Christianity in the Law of One: The Jesus Event

Article by Doug Esse

To live as a Christian is to become living ankhs.  It is a lifestyle of one who desires to intentionally embody the Law of One in our present incarnation. Emphasis is placed on nurturing unity and union with the most marginalized and vulnerable parts of the Universal Christ.

Abstract: This long article attempts to bridge the “apparent” gap between the metaphysics of Christianity and the Law of One material. For this author, the Law of One material is the clearest presentation of the Perennial Philosophy which undergirds all of the world’s major religions.  Through the Jesus Event, the fullness of the Logos organically sprouts up and out of the soil of third density Earth, our current collective bandwidth of conscious awareness, to reveal the One Infinite Creator’s very nature: Oneness emanating as Love in order to self-manifest in an eternal act of creating so that Infinity can experience Itself/Godself in infinite variety. It is a benevolent universe and Love is the God-glue that holds it all together. The Infinite Creator is a Trinity–a union, or “complex,”–of three aspects whose nature is imprinted in every created thing. Those three aspects are the spirit, the mind, and the body and can be found from the macro level to the micro.  In Jesus, the Infinite Creator was given a face and a heart so that humanity could fall in love with a person and be transformed in and through relationship.  Jesus became the visible icon of the invisible God. Through Jesus’ life, his acts of healing and forgiving, his crucifixion, and his resurrection, everything was revealed for all to see: 1)  God is merciful and loving, 2) separation from God is an illusion, 3) Jesus put an exclamation point on the fact that God incarnates as the material universe, 4) all things die and rise in transformed forms–this is the secret of how the Creator perpetually creates, 5) relationships and forming ecclesias are essential to activating the heart so that, 6) we can be ready to inherit the new earth, the kingdom of God, the New Jerusalem, which are Biblical terms for the fourth density bandwidth of conscious awareness. The Ra group, other members of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator, the angelics, the demonics, and negative factions such as the “Orion Empire” are all players in the theater of the octave of conscious awareness.  Everything belongs. Christianity is not so much a religion to join but rather, 1) it is a way of seeing and living in the world that underscores the unity of all things held together within the One Infinite Creator, and 2) it is a call to action to build the new earth–that fourth density condition–through serving the Logos, “Christ,” in other people and in our world. 


The following is my attempt at synthesizing my Christian background with many aspects of the Law of One metaphysics. I’m updating an article that has been my most widely read blog post over the years.  The first edition of this article was written in 2015.  Since then, I have refined my thinking and I hope I see things a little more clearly.  I pull from several sources including: the Bible, my Christian background, my masters degrees in clinical social work (2004) and in pastoral ministry (2004), Richard Rohr, OFM, Rev. Dr. Cynthia Bourgeault, Dr. Ilia Delio, OSF, Karl Rahner, SJ, Peirre Teilhard de Chardin, SJ, Diarmuid O’Murchu, SHM, the Law of One material, Q’uo, Edgar Cayce, Dr. Michael Newton, Thomas Merton, Dolores Cannon, Daskalos and the Researchers of Truth, Ken Wilber, and Dr. Scott Mandelker

My writing style is circular. I share this because I often revisit the various themes presented here a few times in different ways.  Don’t worry if you don’t get my point the first time, it will likely resurface later.  I am honored that you would read these words and may they help affirm whatever journey you are on.  I bow to you, my sisters and brothers, and say thank you for your presence on Earth at this time to do the work you are doing.  We are all a part of the great body of Christ, the Logos, and as such, each of us is precious beyond price.  We are the divine having an experience of being you and me. Our mission is to be instruments of Christ’s peace, joy, love, mercy, and forgiveness so that we can embrace the Kingdom of God within us and co-create the Kingdom of God around us.

Introduction: Why Is This Important?

I know that every writer believes what they write is important, why else would they write and want it read?  But as arrogant as this sounds, I really do feel that this material which I’ll cover here is super important for our times.  Why?  Because humanity is right now on the brink of a new mode of consciousness where a new mind and heart will be required to fully participate and enjoy the love that is ushering in. 

Worldwide, there are over two billion Christians with various interpretations of the Jesus Event. I hope that my contribution  here will be a bridge of sorts between conventional interpretations and a larger cosmic reality that is now unfolding. I’m not endeavoring to throw out any babies here, but I do hope to clean some of the bathwater.

karl rahner

Karl Rahner, one of the most influential theologians of the twentieth century, said that if Christianity doesn’t move to the mystic level, it will cease to exist. What does this mean? The mystic level that Rahner is suggesting, in my opinion, is one that preferences personal experience of the divine over theologies and doctrinal precision. The latter two are not unimportant, but quite secondary to unitive consciousness with God that the mystic enjoys. If theology or a metaphysics doesn’t lead to unitive consciousness, then it may well be the problem getting in the way. 


Similarly, Richard Rohr, an internationally renown speaker on nondual Christianity, suggests that Christianity must see how all is One and comes from the One, or it will loose its relevance [1]. His very public ministry over the past 45 years seems to have focused on helping Christians understand that Christianity was always meant to help people see how all are one, that all things are one, that creation is God’s very Body, and that Jesus is a visible icon of the hidden God who shows humanity how to live a life grounded in the very flow of the Holy Spirit.

I write this article for three primary reasons:

  1. Humanity is poised on the cusp of a new chapter in our collective consciousness and many things that have remained hidden and many things that have remained latent are bubbling up to the surface. In short, the veil of the illusion of separation between us and God and between us and each other is thinning rapidly. Even now, disclosure of those hidden things is happening on the macro scale and micro scale, for those with the eyes to see it. 
  2. Many from the Christian background or other religions are awakening into wider things and finding resonance with other spiritualities.  Often with this kind of awakening, one can experience a mixture of anxiety and ecstasy as they try to navigate what is true out there in the great ocean of metaphysics presented on the internet.  It can be very confusing.  This article hopes to assuage fears and show that something like the Law of One metaphysics and mystical Christianity are quite congruent.  I admit I hold the Law of One material’s metaphysics as the standard against which I compare other metaphysical presentations.  I also acknowledge, however, that the appeal of this article and my blog will resonate only with a few. That venn diagram between people who are knowledge about both Christianity and the Law of One is small.  
  3. This article could be shared with friends and loved ones who may need or want an offering such as this which attempts to connect the dots.  As you read this article, please keep in mind anyone you know who would find this article illuminating. I recommend the reader take their time as they process what is written here, and come back often.  

I assert that Christianity has a place in the great collective unveiling not because Christianity is a religion to join but rather because, as Franciscan priest, Richard Rohr, comments, “It is a lifestyle–a way of being in the world that is simple, non-violent, shared, and loving.” Moreover, Christianity is a statement of reality that was always meant to throw out the dirty bathwater of distorted belief systems while honoring the babies–the pearls of great price–at the heart of all of them. I realize that is quite an audacious opinion, but I hope that this article shows that Christianity was never meant to be an exclusionary belief system but rather a great revealing: an apocalypse of the what the Infinite Creator has been up to all along, and just how intimate God really is with the unfolding of our evolution, both on the personal and the cosmic levels. And finally, that intimacy is actually the key ingredient to living out the Christian life–or the Law of One life, for that matter. To underscore this point, the source of the Law of One material found the concept of “close encounters” humorous because, “…in a universe of unending unity …are not all encounters of a nature of self with self? Therefore, how can any encounter be less than very, very close?” (session 53.9)

I therefore do not intend to mean that other religions or spiritualities are in any way less meaningful. The Law of One material states clearly in session 60.18 that each of humanity’s orthodox religious systems which have all become somewhat mixed in orientation, offer a pure path to the One Creator which is seen by the pure seeker.  Whatever a person or a people does to activate their hearts, to see God everywhere, and to serve others in humility and love is all that matters.

Ironically, it was my encounter with the Law of One material that helped me to affirm my Christian vocation in new and very unexpected ways. As we will see below, our Earth is in the process of a great shifting from a particular bandwidth of consciousness characterized by a veil of forgetting that all things are parts of One Being to a new one. The new bandwidth of consciousness, which is called in the Bible, the “New Jerusalem,” will be a plane that is much denser and full of life; a plane where one is aware of the thoughts of others; a plane where one is aware of the energy of others; a plane of compassion and understanding; a plane wherein individual differences are pronounced although automatically harmonized by group consensus [2].

However, the shift into this new denser plane of consciousness will not be easy or automatic. Therefore, there are some of us who are awakening and uncovering that a very important part of our vocation is to help build bridges that can help navigate the Great Shifting. It is to this end that I write my blog in general, and this article in particular. I invite you, the reader, to keep an open mind. For those who are Christian and have not heard of the Law of One before, you are most welcome here. I will not say anywhere in this post that Ra, the source of the Law of One material is to be worshiped or followed. They are more like an archangel who gave a message. In fact, isn’t that what an “angel” is? Isn’t the definition of an angel a spiritual being who acts as a messenger of the divine? Yes. The Ra group that gave us the Law of One material is a humble

archangle rafael
Archangel Raphael

messenger of the Law of One and they have been involved with Earth’s humanity for thousands of years. In fact, it may well be that what humanity has known as the archangel Rafael is actually Ra, as in Ra-Fa-El. Those are syllables that hold metaphysical meaning and power and beings at the level of the Ra group do not use names as we do. Names are not needed. However, if names are requested by humanity, they give the pronunciations of their own energy signatures [3].

For those who are Law of One students and are highly suspicious of Christianity, and all religions, for that matter, please keep an open mind, too. You might be surprised that mystical Christianity and the Law of One are saying the same thing. Yes, it is true that unfortunate distortions have made their way into all religions. I view the Law of One material akin to a magnifying glass that can be used to comb through the Christian belief system and find the perennial philosophy undergirding the whole thing. For me, the Law of One material is a clearer version of the perennial philosophy without the historical-cultural overlay of a peoples who lived thousands of years ago. Yet, get ready… I assert that Ra couldn’t see all. The Logos is up to something that “even angels [like the Ra group] long to look into…” (1Peter 1:12).

For me, the Law of One material helps to clarify Christianity and Christianity can help guide people to live out the Law of One in a rooted way that can change the world. If the term, “Christianity” brings up too much baggage for the reader, and for some of you this would be true, perhaps read that term as in “Logos-ity.” You’ll see what I mean below, but the Logos, Itself, broke into Earth’s third density and created something new.

So, let’s begin. Now, what is the Law of One material that has helped not only me but many thousands of people find clarity and emotional resonance at deep levels?

The Law of One Material

The Law of One material is a channeled text received between 1980 and 1984. It took a triad of loving friends whose harmonious relationship allowed for the tuning necessary to bring in the transmission. Within this group who called themselves L/L Research, the “instrument” who mouthed the Ra’s words in an unconscious trance state was named Carla, the “questioner” who shaped the dialog of the material was Don Elkins, and the “scribe” was Jim McCarty who not only transcribed the sessions into writing but also was key in providing love and light during the sessions through meditation. Without all three of this group, the transmission from the Ra group to Earth’s humanity in such a concise format would not have been possible.

In the book, Tilting at Windmills: An Interview with Carla L. Rueckert and Jim McCarty (L/L Research: 2016), Carla recounts the first time she “heard” the Ra group knocking at her mind’s door and wanted to connect while she was teaching some channeling techniques to a student and was in a conscious trance state. She writes:




I was about halfway through the session when there was a very powerful sort of knock-knock-knock on my inner door. I said, “Is there a spirit that wants to work through me?”

I kept getting, “I am Ra.” I’m thinking, “I don’t want to talk to a Ra,” because the only Ra I knew was from mythology. Egyptian mythology, and it was a fairly negatively orientated entity–it was a god of war, Horus the hawk-headed god and all that, not something I wanted to encourage. So I challenged with every ounce of energy in my little body, and I kept saying, “Do you come in the name of Jesus the Christ?”

They were indignant. It was like, “Do you think that you’re the only people that have Jesus? Do you think you’re the only planet that has Jesus? Come on–of course we come in the name of Jesus the Christ. Of course. What else is there when you’re talking about love? We come in the name of Jesus Christ, no problem. Get on with it, girl!”

I challenged three times and they were very strongly affirmative: “Yes, of course we come in the name of Jesus the Christ. We come in the name of love.” I thought, “I can’t go wrong with that,” so I said okay. 


Carla then shares that she somehow went into a deep sleep and did not remember saying anything else. Yet when she awoke, she was astonished to find a large transmission.  I feel that it is important to include the first session here in this article.  I will redact some parts of it for sake of brevity and clarity.  Please feel free to read the whole piece for yourself here.


1.0Ra: I am Ra. I have not spoken through this instrument [Doug: Carla] before. We had to wait until she was precisely tuned, as we send a narrow-band vibration. We greet you in the love and in the light of our Infinite Creator.

We have watched your group. We have been called to your group, for you have a need for the diversity of experiences in channeling which go with a more intensive, or as you might call it, advanced approach to the system of studying the patterns of the illusions of your body, your mind, and your spirit, which you call seeking the truth. We hope to offer you a somewhat different slant upon the information which is always and ever the same [Doug: the Perennial Philosophy].

The Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator has only one important statement. That statement, my friends, as you know, is “All things, all of life, all of the creation is part of one original thought.” [Doug: Christian theologian, Richard Rohr, OFM, has consistently said publicly that “Christ” was God’s first idea. “Christ,” as we will see below in much greater detail, is the “Cosmic Christ,” the Logos, featured in John 1:1, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Through Christ, all things were made.” In my opinion, Ra is saying the same thing here.  The “One Original Thought” is this same “Cosmic Christ.”]

The reception of our beam is a somewhat more advanced feat than some of the more broad vibration channels opened by other members for more introductory and intermediate work.

Let us for a moment consider thought. What is it, my friends, to take thought? Took you then thought today? What thoughts did you think today? What thoughts were part of the original thought today? [Doug: In other words, what thoughts did you and I have that were congruent with the Original Thought, namely, that all things are one in the One Creator; that “Christ is All and in All,” as Paul says in Colossians 3:11]. 

In how many of your thoughts did the creation abide? Was love contained? And was service freely given? You are not part of a material universe. You are part of a thought. You are dancing in a ballroom in which there is no material. You are dancing thoughts. [Doug: Quantum physics is saying that at the most elemental levels, all materiality is really energy in congealed forms.  We are vibrations of consciousness. Does this notion seem strange? Christians are told that we are always held in the mind of God.  Why can’t the vibrations of consciousness be God’s own thoughts, God’s own self-expression as the material universe?] You move your body, your mind, and your spirit in somewhat eccentric patterns for you have not completely grasped the concept that you are part of the original thought. 

At this time we would be glad to attempt to speak to any subject or question which those entities in the room may have potential use in the requesting.

1.1Questioner [Doug: Don Elkins]: It seems members of the Confederation have a specific purpose. Is this true with you, and if so, what is your purpose?

