The Law of One: An Encounter

Author: Doug Esse

The following is my own pass at the Law of One.  I ask the reader for forgiveness for my own limitations in understanding it and in relating it to you.  However, it is with great joy that I endeavor to do so since few things have brought me so deeply into joy and helped me clarify my vocation as an incarnate being on Earth at this time. This is not exhaustive nor academic.  My hope is that it will be an encounter for the reader that touches at least a little bit your mind and heart. It is written and offered in the spirit of love.

The most simple and elegant description of the Law of One is not surprising to anyone who has intuited a unity of all things.  The Law of One is this: “All things, all of life, all of the creation is part of one original thought” (1.0). Everything that you see, hear, taste, smell, touch, and intuit are all parts of one unified field of sentience.  There is nothing outside this oneness, for only oneness exists; as Neale Donald Walsh wrote in his Conversations with God, “There is only one of us here.”

All things…everything…is the Infinite Creator in some form or another.  While the shape, texture, color, and complexity of things may be different if one were to measure them,  at the most rudimentary level–and a most important point–all things are some form of congealed light made up of the first and most simple living thing: a photon (41.9).  Therefore, all things that have ever been created share in the same divine essence of their Creator. Light is the most basic manifestation of the essence, but the essence, itself, is LOVE.

The Perennial Tradition, which is a universal wisdom that can be found undergirding all major religions in the world, reveals the same sort of intuition that the Law of One clearly states: there is a divine procession, a chain of being; that out of the One comes the Many. The One creates the Many and the Many are included in the One.  How can we know the process of this cosmogenesis?  Simply put, we can’t know it fully because, “All things begin and end in Mystery” (13.3). But mystery is not something about which we can never know or learn.   Mystery means that something can be infinitely knowable because you can come at it, learn about it, in an infinite number of ways.  We’ll never learn the fullness of the Infinite Creator because there’s always more to learn.  Yet, we don’t need to know everything, and in fact, head-knowing isn’t the point. Participating in the flow of creation through conscious union with your deepest Self, the Infinite Creator, is the ultimate point.

I’m clearly paraphrasing the following and seeing it from my own lens, but the source of the Law of One, Ra, describes cosmogenesis something like this:

First there is the Void. Infinity. The One.

Then Infinity becomes Aware. The One becomes a Union of Two: A Subject and Object.

If there is a Two, then there is always a Three since nothing can exist without relationship.  So the One is a Union of Three that interpenetrate each other. Below are some artistic representations of humans intuiting this same phenomenon.  This just goes to show that the gateway to our deepest Self, the Infinite Creator, is through the light of our own honed intuition:



Through the gestalt of the union of the Three comes what Daoists call, “The Ten Thousand Things”: Manifestation.

What is manifested, Ra says, is light which is configured in infinite varieties so that the Infinite Creator, which is Infinity, Itself, can experience Itself, Infinitely.  You and I are the Infinite Creator experiencing Itself through being you and me.

Now, there is a well-known truth in the Perennial Wisdom Tradition that states: As above, so below and as below, so above. In other words, what is true at the smallest levels of the manifested universe, holds true for the largest, most transcendent levels, too.  One aspect of cosmogenesis that can be experienced at our level is the phenomenon of the bodily energy centers, or chakras.  Humans have seven major chakras, as reflected in the natural splitting of light through a rainbow or prism.  Each chakra contains a level of experience, activation, and balancing needs.  This is also true at the highest level.  In other words, “God” has chakras.

The Universe, Itself, may be one of an infinite number of Universes within a Multiverse. Each Universe is alive, is one sentient Being, and is the unfolding of Love, the very essence of the Creator.  For now, conventional science says that there may be over 500 billion galaxies in our Universe. Borne from within the Universe-God come each Galactic-God. Borne from within each Galactic-God come many trillions of Sun-Gods. All of these “Gods,” or “Creators” are both in total union with the All and enjoy their individuated sentience.  There is a “not one, not two, but both one and two” quality to the whole thing as each “God” interpenetrates and mutually indwells in its parent-God–and with each other.  And, most importantly, each “God” no matter at what “sub-level” of being (Multiverse, Universe, Galactic, Sun, Human, or Human Creations) they currently all share the same divine essence… yes, as we have said before, Love.

Now, let’s take our Galactic “God” for example.  It, as a Logos (another name for God or Creator), laid out a basic template for how to create and gave it to our Sun Logos, our local “God.”  Our Sun, in order to give the Infinite Creator a very intense experience of Itself, created Its Body using highly refined lessons passed down to it by older Sun-Gods situated closer to the Galactic Center.

