The Divine Gift of the Veil of Forgetting: The Change that Changes Everything

Article by Doug Esse

The Darkness of the Veil Enlightens Our Hearts

Ra says in session 48.6, “There is very little work in consciousness in fourth and in fifth densities compared to the work done in third density.” Why? Because as Ra says in 20.24, third density is one hundred times more intense of an experience than the higher densities. What allows for this gift of intensity so that so much consciousness work can be accomplished? It’s the veil of forgetting that Ra introduces in. With third density’s veil of forgetting in place, we forget that we are all one; one with each other, one with creation, and one with the Creator. The darkness of the veil ignites the light of our consciousness and inflames our capacity to love.

But with all of the hardships present on Earth, how can we be grateful for the veil?

During a long run a few years ago, I was listening to the Law of One material in my headphones. It must have been the trance-inducing slow pace of my run, or the heat of the hot Texas summer getting to my head, or just the lovely wash of natural endorphins circulating in my brain during exercise, but for a time, the veil parted for me and I saw creation from the Creator’s point of view. I’d enjoyed unitive moments many times before, but this time was really robust and intense. I understood the veil of forgetting in a new way.

I conceptually knew about the veil from the Law of One material, but suddenly the concept morphed into a full gnosis (lived experiential knowledge) of the veil’s meaning and purpose in creation. The difference between the concept and the gnosis was like comparing a map of terrain versus walking the terrain, personally.

The delight of it all–and I mean, IT ALL, most especially the veil of forgetting, gifted me with such intense joy. I actually spontaneously laughed out loud, right in the middle of a busy park, and I saw a few heads turn in my direction. Why was I so delighted and merry when I thought of the veil of forgetting? Well, it’s because the ingenuity of the veil struck me like the archetype of the lightning-struck tower. I suddenly had a vivid experience and vision, as if it were happening to me–as the Creator–that the veil of forgetting is the mechanism through which free will filters down into third density. And that moment in creation when the switch was turned on and the veil came online in the third density experience was like a new cosmic big bang!

A New Big Bang

I’m trying to put into words here what I intuited in a single moment, so bear with me.

Ra says that the Creator discerned the novel concept of “finity” which produced the cosmic illusion of limitedness and separation (13.12). Through finity, the Creator could experience Itself in infinitely varied ways because the Creator could self-manifest into the material universe; that each manifested particle was the Creator in manifested form. And each little manifested particle (particularity) did not know it was the Creator, but only responded to the original desire that was implanted inside it: to seek and become one with all other entities (20.27).

Time marched on and when manifested form reached the level of the third great evolutionary stage, which Ra calls third density (13.21), something interesting happened. These newly minted third-density beings did not experience finity because the veil of forgetting had not yet been conceived. The early third-density experiences were not at all intense and the pace of spiritual evolution relative to the intensity of the veiled third density compared to that of the cheetah versus the turtle (82.18). As Ra says in 82.22, without the veil, third-density beings have an overwhelming awareness of the Creator dwelling within: “The connection with the Creator is that of the umbilical cord. The security is total. Therefore, no love is terribly important; no pain terribly frightening; no effort, therefore, is made to serve for love or to benefit from fear.”

Even though the Creator believed that It had always allowed free will to extend to all parts of the creation, it wasn’t until creation had evolved to the level of self-awareness in third density that it became apparent that free will did not extend down this new level of consciousness where creation became aware of itself. Indeed, third density emerged as the new headwaters of the evolutionary river of consciousness that would carry entities back to the Creator and consummate that original desire to seek and become one. But if third density already enjoyed totally secure gnosis of its union with all things, then there wasn’t much motivation for the seeking. That original desire hit a big dam and the river dried up to a small trickle.

The Change that Changes Everything

Something needed to change to remove the dam and release the flow of the desire to seek oneness. In 78.19, Ra discusses how the early Logoi conceived of the possibility that their sub-logoi in their care (ie third-density beings) could arrive at the nature of the unity of all things through their own seeking and contemplation. In other words, third-density beings would have to slowly awaken over many lifetimes to their ontological nature that they ARE the Creator having a manifested experience. Unitive consciousness would not be automatic anymore, it would have to be sought with all of their hearts.

The Mind, and Body, and Spirit became the Mind-Body-Spirit Complex

What this looked like metaphysically, says Ra, is that the Logoi conceived of making the mind, body, and spirit a fused “complex” so that it all three unique components became a unit so that each component would be interdependent upon the others for making meaning of experience. The mind component no longer had immediate access to the Creator’s mind but instead had to rely on the body-components senses to inform it about its life-situation. The spirit component was no longer the always-available shuttle that could be used whenever and wherever to connect with the Creator’s spirit. As part of a complex, to ride the shuttle of the spirit would require a ticket which could be purchased through efficient use of catalysts. In other words, when the mind, body, and spirit were fused as a mind-body-spirit complex, the child who had been given everything without effort suddenly had to learn a trade and pay their own way.