Ra: I am Ra. We communicate now. We, too, have our place. We are not those of the Love [Doug: 4th dimension or density] or of the Light [Doug: 5th dimension or density] . We are those who are of the Law of One [Doug: 6th dimension or density. Note: Earth’s humanity is 3rd experiences the 3rd dimension or density. We will explore the meaning of all of this below] . In our vibration the polarities are harmonized, the complexities are simplified, and the paradoxes have their solution. We are one. That is our nature and our purpose.

We are old upon your planet and have served with varying degrees of success in transmitting the Law of One, of Unity, of Singleness to your peoples. We have walked your earth. We have seen the faces of your peoples. This is not so with many of the entities of the Confederation. We found it was not efficacious. However, we then felt the great responsibility of staying in the capacity of removing the distortions and powers that had been given to the Law of One. We will continue in this until your, shall we say, cycle is appropriately ended. If not this one, then the next. We are not a part of time and, thus, are able to be with you in any of your times.
Does this give you enough information from which to extract our purpose, my brother?

1.2  Questioner: Yes, it does. Thank you.

Ra: We appreciate your vibration [Doug: The Ra group perceives energy. They could see that Don’s energy was welcoming of their information and that he understood what was being received. Probably, the members of the Ra group were giving each other high fives that this mode of communication might actually work]. Is there another query?

1.3  Questioner: I’ve heard of the name “Ra” in connection with the Egyptians. Are you connected with that Ra in any way?

Ra: I am Ra. Yes, the connection is congruency. May we elucidate?

1.4  Questioner: Please do.

Ra: What do you not understand?

1.5  Questioner: Could you give me a little more detail about your role with the Egyptians?

Ra: I am Ra. The identity of the vibration Ra is our identity. We as a group, or what you would call a social memory complex [Doug: A social memory complex is a society that is totally unified in mind and heart. Famous psychiatrist, Carl Jung, spoke about the “collective unconscious” of humanity.  A social memory complex would be akin to a “collective conscious.”] made contact with a race of your planetary kind which you call Egyptians. Others from our density [Doug: 6th density level–>very advanced consciousness!] made contact at the same time in South America, and the so-called “lost cities” were their attempts to contribute to the Law of One.

We spoke to one who heard and understood and was in a position to decree the Law of One. However, the priests and peoples of that era quickly distorted our message, robbing it of the, shall we say, compassion with which unity is informed by its very nature. Since it contains all, it cannot abhor any.

When we were no longer able to have appropriate channels through which to enunciate the Law of One, we removed ourselves from the now hypocritical position which we had allowed ourselves to be placed in. And other myths, shall we say, other understandings having more to do with polarity and the things of your vibrational complex, again took over in that particular society complex. Does this form a sufficient amount of information, or could we speak further?

1.6  Questioner: [Inaudible]

Ra: Is there another query?

1.7  Questioner: [The question was lost because the questioner was sitting too far from the tape recorder to be recorded.]

Ra: I am Ra. Consider, if you will, that the universe is infinite. This has yet to be proven or disproven, but we can assure you that there is no end to your selves, your understanding, what you would call your journey of seeking, or your perceptions of the creation.
That which is infinite cannot be many, for many-ness is a finite concept. To have infinity you must identify or define that infinity as unity; otherwise, the term does not have any referent or meaning. In an Infinite Creator there is only unity.[Doug: In Mark’s Gospel 12:29-31, Jesus was asked which commandment was the most important.  His response is actually the whole of the Law of One material contained in three simple statements:

29The most important one,” answered Jesus, “is this: ‘Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one.  30 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’  31 The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”]

[Ra continues] You have seen simple examples of unity. You have seen the prism which shows all colors stemming from the sunlight. This is a simplistic example of unity. 

In truth there is no right or wrong. [Doug: this is true from the perspective of nonduality.] There is no polarity for all will be reconciled at some point in your dance through the mind-body-spirit-complex which you amuse yourself by distorting [Doug: distortion means nuance or hue or differentiation of One] in various ways at this time.

[Doug: “mind-body-spirit-complex” is Ra’s term for a person. Also, “all will be reconciled,” is perfectly symbolized in the outstretched arms of the crucified Christ. This imagery has inspired many artists over many hundreds of years who intuit that the Logos, through Jesus, showed humanity that all of reality is held together in his open-armed, open-hearted embrace. Jesus is often called the Great Reconciler because the Logos, through him, revealed that all of reality is “cruciform,” that is, all things belong, all paradoxes resolve, all things die–including our current level of conscious awareness–and rise in a transformed state which includes and transcends the “former.” This knowledge of the cycle of life is taught in most major religions but it was never before so clearly displayed on the world’s scene for all to see.]

cruciform universe, 2
Cruciform Universe: “All things in manifestation may be seen in one way or another to be offering themselves in order that transformations may take place upon the level appropriate to the action” (Law of One, Session 94.26).

This distortion is not in any case necessary. It is chosen by each of you as an alternative to understanding the complete unity of thought which binds all things. You are not speaking of similar or somewhat like entities or things. You are every thing, every being, every emotion, every event, every situation. You are unity. You are infinity. You are love/light, light/love. You are. This is the Law of One. [Doug: Is this statement shocking? If so, I invite you to consider how it could be otherwise? If Christ is all and in all, as Paul says, then there is no “one” else here.  How can there be ontological differences between creator and creation? There simply can’t be if all is one. What differs between Creator and creation is not essence but gnosis (lived experiential knowledge) of that oneness.]

May we enunciate this law in more detail?


1.8  Questioner: [Inaudible]

Ra: Is there another query at this time?

1.9  Questioner: Can you say anything about the coming planetary changes?

The changes are very, very trivial. We do not concern ourselves with the conditions which bring about harvest. [Doug: “Harvest” refers to the great shifting that is occurring now from one plane of consciousness to another.  Much more on this below.]


1.10  Questioner: Another question. Is it possible to create any acceleration of understanding [in] other entities [or are] all efforts… efforts by the individual on himself accelerating his understanding? In other words, if an individual tries to act as a catalyst in general to increase the awareness of planetary consciousness, is he doing nothing but acting upon himself or is it possible [inaudible]?

Ra: I am Ra. We shall answer your question in two parts, both of which are important equally.

Firstly, you must understand that the distinction between yourself and others is not visible to us. We do not consider that a separation exists between the consciousness-raising efforts of the distortion which you project as a personality and the distortion which you project as an other personality [Doug: the Ra group is very advanced and can fully see what many human mystics intuit. We are all cells in a larger being]. Thus, to learn is the same as to teach unless you are not teaching what you are learning; in which case you have done you/they little or no good. This understanding should be pondered by your mind/body/spirit complex as it is a distortion which plays a part in your experiences at this nexus.

To turn to the second part of our response may we state our understanding, limited though it is.

Group-individuated consciousness is that state of sharing understanding with the other distortions of mind-body-spirit complexes, which are within the evident reach of the mind-body-spirit complex individual or group. Thus, we are speaking to you and accepting both our distortions and your own in order to enunciate the laws of creation, more especially the Law of One. We are not available to many of your peoples, for this is not an easily understood way of communication or type of philosophy. However, our very being is hopefully a poignant example of both the necessity and the near-hopelessness of attempting to teach.

Each of those in this group is striving to use, digest, and diversify the information which we are sending this instrument into the channels of the mind-body-spirit complex without distortion. The few whom you will illuminate by sharing your light are far more than enough reason for the greatest possible effort. To serve one is to serve all. Therefore, we offer the question back to you to state that indeed it is the only activity worth doing: to learn-teach or teach-learn. There is nothing else which is of aid in demonstrating the original thought except your very being, and the distortions that come from the unexplained, inarticulate, or mystery-clad being are many. Thus, to attempt to discern and weave your way through as many group mind-body-spirit distortions as possible among your peoples in the course of your teaching is a very good effort to make. We can speak no more valiantly of your desire to serve.

May we speak in any other capacity upon this subject?


1.11 Questioner: Will you be available for communication? Can we call on you in the future?

Ra: I am Ra. We have good contact with this instrument because of her recent experiences with trance. She is to be able to communicate our thoughts in your future. However, we advise care in disturbing the channel for a few moments and then the proper procedure for aiding an instrument who has, to some extent, the need of re-entering the mind-body-spirit complex which the instrument has chosen for the life experience of this time-space. Do you understand how to nurture this instrument?


1.12 Questioner: No. Could you explain it?

Ra: We suggest first a brief period of silence. Then the repetition of the instrument’s vibratory complex of sound in your density which you call name. Repeat until an answer is obtained. Then the laying on of the hands at the neck region for a brief period so that the instrument may recharge batteries which are not, shall we say, full of the essence of this particular field at this time. And finally, a gift of water into which the love of all present has been given. This will restore this entity, for her distortions contain great sensitivity towards the vibrations of love and the charged water will effect comfort. Do you now understand?


1.13 Questioner: Not completely.

Ra: I am Ra. We search your mind to find the vibration “Alrac.” [Doug: “Alrac” is Carla, backwards.  It was Don’s nickname for Carla and was very endearing to both of them.] It is this vibration from you which contains the largest amount of what you would call love. Others would call this entity “Carla.” The charging of the water is done by those present placing their hands over the glass and visualizing the power of love entering the water. This will charge that very effective medium with those vibrations. [Doug: Note well that love counts. Blessings count.  We may not see light and love with our physical eyes, but blessing others really makes a difference.  Praying for others is very important.]

This instrument is, at this time, quite fatigued. However, her heart is such that she continues to remain open to us and useful as a channel. This is why we have spent the time explaining how the distortions of what you may call fatigue may be ameliorated.

Under no circumstances should this instrument be touched until she has responded to her name. I do not wish to take this instrument beyond her capacity for physical energy. It grows low. Therefore, I must leave this instrument. I leave you in the glory and peace of unity. Go forth in peace, rejoicing in the power of the One Creator. I am Ra.

[Doug: To my liturgy-loving ears, I relish the Ra group’s benediction at the end of each transmission.  With their opening greeting of, “I am Ra. We greet you in the love and the light of One Infinite Creator,” they anchor in the energetic connection along an encrypted line. Likewise, the benediction, or closing, is also the Ra’s way of closing the energetic vortex between their dimension (6th density) and ours (3rd density).]


More On the Ra Group

The source of the Law of One material, a united society that is two billion years more advanced than Earth’s humanity, is named “Ra.”  For our purposes, “Ra” is their name and is the humble messenger of the Law of One. But from their side of things, they explain that “Ra” is a vocal utterance whose vibration is that of their own nature, namely, the vibration of a particular spectrum of divine light. The ancient Egyptians saw the sun as a symbol of the light aspect of divinity and when this unified group , who understood themselves as light itself, viewed the congruence between their nature and the Egyptian’s understanding of divine light, they saw an opening to make themselves known. To say, “Ra,” is to pronounce a metaphysical frequency of divine light which is also the frequency of their sixth density of consciousness (session 23.6). As mentioned above, you’ll notice in the Law of One material that they always begin their responses with, “I am Ra.”  This is a very important metaphysical energetic anchoring procedure on the part of the Ra group.  When they pronounce their energetic signature, they are tethering their energy with the channeling team and then creating a tight funnel through which the communication takes place.  As they repeatedly say throughout the material, their communication takes place on a narrow band.  Perhaps a simple, albeit inadequate, analogy for us would be to see that the Ra group communicated to the L/L Research Group (the channeling team) through an encrypted line that would make it impossible for outside parties to hack it.

indigo blue energy
To say, “Ra,” is to pronounce a particular metaphysical frequency of divine light



When I was first introduced to the Law of One Material in September, 2013, I was intrigued and inspired by the dialog between the channeling team and “the messenger” of the Law of One, Ra.  I was not very familiar with channeled sources or channeling in general.  I knew that A Course In Miracles was channeled but I had not delved into that material (although later I did and found it helpful and interesting, especially its emphasis on forgiveness). I felt, and still feel, that channeling in general is suspicious work because it is hard to say who is on the “other line,” and I have come to believe now after years of studying different channeling, that most channelings are combinations of the channeler’s unconscious/conscious filters.  If they do have some entity on the other line, then it is usually just a little more developed than humans and no where near the level of conscious advancement of Ra.  Moreover, because many channelers are not very discerning, they can fairly easily pick up a negative source that is mimicking positivity and then disseminates an overall negative message.  Also, a channeler could initially pick up a positive being and then become unaware if a negative being hijacked the transmission and began aping the original source.  This is all too common, I’m afraid.  So why did I trust the L/L Research group’s transmission of the Ra Material: The Law of One?

  1.  They had had lots of experience in discernment of spirits before the Ra contact.  Don Elkins had worked for years on honing the channeling processes which he approached with a strong scientific mind.  By the time Carla L. Rueckert joined Don, there was a well established mode of channeling that honored the metaphysical safeguards necessary to connect with positive beings.
  2. Carla, herself, had the highest intentions to serve others in the purest manner she could.  She was a devout mystical Christian with a strong love for Jesus Christ.  She attended her beloved Episcopalian church until her death. She knew from personal experience what a high vibrational contact felt like since she had experienced a deeply profound relationship with Jesus from the age of two.
  3. The channeling team, Don, Carla, and Jim McCarty, were very intentional in preparing themselves before each session by meditating together, harmonizing their mind, body, and spirits with each other, and Carla prayed one of my personal favorite prayers, the Prayer of St. Francis: “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace; where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is discord, union; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; and where there is sadness, joy. O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled, as to console; to be understood, as to understand; to be loved, as to love; for it is in giving that we receive, it is in pardoning that we are pardoned, and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.” Amen.
  4. Unlike almost all channeling, Carla offered herself so completely to the process that she slipped into an unconscious state. Right before going under, she would feel the approach of an external presence who wished to make contact with her.  She would then challenge the entity three times by asking if they come in the name of Jesus the Christ. If the entity could respond, “Yes,” to each challenge, then she would open herself up to becoming what Ra called, “the instrument” and thus, was used by the angelically positive group to communicate directly to the questioner, Don. In fact, the Ra group always invited the challenge and affirmed its place in their channeling. 
  5. The material, itself, is the most comprehensive channeling I’ve encountered that encompasses many various areas of the paranormal that had interested me since I was a very young  boy.
  6. Throughout the 106 sessions, Ra was meticulous in their care for not abridging the free will of L/L Research team nor future readers of this material.  They often did not answer questions fully because to do so would be violate free will.  Only very positive beings would be so careful…and loving.
  7. Ra was not interested in conveying lots of details especially with regards to black operations and the machinations of negative beings who have been very clever in their work behind the scenes on earth.  They knew that if Don’s curiosity led him to ask for more details in these areas, the contact could be lost or overtaken by an aping negative because, as they say, “It is quite precisely correct that the level and purity of this contact is dependent upon the level and purity of information sought” [2]. They were most interested in illuminating that all is a part of the One Infinite Creator and there is an evolution of souls through different bandwidths of consciousness that takes billions of years to get through.