The Body of our Sun-Logos is called an Octave and it is made up of seven interpenetrating layers of consciousness.  In other words, we might see the Body of (our local) God as the rainbow having passed through a great, divine prism (aka “Mind of God”). 

Each layer, or cosmic chakra, of this divine rainbow is called a density.  Ra says in 16.51 that:

The term density is a, what you call, mathematical one. The closest analogy is that of music, whereby after seven notes on your western type of scale, if you will, the eighth note begins a new octave. Within your great octave of existence which we share with you, there are seven octaves or densities. Within each density there are seven sub-densities. Within each sub-density, seven sub-sub-densities, and so on infinitely.

For our purposes in this introduction to the Law of One, we can say that the densities are the divine chakras of God and it is made up of God’s “children,” (including us).  The divine chakras provide the holding environment and material for holons of Itself (Sun-God) to experience creation, to grow in conscious awareness, to learn the Law of One, and eventually return to Source where there is no identity but shared omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence with the Infinite Creator. And the purpose for all of this endless creating is simply so that We, as the Infinite Creator, can know Ourselves, infinitely. For a deeper exploration of the densities, please refer to my article: There and Back Again: The Cosmic Tale.


The Earth and human life on this planet is currently experiencing (our local) God’s third chakra, or third density.  In fact, we are shifting into the fourth and this shift has been intuited, again, by the Perennial Tradition expressed by numerous different major religions as a kind of ascension; and ending of an “old” and a beginning of a “new.”  Unfortunately, the shifting for Earth has been messy and uncomfortable, like a woman experiencing a prolonged and difficult labor.  Yet, there are many mid-wives here present to help with the birthing, this shift into the fourth chakra of God, and we will discuss adepts and Wanderers later.



chakra and earth, v2
Earth Is In Third Density Consciousness, God’s Third Chakra


To recap: Infinity becomes aware.  Awareness leads to a kind of divine desire to self-experience.  Creation, including us, is nothing less than the Body of God, which allows God to experience Godself in infinite ways.  There is a hierarchical, or better yet, a holarchical, structuring to manifestation, “where every entity is a holon—that is, an entity unto itself and simultaneously a part of an entity larger than itself.” From an absolute point of view, all created things are nothing but parts of one original thought, as Ra states—creation is an illusion.  But from a relative point of view, there is a kind of “stepping-down” or condensation of God from the highest to the lowest.  Note here that the lowest is in no way less than or different in essence than the highest, for in unity there is no essential difference, no ontological condensation.  Yet, as structuring would have it, different levels of manifestation enjoy different levels of sentience so that process of consciousness individuation (“birth”), growth, experience, and returning is all possible.  And who are we? We are beings, sub-sub-Gods, as it were, enjoying our dance upon the great stage of existence in God’s third divine chakra.

The importance of God’s third chakra, or third density, in soul evolution cannot be overstated.  Ra says that upon the third density the entire creation turns (76.16).  Why? Because the third density is a special kind of experience of the Infinite Creator where by means of incarnating as humans the Creator has the interesting and challenging experience of forgetting about Itself. This great forgetting is called the veil of forgetting.

The veil of forgetting is a novel concept that many various Star-Gods located farther out from the Galactic Center came up with.  Ra says that the earlier Logoi (Star-Gods) did not have a veil in place at 3rd density and consequently the great task of 3rd density beings, that of choosing a polarity, was accomplished at the speed of the turtle relative to the cheetah (82.18).  Moreover, the experience was judged by these Logoi as not giving the Infinite Creator an intense enough experience of Itself. They thus decided, all collectively, that more could be done to intensify the 3rd density experience so that the great task inherent in that mode of consciousness would not only happen much more quickly but also much more efficiently.  The Logoi, together and in concert with their Galactic-God Parent, decided to implement a veil between the individual consciousness and the individual unconsciousness.  In effect, this dramatic implementation was equivalent to the experience of a person walking joyfully in a field with a noon sun above suddenly being put into a pitch-black cave with only a dim candle to illuminate the next step.  While this enforced Cosmic Matrix may seem to some like a cruel punishment, it in fact, allowed for the development of faith, intuition, and most importantly a new phenomenon: the choice of polarity that would become the great thrust upwards through the rest of 3rd density, fourth density, fifth density, and early sixth density.  What may have been a ho-hum, beige, experience of third density that lasted millions of years prior to the veil now became an extremely vivid and intense dance that consolidated down to a short 75,000 year cycle; a mere blink of an eye in comparison (76.16).

