Awakening and the Paradox of Reality: An Experience

One of the things I have noticed as I awaken more and more to cosmic realities, including my feeling of being a Wanderer, is that I feel increasingly more rooted in much larger, more transcendent field of being.  This beingness sees the present existence on this wonderful planet as an illusion of energy/light/love, of relative importance, and of paramount importance… all at the same time.  I am aware of this world’s transience and yet I am even more aware (and grateful) for the gift of this lifetime, for this moment, as I am allowed to experience God, be God, and to participate in God in this unique experience of seeming separation.  I further my gnosis, the gnosis of my home planet’s social memory complex, and of God, all at the same time by being awakened and intentionally living here and now.  When I bless, God blesses through me, as me.  God blesses God and I am an instrument.

This used to be a cognitive knowing, or a kind of theory, that remained an aloof possibility. Now it is becoming increasingly a lived gnosis.  I took out the trash this morning and smiled at the simple elegance of it all.  The mundane tasks that we do are one hand seemingly meaningless and mundane and yet I see that every gesture we do, that I do, can be a gesture of love and of total gratitude for the sheer fact of existence.  Every moment is a moment of the divine unfolding of the Infinite Creator… I am part of the Becoming of the God, and so are you.

Increasingly, for me, I have real sense of this reality being juxtaposed or overshadowed by a much larger reality that is cosmic in scope.  This second, transcendent, reality is made up of energy where will (a focusing of intention) moves and flows in the direction of ever evolving, expanding awareness of Allness.

In this second reality, which for me is more “real” than what is seen or felt by my earthly body, I am aware of holy Beings, who experience beingness as a constant ecstatic love/joy and longing, simultaneously.  The longing is not as a person longing but awareness of and participation in the very groaning of God as the Cosmos endeavors to draw back into Source. These Beings undergird the structure of this world in a realm that is much higher yet not distant.  For the world we see here is but the analog of these realms; the flip side of the same divine coin.

I suppose one could say that I am in touch with the Causal Realms and am increasingly playing in that delight, drawing from that gnosis, as my temporary personality/body becomes aware of, and lives inside or, my Higher Self on an intentional basis.

Everywhere I look, I only see God.

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