The Accuser and the Advocate in the Theater of Third Density

The inspiration of this article comes from a dream.  Like many of you, some of my dreams of late are experiences of downloads and encounters with higher realms.  I offer this account and information in the spirit that it was given to me: one of deep love, gratitude, joy, centered, peace, and perspective.  I’ll not give lots of details of the dream for much of that is personal and subjective (not that interesting to others, really).  It was less like a dream and much more like a NDE (near death experience) where one is whisked to the top of the mountain of gnosis and sees with an expansiveness where the tiniest details are embraced in love and fully accepted as belonging within the seamless garment of our lives. Instead, I’ll relate the central points which I admit are very much connected to my own personal filters, distortions, childhood belief systems, etc.  If this information is helpful or confirming for anyone, then I am pleased and the reasons for my writing find fulfillment.

White and Golden Environment

5.-A-Christ-meditation.docThe environment was of the whitest white.  This was less a color and more of a condition of being.  There were golden shimmers and sparks throughout which, again, seemed to be living aspects of the environment and less like adornments placed to please the eye.  I am reminded of Ra’s description of Sixth Density:

The sixth density [is] of a whiteness which contains a golden quality as you would perceive it; these colors having to do with the blending into wisdom of the compassion learned in fourth density, then in sixth the blending of wisdom back into an unified understanding of compassion viewed with wisdom. This golden color is not of your spectrum but is what you would call alive. 33.20

There were beings present although I do not remember seeing them with my eyes. I dialoged with them but not with words.  Those familiar with Robert Monroe’s work might recall his concept of the “rote.”  Here are several definitions of this as written by others:

A term created by Robert Monroe that means “Thought Balls”. R.O.T.E. stands for Related Organized Thought Energy which is transferred from one soul to another.

Robert A. Monroe, founder of the Monroe Institute experienced what he called Non-Verbal Communication, or ROTE. Where another being would give to him a packaged thought ball which would “unravel” into a sensory tactile experience.

Communication with them is pictorial and by “rote”. I am using “rote” in the Robert A. Monroe’s “Ultimate Journey” usage as a “thought ball” or information package. Receiving a “rote” is like receiving a full length movie in a fraction of a second. Sometimes it takes weeks to process a single “rote”

The information passed to me through rotes is not new for many of the readers of this Subconcious-Mind-Mental-Telepathy-article.  It was not new for me, either, but what WAS new was how the information sunk deeply into my heart and passed from knowledge to gnosis.  The subjective experience for me was profound and like many NDE’s, cannot be adequately portrayed in words.

The Accuser

I saw from a non-dual vantage point how simple and beautiful the construct of Third Density is.  I saw the whole of Third Density from a Logoic standpoint where the veil of forgetting was given as a grace in order to give the Infinite Creator (including us, sub-sub logois) intense experiences of learning about ourselves.  The Accuser, which was later personified as Satan, is an archetypal concept held in the Mind of the Logos as the veil, itself.  How is Satan the Accuser?  The veil of forgetting (of our union with all) gives us the very real perspective of being cut-off and separate from all other things, especially from the Infinite Creator.  Gerald May, MD, the late, great psychiatrist and spiritual writer suggested that in his experience the root cause of all mental disorders is loneliness.  It is a kind of profound, existential loneliness whose groaning in our lives can sometimes cause an urgency to assuage its burning hunger.  We act out or adopt thinking patterns that are limited, subjective, and often deprecating.

What is this loneliness that Dr. May and other spiritual writers intuit?  I believe that it is the direct symptom and most immediate result of the veil of forgetting.  It feels “AS IF” there is an Accuser accusing us of being separate and sometimes Its voice is loud and clear.  We feel fragmented, alienated, and these frenzied vibrations of being can lend us to lose perspective in our lives.  Many of us, especially young adults, want to scream out in a burst of angst our deepest questions, “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” “What am I supposed to do??” We feel lost and forgotten.

Moreover, anytime you and I have ever acted petty, insecure, or employed coping mechanisms that don’t quite work anymore, it is because in that moment, we were acting out from the void and ache of loneliness.  That’s the very epicenter where the veil of forgetfulness makes its presence felt.

