Will and Faith: The reins by which we move

Will and Faith: The reins by which we move

by Doug Esse

Doug presented on the Law of One material’s concept of will and faith. Few themes are as important in the material as these.



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One thought on “Will and Faith: The reins by which we move

  1. There’s this sentence you use, and i really addopted:
    “Being the question- and living into the answer”.
    You might say (and i Would say 🙂 )
    That that sentence- pertains to the secret dynamics of Will-Faith…. and it is actually about what could be called the cultivation of Trust.

    The “Question” can be the “Will” that is arising….
    And the letting go of our resistance to having a question, and the uncomfortableness of that- just leaning into the actual “state” and “taste” of how the question feels like- rather than trying compulsively to get a solution-
    That “leaning” and living into the question- to “Be” the question-
    Could be said to demand “Faith”.

    We let go of any sense of solution, even “direction”…
    We just “die” into this moment. That frees us from the sense of “lack”… of an answer or solution needed-
    And we are reborn into a new frequency where abundance is, and the “answer” is just there, on a new level.
    That is also- how you “stay” in liminal space- dyeing into the questions, into fear, into inner friction.

    LOVE the torus depiction for the movement of Unity-diversity & Back ❤


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