The Ra Group’s Understanding of Jesus

However, I hit a hard wall of confusion at the seventeenth session when the discussion turned to Jesus of Nazareth.  As a Christian, my personal relationship with Jesus had always been strong.  My understanding of Jesus comes from my faith tradition. He was the Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God, the Second Person of the Trinity who incarnated on Earth to reveal to humanity the Love of God.  Jesus and the “Father” shared the same unique divine substance which was different than that of creation.  My view, along with most Christians, was this: Jesus is God and thus we worship Him, give Him praise and thanksgiving (especially for dying on the Cross for our Salvation), and endeavor to invite Him into our hearts. By doing all of these things, we will go to Heaven.

And then I read this:


17.10 Questioner: Thank you. Can you tell me who, before incarnation into this density, was the one known as Jesus of Nazareth?

Ra: I am Ra. I have difficulty with this question as it is phrased. Can you discover another form for this query?

17.11 Questioner: Yes. What I meant to say was can you tell me if Jesus of Nazareth came from the Confederation before incarnation here?

jesus teaching

Ra: I am Ra. The one known to you as Jesus of Nazareth did not have a name. This entity was a member of fourth density of the highest level of that sub-octave. This entity was desirous of entering this planetary sphere in order to share the love vibration in as pure a manner as possible. Thus, this entity received permission to perform this mission. This entity was then a Wanderer of no name, of Confederation origins, of fourth density, representing the fourth-density understanding of the vibration of understanding or love.


What!!!???!!  Ra is saying that they knew about Jesus in a much different way that the orthodox Christian position.  From Ra’s perspective, Jesus was NOT the Unique Incarnation of God but rather a member of what is known as the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator.  Ra says that Jesus was a Wanderer–an ET

                             Wanderer Born with a Mission

soul–who came to earth to do a mission. Q’uo, another source of cosmic information channeled by the same group that channeled Ra, stated something quite profound about Jesus. Q’uo said,


The concept of the Christ was this—that intelligent infinity [“Father”] as experienced by the Logos [“Son”] and with the bias of the Logos would enter a third-density experience, not erasing the one known as Jesus’ personality or being, but coming into the closest possible harmony with that being.”There needed to be one who wished to sacrifice an incarnation to the ever- increasing pleasure and agony of the Creator, experiencing…the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, for it is the nature of the [Logos] and the nature of third density that the two, perceiving each other, should react—the third density with a lack of understanding, and the [Logos] with wonder, joy and sacrifice. Such is the sorrow of your illusion and the joy of sensation and communion.”

In the end, Jesus the man became so able to bear both joy and agony that this entity stopped experiencing the Creator and for long periods of time became the Creator experiencing third density. Such is the perfect channeling of love. The achievement of the perfect channeling was

The Ultimate Bonding of Jesus and the Logos. In Jesus, the Logos came face to face with 3rd density humanity.

the mystery of union between Creator and illusion.

After this bonding, the burden of channeling rather rapidly began to tire the master teacher, Jesus. At the time of the crucifixion… there were almost no tears left, there were no bones unbroken, there was no companionship that had not been betrayed in one form or another. Nevertheless, Jesus the Christ lived well and did not stop the channeling until the breath left the physical vehicle. We witness to this Christ with thanksgiving and joy, not suggesting that any worship or not worship, but celebrating the Creator poured into a channel who could share in full the nature of the Logos, the nature of love, the Creator’s powerful, terrible love.”


It is my suspicion that Jesus accepted an invitation of the Logos to usher in a spiritual pathway on Earth to heart activation and invited us to a much more rooted intimacy with the Logos. This pathway was not new, per se,  since all major spiritualities include some teaching on heart activation. Rather, through the Jesus Event, the Logos fully revealed ancient wisdom in an embodied form so that we could see it more clearly. 

The Logos, or Cosmic Christ, is not a god “out there” but rather it is the divine life which is hidden, disguised as our life, ourselves, other people, and all of creation [Law of One, 10.14, and Colossians 3:3, “…your life is now hidden with Christ in God.”]. Furthermore, the Logos, through Jesus, exemplified a lifestyle of service grounded in heart-enkindling love where the object to be served in the other IS the Logos, the indwelling hidden Christ. Christianity at its purest invites us to an orthopraxis–a true practice–manifesting Love’s kingdomor “kindom,” as some Christian authors have put it; as in, we are all kin, all brothers and sisters belonging to each other.

To drive home this last point a bit, I work as a mental health counselor and I tell many of my clients who seek me out that I’ve only had one client in my twenty years as a counselor.  They often look at me puzzled.  I then say that that one client is Christ who comes disguised, or clothed, as the client; that it is Christ in me, as me, who connects with the Christ in them, as them.  My only real job is to help them awaken to their own True Self, the Christ inside them, as it were, and to live in a manner that is congruent with that truth.  I work with them to establish their goals, based upon their free will, and then we plan how to accomplish those goals.  Real energy transfers happen during counseling sessions and for the therapeutic hour, I often feel like the Logos overshadows me and uses me as a conduit to call forth the client from whatever level of slumber they experience to whatever level of awakening into their Christhood that is appropriate for them.  I am often moved to tears as I participate in the sheer beauty of the unity-in-love contained in the moment in the encounter between two faces of the same eternal Christ.

Jesus was the anointed one (which is what “Christ” means) to show humanity the pathway to their own individual and collective union with God. It took a special kind of being to be the Christ, the anointed one, for Earth.  On one hand, orthodox Christianity asserts that God incarnated on Earth as Jesus and thus, his incarnation is unique–a singularity event that brought the Logos face to face with Earth’s humanity.  On the other hand, according to Ra, Jesus was a Wanderer–a starseed–who had a special mission. 

Most Christians right off the bat would dismiss Ra’s notion that Jesus wasn’t the Son, the Second Person in the Trinity, who saved humanity.  Likewise, most who study the Law of One material and who are open to the inner-wisdom traditions and studies, would say that Jesus was more akin to a wise sage who learned to channel the Logos perfectly. They say that Jesus wasn’t special in an ontological sense but rather was a human like everyone else.

I firmly believe that both positions have truth in them, actually.  As Q’uo mentioned above, there were things happening between the being who would become known as Jesus (“Jesus” means, “Yahweh Saves”) and the Logos. This loving being  volunteered to become “Jesus” for Earth’s humanity and play out this anointed role.  Jesus’ incarnation was unique because the role he played was unique.  Through him, the Logos did come face to face.  

We will take a look at this “Jesus Event” closely later.  For now, let us explore Wanderers since the Ra group said that Jesus was a Wanderer. Maybe many of you reading this right now are Wanderers, too? 

Who Are Wanderers?

For sake of clarity, let’s have Ra quickly define “Wanderer:” [italics mine]


12.26 Questioner: Thank you. Well, you spoke of Wanderers. Who are Wanderers? Where do they come from?


Ra: I am Ra. Imagine, if you will, the sands of your shores. As countless as the grains of sand are the sources of intelligent infinity. When a social memory complex [a society that has become totally one in consciousness] has achieved its complete understanding of its desire, it may conclude that its desire is service to others with the distortion [nuance of infinity] towards reaching their hand, figuratively, to any entities who call for aid. These entities whom you may call the Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow move towards this calling of sorrow. These entities are from all reaches of the infinite creation and are bound together by the desire to serve in this distortion.

12.28 Questioner: Are most of these from the fourth density? What density do they come from?

Ra: I am Ra. Few there are of fourth density. The largest number of Wanderers, as you call them, are of the sixth density. The desire to serve must be distorted towards a great deal of purity of mind and what you may call foolhardiness or bravery, depending upon your distortion complex judgment. The challenge/danger of the Wanderer is that it will forget its mission, become karmically involved, and thus be swept into the maelstrom from which it had incarnated to aid the destruction.


To understand Wanderers, we must first start with unity.


The human being has seven energy centers or chakras.  They are all equallyGOLDEN-ENERGY-Wallpaper__yvt2 important and represent different levels of the person’s conscious awareness. Following one of the cosmic laws, “as above, so below and as below, so above,” what we find present for the micro, is also true for the macro.  In other words, God has chakras. They are called densities in the Law of One material and signify how dense in consciousness is a particular bandwidth of conscious awareness.  We live inside of God’s chakras, as it were.  The Earth has the first, second, and third
The Earth is a third-density planet; God’s third chakra.
densities activated. Currently, humanity has been in the third density for many thousands of years and we are now in the process of shifting into the fourth density, the fourth chakra of the Logos. This process is being fetched with some difficulty and will take time. In fact, many Wanderers are here as midwifes to help the birthing into fourth density take place.  Their primary mission has been to come and enlighten the planetary consciousness vibration. They do this primarily by acting as embodied nodule points that ground higher instreaming consciousness vibrations into the planetary energetic web. More on this will be discussed below.
4th (green) and 6th (indigo) Logoic chakras are enlarged here because Wanderers generally come from these planes of conscious awareness.



What is a Social-Memory-Complex?




“If one part of the Body suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it.” –1 Corinthians, 12:26

Again, let us look at that wonderful question and response between Don Elkins and the Ra group in session 12.26.


Don asks, “Who are Wanderers? Where do they come from?” 

Ra: I am Ra. Imagine, if you will, the sands of your shores. As countless as the grains of sand are the sources of intelligent infinity. When a social memory complex has achieved its complete understanding of its desire, it may conclude that its desire is service to others with the distortion towards reaching their hand, figuratively, to any entities who call for aid. These entities whom you may call the Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow move towards this calling of sorrow. These entities are from all reaches of the infinite creation and are bound together by the desire to serve in this distortion.


What kind of being decides to become a Wanderer and incarnate back into 3rd Density in order to serve? Ra gives a hint. The desire to serve must be distorted towards a great deal of purity of mind and what you may call foolhardiness or bravery, depending upon your distortion complex judgment. The challenge-danger of the Wanderer is that it will forget its mission, become karmically involved, and thus be swept into the maelstrom from which it had incarnated to aid the destruction” (Session 12.28).

Important takeaway: Wanderers Are the Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow United In an Overwhelming Desire to Serve


In 1981, Ra gave these approximations of the number of Wanderers who have penetrated the forgetting (Session 36.24).

They say that the Law of One transmission would appeal to the first two groups (1 and 2), which was only about .3% of the population of the world in 1981. As you can see, the Ra group’s interest in mass awakening through the Law of One transmission was not a high priority for them. The reason is because they knew that to reach one person is to reach all, since all are one. They also were aware that once this transmission entered into the mass consciousness through very few people, it would germinate and flourish; not in a way that people would be “converted” to following the Law of One as a religion or new philosophy, but because it could overlay existing spiritual belief systems and provide clarity. Moreover, the whole goal of the Ra group was to help clear away unhelpful distortions to living the Law of One, that is, to live in a way that honors the fact that all beings, all things, are a part of the One Infinite Creator. If we really lived that truth, we wouldn’t hurt anyone else or the planet because we would truly know that we would be hurting ourselves, since everything is the Infinite Creator experiencing Itself in infinitely various ways through the illusion of separation or the state of finitude.


The Ra group was asked specifically if Wanderers have physical ailments that are common. Ra responded:

“I am Ra. Due to the extreme variance between the vibratory distortions of third density and those of the more dense densities, if you will, Wanderers have as a general rule some form of handicap, difficulty, or feeling of alienation which is severe. The most common of these difficulties are alienation, the reaction against the planetary vibration by personality disorders, as you would call them, and body complex ailments indicating difficulty in adjustment to the planetary vibrations such as allergies, as you would call them.”


Why Is It So Emotionally and Spiritually Hard for Wanderers Here?

Most of the people that I know who identify as Wanderers say that they never felt like they fit in emotionally and spiritually on Earth, even as little kids–that somehow it’s not home. It could be that some people who believe they are Wanderers are, in fact, not Wanderers, but suffering from deep mental illness. It is also true that many who are suffering from deep mental illness could be Wanderers. It is hard to say and it is for the individual person to delve deeply into their own inner lives to find the truth. And the truth should be simultaneously freeing as well as inviting to live a life of joy amidst the sorrow. This will keep a Wanderer who has awakened to his or her mission humble so that they can continue their greatest task of deeply incarnating here to do good work. If a Wanderer just desires to go home, then there may be imbalances and one will not feel the joy that comes with union with Infinite Creator on this side of the veil of forgetting. Home is here because here is where the Infinite Creator dwells. As the Ra group says in Session 10.14: 1) Look in the mirror: see the Infinite Creator; 2) Look at your neighbor: see the Infinite Creator; 3) Look at creation about you: see the Infinite Creator; and 4) surrender to the moment with an open heart for love of the Infinite Creator is ever present.

The Ra group lays out why the Wanderer looses his or her memory and the emotional consequences of that which causes the journey on Earth to be so hard in Session 65.19 (paraphrasing):

  • The genetic properties and even the cellular structure of the body is different between a third density human and those from the more advanced densities (4th, 5th, or 6th). When a Wanderer incarnates in 3rd Density, they totally become a 3rd Density human at every level with the exception of their innate stronger connection to the spiritual. The Wanderer volunteers for this total amnesiac experience out of a strong desire to serve their other-selves in 3rd Density.
  • The free will of their other-selves in 3rd Density needs to be preserved. A Wanderer can indeed penetrate the forgetting and start his or her mission, but they (almost always) won’t activate the higher- density bodies because to do so would be live in a “god-like manner,” which would not be in congruence with wanting to live a humble life of service (ref. session 65.19).
  • In the home density, the group has already formed a social-memory-complex where everyone has joined their hearts and minds in total love. To come from such unity into 3rd Density where everything feels so separate is quite painful. Thankfully, we have 3rd Density globally-recognized teachers such as Richard Rohr, OFM, who are publicly proclaiming that any separation between us and God and between us and each other is an illusion, and a great task in the spiritual life is to awaken from this illusion!
  • The Wanderer feels a fairly constant unconscious frustration that they are unable to do the things that are natural and common in their home density. These things may include healing physical and emotional disorders in others (and self) through doing energy work, telekinesis, telepathy, intentional astral projection, and seeing reality in wholes–especially the sacred geometric patterns that are used to manifest 3rd Density objects and events. There is a distant remembering that they should be able to do these things but it feels like grandiose fantasy and even delusional within the confines of 3rd Density energetic parameters (Session 66.6). But rest assured, a Wanderer who awakens the heart and gets busy doing good work, especially in daily, ordinary life, can access all the tools needed to preform the exact mission he or she volunteered to do. This ministry, this accessing of the tools, this good work becomes quite clear through the mechanism of faith. Seeing in the darkness through the light of faith is called by the Saints, “Luminous Darkness.” It is the best kind of seeing, actually, and very fruitful. This is heart-seeing which then activates the upper chakras. When this happens, the Wanderer is awake…joyful…and busy being lightworkers. You may find that real psychic abilities become activated and they will be used for service to others that remains grounded and incarnated.


Are You A Wanderer?

