Holy Washing Machines In the Time of Disorder

Article by Doug Esse

The eye of a hurricane

These days right now in our world and in our country oddly feel holy to me.

There is indeed so much turmoil and darkness. But the holiness that I feel is in the liminal space that people like you hold fast. There are a lot of “washing machines” out there who take in the energy of disorder and fear, and as they process it—accept it, forgive it, offer it as a sacrifice in solidarity with all those who yearn for universal love.

The frenzied energy is “washed,” transmuted into constructive energy that is foundational for creating a future order (of a higher order). Amen!

2 thoughts on “Holy Washing Machines In the Time of Disorder

  1. Douf, “Oddly Holy” sums up what I have been sensing as things around us spin seemingly out of control. Maybe I have way too much time on my hands as a retired man, but I find myself reading what various people are saying about the political scene. I get especially upset when I see the large amount of “christian” people falling for the conspiracy theories of the Trump mentality. I see so many aquaintances and friends falling for a landslide of untruths and lies. This would be tolerable, but they bring it into their spirituality and it totally leaves them empty. . In my meditations, I find myself caused to take all the chaos into the Holy Place and am then lifted into this hope as I see it all must be as it is. A famine from hearing His Word, is what I have been caused to pray for. Not to punish, but to prepare a world for something totally new. Let the old die…let the washing machine soon go to spin cycle…..thanks for your thoughts

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