In this vision, I saw Satan, not as a person, but as kind of red energetic flow that comes to satanpoints of concentrated eddies.  This is difficult to put into words. However, and I want to emphasize what most of us already know: Satan belonged.  This symbol of the archetype of separation certainly had its place as a most important part of Infinite Creator’s experiencing Itself in and through us in Third Density.  Indeed, as Julian of Norwich wrote, “First, there is the fall, and then we recover from the fall. Both are the mercy of God!” You can see how freeing it is to know that the falling is part of mercy of the Infinite Creator.  The falling, itself, is a result of the stumbling into the dark cave of the veil of forgetting with just a candle of faith to light our way in our Third Density experience.  But through faith, we have the potential to blast through spiritual evolution with incredible efficiency and speed as long as we listen to our catalysts and learn well from them (99.10).

In fact, this was another thing that was emphasized in the vision: one can be a native of Third Density (ie not a Wanderer) and through efficient use of catalyst and numerous lifetimes to hone balance effectively delve into the learning that takes place in Fourth or even Fifth Densities.  This makes sense since Third Density is “one hundred times as intensive a program of catalytic action from which to distill distortions and learn/teachings than any other of the densities” (20.24). Moreover, one of the reasons why Wanderers come to earth besides the general desire to be of service is to more robustly learn the fine balancing between love and wisdom here in the experience of Third Density.

shadow of death

To reiterate: the Accuser, I was shown with clarity, accuses us of separation.  We humans, of course, personify the veil of forgetting since we see the Cosmic Reality through murkiness of the mystery.  Throughout the Christian lens of the Perennial Tradition, at least, we see comments such as “Valley of the shadow of death, ” “Valley of tears,” “This,

our exile,” as examples of humanity groaning and lamenting the very real feelings of separation from unity with the Infinite Creator that we enjoy in time/space or in higher densities.  On this side of the veil, we feel accused of separation as if some force or entity stands in front of us, pointing, and saying, “You ARE separate from God and from each other!”  This is the great drama in the theater of Third Density.


Moreover, the service to self and the service to others paths mutually create catalysts for both polarities to further deepen their evolutions. It is as if the left hand and the right hand of God slam together and rub vigorously to create heat through friction.  This is not unlike how a electricity works to light a bulb.  Both the positive and negative dynamic are needed to produce the light of catalyst. From this point of view, evil belongs.

Jesus and the Splitting of the Veil

In my vision, I saw not the man, Jesus, but an energy vortex like a giant “V” that was made of pure white crystal.  The “rote” that I received about this vortex is that this was/is the metaphysical pathway mutually created by the master adept, Jesus, and the Logos, that allowed the Logos to experience Third Density without filters of any sorts. I saw the “V” like an energetic “insertion” that spanned the Densities and emerged to fully interface with Earth humanity.  Jesus, through his singled pointed will and faith became a crystalized adept capable of channeling the Logos so perfectly “that for long periods of time became the Creator experiencing Third Density. Such is the perfect channeling of Love.” A new way from the Logos to Third Density was created that indeed, was quite novel and speaks to Jesus’ unique incarnative mission, even if  later he was inappropriately elevated to deity status.  Recall that he never asked to be worshiped but only to be followed.  For those interested in a great exploration about Jesus’ mission, Buddhist and high metaphysics teacher, Dr. Scott Mandelker, has a wonderful YouTube series on the Gnostics.

I saw/knew clearly that one of the primary roles of Jesus of Nazareth was to be a conduit

The “Jesus Event”: the Logos comes face to face with Third Density humanity

of the Logos to directly reveal to humanity through a new kind of engagement that there really was no veil between Itself and creation.  I think that the “V” that I saw was only the centerpiece of a larger inter-density torus that emerged from Jesus and the Logos.

I then saw the biblical scene where Jesus was talking to many of his disciples (initiate adepts) upon their return from their adventures of healing many people.  They were excitedly telling him all the great things that had happened on their sojourns.  He said, “I saw Satan falling like lightning…” (Luke 10:18).  As I saw the scene play out, I witnessed Jesus saying (elsewhere in the bible), “I am the light of the world” (John 9:5). The pieces came together in my mind to reveal that upon the stage of Third Density, the Light of the Logos illumined so brightly through Jesus that the grip of the illusion of separation as archetypally symbolized as Satan, fell away–just as any shadow evaporates when great light is brought into darkness.  The Light was gnosis of oneness through an activated heart chakra which perceives the radiation of Love: the very essence of the Logos, Itself.  Love as the unitive force that indwells in all things cuts right through the veil of separation and when it is perceived with clarity, we can stand shoulder to shoulder with Jesus proclaiming, “The Father and I are One,” John 10:30.

