Gospel of Thomas with Doug and Noa: Logion 6

Logion 6 – His disciples questioned him and said to him, “Do you want us to fast? And how shall we pray? Shall we give alms? And what kind of diet shall we follow?” Jesus said, “Do not lie, and do not do what you hate. For all things are disclosed before heaven. For there is nothing obscure that will not be shown forth, and there is nothing covered that will remain without being disclosed.”



  • No words really stood out instead an idea stands out on this one.  His people asked him how they should do some rituals/processes. He does not acknowledge these queries, it seems.  Instead he points them more toward how they think and how that should be the focus, not the religious rituals. Do not lie, do not do what you know is wrong, these also point the reader toward both knowing what they believe and acting from that center.  That last line also hints to me that there is no pressure to do the rituals because those are not what will uncover the mysteries.  



I agree with what you wrote.  The disciples, like most of us, want to know what things we can do… what practices…. What rituals… that will bring us enlightenment.  Jesus, like a true master teacher, does not take the bait and engage them with the behavior because he knows, like we can also see clearly, that so many of us do things thinking that our behavior creates the transformation we seek.  That our behavior will please God and win God over. Instead, he is using their language to say that the outer stuff doesn’t matter if the inner stuff is not in alignment with union and unity, grounded in love. First, we must find unity and union within ourselves (but we can find this unity also outside of ourselves at the same time. The inner journey precedes but then walks together with the outer journey). If we are lying or trying to be deceive, then we are not in the state of integrity (wholeness) within ourselves.  Heaven is the condition of being whole. Nothing is ever hidden forever because wholeness–aka love–wins. This is true on the individual level within a person and between people, and it is true on the great macro level when humanity creates a social memory complex in 4th density. When that happens, we will all possess the ability to see another’s thoughts and intentions. There will be natural transparency and it will be automatic. In that world, nothing CAN be hidden. And already, at these last stages of 3rd density, things are becoming more and more transparent.  People are showing themselves for who they really are more and more.  And many people on the positive path are yearning for integrity.


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