfection is NOT the absence of imperfection.  Instead, perfection is the INCORPORATION of imperfection.  Richard Rohr, OFM, offers the following insight that is worthy of repeating in its entirety:

In an authentic Navajo rug there is always one clear imperfection woven into the pattern. And interestingly enough, this is precisely where the Spirit moves in and out of the rug! The Semitic mind, the Native mind, and the Eastern mind  navajo rugunderstand perfection in precisely that way. The East is much more comfortable with paradox, mystery, and non-dual thinking than the Western mind, which has been much more formed by Greek logic, which is very clear, very consistent, and very helpful by also being dualistic. It seems to me that you first have to succeed at good dualistic thinking before you can also experience its limitations. But most Western people just stop there, and find that they are unable to deal with death, suffering, the illogic of love, any honest notion of God, Mystery, or infinity.

Perfection is not the elimination of imperfection, as we think. Divine perfection is, in fact, the ability to recognize, forgive, and include imperfection! Just as God does with all of us. Only in this way can we find the beautiful and hidden wholeness of God underneath the passing human show. This is the “pearl of great price,” in my opinion. Non-dual thinking and seeing is the change that changes everything. It makes love, mercy, patience, and forgiveness possible.

Can we embrace our brokenness and find the wholeness there, too?  Can we do this with others?  If we are able to see the wholeness in others, then we can help them empower themselves by claiming their wholeness for themselves. As I tell many of my clients, “One of my roles is to help you discover your own power, your own answers to your questions.”  I trust in their wholeness because I have seen my own wholeness arise through courageous exploration and working through my own brokenness. I know the power of my Anchored Self, which is anchored into the Infinite

Anchored Self and the Floating Self

Creator, to accept and to bless–and thus, transform–my Floating Self, which is often battered around by the swirling chaos of the emotional winds of the day.


Living a life of Thanksgiving–where one is more and more foundationally content and grateful–necessitates that we accept that “distortions” are built right into the fabric of Cosmic Reality. The Law of One states clearly that there are three primal distortions of Infinity: Free Will, Love, and Light.  From these three come the “manyness” of the Infinite Creator, with each level of manifestation containing their own distortions–or expressions–that allows the Infinite Creator to experience Itself.  So just to make clearer what I’m saying here: our brokenness and the brokenness of our reality are types of distortions that invite us to work through them with the faith that wholeness is achieved when we learn to see how everything belongs in its own way.  We work for wholeness (holiness) when we surrender to the primal cosmic desire that all things seek to become one.  Our brokenness is not to be feared, shamed, or avoided.  It is through our brokenness–our own personal and societal distortions–that we find, and then live from, our wholeness.

As Henri Nouwen wrote in his wonderful book, Life of the Beloved:

“The deep truth is that our human suffering need not be an obstacle to the joy and peace we so desire, but can become, instead, the means to it.  The great secret of the spiritual life, the life of the Beloved Sons and Daughters of [the Infinite Creator], is that everything we live, be it gladness or sadness, joy or pain, health or illness, can all be part of the journey toward the full realization of our humanity” (77).

Given, Giving, and Forgiving: 


We are given over to each other and to the Infinite Creator.  When we give of ourselves to each other, we are loving our neighbor as our Self (ref. Mark 12:31).  There is only one Self out there and we are the shards of God seeking union after breaking into manifestation to experience our lovely distortions through the concept of “Finity” (ref. 20.17, 13.12).

Part of the drama of our Third Density  is learning the ways of Love through experiencing the flow of karma. It is through the medium of karma that we learn to stretch our wings in this density of growing self-awareness.  Over time, we first contort and then balance our personal and societal distortions to align so well that we activate our green ray, heart-mind energy centers. As we learn to grasp our individual and collective needles and point the compass in one direction (13.23) through will and faith, we learn to not only to give ourselves more and more over to the Will of the Creator, but we do it precisely through the energetic transformer of forgiveness.  Recall that words are attempts to define concepts so it is helpful to understand what we are trying to express about this very powerful energy-force.  “For” means “completely” and “gaifan” means “to give.”  When I say that I forgive, I am saying in effect, “I completely give;” but what am I giving?  I believe that what I am giving is my total acknowledgement and utter reverence of the free will of my fellow Co-Creator.  Indeed, Ra reminds us that we are all Co-Creators in dignity and when we are able engage with the world from our sixth chakra, we act as Co-Creators in earnest as artisans who weave light/love for planetary enlightenment.

To forgive in the way that stops karma (17.20), we are, in effect, assuming our vestiture of Co-Creator granting the right for the other Co-Creator to freely choose her/his path and karmic balance or imbalance.  Indeed, to give completely to the other their dignity as Co-Creator and all the rights to express free will therein is really only possible from the seat of unity of love and wisdom: the sixth energy center.  Moreover, forgiving in the profound sense about which Ra speaks proffers detachment from intense emotional tethering that can whip our Floating Selves around and keep us mired in resentment.  Through forgiveness, we can finally find freedom not only from catalysts in this lifetime but also from karmic entanglements from past lifetimes.  We can positively affect our future by forgiving ourselves, others, and reality in the present moment.  And a life of Thanksgiving can totally be possible with the intentional tapping of the power of forgiveness.  Why? Because to give of our selves and to forgive others is how the Logos indwelling in us takes in, blesses, and unites with the Logos in the other.

The Thankful Life


If the original idea is that all things seek and become one, then our “yes” to the present moment, “yes” to giving and receiving blessing, “yes” to brokenness–our particular distortions, and finally, “yes” to giving and forgiving are all necessary to live a life full of gratitude.  In fact, profound gratitude is the most natural response to surrendering to Love, Itself.  The Logos gave of Itself as It poured Itself into manifestation, assuming the form of the most elemental. This kenosis, or self-emptying, can be seen as the ultimate act of humility and vulnerability in that the “Almighty” chose to become “All Vulnerable” and extend the primal distortion of Its own Free Will to Its constituent parts.  Through Love’s urgent longings to grow towards the upward spiraling light of the Creator, the Densities of consciousness were born and the Infinite Creator indwelling in It’s Manyness begins the timeless process of awakening to Its inherent divinity.  When the Logos in us awakens enough to see what is going on and how we are all of one Cosmic Being exploring the dance of Light upon Love’s eternal stage, we begin to pierce intelligent infinity.  And to do that results in limitless joy, a strong desire to serve others (34.2), and a deep abiding thankfulness.

Allow me to close this essay in Ra’s own words of benediction: The offering of self to Creator is the greatest service, the unity, the fountainhead (15.7). Continue in thanksgiving and gratitude for all things (102.2). 


All things in manifestation may be seen in one way or another to be offering themselves in order that transformations may take place upon the level appropriate to the action. 94.26




One thought on “A Life of Thanksgiving: Living the Law of One In Daily Life

  1. “To live a life of Thanksgiving is the most rewarding and effective way to live out the positive polarity on Earth. It is truly transformative for not only the one who through careful attention and single-hearted intention lives this life, but it transforms those in relationship to the one.”

    This reminds me of an old book from my generation/.

    The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom is a Christian classic book of two STO Christian women doing their service in a Nazi concentration camp and learning to “praise the lord anyway.” A miraculous release saved Corrie, though her sister died. There’s a movie of it and a kids book that your family might enjoy if you are unfamiliar with the story.



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