Angels and Humans: Two Different Modes of Divine Embodiment

The Law of One does not speak much on the angelic realm except for a few side comments.  My understanding is that the discussion on densities, a la Ra Material, and the angelic realm, are just now being looked at. I wrote Scott Mandelker                                             ( about this a few years ago and he said it’s really not been explored too much. My own take is that some untangling needs to happen: First, “angel” means “messenger” and thus Ra, is indeed an angel in this sense that they say they are humble messengers of the law of one (2.6). Probably many of the biblical accounts are really non-Earthly, advanced humans that visit and we, Earthly humans,  have called them angels. Yet there does seem to be the angelic realm which is overlaid on top of the densities where there is clear correspondence especially in time/space, but that they are separate modes of being apart from the human line. At this point, I think that angelics are actually parts of the archetypal structures, or laws, or sacred geometries, that form the manifested creation which can individuate and interface as individuals. They have no free will of their own and have not experienced the veil of 3rd density. Traditionally, it is mentioned that there are hierarchies of angels which, for me, correspond to the hierarchies of creation or sacred geometry wherein we have shapes within shapes. My guess is that angels do not have innate understanding of the complexity of the incarnated life as humans do. I think that  humans (either ET or Earthling) act as the decision makers in the universe because they understand the nuances of incarnative spiritual evolution whereas angelics have never had to evolve since they have always ONLY known totally unity with the Infinite Creator.  The Christian mystical teacher, Daskalso, taught that the Prodigal Son story in the Bible can also be interpreted as the difference between the angelics and beings who have known incarnation (worlds of separation). The angelics are the older son who never left home. Humans (Earthly or ET) are the younger son who left, learned, and returned. Both forms of being seem to be intertwined but I see angels as supportive for the higher and harder work of the spiritual evolution that incarnation affords those parts of God that choose it. Perhaps angels evolve in their own way. Maybe they eventually desire to become human? 

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