Are you a Wanderer? Do you wonder about it? Scott Mandelker, PhD, one of the world’s foremost scholars of the Law of One material created a “test” that can help in the discernment.  It is available here:

At this point, I want to include important words from the L/L Research group who were the original group (Carla Rueckert, Jim McCarty, and Don Elkins) that brought the Law of One material in through their meticulous channeling techniques. Maybe this will be as inspirational for some readers as it was for me. Please visit their website:

If You Think That You Are a Wanderer (From the “Wanderers” tab on the L/L Research Website

“What is a wanderer? Some wanderers are ETs who have come from elsewhere to planet Earth for this incarnation or at this time. Many other wanderers are earth natives who have matured spiritually to the point of awakening to their metaphysical identity, thereby making the worldly identity less real, and creating the sense of being a stranger in a strange land. Both types of wanderers are in the same situation here on Earth now, in that they often don’t fit in well here, for their inner universe has shifted, and the “real” world for them has shifted from the earthly world to the aesthetic and ethical innerness of the metaphysical world.”

“Wanderers are each unique and come in all shapes and sizes, but their likeliest common characteristics are a sense of alienation and isolation as they make choices of how to live and be, and cope with a strong and increasing inner knowing that they are here to serve. The lesson and mission that all wanderers have in common is to give and receive love. Their common service is to be themselves, in as true and deep a way possible in each moment, as they are working on this life lesson. The main mission is a ministry of being, of living in the open heart that is the deepest self of all beings within incarnation here. They are light anchorers, bringing light through into the earth planes as they breathe in and breath out with an open and loving heart.”

“If you feel you are a wanderer, an alien, an outsider to planet Earth, or if you feel Earth is no longer your native land simply because you have awakened from the planetary dream, L/L Research has three things to tell you :

  1. You are loved.
  2. You are not alone.
  3. You have service to perform for planet Earth.

Thanks for listening! Hang in there, and don’t let the wanderer’s blues get you down for long! The service of a lightworker is sometimes a difficult service to offer, as it requires our being incarnate on planet Earth, but it is well worth the sacrifice. Cast your deep mind back, and recapture that feeling you had before incarnation when all was so much clearer. All of us wanderers were eager to come and serve. This is our moment to do so, this brief time of living and being part of Earth. May we serve together with beauty, style, grace and joy.”


The Four Main Missions of Wanderers:





Getting Back to Jesus

Now that we have touched upon the subject of Wanderers, let us return to Jesus.  In session 1719, Ra said that Jesus was a Wanderer who remembered more than most at an early age (italics mine):


17.19 Questioner: How did Jesus learn [how to heal] during his incarnation?

Ra: I am Ra. This entity learned the ability by a natural kind of remembering at a very young age. Unfortunately, this entity first discovered his ability to penetrate intelligent infinity by becoming the distortion you call “angry” at a playmate. This entity was touched by the entity known as Jesus to you and was fatally wounded.

Thus the one known as Jesus became aware that there dwelt in him a terrible potential. This entity determined to discover how to use this energy for the good, not for the negative. This entity was extremely positively polarized and remembered more than most Wanderers do.



I wrote my friend, AC, who had introduced me to the Law of One Material in September, 2013, and who is also an experienced Christian spiritual director, about my deep confusion regarding Jesus.  He wisely met me where I was at, and wrote back that I shouldn’t worry because, “Ra can’t see everything.”  That simple statement helped me get past these troubling passages so that I went on to learn more about the Law of One Material, much to my spiritual benefit.  An inner drive began to form inside me. How can I make sense of the Law of One Material in conjunction with my Christian faith?  Is the Law of One Material wrong? Misleading at best and at worst, evil? New Age?  Or is Christianity somehow not entirely clear, in need of nuances to bring it to the next stage of cosmic understanding?  Ahh… the dilemma.

Instead of assuming a black and white, either/or stance that one had to be right and the other wrong, I tried to hold both sources together in tension. I learned that I had been thrusted out of the “old room” of my conventional belief system but I had not yet found a home in a “new room.”  I realized that I was free to not know.  What I found that over the months and years, that tension would slowly dissolve, bit by bit, as pieces fell together into place.  A story was emerging inside me that allowed for a putting together both sources in a way that made sense to me. I learned how to live in the liminal space of knowing and not knowing.

old room, new room


Even now, as I write this, I admit that the pieces don’t fit together perfectly.  I submit that I don’t know what I don’t know and I do know that I don’t know very much.  However, my own spiritual evolution over the past few years has helped me to rest in union with God. This stage of soul gives me the utter confidence to realize that it doesn’t matter that I figure it all out. Ra says, in fact, that “understanding is not of third density” (16.39).   I am experiencing in my own way a kind of oneness with God that is more than enough to provide me with a solid ontological foundation.  In short, I know who I am in the Infinite Creator.  And once you get the “Who” right, the “how” or “what” of metaphysics becomes a matter of discovery and discernment.

I have a hunch based on hidden developments not discussed in this essay that in the not too distant future, Christians will be highly challenged by certain disclosures that will cut to the core of their reality bubbles. I hope to at least paint a large enough picture that will assist disillusioned Christians find that not only many of their faith’s intuitions are absolutely correct but can hold even more cosmic truths. I also hope to intrigue Christians who no longer accept the master narrative that Christianity requires a wrathful God who demanded a blood sacrifice, a crucified Jesus, in order to love humanity again and open the gates of heaven.  People are leaving the church in droves because of this narrative, and for good reason.  Why? Because this narrative is not true. Jesus did not come to change the mind of God about humanity. It didn’t need changing because the Infinite Creator has always been in love with us.  Instead, Jesus came to change humanity’s mind about God; that the Infinite Creator is love and radically intimate with creation.

The Infinite Creator is a Trinity

If something is cosmically true, it should be true everywhere and always; at every level, and from the largest to the smallest.  This is the kind of truth that I believe the Trinity is and as you might see, so does Ra. The Ra group struggled with our language especially because human, third-density, verbal expression cannot adequately convey nuances and illumination of higher density knowledge. It can approximate only and sometimes not even that very well. 

The simplest way to say that the Infinite Creator is triune is that in order for there to be the One and Many, which is another way of saying that all of creation is held within the One God, a minimum of three dynamics must be in place: 

  1. There needs to be Intelligence–> Which Ra calls “Intelligent Infinity.”
  2. There needs to be Energy to create–> Which Ra calls “Intelligent Energy.”
  3. There needs to be a spirit-aspect that will, when manifestation occurs, indwell, interpenetrate, in created things as Love’s presence. This love is like God-glue that binds all things! –>This spiritual aspect is also called Intelligent Energy. 
Infinity with no awareness.

Ra indicates that the first known thing is Infinity (13.5), or God with the lights of awareness off.  That is not a thing. There is no thing; nothing (15.9).  It is both a void and plenum, a fullness, simultaneously.  There is no creator yet.  There is nothing to be manifested because there is no “aware” intelligence that would generate manifestation.  Then, and Ra does not share how or anything else about this, but somehow, Infinity becomes aware (13.6).  How this awareness came about, who knows? To speak of process or steps is to use words that indicate time-progression and this is already wrong since there is only the eternal now. 

Yet Infinity, with the light of awareness turned on, is now omniscient with infinite intelligence. 


With the lights on, we have the onset of being, itself, and being is triune in nature.  Ra states in a convoluted manner in several places different things about Infinite Intelligence and Intelligent Energy.  We have to put them all together and see if we fit the puzzle in a way that makes sense.  

Furthermore, the Ra group uses the phrase “primal distortions” to distinguish the first three primal phenomenon that undergird all of creation, and indeed, the Infinite Creator, Itself.  Ra states that these primal distortions are: Free Will, Love, and Light.  From these three, all the rest of creation are differentiations (“distortions”) and combinations of these three primal elements.  Through these primal distortions, God experiences Godself, eternally.  

To my way of thinking, the first two primal distortions, free will and love, were not created but emerged as nuances that set the stage for light. In other words, free will and love are not manifestations yet since they are not created but begotten.  In fact, Ra agrees when they say that light is a result of the action of free will upon love. With Infinite Intelligence (God with the lights on), we simultaneously have two things that result from the original “Big Bang of Awareness”: 1) Free Will, and 2) Love.  This is all taking place within the inner life of God, or what Christian Trinitarian theology calls the Immanent Divine Life.  What that means is that before creation, or anything that is manifested, there is a divine template that takes shape which will be the source, or Great Archetype, for creation to come and this template will be imprinted in all manifested things.  What is that template?  The Divine Nature. 

Trinity, v2

 But what is Divine Nature?  Three things at once, all of which resulted at the same time with awareness.  Those three things are:

  1. Infinite Intelligence which forever transcends.
  2. Intelligent Energy as Logoic
  3. Intelligent Energy as Spiritual.  

I know that this could be confusing.  But Ra describes Intelligent Energy in various ways that when parsed out, we have Intelligent Energy, or Love, as Logoic, or an individuated portion of the Infinite Creator, and Intelligent Energy as Spiritual, which mutually indwells in all things, enlivens all things, and is the facilitator behind the original desire: that all things seek and become one (session 20.27).  

For now, that spirit-aspect of Intelligent Energy remains in potentiation because we still haven’t manifested anything yet. With this triune template, the Infinite Creator is poised and ready to self-manifest and thus experience Itself through the infinite variations.

Then God as Infinite Intelligence self-expresses by applying God’s Free Will upon Love and thus we have Light (“Light” is the 3rd primal distortion, but first manifestation) [54.27].  Into Light, the Infinite Creator pours Itself as a created thing which is endowed–imprinted–with the Divine Nature, as mentioned above: Intelligent, Logic (“In the beginning, was the Word…” [John1:1]) and Spiritual (the Holy Spirit).  The Spiritual nature is reflected in the indwelling presence of Love.  With the first created thing,  Intelligent Energy has both the Logoic and Spiritual dynamic present, simultaneously. The Logic expression is its being-hood as an individuated portion of the Infinite Creator. The Holy Spiritual expression mutually indwells, interpenetrates, both that which was created and the Who that created it.  This is known as the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit in Christianity. 

Creator and Creation interpenetrate through Love

 This is where the term, the “One Infinite Creator,” begins in earnest because there is “That” which is created and a “Who” that created it.  But from the Absolute perspective, nothing has really been created, per say, but rather Oneness plays around to wrinkle out nuances of Itself and what results is a kind of “not one but not two either” feel to it.  Later on down the chain and into the sub-sub Logoic expressions of the One Infinite Creator, you get two very different perspectives of this whole Creator/Creation thing. 

What do I mean? From the relative perspective, you have what feels like two distinct natures: 1) there is the Divine nature that belongs only to God and 2) the creature nature which is from God but not God.  This is where most people are at in their spiritual development, including most most religious leaders. You’ll have people on the fringes of each religion operating from a more nondual perspective, but by and large, the greatest numbers of adherents live their lives within the ethos of separate ontological identity between them and God, and between them and each other. In other words, they believe that they are separate from each other and certainly different and separate from God. This is quite true with Christianity. 

Again, from the absolute perspective, creation is just more nuances of total Oneness playing out delightful expressions within unity and union.  This is the Manyness or Multiplicity of God, which is “distortion” [or “differentiation” of One] expressed in infinite ways.  With every new creation, the self-same triune pattern is used as a divine template. Each created


thing is a fractal or holon of the One Infinite Creator and operates from its own dynamic triune nature. That is to say that all manifested things, from the photon to the Galactic Logos, has the same divine nature as the Infinite Creator, and thus is endowed with Intelligent Infinity, Logic Intelligent Energy, and Holy Spiritual Intelligent Energy. 

BUT there still remains a transcendence that is beyond all of this creating.  That is, the Void.  There is never a time when the Void disappears because all of which exists is still God “waking up.”  The Eternal Now is forever unfolding right at the cusp of “Lights Off” and “Lights On.”   

Clarity and Summation

 To state all of this in a different way, let’s say this: God as Infinity, Itself, wanted to experience Godself.  God then conceived of a way to do that.  That conception, a totally novel idea against the backdrop of Infinity, is finitude (or as Ra states, “finity”). God then poured Godself into this Idea (of finity) and thus creation was begotten (the Third Distortion: Light). From here we get the idea that the One creates the Many and the Many are contained in the One.  The two really are one but now the Infinite Creator experiences Godself in infinitely varied ways in and through creation.  The Word (Logos) is the love-infused divine decision of God to experience Godself and through this Word, all things were made (ref John 1:1). 

Immanent and Economic Trinity

Trinity, v3

You see, all of this creating and self-exploring is the fruit of Love.  It is the mutual Love begotten from the uniting of the eternal “Father” and the eternal “Son” that provides the kinetic action which bursts forth the womb of the Trinity as Light [Ra’s “Third Primal Distortion” (15.21)]. 

Here is another take on the triune nature of the One Infinite Creator:

The Christian notion of the Trinity is simply the “formula” or “pattern” that must exist in order for there to be creation.  Don’t get caught up in the words, especially “Father” or “Son” but rather, notice the ungirding dynamic at play. The interplay of Three is how God experiences Godself through manifestation. The early Christian church called this interplay, the Divine Circle Dance (“Perichoresis”). Not a bad spiritual intuition for people living almost 1700 years ago. Not bad at all!







What does this mean? It means that all created things from the leaf and the rock to the dog and the person in the mirror (you!), are:

1) God experiencing Godself through the created thing!

2) Have an inherent relationship with the Divine. That’s the Holy Spirit.  You cannot NOT have a relationship. 

3) Have indwelling in your center, the same Holy Spirit that indwells in the Creator. 

To live a fully human life, to live an “ascended” life, to be “born again,” to live an “anointed life,” to live an “Eucharistic life, to live in union with Creator in an intentional way, all of these things describe what it means to truly see, feel, experience, and intuit the Infinite Creator in every person and in everything; and then serving the Infinite Creator by serving them and caring for them.  


Finally, here is another take on the Trinity using Law of One terms:













It is Love that makes the stars burn brightly. It is Love that thrusts things out and Love that draws them in. It is Love that individuates and Love that coalesces. It is Love that disguises Itself as you and me and Love that makes us one.  Finally, it is Love that allows creation to gaze back at the Creator and with one voice, speak back the same Word that begot everything from the beginning.  The whole process of becoming is Love!  It is important to get some idea of the progression of the Logos (what Christians call the “Cosmic Christ) because I’m setting up a narrative for the big event that took place on Earth: The Jesus Event.

The Jesus Event

A Heretical Position?

In humility, I admit  my own confusion about the person of Jesus. I know that what I offer here is not conventional Christianity. I do not hold that Jesus was born as the unique Son of God. However, I absolutely hold that he became the Logos (“Son of God”) in a unique way and his incarnation did indeed usher something new into the humanity’s collective consciousness. This is an assertion of faith and not one that I can defend from the Law of One, alone.  Why doesn’t the Ra group speak explicitly about this?  Well, as arrogant as this sounds, I wonder if they couldn’t grasp everything the Logos was up to through the Jesus Event?

My friend AC’s words, “Ra can’t see everything,” still has meaning for me but I have placed their “not seeing” at a different location than before.   In the following quote from 1 Peter, we see that there is a Biblical reference for high spiritual beings like Ra not being able to grasp the full picture.


1 The prophets who prophesied of the grace that was to be yours searched and inquired about this salvation;

11 they inquired what person or time was indicated by the Spirit of Christ within them when predicting the sufferings of Christ and the subsequent glory.

