A Vision Behind the Veil of Saint Therese of Lisieux

As I am desiring to write some of my personal experiences in the higher realms, I describe the following.

I am currently listening to the audio book version of St. Therese the Little Flower’s autobiography called “A Story of a Soul.”  I’m only less than half way through but something happened to my envisioning today while listening (and driving!).

I desired to “see” what was going on the other side of the veil when Therese was describing her story.  I attuned by myself to her and asked to see better.  I became aware that this soul was a very evolved soul who had done much mystical work in her past lives.  I saw her and her beloved family in a higher realm prior to incarnating making a pact to enter together and braid their human lives together like a golden rope.  They had been together for many lifetimes.  They presented as hominoid-featureless beings who were indigo/violet with pink (rose) accents, especially at the edges.  Around their bodies was a golden hue; around that was white light tinged with blueish swirls.  They were very high beings of pure love and desired to bring love known and anchored into the Earth at that time when they incarnated.

Therese’s description of her celestial encounters were of course filtered through her very strong belief system.  She seemed to be an example of a being who falls into the unitive stage very early because of recent past life developments.  Yet her mental or emotional stages would not be as advanced and much more inclined to the dualism that would be natural for someone raised with a deep Catholicism.

I understood her role, and those in her company, were to incarnate as a team to bring forth a stronghold of light and love that would help mitigate the karmic debt that would be forthcoming in the shadows of the 20th century.


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