The cosmic veil in 3rd density produced two paths to spiritual evolution of metaphysical polarity: positive and negative. There is no overlay of morality attached to the choice of polarity. Instead,  as a battery has two opposite poles that allow for electrical work, metaphysical polarity results in high-powered metaphysical work.

The dualism of the light and dark, “good” and “evil,” right-hand path and left-hand path, provide for each individual strong catalyst (agents of change) for movement upward in God’s chakras (densities).  In other words, God’s left hand and right hand slam together and rub so that heat is generated.  It is in the rubbing–the work–that ignites the metaphysical thrust for individuals and civilizations to blast forward through spiritual evolution.

How does one move forward in spiritual evolution, whether one is positive or negative?  Ra says that the continual learning from catalysts and redressing karmic balancing throughout multiple lifetimes propel one forward.  For the positive person, catalysts offer the opportunity to balance the lower three chakras and activate the heart and throat chakras which are the energy centers for love and wisdom.  The positive person intentionally chooses to see catalyst as a gift for self-knowledge and for service others.  They are intentional in remaining in gratitude and in love even when the catalysts are difficult to bear.  They desire to embody their True Self which is rooted and at one with the will of the Infinite Creator.  There is a direct, seamless garment of love, intention, and purpose from the highest levels to the 3rd density experience. In fact, the greatest of the positive humans have become such crystalized conduits of logoic love that they have stopped channeling higher realms and for periods of time actually allow the higher realms to directly experience 3rd density face-to-face through their bodies.  Their divine nature becomes so fully realized through constant intention and surrender that the Logos, Itself, “walks in.”  Examples may include Jesus, the Buddha, and other avatars in history.

The negative person intentionally chooses to dam up their lower three chakras to such an extent that metaphysical power builds and builds until a sort of spring board is created that pushes them right up to the sixth chakra. They bypass the heart altogether, finding love of others to be foolish and weak-minded.  Like their positive polarity counterparts, they must learn from their catalysts in life. They choose to view their catalysts as opportunities to increase their deliberate use of anger and hatred in order to exact revenge, control, manipulation, and as total as possible, the subjugation of all other beings.  In this way, their love for self and service-to-self spirituality keeps them in full throttle up and through the chakras of God.  The negative’s great trick is to purposefully embody the False Self, the egoic self, so that they cut effectively themselves off from Source.  They retain their divine nature, since all things are God, but they choose the separated path.

The separated being must draw their power and energy from other beings like a parasite.  Spiritual entropy prods their increasing drive to feed off of others if they want to continue on the left-hand path. By their graduation from fifth density, they are the spiritual equivalent of a black hole–extremely compacted and separate embodiments of cold and cruel sentient wisdom.  Their great dilemma as they move into the sixth density, the sixth chakra of God, is that their entropy begins to overwhelm them… no food from their parasitic siphoning completely satisfies or replenishes.  Seeing this entropy, they must leap into positivity and thus return to the one great power source.  In other words, their False Selves become too dense and begin to implode without hope of recovery. They must abandon ship and fall into their True Self where they finally accept that love of self and love of others is the same love.  They, once again and for the first time in perhaps many millions of years, rejoin the Infinite Creator.  Thus all things are reconciled and all things are redeemed.  The prodigal children return.

The Role of the Higher Densities in Third Density

Love begets love. Love calls forth more love and activates growth.  Ra tells us that third density investment of love towards second density creatures such as plants and animals (especially pets), awakens and accentuates the second density spirit to begin individuating from their group soul and find themselves increasingly self-aware.  Likewise, our sisters and brothers in the higher densities seek to help us stimulate the higher chakras so that we can progress beyond third density, beyond the third chakra of God.  Different groups do different things according their desire and gifts.  The negative groups desire conquest and subjugation.  They teach us the path of “love” of self.  The positive groups respect to varying degrees the law of free will and desire to help us mature as a species and activate our heart chakras in order to then proceed upward on the positive path.

