Law of One Archetype of Experience: The Enneagram, Jungian Archetypes, and the True Self

Presentation by Doug Scott, LCSW

For those of you who are familiar with the Law of One’s Archetypes, you may remember that Ra describes them as “the system of sevens is the most articulated system yet discovered by any experiment by any Logos in our octave” (91.15) These twenty-two Archetypes create our capacity to experience catalysts, form biases, choose one of two polarities, and develop in a spiral-like fashion into ever greater abilities to understand ourselves, our other-selves, the creation around us, and the Creator, Itself (ref. 10.14). In fact, it is the Creator experiencing Itself through us, in us, as us which allows the Creator’s Original Thought (1.0) and Original Desire (20.27) to flow as the third-density experience.

One way I can synthesize the Law of One Archetypes with systems like Jungian Archetypes is through levels. For example, the Law of One Archetypes would be the higher tier and the foundation. The Jungian archetypes would emerge as archetypal biases within the collective human consciousness, and these biases–or lenses to view reality–are of the purview of the Experience of the Mind Archetype.

I have corresponded the Jungian Archetypes with the Enneagram Types in order to provide a robust exploration of the different arch-biases that have emerged over our Earth’s third-density experience. The presentation you can hear (links below) takes place at the Retreat House Community Center in Richardson, Texas. I combine four teachings together to provide a deep, practical, and accessible synthesis of: 

1) the archetypal wisdom of Jungian psychiatrist and spiritual director, Troy Caldwell, MD (retired),

2) the hero’s journey

3) the perennial wisdom of the Enneagram, 

4) a modified version of Richard Rohr’s teaching of the True Self/False Self, which Doug calls the Anchored Self/Floating Self



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