I Desire to Live As a Crystallized Healer

Dear Readers,

The following is a prayer that I pray every morning and every evening.  I’ve not written it down before, but I do so now.  It is borne from my attempts to live out the spirit of the cosmic law of oneness and my mystical Christian background.  If it is moving to you, I am deeply pleased.

I admit that there seems to be a personalization of the divine in this prayer. I do so because it is my personal experience that unitive consciousness or even transpersonal consciousness is radically and completely intimate.  That intimacy can be experienced and felt in the body through the sensation of an intense throbbing of a heart full of love.  As noted poet, Charles Manley Hopkins, wrote, “The world is charged with the granduer of God.”

–Doug Esse



I Desire to Live as a Crystallized Healer

I desire to live as a crystallized healer of the mind-body-spirit complexes of my other selves on this planet. I desire to live my full authenticity without fear, anxiety, or compromise.

I merge my will with Your will so that I have no will of my own.

You have given me everything and I return Your gaze of love by releasing myself into You. I offer myself to the One Infinite Creator totally and without reserve.

I am deeply grateful to be a part of Your divine Self-expression and marvel in sheer delight at how You are eternally both transcendent and indwelling everywhere:

–in, as, and beyond creation;

–in, as, and beyond my other-selves;

–in, as, and beyond me.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You





5 thoughts on “I Desire to Live As a Crystallized Healer

  1. This is a really lovely prayer Doug. A very natural, soulful expression of unitive / transpersonal consciousness. Your spiritual discipline is truly inspirational!

    I’ve cast my lot with those who will be plugged into this weekend’s live stream of the ECETI Down Under Event (Sidney). Preparing myself to arise at 3:00 AM and tune in. It will be fun.


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