“Church” Is the Third Density Seed-Form of the Fourth Density Social Memory Complex

An article by Doug Esse.

Brief Bio: I have always been interested in the nexus of psychology and spirituality since I was very young.  I hold a masters in clinical social work and a masters in pastoral ministry and have been working as a psychotherapist since 2001.  

The following is taken from an email I sent to the director, writer, and producer of the new documentary, the Cosmic Secret, Roger Richards.  I encourage people to watch his interview which is very deep and important. For those who are familiar with the Law of One, you may find the following interesting.


Good morning, my brother.

Roger, I listened to your amazing interview you did on Thursday.  I really commend you for speaking at such a depth.  You are exactly what the truther/disclosure community needs because you really speak to the need to heal the world and healing ourselves, loving the catalysts, choosing unconditional love as protection, and being grateful for the hard times.  Moreover, you spoke eloquently on the need to be in communion, community, in relationship with others as we move forward collectively.  From my point of view, your whole interview is profoundly Christian, too.
My own ideas mirror your own.  The word, “ecclesia,” means “gathering of people,” and is what naturally forms when there is a common spirit that begins to unite people through sympathetic resonance.  Like knows like, deep calls unto deep, and when two or more are gathered together united in spirit, there is Christ, the Logos, precisely because there IS relationship.  I believe the impulse to form these ecclesias–and by the way, “ecclesia’ is translated into “church,” in the English–is our seed-form desire to become one that will find its consummation within the fourth density energetic resonance.
We can always find the next, “higher,” density intermingled within the density “below” it.  These densities interpenetrate and call forth the growth of the one below it.  So, the desire to form a “social-memory-complex” is profoundly present within third density. The Christian term for a social memory complex is the “Body of Christ.”  Saul, who became Paul in the Christian scriptures, was persecuting these heretical Jews who were gathering and following the ways of Jesus.  He had a life-changing encounter with Christ when he was asked, “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?” Saul replied, “Who are you?”  He said, “I am Jesus whom you are persecuting” (Acts 9:4). How confusing for Saul because he had to try to piece together this major download.  How could Jesus BE the people he was killing?
This was a total game changer not only for Saul, who then was named Paul after this encounter, but it ushered a new concept into the world, at least in the West: that is, somehow this risen Christ is now present within, and as, others who commune together in love.  In other words, Paul learns that there is the Universal Christ–the Logos– who came face to face with 3rd density humanity in the person of Jesus–is alive and present in and as other people.  The Body of Christ and Jesus’ great prayer, “May they be one as you, Father, are in me and I am in you,” (John 17:21) is the stuff of the social memory complex that began to form in earnest in and through the Jesus Event on a world-wide scale.  As you say in the interview, people are becoming more telepathic and resonate with each other as we enter into the Christ Consciousness, the 4th density cosmic energy. Christ is “returning” through our own “awakening” into the energy of love, which is the mystery of unity and union with all and with the Infinite Creator.
So, all of this is to say: our 3rd density desire to form churches or spiritual communities, is the work of forming a social memory complex which will find its fullness–a plenum–in 4th density.  This would be one great way to describe the Kingdom of Heaven–the New Jerusalem–as is mentioned in the Bible.  Our job, it seems, is to work together in community to find out how we are still enslaved within the mindset of separation.  Some of that will be very familiar with the metaphysical community.  Some of that will be very familiar with social justice people who have been fighting for equal rights.  Yes, the Cabal knows how to insert itself and attempt to thwart good nascent movements that attempt to make the Kingdom of Heaven a reality on Earth.
The next movement in the disclosure community, it seems to me, is to learn about the “both-and” perspective instead of an “either-or.”  Much can be said about that, but not in this email.
Much love to you,

One thought on ““Church” Is the Third Density Seed-Form of the Fourth Density Social Memory Complex

  1. Beautiful 4th Density vibrations , Unity Consciousness is here through the Christ Consciousness via the Galactic Superwave from the Central Galactic Sun. Much Gratitude and Appreciation for these comments.


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