The Two Paths of Polarity: An Introduction to the metaphysical dynamic tension between the two moral-electromagnetic poles

Article by Doug Esse

Hi Everyone! I wrote this to a couple of friends as a part of a dialog about some the metaphysics behind the two paths of polarity that the Law of One teaches.  I acknowledge that what I write below is distorted and lacking.
From a Law of One perspective, there are two moral polarities which act just like electromagnetism. The positive path (service to others) is one which 90% of souls choose. It is the most efficient path since it is the path of that which is, or the path of unity. The negative path (service to self) is the path of that which is not, the path of falsity, or the path of separation. This path is as valid a path to spiritual enlightenment as is the positive path.

In 3rd density, these paths are meant to provide catalysts to each other in order for metaphysical work to happen. I think of God’s left hand (service to self) and right hand rubbing vigorously which creates heat. Heat is the intensity of this experience. And all of this is made possible because of the veil of forgetting.

To graduate to 4th density positive, one is required to activate the heart center (green-ray energy center) enough so that it becomes the primary seat from which they view their reality. It is a holistic seeing, full of love and understanding. This is what the Christians mean by “born again,” or “born from above.” The “above” is the heart center which is above the lower triad: red, orange, and yellow chakras. The wholehearted person sees the world from love and understanding, forgiveness, and compassion. However, the point here is that there is a linear activation that occurs in seriatim where each chakra beginning with the red energy center is unblocked and balanced just enough so that a threshold of energy moves up into the next one and activates it. The movement of the energy is up because it is the heart center that draws forth the energy from the lower chakras upwards, and once the heart is satisfied (activated), it will be the violet-ray center (crown chakra) which draws forth the heart energy upwards… always the drawing upward into more and more unity…unity of seeing, loving, and living.

Graduating to 4th density negative is very difficult because you can’t activate the heart because you choose to not see holistically nor understand others or self in the light of unity or union.  It requires superhuman will to intentionally block the energy flow from the lower chakra triad to the heart in such a way so as to methodically use the pent up energy with a kind of precision, efficiency, that begins to empower the lower-triad enough to become a central seat of consciousness which upon nearing some threshold of energy compression, crystallizes under the weight of the spiritual gravity into something like a metaphysical black hole.

One way to understand how the negative path works, I imagine a piece of paper that has 6 chakras drawn going up in this order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and indigo. As we said above, the positive path moves from red upwards in order.

I imagine that the orange and yellow centers on our paper merge and become a gravity well that gets stronger and stronger, empowered by the sheer will of the person which strengthens in congruence with their ongoing and increasing ability to control, dominate, manipulate, and destroy others so as to empower and re-empower their own resolve of their path given the joy of conquest and the energy siphoned from their prey (energy vampires, effectively). This gravity well becomes so great that even light can’t escape (which is true for real black holes, right?). This light is the light of unity. Thus, the negative person reverses the normal polarity of unity (moral polarity of the positive path) and becomes a moral-metaphysical negative side of magnet.

Now imagine this magnet in the lower triad becoming so strong that it draws the indigo center backwards and downwards, thus bending our imagined paper backwards, folding it so that the indigo center gets drawn downwards to the point that it is parallel to the black-hole located in the solar plexus. It then is sucked into the black hole and this is the moment when the negative person is harvestable to 4th density negative.

For both the positive and negative entity, the indigo-ray center is the seat of the adept, to be able to do magical things. It is the seat of faith (hope + trust). It is the seat of farseeing. The positive person who has activated it may or may not do magical things intentionally but their energy is robust,  their cups overfloweth, they are “bright lights,” etc. They have a whole range of understanding and loving. They see the whole picture (as much as is possible in 3rd density). They are full of compassion and empathy for others. The seek to raise the planetary vibrations and they move to serve others who call for aid. The veil of forgetting gets thinner and thinner.

The negative person chooses to use the veil of forgetting as the tool which has allowed them to become their own godheads. They choose to strengthen the veil so that the illusion of separation is maximized. While they do have access to the indigo ray’s magical potential, they lack the green-ray center’s ability to understand the love inherent in unity and union with self and others. Therefore, their use of the magical properties of the indigo ray is limited to only their own will.

This can be imagined as a laser of light which shoots from the negative person inside of a dark room and acts like a tractor beam, pulling prey into itself, whereas the positive person who uses their magical properties to light the room, sees fairly clearly the room’s layout, and then uses their love/light as a lamp with which to enlighten the whole room so that others can see. Their light is not the tractor beam but a lighthouse and a warm, inviting fire which beckons others to gather, share, and enjoy the fellowship of solidarity.

The negative path exists all the up through 4th density, through 5th density, and stops in early 6th density. Why? Because 6th density is the density of unity where the love of self must be matched with the love of others.  The negative person becomes completely and totally aware that their love for self, which has been the thrust of their spiritual evolution for many millions of years by that point, can no longer take them forward because they now see that the love for self and the love for others is the same love. Therefore, in order for them to progress on their journey, they have to finally surrender to the love/light and light/love of unity, and thus, the cosmic prodigal child returns home: they become positive. Love wins in the end…always.

As to our piece of paper and the moral-magnetic reversal of polarity for the negative person, think of fourth density negative as learning how to widen their laser-like focus more so that it is more powerful and broader. The other thing they have to do is to join their lasers with others in their society because  one of the things that happens in 4th density (positive or negative) is that the whole society becomes one body. For the positive society, this is easy enough because people join in hearts. For the negative society, it is more like warring drug lords who finally fight it out enough so that there is a conqueror who reigns over their empire with a cruel and firm grip.  Each person knows their place and willing becomes the slave of their masters.

When the negative 4th density person then moves through the indigo ray center and begins touching upon the 5th chakra (blue-ray center) they harvest to 5th density. You see? The movement forwards in spiritual evolution for the negative entity is a movement backwards through the different rays.

The 5th density for the negative person is super free and exciting. They become a black hole so complete that they become seats of pure, distilled, cruel wisdom. They explore how the laws of the cosmos in all of the subtle and physical realms can be used to their own benefit. They feed off others’ energies since they have cut themselves off from the direct energy of the Creator, which replenishes and recharges a positive person through some practice of surrendering into the All. But to surrender to anything is abhorrent to the negative person so that doesn’t enter into their mind.

Finally, the negative person works their way through exploring 5th density, or the power of the 5th chakra, and they enter into the threshold of the 4th density or 4th chakra… the green-ray energetic frequency of love of others and understanding (holistic seeing and living). This is when the newly-minted sixth density negative person experiences real chaos and entropy. Their negative moral polarity can’t withstand the luminosity of wholeness inherent in the green-ray energy. They watch their personal energetic signature weaken due to entropy and have to choose between disintegrating as an entity or leaping into wholeness; into the path of unity and union. The following graph illustrates what I mean. I made this a few years ago.

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