It is to be noted that mistakes are made by these positive groups and they most certainly are not fully awakened or completed beings who enjoy total omniscience that a graduate out of the octave does.  Ra especially admits their naivety in giving humans tools such as the pyramids and other technology only for those tools to be coopted by service-to-self elites who then used them in a left-hand path manner.  ET’s are not perfected beings by any means, yet the Law of One states that ninety percent of all “humans” in the universe are on the positive path.  Most, in fact, are deeply loving and are connected to the Source, the Infinite Creator.  Their desire, and their task, as creatures emanating from God’s higher chakras,  is to help their sisters and brothers embodying the lower chakras to move through their evolution.  In fact, and this is an important point, it may well be that a great part of the spiritual evolution of these Guardian beings is through helping the care-seeker beings.  Did not Jesus, that great master teacher, send his own disciples out to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and share life-giving news? At one point he even sent a group of seventy followers out to do these works and told them to not take anything at all but instead to receive what is given.  Why did he do this?  Sure, the poor get attended to and this is good, but perhaps the greatest reason why he taught this way was because he knew that the encounters with others outside their homogeneous and harmonious group would actually be their great catalyst for learning about inclusivity and vulnerability. In other words, Jesus and other master teachers like him, always send their followers out…out to attend the care-seekers not so much for the sake of the care-seekers but at least as much for the sake of the care-givers’ own spiritual evolution.

Two other examples of this are implied in the Law of One material.  Ra speaks of an advanced 3rd density group who came to Earth and visited a man named Charlie Hickson who had fought in the Vietnam war and had seen brutality.  The beings who took him aboard their ship had evolved from second density trees and were an extremely highly harmonious group.  In fact, their own form of meditation was actually in movement since their normal and natural state of being was just the opposite of earth humans.  Their normal state was constant contemplation (38.10).  They had no concept of war, nor of bellicosity.  While they may have been advanced by our standards, their own experience of the nuance of life, like all extremely harmonious groups, was not robust. Ra shares that the tree-like Sirians picked up Mr. Hickson in order to telepathically connect with him and concentrate on his experience of war since this is a foreign concept to them.  This intensive yet vicarious learning served the Sirian beings on their own spiritual evolution towards graduating out of third density because, as Ra states, “In order to become balanced and begin to polarize properly it is then necessary to investigate movements of all kinds, especially bellicosity.”

Another example of learning through solidarity in the Law of One material is Ra, themselves.  Who is Ra?  Ra is the source of the Law of One material and they state that they are:

  • Humble messengers of the Law of One,
  • Senior members of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator,
  • Humanoids who evolved on Venus two billion years ago in very harmonious conditions,
  • Are now light beings, the normal state of embodiment in 6th density,
  • Have worked with Earth’s humanity for thousands of years including speaking to Egyptian pharaoh, Akhenaten, about the Law of One, builders of the great pyramid of Giza for use in healing and initiation, givers of the Tarot, a system of learning about 3rd density spiritual evolution as it involves the choice of polarity,
  • A major source of Wanderers to Earth, and
  • A primary general Guardian for humanity.



They state that they have never left Earth’s higher planes since arriving and answering humanity’s call for service many thousands of years ago.  They state that their naivety has been a source of learning for them in how best to serve Earth humanity since the tools that helped them graduate to 4th density while on Venus did not work with us.  Their Guardians gave them the pyramids for healing and initiation and taught them philosophy related to the Law of One. Theirs was a harmonious harvest with almost all of their population being positively polarized.  As mentioned before, the pyramids on Earth were not used as intended by them, but instead created the seed group which sprouted into what we know as service-to-self seekers intent on working with higher negative groups for the subjugation of the planet–the Cabal.

This is one great advantage that a mixed-planet  has is that it offers its inhabitants, as well as the Guardians of the inhabitants,  substantial  catalysts for learning love/wisdom balance and karmic flow.  What the harmonious higher density beings did not learn in depth and breadth via their own evolution, they get to learn through radical solidarity with their care-seekers.  Ra states that they are late sixth density in their evolution and are drawing neigh to their own harvest.  From our earlier comparisons to densities with divine chakras, we would say that they are coming to us from God’s sixth chakra. What lessons lack in their late sixth density class?  I believe that it is precisely learning through service with Earth’s humanity about the intricate nuances of the love/wisdom balance and karmic involvement in a mixed planet scenario.  They do this servicing now through having channeled the Law of One to the L/L Research team (1980 to 84), dreams which inspire and impart knowledge, perhaps periodic face to face encounters, and most intimately, sending themselves into the Earth humanity’s experience through wanderering.

