The Vocation of Sacramental Transmutation: Holy Feelers In World Out of Balance

Article by Doug Esse

The word, “vocation,” means a divine calling. We all have several vocations going on and it is a spiritual task (and joy) to discover them and to live from their epicenter of power, meaning, and perspective. One vocation that I have always felt but only recently have been able to articulate on a more conscious level is the vocation of transmutation. Actually, I think millions of humans feel this way and I believe that once we can name it, we can embrace our unique contributions to planetary enlightenment.

This article will discuss what I believe to be a valid vocation and one that is not often recognized because it is hidden, even to ourselves. There is evidence in the Law of One material, as well as the larger Perennial Tradition, for a vocation which seeks to consciously transform negativity into positivity through holding sacred space for trauma and suffering so that as catalysts are processed, accepted, and forgiven, our own inner freedom that emerges is also connected to the collective trauma, suffering, and subsequent freedom. In other words, since the micro level is a fractal of the macro level, any good inner shadow work that is endeavored at the personal level is also reflected in some way at the macro level. And because we are all one in the union of love, there are some souls who intuit a calling to feel what other-selves will not.

Grief lies at the center of people’s inner shadow but because they don’t know how to access it, we project it and scapegoat others. Grief can get transmuted into anger–and anger’s reactivity grips us tightly so that no other identity can flourish other than the identity to be against. But by being a willing witness and processor of the shadow, both ours and the collective, the end result is to release enough energetic freedom (read: raising of the planetary vibrations, ref 12.30, 65.11, 49.8, 71.16) so that other people who were previously bound up tightly in knots of reactivity, fear, and anger, find themselves surprisingly, and even mysteriously, able to offer themselves inner space for uncertainty. This uncertainty is the first step into the luminous darkness that graces us with a rebooting of our “operational systems” so that we emerge more clear-seeing and with a greater ability to hold the tension of paradoxes. The world needs more people who can weather the tension of liminal space because such people act as healers and provide transmutation of brokenness that is of a new and higher order.

In the Law of One, the Ra group gives a very powerful statement on restitution and reveals a clue to this vocation. The context of their statement on restitution is planetary healing that is needed from the incredible physical, mental, and spiritual trauma incurred by the atomic bombings in World War II. Ra relates how these bombings metaphysically affected both space/time and time/space; the physical and the astral planes.

When there is a trauma, healing is required to rebalance the energy and to make whole the brokeness. The Ra groups states that karma can only be assuaged by incarnated beings in space/time who willingly seek to redress the imbalance through the “process of acceptance, forgiveness, and, if possible, restitution. The restitution not being available in time/space, there are many among your peoples now attempting restitution while in the physical” (26.30). Ra continues, “These [people who restitute] attempt feelings of love towards the planetary sphere, and comfort and healing of the scars, and the imbalances of these actions” (26.31). The action of healing of the scars and balancing the actions, Ra group names “restitution.” This word can carry a negative connotation in today’s parlance, so if you’d let me get away with it, I’d propose we use, “transmutation,” instead. The reason why will become clearer below.

As to the sacramental nature of this vocation, I posit that this kind of transmutation is highly correlated with what the Ra group calls, Intelligent Infinity. To transmute something into a sacrament is to connect with the One Infinite Creator at such a level of union that the Creator, through the adept, transforms the energy of separation into the energy of universal love. Transmutation is an act of restoration that categorically does not endeavor to return the situation back to the former status quo. Sacramental transmutation at the level we are discussing here, following the eternal cosmic cycle of death and rebirth, witnesses the broken and without blaming or projection, forgives it by allowing Love, Itself, to do what Love does: reconcile, restore wholeness, and renew. And what is made whole and renewed is a transformed version of the original.

The newly transmuted is not about working to return to how things were (“when they were great”) but a new kind of wholeness that emerges after a transformation. The caterpillar does not return to being a caterpillar after undergoing its reconstitution in the cocoon. Likewise, we as a people cannot return back to the order of before our current disorder because to do so would be to go against the cosmic nature of evolution that unfolds through dying and rising, death and rebirth.

Living Out the Vocation of Sacramental Transmutation

So, how do we live out this vocation of sacramental transmutation? There will be as many ways to live this out as there are desires to help heal others and the planet. However, what I specifically have in mind is simultaneously uncomplicated and challenging. It is uncomplicated because it does not require us to learn new concepts or perform new yogic postures. There is nothing esoteric here.


Understanding Is Not of this Density (16.39)

But it is challenging because we have to be willing and able to really look inside of ourselves and courageously find our addictions to the way we think and how we understand our reality. In short, what are our operational paradigms that we have held onto for dear life? Ra says very succinctly that our collective reality which is third density “is not a dimension of knowing, even subjectively” (61.9). How can we apply a sincere humility to our “sureness” of the ways things work in the world? When we feel a knee-jerk reaction bubbling up and ready to burst, how can we pause long enough to investigate from where this reaction is coming and why is it so intense? These questions will suffice for really opening up new spaciousness as we build the life-giving skill of self-inquiry.