12 It was revealed to them that they were serving not themselves but you, in the things which have now been announced to you by those who preached the good news to you through the Holy Spirit sent from heaven, things into which angels long to look.


The Ra group’s home density and frequency of consciousness awareness is quite angelic in its purity and scope.  As mentioned above, they were humble messengers of the truth of the unity of all things. Yet, Ra wasn’t able to see what the Cosmic Christ (Logos) was up to through the incarnation of the entity that later became known as Jesus. A much grander revelation was afoot that even an angelic presence like Ra couldn’t understand or grasp.  We will see below, all of creation, including all of the visible and invisible worlds, is God Incarnate, the One Infinite Creator experiencing Itself eternally through the novel concept of finitude.  Jesus, you, and I all make up the “Many-ness” of the Infinite Creator; and the perceived difference between the Creator and the creature lies between the level of conscious awareness of this inherent union, NOT in an insistence of an essential (at the level of essence) difference that holds the Creator and Creator are ontologically divided. Orthodox Christianity does insist on this difference and I think it is wrong.

The Name of Jesus

Philippians 2:10 states that Jesus is the “name above all names, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth…”. This has given many mainline Christians the feeling of security in knowing that their religion is the “correct” one.  After disclosure, depending on how robust and accurate the information released upon the world is, we may learn that Jesus, himself, was not entirely what the church has pronounced. What if we learn that the master teacher, Jesus, was an ET soul who had a mission on Earth and that he wasn’t the Second Person of the Trinity, God’s Unique Son?  What will mainline Christians do with verses such as Philippians 2:10?  How will they hold cosmic disclosure of Jesus’ origins together with the truth that many miracles, including exorcisms (releasing of entity attachments), have been preformed by using this name?  In short, if Jesus wasn’t God, then why does using his name work so well for things like exorcisms and removal of negative thoughtform attachments?  Is there something more to the name, “Jehoshua” than just something we call a holy man who lived 2000 years ago? In the following, I offer a way to accept both the fact that Jesus’ name works AND that he did not have to be God Incarnate in the way that has been commonly accepted.

In the fourth century, Augustine of Hippo, wrote, “The identical thing that we now call the Christian religion existed among the ancients and has not been lacking from the beginnings of the human race until the coming of Christ in the flesh, from which moment on the true religion, which already existed, began to be called ‘Christian.’”

At its best, Christianity is trying to name reality that has always existed but hidden in plain sight for most of humanity, at least in the West. Unfortunately, much of the Christian religion took on an imperialistic character and became exclusionary.  This was never supposed to be the case but I take great comfort in the obvious work of the Spirit in our times in helping us to re-examine the Christian message with new eyes and this is happening across the board. My own small attempts to do this include viewing the deeper Christian intuitions along side of recent received information such as the Law of One, Q’uo, Edgar Casey, and the work of Daskalos (

Let us examine the efficacious spiritual power that lies in the name of “Jesus,” not as a exclusionary or elitist statement but rather as a revealed divine “password” that opens up a direct pathway to the Logos.    Just as names carry an energetic power, “Jehoshua,” did not only belong to the human that came to be known as “Jesus,” but it was a gift from the Logos, Itself, to humanity when we were ready to receive it.

Why the Holy Name Is So Effective
Another way to look at the statement, “Jesus Christ” is to see that “Christ” is a code word for “universal love” and “Jesus” is a code word for “particular embodiment of the universal love.” In other words, putting together the words, “Jesus” and “Christ,” we are saying two different statements: 1) Jesus is the particular icon or face of… 2) the Logos, or Intelligent Energy as Universal Love.  In a sense, “Jesus,” is a password or “gateway” to the “Universal Christ,” or Logos.
Recall that in the New Testament, John has Jesus saying, “I am the way, the truth, the life. No one comes to the Father [Christ/Logos/Universal Love] except through me” (John 14.6). “Jesus” is any singularity through which we enter into universal love. That particular development to have such a divine embodiment of a “Jesus Christ” dynamic required a person willing to volunteer to incarnate as this dynamic.
Therefore, if “Jesus Christ” is naming the reality that we have Universal Love interfacing through the Particular, then no wonder this name is so powerful.  To say, “Jesus Christ,” is to invoke the wholeness of the Logos and then to shine this divine light onto other particular aspects of creation, like a flashlight shines upon an object at night. Imagine, then, what happens when a spirit such as a demon who chooses to follow the path of separation (aka the negative path) is suddenly flooded with the luminosity of wholeness?
It would be way too much love and light, thus immediately causing it to fleejesus and demons from such an open invitation to come into union. When the pastor exorcises demons in the name of Jesus Christ, what is happening metaphysically is that he or she is an instrument of this love and light. By uttering through vocalization and firm faith the great name, he or she opens up a vortex of Intelligent Energy that beckons anything thus challenged to come home, to come within, to follow its deepest urgent longing to become united with God.  The Law of One clearly states early on in its transmission that, “The original desire is that entities seek and become one.”

How can Jesus be both a Wanderer and the Logos?

The Biblical narrative and the Law of One both have corresponding accounts of Yahweh desiring to raise up a people who could be shining examples of spiritual teachers. This people would receive revelation and then impart this knowledge through teaching and compassion to other peoples.  In both the Bible and the Law of One Material, we see that Yahweh’s plans went awry due to the people’s powerful attitude of elitism and exclusion.  The Law of One states that this attitude was in great part the work of those on a service-to-self path from those of the Orion empire who co-opted Yahweh’s identity due to the free will of the people who were seeking a god of power, might, and victory over others.

Regardless if one accepts this reasoning, it is clear that Yahweh’s people strayed from the original intention.  The people began to understand God as Zeus-like and wrathful and desirous to raise a chosen people in order to dominate and control others.  The entity who would become Jesus, desired to reveal the Infinite Creator as Love by embodying the Logoic-Love energy and allowing his earthly incarnation to be a conduit for the Logos to experience the third density directly.  The Creator, did as mainline Christians claim, come directly to earth’s humanity in the person of Jesus. Yet, the “how” of this is subtler than is commonly accepted.  In a world after disclosure, Christians may be confused as to who Jesus was if he is revealed to be an ET soul, a Wanderer.  How can he be both an ET soul and the Logos?  Something closer to the subtle truth which is gleaned from mystical Christian intuition, the Law of One, and Q’uo, may be that the entity who incarnated as Jesus was also someone who had participated in the Jewish narrative multiple times in the past.

Edgar Cayce readings suggest that he was Adam, Enoch, Melchizedek,  Joshua, Joseph, Jeshua, among other historical incarnations. Before his last incarnation as Jesus, he may have been approached by the Logos, Itself, or advanced members of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator, and invited to perform a unique service: to forfeit an incarnation’s experience so that the Logos/Love could fully embody his being and directly interact with Earth’s humanity in order to reveal the true nature of the Infinite Creator as Love, Mercy, Joy, and radical Solidarity–in short, a Love-that-saves-us-from-the-illusion-of-separation.  Jesus would be the vessel through which the Logos would become a physical, living and breathing “ankh,” so that Earth’s humanity could see in stark depiction how in the “dying” and surrender, there is always the promise of the “rising,” or transformation.  The eternal mystery of how the Infinite Creator evolves in manifestation was revealed in Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.

Why would Jesus’ incarnation be forfeit? Because what would happen through the Jesus Event, to bring the fullness of the Logos into third density, would be way above and beyond anything that had happened in human history before and Jesus, the person, would not be capable on his own to become the Logos in the way we are talking about here. Therefore, the spiritual evolution of the entity known as Jesus would be given a “pause” until after his incarnation as Jesus, and then he would go on to fifth density and continue his learning.

What was needed was an extremely positive and generous soul to surrender itself so as to all the Logos to “walk in.”  An example of a walk-in, says the Ra group, was when a fourth density positive being “walked in” Abraham Lincoln’s body when he had felt he could not do what needed to be done.  Here Ra speaks about this phenomenon in session 35.8:


The one known as Abraham [Lincoln] had an extreme difficulty in many ways and, due to physical, mental, and spiritual pain, was weary of life but without the orientation to self-destruction. In your time, 1853, this entity was contacted in sleep by a fourth-density being. This being was concerned with the battle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness which have been waged in fourth density for many of your years.

This entity accepted the honor/duty of completing the one known as Abraham’s karmic patterns and the one known as Abraham discovered that this entity would attempt those things which the one known as Abraham desired to do but felt it could not. Thus the exchange was made.

The entity, Abraham, was taken to a plane of suspension until the cessation of its physical vehicle much as though we of Ra would arrange with this instrument to remain in the vehicle, come out of the trance state, and function as this instrument, leaving this instrument’s mind and spirit complex in its suspended state.

The planetary energies at this time were at what seemed to this entity to be at a critical point, for that which you know as freedom had gained in acceptance as a possibility among many peoples. This entity saw the work done by those beginning the democratic concept of freedom, as you call it, in danger of being abridged or abrogated by the rising belief and use of the principle of the enslavement of entities. This is a negative concept of a fairly serious nature in your density. This entity, therefore, went forward into what it saw as the battle for the light, for healing of a rupture in the concept of freedom.


So, we may be able to draw the conclusion that the Logos in Its fullness “walked in” Earth’s third density experience through Jesus at just the right time in our history.  This Jesus Event took place at the beginning of the last minor cycle of Earth’s third density with the primary goal of increasing the harvest to fourth density. 

After the entity was born, he was given his mission by his very name: “Jehoshua,” which means, “Yahweh Saves.”  His continual “yes” was needed at every moment in his life as he had to choose to complete his mission to be a perfect channeler of the Logos. This is important because we see that Jesus, as a human like us, had the free will to choose to surrender moment by moment to a higher will. Though Jesus never did say, “Worship me,” he did say on multiple occasions, “Follow me.”  Following his example of continually choosing again and again our vocation of love is a wonderful invitation to living out a life of positive polarity.

Mystic and spiritual master, Rev. Dr. Cynthia Bourgeault writes in her wonderful book, Wisdom Jesus, that by the time he was ready for public ministry, he was known as an ihidaya, which literally means, “the single one.” In today’s understanding, the meaning is more akin to “enlightened” or “unified one.” The point being is that he learned through the discipline of constant solidarity to his mission to unify himself internally (his inner work) and through consistent surrender to the will of the Creator to become a crystalline channeler of the Logos, characterized by perfect and intentional union with Love, Itself.  In short, he became a living place holder for the Logoic-Love who inserted Itself right into the middle of Earth’s late third density life cycle.

Hebrew, as Kabbalists and Ra state (74.17), contains sounds that “have power before time and space and represent configurations of light which built all that there is.” The words and pronunciation have real metaphysical power.  As representatives of the Logos and senior members of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator, the positively orientated social memory complex, Yahweh, took on a title that had the energetics of a kind of “breaking into” or “breaking through to” the Earth’s 3rd density mixed polarity collective consciousness.  “He Comes,” as the name means, is a covenantal promise of an ongoing revelation of the heart of the Logos that roots itself in the present while pointing to a future apocalypse (great revealing).

To say “Yahweh,” is to say something like: “Love, Itself, Reaches Towards You!” Perhaps this social memory complex in a desire to serve was given this task by the Council of Saturn to introduce a new kind of intimacy that would pave the way for a future direct face-to-face bonding between the Creator and Creation.  The group that adopted the title, “Yahweh,” did not intend to BE the Logos but rather to facilitate an awakening of the sub-sub logoi to their inherent dignity and ontology; to reveal to them that they are the Infinite Creator—a truth that ungirds the whole of the Law of One.

Again, “He Comes” may mean something like: “Love Comes to You in Radically Solidarity.” The masculine pronoun, “He,” does not mean that the Infinite Creator, through the Yahweh group, comes to Earth’s humanity as a Divine Male.  Instead, we might say that it is a divine masculine principal which comes forward, reaches toward, penetrates, into third density to awaken parts of Itself that seem to be continuously recycling third density. Earth humans are Infinite Creator fast asleep to its own ontological reality.  

“Jehoshua” means “Yahweh Saves” and retains an energetic power that ripples through metaphysical world. Ra states that certain sounds act like a telephone that rings in time/space alerting many in the inner planes about what is being sought in space/time.  Here’s a quote:


74.12 Questioner: You stated that a working of service to others has the potential of alerting a great mass of light strength. Could you describe just exactly how this works and what the uses of this would be?

Ra: I am Ra. There are sound vibratory complexes which act much like the dialing of your telephone. When they are appropriately vibrated with accompanying will and concentration it is as though many upon your metaphysical or inner planes received a telephone call. This call they answer by their attention to your working.


Following this information from Ra, new light can be shed regarding such verses as Philippians 2:10 (“Every knee shall bow…”).  The name, “Jehoshua,” must contain some kind of power of a very high magnitude that reverberates throughout creation and unto the very heart of the Logos, Itself. It is like an energetic username and password that opens a direct terminal to the Infinite Creator in mysterious and powerful way. 

Let’s revisit what Carla, the instrument and part of the team that brought in the Law of One from Ra, shares when she encountered the social memory group, Ra, for the first time:


I was going to teach that day, and I was about halfway through the session when there was a very powerful sort of knock-knock-knock on my inner door. I said, “Is there a spirit that wants to work through me?” I kept getting, “I am Ra.” I’m thinking, “I don’t want to talk to a Ra,” because the only Ra I knew was from mythology, Egyptian mythology, and it was a fairly negatively oriented entity—it was god of war, Horus the hawk-headed god and all that, not something I wanted to encourage. So I challenged with every ounce of energy in my little body (at that time it was little), and I kept saying, “Do you come in the name of Jesus the Christ?” They were indignant. It was like, “Do you think that you’re the only people that have Jesus? Do you think you’re the only planet that has Jesus? Come on—of course we come in the name of Jesus the Christ. Of course. What else is there when you’re talking about love? We come in the name of Jesus Christ, no problem. Get on with it, girl!” I challenged three times and they were very strongly affirmative: “Yes, of course, we come in the name of Jesus the Christ. We come in the name of love.” I thought, “I can’t go wrong with that,” so I said okay (Tilting at Windmills, Kindle version).


The name, “Jesus,” or Ra’s preference, “Jehoshua,” was not just a name for an entity who volunteered to embody the Jesus Christ Event, but the cosmic meaning is something like:

The Logos-Love is not impartial but reaches towards you, as one of you, and draws you back into Itself through awakening in you that fact that your essence is divine and not different than the One. The Logos in  all Its Grandeur is in radical solidarity with your suffering, your plight, because you are the Logos, the Christ, in third density. The Logos is both Almighty and All Vulnerable, simultaneously.


It means in 3rd density Earth language, “Yahweh Saves,” but along metaphysical lines, it may mean something like, “Love Comes to You to Save You from the Illusion of Being Separate.”  It is the very name of the Love essence of the Infinite Creator and with it comes all of the power inherent therein when Its—Our—wholeness of oneness is named with conviction and single-heartedness

If ever “Love Comes To You and Is With You In Solidarity” had a metaphysical title that named Its reality, it would be “Jehoshua.”  Therefore, any “apparent” separated aspect of the Infinite Creator—negative beings and spirits who follow the path of separation—would not be able to withstand the intensity of the metaphysical light that shines when this name, this word, is uttered in love and with intention. 

