Interdimensional Vision of the Sun: Merkaba as the Putting Together Almightiness and Vulnerability

The following account happened on 9-4-16.  I wrote it up  and then later added links and explanations to make for a little more reader-friendly experience (I hope). Picture of what I saw follows.


I began my run with the intention of delving into the Law of One both in idea and in engagement transdimensionally.  I created a golden merkaba in the form of a golden sphere around my body.  I asked for the help and protection of Michael by forming a red pentagram with my etheric hands beginning with my right hand.  I asked for Gabriel’s help by forming a sky-blue pentagram with both etheric hands.  I asked for Raphael’s help by creating a violet colored pentagram with my left hand.

As my run churned the miles, my mind opened more to the higher noetic planes.  I felt I was communing with Oneness.  A dialog of sorts ensued where I would think a thought and receive images as answers.  This kind of thing is very hard to place in words and I can’t describe very well the feelings either.  Alas, I try.
I questioned: In the Law of One, it is stated that the Sun, or Sol, is a Sub-Logos of the Logos, the Galactic Body.  We and all things in our solar system are the body of the Sol, which in turn, is part of the Body of the Galactic Logos, and so on.  All make up the Body of the Absolute Infinite Beingness of Infinite Creator.  It is also stated in the Law of One that Sol is affected by the sub-sub logois of its body in that the sum total of the consciousness of other logoic beings (including planets, humans, or any being 3rd density and above) are in fact the very way that the Sol itself evolves and learns about Itself.
Yet, Sol is also God (understood in proper terms).  How can God contain all and yet be so vulnerable? How is this possible?
Answer (in visions/images/words/concepts/gnosis/feelings/sensations): The Sol is both Alpha and Omega, as are you.  All have their Alpha/Omega dynamics.  See that Sol is held within its energy-beingness field; a merkaba. The Alpha “part” of Sol is the downward pyramid shape instreamings of intelligent infinity and intelligent energy from the Galactic Logos.  It contains all things in potentiation AND it contains all lessons learned from the Galactic Logos Who has processed all lessons learned from other sub-logois who have completed their own life-cycles (especially true for stars closer to the galactic center). Sol receives a template of how Galactic Laws are to be applied, especially lessons of the application of the Veil of forgetfulness for 3rd density sub-sub logois.  It is also true that metaphysically, this downward pyramid is likened to a “tabular rasa” or blank slate for Alpha in that the painting canvas is white and contains all of the colors.  The painting has not yet begun for all is waiting upon experience of the Manyness exploring manifestation. As such, the symbol of an empty container awaiting content (experience) is also appropriate.  The container portion structures light via divine laws, but It will be filled by the actual infinite variety of experiences of sub-parts of Itself in the worlds of separation.
Who will fill this Alpha vase? Who will paint this Alpha masterpiece?
The Omega portion of Sol.
How does Omega do this?
By collapsing the wave-function of Alpha’s infinite potential into discreet experiences which are constantly collected by sparks of Itself in the “lower” worlds of existence.
The Sol is also Omega and this is understood as divine feminine energies in that there is a receptive dynamic to Sol.  Sol is entirely dependent upon the evolution of Its Manyness embodied as sub-sub logois.  One might say that  God is entirely vulnerable in this sense.  See how God as Alpha is Almightiness, and God as Omega is Vulnerability.  Both are true.
God as Omega forms as an upward pyramidal metaphysical structure that is constantly being formed and fed by Its incarnated sub-sub sparks at the lower densities of experience.  This receptive or vulnerable nature of Sol (God) can be likened to a giant paintbrush.   This upward shooting part of the Sol’s Merkaba is the painter Who paints the sublime painting of experience on the canvas of the Alpha nature of God. Alpha’s “potentiation” becomes Omega’s “actualization” and in this way, God as Absolute Beingness (the Infinite Creator) experiences Itself through Finity.
It is thus we see the cosmic paradox: Almightiness is dependent upon Vulnerability for full expression and evolution of Self. 
We also see this same phenomenon with whom you call Mother Earth or Gaia.