Wanderers are beings from higher densities, such as Ra, who choose to incarnate for purposes of fulfilling missions as Earth humans. Many Wanderers find life on 3rd density Earth to be brutal in its violence and distortions of the Law of One.  Some of the main symptoms that almost all Wanderers experience include a severe sense of alienation coupled with a strong desire to be of service in some way.  Ra states that the best way a Wanderer serves, actually, is in their simple presence as they act as conduits for high energy of love and light which collectively pulls Earth humanity ever upwards towards graduating to 4th density.

Ra states that currently the birthing of the 4th density has been difficult due to the confluences of the mixing of polarities on this planet.  There sure is an abundance of evidence playing out in the world to support this hard laboring.  Yet Wanderers and awakening Earth humans are bent upon the task of enlightening the planetary vibrations.  The shift is happening and the result will be a positive future for Earth. 

A Central Message of the Law of One

Ra explains clearly what many other good esoteric sources also teach:

  1. Each person has their own, unique, path to follow and no one else can do the inner and outer work for them.
  2. That work consists of learning how to use the catalyst embedded in the moment in an efficient way so as to propel the person forward along their chosen polarity. In third density, we must choose either the positive or negative polarities and then freely choose to explore the nuances of Love, whether this is love of self (negative path) or love of all (positive path).
  3. Catalysts are graces given to us by our higher self, guardians, the Logos, and ourselves (when we have awakened enough to participate in choosing our next life’s major catalysts.
  4. Spiritual evolution in third density stands upon the foundational ability to see love in the present moment, see all things as the Infinite Creator (including ourselves!), and to more and more clearly see the lessons offered through our catalysts, whether they are seemingly mundane or life-altering. Efficient use of catalysts results in solid balancing of our energy centers. This has been called by some, “equanimity.”
  5. Clearing our lower chakra blockages opens us up enough for the minimum level of balancing so that we gain access to Intelligent Infinity and thus move along a new foundational level of seeing and being: that of the activated heart, the fourth ray energy center.
  6. There is no spiritual bypassing here. No amount of clean eating, shamanistic or light-worker clearing and cleaning of chakras, entity removal, color or sound or aroma therapy, robust understanding of astrology or esoteric knowledge, can do fully do this.  Those things may be of help but the real touchstone of awakening is going inside ourselves and doing the very hard work of seeing our inner and interpersonal distortions, accepting them, forgiving them, and willfully choosing to surrender into Love, Itself.  For further exploration of this, please see my article on how Love is the greatest protection, here.
  7. There is a difference between waking up and growing up.  It is paramount to awaken, of course. But it is as important to grow up. Just because I am aware of the negative polarity’s influence does not mean that I am spiritually mature.  One can have several PhD’s and have much esoteric or worldly knowledge and still have the spiritual development of a child.  Ken Wilber spends some good energy and time on this topic, see here. If we work on growing up, we end up unblocking our chakras as a natural consequence.  Here is where good psychotherapy comes in handy.
  8. Silence and meditation need to become more and more a part of our lives.  Ra and all important and powerful spiritual traditions say this same thing.  It is a perennial truth and there is nothing that gives you the depth which is spacious enough to move towards ever expanding transformation.


The Law of One is a wordy and sometimes complex dialog between Don Elkins and this sixth density brethren.  It resonates strongly with many people. Many of whom are Wanderers, as the truths ring hidden bells of memory which have long been deeply buried within the recesses of the unconscious.  For me, I have been tenderly touched by Ra’s exquisite respect for the free will of the L/L Research Team and of humanity.  I also love how they begin and end their dialogs in greeting and closing salutations which to my liturgy-loving ears sound like life-giving rituals of imparting love and peace from the Infinite Creator.  Although I do not in any way worship these beings or hold them as complete and perfect, I highly respect them and thank them for their service to us.  I am deeply grateful for their presence and for their love. They are sisters and brothers in the light and indeed, shine for us our own future as we individually and collectively intentionally embody our own true nature, which is their true nature: That of the Infinite Creator.


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3 thoughts on “The Law of One: An Encounter

  1. thank you for this article. I have read the law of one 7 times now and each time i discover something new that i did not realise before. Your article has triggered some more learnings for me that I am grateful for.
    Thank you and great work in your review and discoveries.
    I also find the end greeting poetic and graceful so to you I leave you in the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai

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  2. Last year I read the Law of One and, although parts are very difficult to comprehend, there are parts that connected the dots for me (especially religion vs spirituality). Your article is a great summary, breaking material down so that it is much easier to understand. Peace and Love.

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