The luminosity of wholeness is too bright and painful for those not able to accept bathing in the light of pure love. They flee until they are ready to accept their own truth as being fractals of the One Infinite Creator.  Ultimately, however, every individuated “spark” of this Divine Light returns to Source. All things go forward at their own pace on the path back to full realization of their inherent divinity and unity with God and in God, their unity with all Creation.

In the Fullness of Time

In the fullness of time, the Logos (as the Super Self-conscious aspect of God, or Intelligent Energy as “personal“) revealed the very heart of Itself through the words and deeds, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. The Logos’ plan all along was to reveal a heart-driven path up and out of 3rd density at the beginning of the last minor cycle through a living image or icon so that we (humanity) could see this image, fall in love with this person, follow this person, and single-heartedly imitate him.

Not only was the Logos helping to streamline the path out of third density, but It revealed a way of union with the very heart of God so that one could potentially leave the octave altogether.  Non-dual consciousness as taught in mystical Christianity is both an affective path of heart-enkindling, deep, personal intimacy, and it is the mode of perceiving our “illusion” from God’s side, from the Logoic standpoint, as the Logos, Itself. What we learn at the highest levels of mystical Christianity is that the transpersonal nature of the divine is not aloof or distant but WAY more intimate.  There’s nothing but intimacy. As Ra says in session 10.14, “The universe is one being…[therefore, when you] gaze at creation around you, see the Creator,” and in session 53.9 they explain that in a universe of unending unity, every encounter is an encounter with yourself, that is, the Self.

Again, Q’uo  reiterates this idea by stating that the Logos desired, and had planned all along, to enter into a third-density experience and explore the mystery of union between Creator and the Illusion. Q’uo explains Jesus’ role in this plan:


The concept of the Christ was this—that intelligent infinity [“Father”] as experienced by the Logos [“Son”] and with the bias of the Logos would enter a third-density experience, not erasing the one known as Jesus’ personality or being, but coming into the closest possible harmony with that being.

There needed to be one who wished to sacrifice an incarnation to the ever-increasing pleasure and agony of the Creator, experiencing…the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, for it is the nature of the [Logos] and the nature of third density that the two, perceiving each other, should react—the third density with a lack of understanding, and the [Logos] with wonder, joy and sacrifice. Such is the sorrow of your illusion and the joy of sensation and communion.”

In the end, Jesus the man became so able to bear both joy and agony that this entity stopped experiencing the Creator and for long periods of time became the Creator experiencing third density. Such is the perfect channeling of love. The achievement of the perfect channeling was the mystery of union between Creator and illusion.


Jesus as the Face of the Cosmic Christ, or Logos

The Ra group explains that a third density person can learn how to channel their Higher Self, which the self in the sixth density, and thus have the Higher Self encounter directly the third density experience. This is the phenomenon at the heart of the purest white magical rituals and is called the “magical personality” by the Ra group (session 75.36). Endeavoring in this kind of work belongs to adepts who must be single-hearted in their attempt to live out their vocation in unique ways.

Taking my Christian belief system, the Law of One, and Q’uo together, I believe that for the Jesus Event to occur, there needed to be a person who volunteered an incarnation to not only channel their Higher Self, but to actually channel the Logos-In-Its-Fullness for the benefit of all of humanity. Through Jesus, God (the Logos) received a face that humans could see and a love-enkindled heart to which humans could connect through sympathetic resonance.

Jesus, according to Edgar Casey, had been karmically involved with humanity and having graduated from 4th density (according to the Law of One) could welcome the Logos with total self-surrender so that he became an avatar of the Logos. And as an avatar of the highest magnitude, he became the “Anointed One” (“Christos” in Greek), who showed all of us our own Christhood and the path of union with the Logos.

In other words, Jesus chose to empty himself so that the Logos (the “personal” side of Intelligent Energy, and known to Christians as the “Son”), which, as we mentioned earlier, was begotten of Intelligent Infinity (the “Father”), could gaze upon us face to face and reveal a straight path back to Source, back to the Source (“Father”). In this way, Jesus was indeed, as traditional Christianity would have it, both human and divine.  In fact, whenever you see Jesus painted holding up two fingers, he is not giving the peace sign, but rather is affirming his two natures.

When we put “Jesus” and “Christ” together, we are talking about two different faith affirmations.  Jesus is the microcosmic moment in time, an historical figure, and from what Ra says, a Wanderer.  “Christ,” as Richard Rohr, OFM, explains, “is a word for the macrocosm, all else is the cosmos–including you and me. You inherently belong to Somebody that is going somewhere! This provides ultimate and deep meaning for human existence. It settles the mind, heart, and emotions.”

In other words, “Christ” is a Christian word for “Logos,” which is Intelligent Energy, eternally begotten from Intelligent Infinity.  To say, “Jesus Christ,” is to put two seemingly contradictory concepts together and proclaiming them as one: the creature and the Creator, the finite and the infinite, the microcosm and the macrocosm, the holon and the hologram, and finally, the human and the divine.  If the latter rings bells, that’s because it is about as traditionally Christian as you can get.  In Jesus, God as Logos was given a face and a heart.


To restate, mainline Christianity holds that Jesus was the pure expression of the Logos from birth, God Incarnate.  This is where I would differ from that master narrative.  With other sources available such as the Law of One, Q’uo,  Dolores Cannon’s work, and psychologist, Michael Newton’s work,  I have come to believe that Jesus preincarnationally chose to fulfill the Logo’s plan to insert Itself in third density. He freely volunteered for this mission.  His, “Yes!” to the Logoic invitation followed the divine law of free-will and this act of total self-surrender, self-emptying, to the plan of the Logos has not gotten the attention it deserves because it has largely been unknown.

Once born on Earth, Jesus was well loved and protected as a youth by the adults in his life who were “in the know” of his Logoic role which had been prophesied since times of old. This is clearly seen in the Dolores Cannon book, Jesus and the Essenes, where a past life regression revealed a youthful Jesus being taught by an Essene elder. Also, according to the Law of One material, the veil of forgetting in this third density experience was extremely thin for Jesus and he remembered more than most Wanderers do (Law of One, 17.19).  He studied day and night and became a rabbi at an early age. He then traveled extensively to other lands and encountered other cultures and profound teachings (Law of One, 17.20).

When the time was right, he returned home and learned the art of his earthly father and this down time grounded him and gave him time to assimilate all of the experiences and teachings he had absorbed (Law of One, 17.20).  He never ceased to be in communion with the Logos and when his stage of nonduality reached its zenith, he essentially became the Logos. Here is where traditional Christianity and my own thinking dovetail together. I affirm that the Jesus we read about in the Gospels, both the canonical and non-canonical, was the Logos incarnate, embodied in the particular person of Jesus.  By the time Jesus began his public ministry, he had become the Christ, the Anointed Singular One who revealed the Universal Christ, and in him, we have the union of a third density creature and the Infinite Creator, fully human and fully divine.

Rev. Dr. Cynthia Bourgeault’s book, Wisdom Jesusand author Richard Rohr’s work, which flows from the headwaters of his rich Franciscan formation, offer a portrait of a Jesus who invites us to awaken to our own “Christhood,” through imitation and relationship.  As Rohr very aptly put it in a recent daily meditation:


“In Jesus, God gave us a human heart we could love. While God can be described as a moral force, as consciousness, and as high vibrational energy, the truth is, we don’t (or can’t?) fall in love with abstractions. So God became a person “that we could hear, see with our eyes, look at, and touch with our hands” (1 John 1:1). Jesus taught us what God is like through his words, his actions, his very being, making it clear that “God is love” (1 John 4:8,16). If God is Trinity and Jesus is the face of God, then it is indeed a benevolent universe—at its very core.”



The Infinite Creator as expressed by the Galactic Logos understood that the harvest to the next density requires a 51% activation of the heart chakra in each person.  The heart chakra is the fourth energetic center in the human body and as such it is a holon of the God’s own chakras.  The heart chakra of the person needs to resonate at a certain threshold level in order to be appropriate for transitioning into the higher resonance of the fourth density.  So what did the Galactic Logos do to get people’s hearts open so that the harvest could be as large as possible?  God sent to them an icon of Love, Jesus of Nazareth.  Ra clarifies this a bit [italics mine] in session 17.22: This entity [Jesus] became aware that it was not an entity of itself but operated as a messenger of the One Creator whom this entity saw as love.”

In other words, Jesus, as an extremely positive  Wanderer realized in some way during the pre-ministry part of his life that his vocation was to be a living archetype of his home density’s energetics.  He was harvestable to the fifth density which meant that he had mastered the lessons of the fourth.  Who better to come into the third density world than a being who embodied perfectly the energetic frequency of love?  Who better to enliven the hearts of humanity–the energetic-of-love chakra of third density beings–than a perfect embodiment of that self-same love-energy?

Jesus’ Ministry

I do not believe that Jesus ever understood himself as God, in the way that mainline Christians assume.  He never asked us to worship him, only follow him.  Jesus’ miracles seemed godlike at the time (and would today, too) but he used principles of Intelligence, Free Will, and Love that are available to all humans. Likely, his early training in esoteric schools helped him recall his own adepthood. He remembered early in his life how to penetrate the veil and he had aligned his will with the Will of the Infinite Creator.  In fact, the Ra group state in session 66.15 that the healer who has so deeply and perfectly balanced and harmonized their energy centers through surrendering into the divine flow actually has no will of their own but become perfect conduits of the will of the Creator. 

Jesus’ ability to heal others was not a unique gift that only he could ever possess, but rather an ability that we all share if we are willing and able to seek the kind self-surrendering into the Truth that all is One.  Ra introduces in session 4.17 a three-step, albeit difficult, process in how a person could become a healer:


…Firstly, the mind must be known to itself. This is perhaps the most demanding part of healing work. If the mind knows itself then the most important aspect of healing has occurred, for consciousness is the microcosm of the Law of One.

The second part has to do with the disciplines of the body complexes. In the streamings reaching your planet at this time, these understandings and disciplines have to do with the balance between love and wisdom in the use of the body in its natural functions.

The third area is the spiritual, and in this area the first two disciplines are connected through the attainment of contact with intelligent infinity.


Ra states in session 17.20 that before Jesus began his ministry, he…



“…studied first day and night in [his] own religious constructs which you call Judaism and was learned enough to be a rabbi, as you call the teach-learners of this particular rhythm or distortion of understanding, at a very young age.”

“At the age of approximately thirteen and one-half of your years, this entity left the dwelling place of its earthly family, as you would call it, and walked into many other places seeking further information. This went on sporadically until the entity was approximately twenty-five, at which time [he] returned to [his] family dwelling, and learned and practiced the art of [his] earthly father.”

“When the entity had become able to integrate or synthesize all experiences, the entity began to speak to other-selves and teach/learn what [he] had felt during the preceding years to be of an worthwhile nature.”


Jesus, v2

When Jesus started his years of public ministry, he was actualized as crystallized healer. As Ra states, “A crystallized healer has no will. [They] offer an opportunity without attachment to the outcome, for [they] are aware that all is one and that the Creator is knowing Itself” (session 66.15). This is why Jesus repeated to those who he healed that it was their faith that saved them.  Ra clarifies this in session 73.13:


“When [Jesus] was asked to heal, [he] oft times did so, always ending the working with two admonitions: firstly, that the entity healed had been healed by [his or her] faith, that is, [his or her] ability to allow and accept changes through the violet ray into the gateway of intelligent energy; secondly, saying always, “Tell no one.” These are the workings which attempt a maximal quality of free will while maintaining fidelity to the positive purity of the working.”


The point here is that Jesus didn’t do the healing but rather acted as a crystallized conduit (of diamond-like purity) of the Holy Spirit which did the healing to the degree


that the recipient wanted it.  Daskalos, the Christian mystic and healer extraordinaire said the same thing about his own ability to bring healing to others.  He went on to found the Researchers of Truth community which introduces an esoteric Christianity that is remarkably similar to the Law of One.

Daskalos saw himself as a channel for God’s divine healing energies and never took credit himself as being the healer. For me, the miracle of Jesus’ healing lay, in part, in his own inner work which would have to have been extremely well honed.  He must have possessed little or no blockage in his own energetic centers (chakras) in order to become a crystallized healer.  His will and the Will of the Father were one as he himself was One with Father (John 10:30).

Six Revelations

The following is a satisfying, albeit long, synthesis of some of the primary points of the Law of One along with what I feel is at the core of good Christian theology.  In what I have referred to as the “Jesus Event,” the Infinite Creator broke into third density Earth to offer humanity what I see as  six interrelated revelations: 1) God is merciful and loving, not wrathful and petty; 2) any difference between God and creation is an illusion; 3) the Incarnation reveals that all of creation is the Body of God and therefore materiality is the fullness of divine expression, not the “left-overs” of some divine “trickle-down” condensation; 4) Love as the primary expression of God unfolds as a certain dynamic in what Christian’s call the Paschal Mystery; 5) Relationality as an approach to God is a key to opening the heart chakra; which is important because; 6) a planetary shift into the fourth density was around the corner  and the God revealed in the person of Jesus an en vivo, live-action view of what this new density would be like

Revelation 1: God is Merciful and Loving not Petty and Wrathful

Franciscan priest, Richard Rohr,  convincingly shows that Jesus employed a unique hermeneutic when he interpreted the Hebrew Scriptures. Jesus saw God as loving and merciful and intimate. Rohr writes [italics his]:


My methodology [for interpreting Scripture] is very simple; I will try to interpret Scripture the way that Jesus did.

Even more than telling us exactly what to see in the Scriptures, Jesus taught us how to see, what to emphasize, and also what could be de-emphasized, or even ignored. Jesus is himself our hermeneutic, and he was in no way a fundamentalist or literalist. He was a man of the Spirit. Just watch him and watch how he does it (which means you must have some knowledge of his Scriptures!).

Jesus consistently ignored or even denied exclusionary, punitive, and triumphalistic texts in his own Jewish Bible in favor of texts that emphasized inclusion, mercy, and justice for the oppressed. He had a deeper and wider eye that knew what passages were creating a highway for God and which passages were merely cultural, self-serving, and legalistic additions. When Christians state that every line in the Bible is of equal importance and inspiration, they are being very unlike Jesus . . . .

Jesus read the inspired text in an inspired way, which is precisely why he was accused of “teaching with authority and not like our scribes” (Matthew 7:29).


What about the problematic images of God presented in areas of both the Hebrew Scriptures and Christian Scriptures?  There are two ways of thinking about this and both are helpful and true.  The first way would be the exoteric, or outer truth.  Rohr writes in his daily meditation of February 22nd, 2016:


I like to think of the Bible as what historian, social scientist, and literary critic Rene Girard rightly calls “a text in travail.” The text itself edges forward and then pulls its punch backward out of fear or small heartedness, just as humans do. In other words, the Bible doesn’t just give you the conclusions (which is what we want), but it does reveal some basic patterns of Divine Intrusion in to the world and thus creates a tangent for history. 