Once the Creator installed the veil between the conscious and the unconsciousness, the whole third-density experience switched from monochrome to HD-quality color intensity! Moreover, this upgrade opened up a new third-density spiritual pathway which pushed the concept of finity all the way out to its logical conclusion. Before the veil, there was only THE path of spiritual evolution of a slow surrender over lifetimes into greater love and realization of union with God and with others. Indeed, spiritual evolution naturally followed the original desire that all entities seek and become one. At some point in third density, all of this seeking taps into intelligent infinity and this signals the being’s readiness to move on to next density of experience: the density of universal love and understanding.

But with the veil installed in third-density consciousness, some beings began to learn how to garner spiritual power through aggressively positioning themselves over and against others. The service-to-self path emphasized strenuous resistance against the natural inclination to seek and become one. Instead, these beings learned how to tap into intelligent infinity in the completely opposite manner by concentrating personal power in the name of strengthening the illusion of separation–or finity–between people. Thus was the spiritual path of the negative polarity discovered.

Ra calls the negative path, “that which is not,” because it finds real spiritual efficacy in exploring the Creator’s original concept of finity, which, of course, was the amazing idea that allowed the Creator to explore Itself. The primal finity created the subject-to-subject dynamic which gave the Creator the ability to witness Itself for the first time and experience the intense burning of divine love that binds the two subjects in an eternal union of delight and joy.

But with the Creator’s primal finity explored–or exploited, if you prefer–by the service-to-self path made possible by the upgrade in third-density, the subject-to-subject dynamic morphed into a “subject-to-object” dynamic characterized the objectification of the other for selfish ends. Instead of delight and joy, all manner of disharmonious feelings became available, and attractive, to at least ten percent of third density beings.

From the standpoint of third density’s positive path, the negative path is regarded as repugnant and evil. But it should be noted that with emergence of two polarities and the dynamic tension between them, the Creator’s whole creation in the octave experienced a new arising which would become the change that changed everything. Like the primal big bang which was sparked by the original concept of finity, a new big bang exploded upon the metaphysical scene and provided a new axis upon which creation turns. This central axis is called “The Choice.”

A third-density person’s choice of polarity is metaphysically pivotal because their spiritual pathway will provide the one thing that was missing in the unveiled version of third density: catalyst for the opposite polarity. The negative polarity works hard to dominate the positive polarity, and because the negative path requires one to constantly swim upstream against the current of the Creator’s own nature of wholeness and love, it is the less efficient path (90.22).

On the other hand, the positive polarity must learn how to set boundaries while maintaining an open heart towards all beings. Though the service-to-others path is more efficient, it is not at all easy to “love and bless one’s enemies” (ref Matthew 5:44) while also being as “wise as serpents” (Matthew 10:16).

Both polarized pathways are similarly difficult because to achieve the requisite levels of polarization for graduation into fourth-density, one must persevere against the many obstacles that threaten depolarization (7.17, 17.33). But it is in the struggle, itself, against dipolarization that one polarizes all the more. And what is this struggle? That is the great masterpiece of the veiled third-density experience which affords its vivid intensity.

As Ra reminds us above, little consciousness work is accomplished in the higher densities compared to third density. And though the veiled version of third density’s 75,000 year-cycle is an uniquely short period of time relative to cycles of higher densities which last many millions of years, it became the foundation “upon which the illusion and the viability of that which can be made spiritually viable [was] established” (76.16).

Therefore, the veil of forgetting is not an obstacle nor is it something to pierce through quickly in the name of some kind of spiritual race to the top. The veil is part and parcel of third-density experience where God experiences Godself through the human condition who emerge on the scene naked, confused, and unaware that they are already in union with everything. The veil is something to embrace fully and when we do, our hearts ignite and we learn that God is disguised as creation right in front of us.

How they figure out their divine nature through efficient use of all of the catalysts that will come their way is the great cosmic drama. It may be indeed difficult to act out our demanding scenes of this third-density drama, but trust me, give it all you’ve got your life will become truly magical.

2 thoughts on “The Divine Gift of the Veil of Forgetting: The Change that Changes Everything

  1. Magnificent descriptions of some very challenging and accurate material about Life,The Youniverse and everything°~°


  2. Superb analysis & descriptions. After 2 years of daily Law of One study I am still a novice, but your work helps! Note: back in the early 70’s I was part of a small study group working with the Seth material as well ad Mark Probert’s channelling of Yada Di Shi’ite. A great intro to Ra although the 50 year gap between was….challenging!
    -Thanks again!~ Lar Unger on Facebook where I post my observations🗨️💥💭 {I also use lahiriankhar but not today}


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