Me:  This is true!  I have recently been confused with some esoteric traditions upholding the idea that Gaia is sentient creature in Her own right and our Mother; that She possesses a far superior sentience. Yet from the Law of One, we also see that the Earth’s own evolution seems entirely dependent upon the collective evolution of its sub-sub logoi. An example being that a planet itself can harvest into negative or positive polarity 4th density depending upon the collective polarity of its inhabitants.
Answer:  The Earth has Its own Divine Merkaba of Alpha and Omega.  So the confusion can be solved by saying that both aspects are true.  The Earth’s Alpha (downward pyramid) contains Intelligence that holds its own set of divine laws and gnosis of beingness as appropriate for planets desirous for evolutionary consciousness (note that Ra states that the planet Uranus has this desire). Yet, its own evolution depends upon how the sub-sub logois inhabiting its Body evolve in their consciousness evolution.
The Earth is generally understood to be “Feminine” because she is a nursery of sorts for individualized portions of Sol sparks and she receives in a gestalt like fashion their overall collective mind-body-spirit evolution.  She receives this as her own, for it becomes her own awakening and thus she paints her own planetary masterpiece with the experiences of her children.  The phrase, “her own awakening,” speaks to her own Omega, upward thrusting pyramid which, like Sol’s Omega, is the gestalt of the evolution of smaller portions of Sol embodied through Earth’s own material. But it is not precisely true that Earth is feminine any more than the earth is masculine.  Because for cosmic bodies, and all bodies, both are equally true.
As I was processing all of this information and imagery.  I asked Daskalos for guidance, or his opinion on what I was receiving.  I saw him very clearly.  He appeared in a white robe with intense white light surrounding him.  His hair was black and longer but his face and body were that of a man in his late 20’s to early 30’s.  His eyes were piercing and smiling and bright.  Once he came into clear view, a ball of red logoic (*see below) light came out of his heart area and into his hands that were in front of his body.  He then lifted up his left hand and pointed to the Sol. He gaze followed his hand and he both looked and pointed up over his left side.  The energy of the ball channeled through his left arm and shot through his pointed index finger at the Sol.  I followed his pointed gesture and saw his logoic light-beam (like a laser) highlighted the red-logoic light of the upward thrusting pyramid of Sol. It was then I saw that the upper part of the merkaba (the downward pointed pyramid) was violet and the Omega part of Sol (the upward pointing pyramid) was red.  I then felt/heard him say: “What you are studying and seeing is fruitful for you. See how the Logoic Red of the Omega pyramid is logoic beingness and the very structure of self-consciousness (I see vision of an intricate lattice that creates a structure where self-consciousness is begotten).
“See how the Violet of the Alpha pyramid is Holy Spiritual without Self-Consciousness.”  (Here I see violate energy that is so fine that it like a fragrance.)
“Much more understanding is necessary to grasp the subtleties.”
I arrived home having run 12 miles.  I was replete with my own experience of the lessons experienced during the run.  I quickly came here to the computer to write it down.
* Daskalos and the Researchers of Truth give us a wonderful teaching of esoteric knowledge that is used to love and serve others. There are words used by both the Law of One material and Daskalos’ teaching that are not completely synonymous. Daskalos teaches that Absolute Beingness (God) contains in Itself a Holy Logoic dynamic and a Holy Spiritual dynamic.  For more information, see

One thought on “Interdimensional Vision of the Sun: Merkaba as the Putting Together Almightiness and Vulnerability

  1. I’m sorry, but this is Anahata (Sanskrit: अनाहत, IAST: Anāhata, English: “unstruck”) or heart chakra is the fourth primary chakra, according to Hindu Yogic, Shakta and Buddhist Tantric traditions. In Sanskrit, anahata means “unhurt, unstruck, and unbeaten”.

    This is 313…of the 7 Lost Churches of Christ…This is the Gateway to the Great Spirit of the One!!! Anahata is 313 of the 7 Colors of the Rainbow!

    The Time has come….a door is about to open!!! The 7 Heads of The Dragon. It’s all inside of You….Counting 3 and 4 of the Betty Andreasson Affair… coming into land and We are here! The Merkaba is 313 of the 7 Lost Churches of Christ and is of the Rainbow of Light. This is the Church of Ephesus of the 4th Density of Love…………..All things are One. You and Me…


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