Life itself is always three steps forward and two steps backward. We get the point and then we lose or doubt it. In that, the biblical text mirrors our own human consciousness and journey. Our job is to see where the three steps forward texts are heading (invariably toward mercy, simplicity, inclusion, nonviolence, and trust) and to spot the two steps backward texts (which are usually about vengeance, exclusion, a rather petty and insecure god, law over grace, incidentals over substance, and technique over actual relationship).

The Bible is an anthology of many books. It is a record of people’s experience of God’s self-revelation. It is an account of our very human experience of the divine intrusion into history. The book did not fall from heaven in a pretty package. It was written by people trying to listen for and to God. I believe that the Spirit was guiding the listening and writing process. We must also know that humans always see “through a glass darkly . . .  and all knowledge is imperfect” (1 Corinthians 13:12). Prayer and patience surrounding such human words will keep us humble and searching for the true Living Word, which is exactly how the Spirit always teaches (1 Corinthians 2:10,13). This is what it means to know something “contemplatively.”

We must trust that there is a development of the human capacity for divine wisdom and human response inside the Bible. We must be honest and recognize that things like polygamy, slavery, genocide, torture, racism, sexism, stoning, and mutilation of sinners—things that are often fully accepted in the ancient text—become more intolerable as the text matures. God does not change, so much as we do. If believers cannot begin to be honest about this, we are going to lose most future generations to any sincere or faith-filled reading of the Bible. Far too many have already thrown the Bible out when they really did not need to. But they had no good teachers to guide them.


Rohr is saying here that the Bible taken from beginning to end is a revelation of the human evolution in seeing who God is.  The meta-narrative here, which I believe is Logos-driven, is that the Bible mirrors on a macro scale what the human person goes through on a micro scale.  We start out dualistic in our seeing and then, if we are listening to our life well, we gradually transition into more nondual, expansive, consciousness. In nondual consciousness, paradoxes are resolved as we can see that all apparent bad things that have happened to us helped us to become to who we really are in God.  We can even be grateful for the pain because we know that it led to greater life on the other side.  

God, has always been benevolent but the human psyche needed to go through its gradual cleansing of the collective lens to see this truth.  We projected on God our own collective dualism and we felt that God was “way up there.”  Slowly, over the course of the whole Bible, we see humans inching closer to God as we begin to trust God’s intimacy and love.  By the end of the Judeo-Christian Bible, the Logos, through the person of Jesus, is fully revealed as love itself, as vulnerability, as self-emptying, as radically in solidarity.  As Rohr says above, God does not change, so much as we do.  

Now, this exoteric picture is really sufficient for good spiritual transformation.  No esoteric studies are needed unless one feels a calling to delve into them.  Moreover, a foray into esoterica can be spiritually distracting for many if they do not have a grounded perspective of the exoteric foundation first. 

So, to sum up one perspective of the Judeo-Christian exoteric metanarrative which is what third density humans see from our viewpoint here on the ground with the veil of forgetting in place:

  1. God referred to as Yahweh created all that there is and wanted to reveal Godself to humanity.
  2. In order to do this, Yahweh chose a people to be a “shining light on a mountaintop” in order that they then spread God’s light to all of the nations.  Every river begins with a drop.  The Jews were to be these initial drops and through them, all of the humanity would come to know the love that God has for creation. This is a kind of divine trickle-down self-revealing.
  3. Yahweh, meaning “God Comes,” revealed that God is not just an aloof diety who created all that there is and then stood back.  Yahweh comes to humanity and cares for us in an intimate way that a father or a mother does. 
  4. Humanity’s mindset was dualistic and projected their image of a warrior-like God upon God who smites enemies, etc.  However, the Hebrew Testament shows a gradual evolution in consciousness in humanity that inched forth over centuries towards a more inclusive notion of God who wants an intimate relationship with all humans. 
  5. Jesus or Jehoshua, which means “Yahweh Saves (or Rescues),” was the face of the invisible God, a living icon with whom we could relate and fall in love. 
  6. Jesus did not come to change the mind of God about humanity. Rather, Jesus came to change humanity’s mind about God.”–Richard Rohr, OFM 
  7. Jesus saves us not by some magical transaction which demanded a blood sacrifice by a wrathful god, as some atonement theories would have it.  Jesus “saves us” by revealing to humanity that we have always been one with God and that death is an illusion.  Even our “little deaths,” moments when we are disappointed or even suffer, always lead to life and transformation, if we allow it. In this way, we participate in the cosmos’ one “sacrifice of the Cross” which is the great archetype of how transformation occurs: death leads to resurrection, loss leads to renewal, we loose ourselves in order to find ourselves, or “when a grain of wheat dies, it bears much fruit” (John 12:24). Jesus revealed overtly through the Cross the hidden way the One Infinite Creator unfolds through the manifestation. 
  8. In Jesus, we learn that God’s heart is dynamic love and it is a benevolent universe.  “God comes” to us (“Yahweh“) and “God rescues” us (“Jehoshua“) from our illusion of separation.  Jesus took Yahweh’s slow Self-Revelation to its logical and ultimate conclusion: Total commitment to reveal that God is All Vulnerable and in complete solidarity with the suffering of humanity. 
  9. Lastly, the Logos through Jesus “saves us from our sins” by becoming the Great Scapegoat or what I have called, the Cosmic Mirror.  It is supposed to shock us that we humans projected our fear of transformation in the face of Logoic Love and found it so threatening that we crucified it.  Yet, instead of reacting or transmitting more negativity by rallying Jesus’ supporters to usurp the powers that be, the Logos through Jesus followed through with complete self-emptying (the Greek and Biblical word, “kenosis“) in order to transform our minds about who God really is.  This cosmic mirror invites us to look at our own lives and see how we may crucify others or transmit negativity by projecting our own shadow elsewhere rather than following our path of kenosis and internal reconciliation between light and dark. Even now, most people prefer to remain angry, fearful, and offended rather than doing necessary and hard “shadow boxing.”  Yet, if we can follow and appropriate in our own lives the whole pattern of Jesus’ life, from his ministry of healing and forgiving, to his acceptance of being crucified upon life’s circumstances, to rising in a transformed embodiment, then we are saved individually and collectively from transmitting and perpetuating negativity, all of which leads us to living into harmony with others and our planet. This is the Kingdom of God.  

For a good summary of what I’m trying to say above, let’s have Richard Rohr, OFM, get at the heart of the matter (taken from


Jesus did not come to change the mind of God about humanity (it did not need changing)! Jesus came to change the mind of humanity about God. God’s abundance and compassion make any scarcity economy of merit or atonement unhelpful and unnecessary. Jesus undid “once and for all” (Hebrews 7:27; 9:12; 10:10) all notions of human and animal sacrifice and replaced them with his new infinite economy of grace. Jesus was meant to be a game changer for religion and the human psyche.

This grounds Christianity in love and freedom from the very beginning; it creates a very coherent and utterly attractive religion, which draws people toward lives of inner depth, prayer, reconciliation, healing, and universal “at-one-ment,” instead of mere sacrificial atonement. Nothing “changed” on Calvary but everything was revealed—an eternally outpouring love. Jesus switched the engines of history: instead of us needing to spill blood to get to God, we have God spilling blood to get to us!


Here, I make the assertion that the above exoteric (“outer”) narrative is the whole path of spirituality and the full revelation of the Perennial Philosophy.  Only the genius of the Logos could orchestrate such an embodied revelation strong enough to get through the highly distorted collective mind of Earth’s humanity. Yes, there were many esoteric parts moving in this massive divine engine but the gestalt of the whole exoteric metanarrative is nothing other than the full revelation of the very heart of God.  Even Ra, as spiritually advanced as they are, were parts in the engine and could not grasp the gestalt of the Jesus Event, planned and carried out by the Logos, Itself.  The Ra group said that they cannot plumb the depths of distortions that plague our peoples, and that we are so self-enslaved by our confused minds that it “beggars [their] mind to enumerate” it. Yet, it does not beggar the mind of the Logos to make a clear path out of the slavery of mind since we ARE the Logos experiencing third density. There is only unity and union here in this mystery of Oneness, so how could God not have the ability to move into our third density level of conscious awareness and reveal God’s own heart? Indeed, we echo the Ra group that “all begins and ends in mystery” (session 13.13) and it is impossible to grasp the totality of the One Infinite Creator through our minds. Yet, we can become totally one and fully know (gnosis) God through the field of the heart.  Knowing is not of our density but fully participating in the divine flow is our birthright…our greatest honor and joy. 

An Esoteric Perspective

We know from the Law of One material that free will is paramount! It would be understandable if some readers took exception with the idea that the Logos, Itself, would encounter face to face with Earth’s humanity and provide a pathway to fourth density because of the free-will infringement that this would cause. Yet, I invite such readers to think about how the pathway was already paved for a face to face encounter over thousands of years of the Logos’ slow Self-revelation which followed step by step humanity’s gradual openness to receive the essential truth that the Logos is love.   This essential truth was not just a nice philosophy or theology–either of which rarely ever really leads to transformation because they can become lodged in the head–but rather, it was explicitly shown through the “singularity” of one life at one particularly historical time. 

christ consciousness, 4

Imagine Jesus as the point of contact of a cosmic-sized vortex funneling the plenum of the Logos right “down” and into third density and you’ll be on the right track.  And then with Jesus as the spearhead grounding the vortex into third density, imagine another “big bang” that exploded upon humanity’s scene from the Jesus-epicenter, spreading the fire of real Logoic love from heart to heart. Yes, this transmission of Logoic love through the Jesus Event could get through the morass of Earth humanity’s incredibly distorted thoughtforms of mixed polarity.  Transformed people transform people as the love-fire burns through distortions to help us clear our lenses and see the world from the elevated landscape of the heart.  This is what is meant to be “born again,” or “born from above.” Love breaks through the closed-loop energy circuit of the lower chakra triad where Earth’s humanity finds its entrapment.  And in order for this Logoic-love breakthrough to happen, a lot of moving parts worked together to create this experience. 

It is not necessary to know exactly how each nut, bolt, and electronic circuitry go together to make up a beautiful Lamborghini in order to enjoy driving one.  All of those parts added together do not create the experience of driving it but they do constitute essential components. The other two components necessary to enjoy the driving experience include all of the parts put together in just such a way so you have a functioning Lamborghini, and secondly, you need to have a person who knows how to drive it.  All taken together, you have what is known as a gestalt, or something greater than the sum of all of the components together and this leads to a new arising, which in this case, is the experience of driving a Lamborghini.  

This gestalt phenomenon is an important concept to grasp because without seeing the whole picture of the Jesus Event–which is designed by Logos–we can get lost in the parts that make up the whole.  The exoteric, or “outer,” layer is ultimately the great masterpiece and can be sufficient for enlightenment, no matter what religion or spirituality one practices.  However, there are many of us who are also interested in the esoteric, or “inner,” parts that go into making the exoteric possible.  It seems to me that those few who are able to keep one foot in the exoteric and one foot in the esoteric are able to really provide a great service as bridge builders between the two camps.  Not many people can weather the tension it takes to stay in the middle and often they are disliked or distrusted by both parties.  Yet, it is a burden they bear with joy because it their vocation to build and maintain those bridges.  Their world is one of “both-and,” rather than the too easy, “either-or,” world view.  Yes, there are times when good dualistic thinking is necessary but it is best when it comes from one who can think and see from a more nondual perspective, first.  

I share this because in order to enter into the esoteric, or the hidden parts, of the exoteric metanarrative, and not get swept up into the confusion and arguments of who is telling the truth, what “truth” is the “right” one, etc, we need to have a contemplative mind that can hold that tension between the gestalt–the whole–and different parts.  Those who are grounded in the Big Story, combine their open, curious minds with open hearts and dive right in without needing to be correct. These grounded people are humble precisely because they know that they do not know much, nor do they need to know much because they are already enjoying encountering the One Infinite Creator’s love contained in each moment. It is often the case that anytime we are sure that we know, then we will find ourselves stuck right there at that level.  Nothing can budge our ego-constructed surety until great love and great suffering breaks into our lives and dislodges the blockages.  Often we didn’t know we were blocked until we arrive on the other side of great love and great suffering.  This sure has been true for me.

Who is Yahweh?

As mentioned above, the Ra group shares that Yahweh was not the Logos but an unified group like themselves, and a part of the local confederation in charge of growing, nurturing, guarding, and gardening, “parts” of the Logos along spiritual evolution. Although Ra affirms Yahweh’s membership in the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator, they do not state from what density Yahweh comes or from where. Ra gave some info on who the Confederation is:

  • Session 6.24: There are approximately fifty-three civilizations, comprising approximately five hundred planetary consciousness complexes in this Confederation. This Confederation contains those from your own planet who have attained dimensions beyond your third. It contains planetary entities within your solar system, and it contains planetary entities from other galaxies. It is a true Confederation in that its members are not alike, but allied in service according to the Law of One.
  • In session 7.1, the Ra group says that Confederation members offer help to those who call. There is some kind of cosmic algorithm that they follow to determine what and how much service they can offer given how many people call for aid divided by, or integrated with, the basic Law of One taking into account those who are not aware of the unity of creation.  

All we know is that from Ra’s perspective, the Yahweh group was advanced enough to be a guardian in charge of the transfer of Martian souls after the latter blew off their atmosphere resulting from war-like actions. Was the Yahweh group the guardians of Mars humanity before coming to Earth? Maybe. They certainly felt responsibility and deep care for the Mars people, enough to meld their social memory complex with them.  The Ra group states that this melding process reached a level where other guardians, them included, felt that the Martian people’s free will had been infringed upon.  As a consequence of this infringement, a quarantine was thus set up so that Earth humanity could develop more or less naturally instead of through genetic manipulation.  

The Q’uo channeling that took place in May 2006 by the same group that brought in the Ra contact is intriguing and may shed some light on the who the Yahweh group was.


Jim: We have a series of questions about names of various entities. What can you tell us about the original Yahweh, now a name. Is it a social memory complex? If so, what density did Jesus come from?

golden spheres

(Carla channeling)

We are those of the Q’uo, and are aware of your query. The entity known as Yahweh is an inner planes entity, as opposed to an extraterrestrial entity. It is an essence native to this particular sun system which has been involved in the guardianship of the Earth sphere for thousands of your millennia. It is a combination of energies which are male and female. Rather than creating a hermaphroditic entity, however, this entity holds the energies of male and female in a sacred dynamic. One might as well call such as entity Adam and Eve, but it is both Adam and Eve. And it is not in any way, shape or form that which has been incarnate, but rather, it is of the angelic realm.

It is ironic in the extreme, we feel, that it is this entity which is responsible for creating conditions under which the male aspect of the species has become so unbalanced in its dominancy over the female aspect of deity, which in the original Yahweh energy was in perfect balance.