Another biblical scene that I was shown was the splitting of the veil in the temple upon Temple-Veilthe death of Jesus (Matthew 27:51). Here symbolized in the narrative is the removal of the divide between the sacred and the profane.  The Latin word, “profanum,” can mean “outside the temple.”  The veil splitting shows that there really is no divide between the sacred and profane–for all is sacred, all is divine, and all is an expression of the Infinite Creator.

Finally, I was shown the biblical scene where Jesus told his followers, “I will send you the Advocate, the Spirit of Truth…” who, in this theater of Third Density, is the counterpoint to the Accuser (ref. John 15:26). “You are not alone, and you are not separate,” I kept hearing/feeling.  Then I saw that the Advocate pointing right through the Accuser to pierce the veil of forgetting. The Advocate continues the Logoic mission that found its epicenter in the Jesus Event to unfold the revelation to humanity that Creation is the Body of the Infinite Creator and that the veil of forgetting can be pierced through the radiation of Love. And that Love-radiation emanates right from the heart-mind.

The Advocate

In my vision, I saw that the Advocate is the Spirit of the Infinite Creator which indwells inside us, in our hearts, and guides us to awaken from the forgetting.  The Advocate holy spirit, v3showed itself as an energy that was golden, different shades of blue, silvery, and white–but I do not make any interpretations nor have any opinion as to the specific importance regarding the colors. The feeling of this holy Spirit, though, filled me with such peace and joy and illumination.  It was exquisitely familiar since it is my own spirit–and yours, too–given that there is no other Spirit of such Love other than that of the Infinite Creator.

The Larger View

The whole scene unfolded in a way that seemed like a long time, yet the memory now feels that its revelation fed me in an instant.  Such is the experience of the higher realms and others can describe it much better than me.

From the Logoic viewpoint, the larger view, I saw both the Accuser and the Advocate were all part of the Logoic Mind that come together as essential props in the theater of the Third Density.  This drama is purposeful and is, as Ra says, the axis upon which the creation turns:

76.16 Questioner: Third density, then, it appears, is, compared to the rest of the densities, all of them, nothing but a uniquely short period of what we consider to be time and is then for the purpose of this choice.

Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is precisely correct. The prelude to choice must encompass the laying of the foundation, the establishment of the illusion and the viability of that which can be made spiritually viable. The remainder of the densities is continuous refining of the choice. This also is greatly lengthened, as you would use the term. The choice is, as you put it, the work of a moment but is the axis upon which the creation turns.

Ra further explains that we as sub-sub logois, the Third Density, itself,  and all of the densities in the octave are a part of our Logo’s own harvesting and growing in experience of Itself (78.22). And just so we can grasp how important our experience here is, Ra shares that our particular Third Density stage is the most advanced (in terms of Logoic concept) and the most robust (in terms of Logoic experience) than anywhere else in the cosmos (91.15).

Lastly, for those of us on the positive path, we can take great comfort in knowing that our Logos has a “bias towards kindness” (90.21) and chooses to “allow more of the lovesun, our logos and light of the Infinite Creator to be both inwardly and outwardly visible and available to the  sensations and conceptualizations of [humans] undergoing Its care in experimenting” (90.23). Furthermore, we see that the positive path is by far the most efficient path where the magic of the moment is always present and in potentiation for those with the eyes to see and ears to hear (10.14, 90.22, 92.33, Mark 8:18).

The Accuser and the Advocate as the veil of forgetting and the Great Spirit, respectively, are graces.  As we humans slowly awaken out of our slumber and begin to grasp the theater of Third Density, we begin to pierce the veil and see the Cosmic Matrix for the novel concept that it is.  Concomitantly, we awaken out of the matrix created by the Orion Empire that has had its stronghold on Earth humanity for thousands of years.  The negative polarity has had its roles in creating catalyst for the ninety percent positive souls, but their part in this Third Density play is coming to a conclusion.  Though they thrive in the valley of the shadow, the light of wholeness and illumination cannot  be prevented; try as they might. Now is the time that we of the light work with even more intention to act as beacons that transform negativity.  When we do that, we become the Advocate for the planet and we shall see, like Jesus, Satan falling from the sky like lightning.

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