Offering Our Own Suffering

Another very important component of living the vocation of sacramental transmutation is offering up our own pain and darkness as a sacrifice–which means “to make holy”–to the One Infinite Creator. This offering is an act replete with the full dignity and majesty of the Creator because it is the Creator-incarnate, as you, offering to the Creator-transcendent the Creator’s own pain. Your pain is the Creator’s pain. It is as if the Creator divided Itself and sent one half into a place of brokenness to experience the conditions there in order to give a full debriefing. When the reuniting of the two halves of the Creator takes place, the Creator-transcendent witnesses and feels the fullness of what It’s other half has seen and felt. This holy witnessing and feeling heals the brokeness because that is what Love does. Solidarity is a declaration of our union, and solidarity heals.

We-as-Creator offering up our hurt to the Creator not only is an offering to bring us to a renewal and healing, but it also contributes to the renewing and healing of the Creator-as-the-collective-and-as-the-planet. In other words, our pain is a microcosm of the collective’s pain and that pain is the Creator’s own pain. Then, our renewal is a microcosm of the collective’s renewal and that renewal is also a part of the Creator’s own evolution (ref 65.17, 90.16, 50.13, 18.3, 76.18).


We Are All Connected

In addition to offering up whatever befuddles us as a holy sacrifice, we also intentionally and consciously recognize that as we process and learn about our inner lives, this processing and learning is taking place in the collective, too. How does this look like, specifically? In your quiet time of prayer or contemplation, gently become aware of how we are connected to all other people, even those who we find threatening. Claim this connection as absolute fact and a statement of reality as it truly is. Now, become curious and investigate your own anger, resentment, hate, grief, sadness, disappointments, and fear. Or maybe you are passing through a dark night of the soul. In any case, do not judge these things but make space for them inside you. They belong and need a compassionate witness to really see them.

Then, bring to mind any other-selves who feel anger, resentment, hate, grief, sadness, disappointments, fear, or anything else. Maybe we picture the image of the political situation in the US. Maybe we picture people with cancer or with Covid-19. Maybe we picture people who are digging out from a devastating natural disaster or sifting through a plane wreck.

Breathe in now in solidarity for your own pain and breathe out in solidarity for all other people. Breathe in love and compassion for yourself, breathe out love and compassion for others. We are not trying to change people or infringe on free will in any way. We are acting in these moments as a lamp holders on who shine the Creator’s light and love onto a dark and busy street. The light and love will attract or repel according to the level of readiness of the passersby. Our light is the Creator’s own luminosity of wholeness shining through us.

In conclusion, let me firmly state that this adept work is not a pursuit of bliss or some kind of ascended state that is “above the fray.” The vocation of sacramental restitution is first and foremost an offering of ourselves to the Creator, in union with the Creator, and in union with all other people and living things. It is not path of “up and out,” but rather “down and in…and through.” It is a desire to restore–to provide a holy transmutation–for the imbalances that we caused–and by “we,” I refer to us as individuals and us as a collective humanity. It requires an honesty that is rare (ref 48.7), a humility that is authentic (ref 71.11), and a desire to balance the paradoxes inside of us (*) with patience, graciousness, and forbearance (ref 15.12).

This vocation is also a joyful one! Yes, those in the business of healing by bearing the tension and compassionate witnessing, realize that they are deeply embedded into the groans of the cosmos as the Creator, Itself, experiences It’s own divine life unfolding in and through us.

The bottom line is that when you and I learn to live gracefully in the liminal spaces of our lives, hold the tensions of conflicting urgencies together, and offer our own brokenness–and healing–in conscious union with our other-selves, then we provide a powerful service of love to the planet. This is the vocation of sacramental transmutation.

—-In union with the Creator’s transcendence, incarnation, and indwelling presence. Amen!


(*) Note: The following is a balancing technique provided through a channeling session with Q’uo in 1993. The reference is this:

We are again with this instrument. We are Q’uo, and greet each in love and light once more. Perhaps you shall have felt the health being breathed in as the out breath cleansed the self of that which was used up. This cleansing of the energies does indeed strengthen the stability and the spiritualized awareness of the seeker. Each is familiar already with the basic principles of working with the day’s experiences in such a way as to balance these experiences, but we would mention at this time that this a technique which is very useful for consistent and constant realignment of the self in the direction which the seeker perceives to hold more and more of truth. That technique is to, within meditation, allow the mind to ripple through the day’s experiences, searching for those things which have distracted or attracted, repelled or drawn the self during that diurnal period. Those things which were perceived as negatively oriented, then, would be brought to the conscious mind and the memory replayed.

When the self feels that emotional distortion which was the initial reaction during the day’s busy rush, this feeling or ideation shall be allowed to express and intensify within the emotional self, or more precisely, within that portion of complex of energies which is the self which deals with the emotional and mental perception, allow these feelings and ideations to become ever stronger until you feel they are well intensified. Then mentally lay down that emotion and sit with that emotion without any attempt being made to change it. Allow the complementary emotions and/or ideations to arise, allow the other side of the coin to become slowly visible. When the opposite of the first emotion is felt and has been respected and honored allow the thesis and antithesis, the original feeling and its complimentary one, to exist side by side within the mind’s eye. Both of these things is you, for each self is universal and contains all that there is. If you see that you are both things then you may also see that you are neither. These events are then transitory, as is the entire incarnation which you now enjoy.

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