How Does Your Spiritual Community Help You Engage With Your Life?

Article by Doug Esse

Many people are finding or forming spiritual communities that resonate with their spiritual goals.

Some people feel the freedom to maintain their participation with conventional models of religion while enjoying parallel experiences in non-conventional groups. I’m one of these, actually.

In my own parallel spiritual community, we maintain a lively connection through a social media forum as well as meeting once a week via video.

In whatever spiritual community you belong to, it’s always good to keep in mind a kind of metric to help your discernment of its level of health and maturity. For me, I hold up the metric of love, as taught and modeled by Jesus of Nazareth.

We are all entangled photons. We are manifested love/light and light/love.

Roots and Vision

Our group is called “Building 4th” and below, I’ve shared our group description.

Building 4th was founded in 2019 in order to create a safe community where members could share insights, ask questions, study the Law of One material and other inspirational sources, and provide mutual support for learning how to live and embody this cosmic law of union and unity.  Over time, the community has slowly grown and has evolved according to the inspiration of the community members and the guiding light of the Infinite Creator’s love. 

We believe that unity is diversity created and maintained by love. The diverse nature of our membership is, therefore, an asset. One primary uniting factor of Building 4th  is that each member strives for honest, self-aware, and loving communication. To this end, we ask ourselves:

→How can we view everyone and everything through a lens of compassion and as holistically as possible? 

→How can we serve others by becoming clearer, more dependable channels of the Creator’s love and joy? 

Our Name

The longer version of our community’s name is, “Building 4th: Living the Law of One,” because we seek to build greater activation of our fourth (heart) chakras, to build Earth’s fourth-density energetic conditions, and to affirm our diverse spiritual paths–in other words, to encourage one another to build forth!  

Basic Philosophy that Shapes Our Community’s Culture

We seek to learn in order to serve: We affirm that whenever we study the Law of One or other spiritual material, whether on our own or as a group,  this is for the purpose of crystallizing our spiritual principles and learning how to embody them. 

The mundane is sacred: We affirm that there is no separation between the ordinary world and divinity. For example, doing dishes is an act of the Creator knowing Itself and can be supremely sacred. 

Love is our metric: We affirm that any teaching or belief, whether conventional or esoteric, is valued by how well it helps us love and understand ourselves and others, including those others whom we perceive to be different or even antagonistic. 

The way down is the way up: We affirm that our ordinary lives are rich in opportunities to grow spiritually.  We try to bring our full presence and open heart to each moment, even–and especially–the difficult ones. We are learning that there is no escaping the conditions that foster our personal growth and therefore our goal is to embrace each challenge wherever we discern that it is safe and appropriate to do so.  And even in dangerous, unsafe situations, we want to hold the assurance that the creator’s love is with us and we are immortal spiritual beings. In short, the ascension process is not a journey up and out of this difficult third-density illusion, but rather a movement down and into it more. 

The importance of humility: Ra suggests that to become the creator, “[…]renders one the most humble servant of all, transparent in personality and able to know and accept others.” We trust that our understanding is ever evolving, thus we try to hold our own views and various identities with humility. We acknowledge that admitting we don’t know fully requires some level of vulnerability and this can be uncomfortable.

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