May we ask if there is a follow-up to that query, my brother?

Jim: Ra refers to this entity as unnamed, as Yo-Heh-Shin-Vau-Heh, and its meaning as “He comes.” Can you explain the abundance of names and non-names? And finally, Arcturus also means “He comes” and is an Egyptian name. Is the positive Yahweh from Arcturus?

(Carla channeling)

We are those of the Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. The entity Yahweh is not from Arcturus, but rather, as all angelic entities are, is part of the energy involved in your sun body. However, this entity has been involved with Earth, as we have said, for a great deal of your time. The naming of entities, and its seeming confusion, is due to the fact that in both lower and higher densities, naming does not necessarily occur. It is not necessary, for each thing has an unique vibration. Your vibration is a much more eloquent signature of your character than a name that has been given to you by someone who is not aware of the sacred nuances of your character.

The attempt to name essences and energies is generally done because there is a third-density being involved who feels more comfortable and more in control knowing the name of an entity, and not just how that entity feels.

The energies involved in Yahweh became aware that the work that they had done in creating an enhanced DNA signature for the human species had not had the results which had been hoped for. That entity moved into a time and space of deep and devotional meditation and prayer asking how it could begin to make amends for the mistakes that it had made.

The addition of Shin to Yod-Heh-Vau-Heh was chosen by Yahweh in order to adjust the vibrational nuances of its name in order to indicate Christ Consciousness. It is as if Adam and Eve changed its name to Emmanuel. There was a move from the feeling of the Old Testament to the feeling of the New Testament. That was a move from worth by being chosen people to worth by a certain level of consciousness which was love. This was indeed, for this entity, a valuable adjustment and one which has reflected down from the heaven worlds into the Earth world as that environment into which the one known as Jesus the Christ came.


A quick reflection on the above Q’uo material:  I do not personally need to know if the above is accurate or not.  I can hold it with tension and openness.  However, it does intrigue.  From this channeling, the Yahweh group were Confederation members, angelic in nature pertaining to our sub-logos (the Sun), and it seems they also grew in wisdom through their guardianship of Earth humans.  Both the Ra group and the Yahweh group learned a lot of wisdom through seeing how their “aid” actually hindered and confused humanity in various ways.  The Yahweh group seems to have nuanced their own self-understanding as they matured. Their own nuancing of their energies, as Q’uo indicates, opened up a pathway for the Jesus Event.  Yahweh was an important part of the Logoic plan to give Earth’s third density humanity a kind of systemic upgrade through installing Jehoshua in the fullness of time.  For a deeper exploration of this idea, please see my article: Celebrating the Entrance of a New Concept Complex: “Jehoshua” as an Upgrade to Earth’s Third Density Operating System

Two Paths of Spiritual Evolution Back to the Creator

The Law of One Material is one of the only sources that articulates two paths to the Creator: the positive path and the negative path.  The main “job” for souls in our density, the third density, is in the choosing of a polarity that will become the thrust towards greater and greater consciousness. What allows for polarity in our density is what Ra calls, “catalyst.”  Big catalysts can be roughly understood as anything that brings us to our knees, whether in great suffering or in great love.  For the positive path (positive polarity), aka right-hand path, a being learns to love and accept the catalyst and thus experiences a “death” and “resurrection.”  For the negative path (negative polarity) aka left-hand path, a being seeks to control and manipulate the catalyst.  Both paths are legitimate ways for soul evolution. They provide catalyst for each other and these catalysts create work, or the thrust, that moves individuals and social groups upwards along soul evolution. They are like two ends of a battery that power a light.

pos, neg, v3

Did Jesus every mention anything about these two paths?  I think so.

In Revelations 3:15-15, Jesus words read, “I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot; I wish that you were cold or hot. So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth.” One possible interpretation, albeit poor exegesis, might be that “hot” and “cold” represent the two paths towards the Infinite Creator.  Those who don’t achieve the prerequisite polarity (51% for positive harvest and 95% for negative harvest) are “spit out of God’s mouth” or recycled into another third density experience so that the soul has further opportunity to learn the lessons of choosing a polarity.

hot, cold, lukewarm

Ultimately, all beings no matter which polarity they choose in third density will choose the positive path, or path of unity, in early sixth density.  Put in another way, parts of the Finity of God (Many-ness of God) fall in love with the idea of separation and limitedness.  As these parts make the choice to follow the negative path, they must, with all of their might and will, block all urges to see another being as it’s self.  With great perseverance, a negative polarity being seeks greater control and domination of other selves in order to ride the idea of separation to its furthest destination: the beginning of the density of unity.  Why is early sixth density the end of the road for the negative path? Ra answers:


From session 65.15:  The sixth-density negative entity is extremely wise. It observes the spiritual entropy occurring due to the lack of ability to express the unity of sixth density. Thus, loving the Creator and realizing at some point that the Creator is not only self but other-self as self, this entity consciously chooses an instantaneous energy reorientation so that it may continue its evolution.


Ra shares that the Orion Confederation, a negative-path Confederation, bent upon enslaving others has played significant roles throughout the history of humanity, especially in recent times. The Orion Confederation is a group that resonates with negative polarity made up of beings from the third, fourth, fifth densities, and their few overlords in sixth density. Their great ability (and from a unitive perspective, dare we say role? For a very telling piece on this by Dr. Michael Salla, click here.) is coopting positive movements almost right from the start and use them for the purposes of enslavement and manipulation.  As a whole they are not as creative or far seeing as the positives in higher densities. They often corrupt the good by parroting them at first and then pulling their followers ever so subtly towards their vision.


While they may not be so creative, they are extremely clever.  They cannot do not create new things and never start something positive, but they always ape positive spiritual leaders and then pervert the message, slowly. One example of this is the corruption of the message of a sixth density group named by humanity as Yahweh. Ra reveals that there were two “Yahwehs” that appeared to Moses. 

The original Yahweh was like Ra, a senior member of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator.  Their great desire was to help third density humanity awaken to the Law of One, which of course is the reality that all is One and separation is an illusion.  It is noted here that Yahweh, like Ra, is not a single entity but a unified group mind/spirit complex. When an advanced density individual speaks, they do so in total union with their entire society. The questioner asked Ra in session 17.13, “When I am communicating with you as Ra, are you at times [an] individualized entity or am I speaking to the entire complex? Ra answered, “I am Ra. You speak with Ra. There is no separation. You would call it a social memory complex thus indicating many-ness. To our understanding, you are speaking to an individualized portion of consciousness.”

6th density without BA
6th density beings come from God’s 6th chakra

All members of a sixth density society enjoy totally unity of community while retaining their the diverse expression of individuated beings. This is so because they are closer to the Omega point as they approach the gateway, the seventh density.  Nevertheless, groups like Ra and Yahweh are not omniscient and have not achieved complete and perfect enlightenment; they are still on their journey.  And they can’t see everything as Ra makes it very clear. Ra’s group and the Yahweh group made “naïve mistakes” that did not produce the fruits originally intended.


If interested, I invite the reader to explore on their own what the Law of One Material reveals about the original Yahweh’s services to humanity (click here). For our purposes in this essay, I offer that Moses had originally been in contact with the advanced density group, Yahweh.  Through dialog, Moses began to teach the Law of One to his people through various means.  This transmission of the pure teachings of the Law of One created a metaphysical bright light and acted as a beacon that drew worried negatives who would find enlightened third density souls to be quite threatening. They also desired to conquer and subjugate humanity as part of their imperial plan. Unrest in Moses’ followers stirred things up.  Due to unrest within his followers and within his own psyche, he began to resonate at a lower vibrational frequency which allowed the Orion group to “get on the line,” as it were.  Read what Ra states regarding Moses as the ground zero for an intensive battle with consequences reaching strongly into the present time.


16.18 Questioner: Was the recipient of the laws… of the Ten Commandments positively or negatively oriented?

angry at moses


Ra: The recipient was one of extreme positivity, thus accounting for some of the pseudo-positive characteristics of the information received. As with contacts which are not successful, this entity, vibratory complex, Moishe, did not remain a credible influence among those who had first heard the philosophy of One and this entity was removed from this third-density vibratory level in a lessened or saddened state, having lost what you may call the honor and faith with which he had begun the conceptualization of the Law of One and the freeing of those who were of his tribes, as they were called at that time/space.

16.19 Questioner: If this entity was positively oriented, how was the Orion group able to contact him?

Ra: I am Ra. This was an intensive, shall we say, battleground between positively oriented forces of Confederation origin and negatively oriented sources. The one called Moishe was open to impression and received the Law of One in its most simple form. However, the information became negatively oriented due to his people’s pressure to do specific physical things in the third-density planes. This left the entity open for the type of information and philosophy of a self-service nature.

4th density battle ground


In other places, Ra explained that the original Yahweh had genetically modified a group of humans in a certain way that gave them: 1) greater physical strength and stature, 2) greater mental capacity including having access to a bank of sound vibrations that were linked to creative forces within the cosmos.  These sound vibrations became the Hebrew language and the power behind certain words or sounds within this language are certainly known by Kabbalists; and 3) a greater innate ability to understand the Law of One. Though their intentions were of service, the Yahweh group lacked the full wisdom wrought by their own extreme positivity to see that the root stock of human souls on Earth’s third density reality might create a social posture of elitism.  The Orion Confederation capitalized on this tendency because this fits perfectly with the service-to-self path, the way of negative polarization.  Thus, Orion made strong inroads into humanity at this time.

But the Love Always Wins!

From an exoteric (outer) perspective, no one outlines the Biblical journey better than Rohr [italics his].


I like to think of the Bible as what historian, social scientist, and literary critic Rene Girard rightly calls “a text in travail.” The text itself edges forward and then pulls its punch backward out of fear or small heartedness, just as humans do. In other words, the Bible doesn’t just give you the conclusions (which is what we want), but it does reveal some basic patterns of Divine Intrusion in to the world and thus creates a tangent for history. Our job is to connect the dots as they move history forward, and only then can we recognize when we are retreating from that trajectory. Such wisdom is surely a gift of the Spirit, and explains why the Bible has done so much harm in history when it was put in the hands of immature people, angry people, power-hungry people, fearful people, and people grasping for identity and superiority (which is all of us before conversion!).

Only inner spiritual experience of the meaning of a text can do the job–not just proof texts or memorized answers. Spiritually speaking, it does not help to give people quick and easy answers–which the ego always wants but will then misunderstand or misuse–unless they have also gone on an actual inner journey. The genius of the biblical revelation is that it doesn’t just give us conclusions. Instead, it does three things: 1) it tells us that the spiritual journey is real, and invites us into that journey; 2) it charts the process of going on that journey toward God, and there seem to be many patterns in the Bible itself; and 3) it thus offers us both the inner experience and some outer confirmation to trust that God is actually with us and will guide us. That is about all we need. The rest is all window dressing.

Life itself–and Scripture too–is invariably three steps forward and two steps backward. It gets the point and then loses it or doubts it. In that, the biblical text mirrors our own human consciousness and journey. Our job is to see where the “three steps forward” texts are heading (invariably toward mercy, forgiveness, inclusion, nonviolence, and trust), which then gives us the ability to recognize and guard against the “two steps backward” texts (which are usually about vengeance on enemies, supposed divine wrath, law over grace, forms over substance, and technique over relationship). (click here for the full reflection)


The exoteric presentation that Rohr outlines here is totally sufficient and one need not take a peak behind the veil and see the “inner workings of the clock,” so to speak. In fact, I would argue that the very fact we can even notice the three-steps forward, two-steps back pattern in life’s journey–and in the Biblical narrative–clearly shows the greater wisdom and vision of the Galactic Logos was at play all along!  Put differently, the forces behind humanity’s evolving consciousness exist in the unseen realms, including what Cynthia Bourgeault and others call the “Imaginal Realm.”  At this level, the duality of positive and negative polarity, war against each other as part of their respective progression.

The Imaginal Realm provides the template for what can be understood as the analog reality here in third density Earth.  In other words, the Galactic Logo’s own chakras are working themselves out in the Logo’s own self-journey back to It’s own Omega point.  Our reality of perceived limitedness and separation is the Galactic Logo’s own lower chakras moving through their own form of unblocking and clearing. We are holons of the Galactic Logoic Body and as such participate in the Logo’s own divine becoming.  Any warring factions on the third or fourth densities are in actuality groups of individuated sub-sub logoic beings, holons of the Galactic Holon, who play out in analog what is really happening in the unseen realms.  We could even say that, rather than the good and bad being in combat with each other, they are offering each other the gifts of repeated catalysts for their respective group and individual souls’ evolution.  God is in charge and the friction that polarity causes provides the thrust for our Logo’s living out It’s own life in the manifested world. All things are used for the good—towards that primal thrust that “all things seek and become one!!”

God's chakras, v2

To conclude this segment, Ra states a nice example of this truth (Italics mine):


60.17 Questioner: Thank you. I don’t know if this question will result in any usable direction, but I think I must ask it. What was the Ark of the Covenant, and what was its use?

Ra: I am Ra. The Ark of the Covenant was that place wherein those things most holy, according to the understanding of the one called Moishe, [were] placed. The article placed therein has been called by your peoples two tablets called the Ten Commandments. There were not two tablets. There was one writing in scroll. This was placed along with the most carefully written accounts by various entities of their beliefs concerning the creation by the One Creator.


This Ark was designed to constitute the place wherefrom the priests, as you call those distorted towards the desire to serve their brothers, could draw their power and feel the presence of the One Creator. However, it is to be noted that this entire arrangement was designed, not by the one known to the Confederation as Yahweh, but rather was designed by negative entities preferring this method of creating an elite called the Sons of Levi.

60.18 Questioner: Was this a device for communication then? You said they also drew power from it. What type of power? How did this work?

Ra: I am Ra. This was charged by means of the materials with which it was built being given an electromagnetic field. It became an object of power in this way and, to those whose faith became that untarnished by unrighteousness or separation, this power designed for negativity became positive and is so, to those truly in harmony with the experience of service, to this day. Thus the negative forces were partially successful but the positively oriented Moishe, as this entity was called, gave to your planetary peoples the possibility of a path to the One Infinite Creator which is completely positive.

This is in common with each of your orthodox religious systems which have all become somewhat mixed in orientation, yet offer a pure path to the One Creator which is seen by the pure seeker.



Concluding Remarks on Revelation 1

Taken as a whole, the entire Bible reveals a pattern of God slowly revealing Godself to humanity. The Scriptures show that humanity’s own group spiritual evolution gradually opened up to higher levels of conscious awareness of the nature of God as love, mercy, forgiveness, and inclusion. The collective psyche of the Jewish religion needed to see itself as chosen, separated, and different.  This gave them a strong identity. And if their chosenness and strong identity happened because of the influence of the Orion Confederation, these are accidentals.  The negatives never see the big picture, so they can’t understand that they fulfill a very important role in the overall pattern. God uses the “devil” for God’s glory!

This three-step forwards, two-step back dance mirrors the individual person’s psychological development in that the main tasks of the first half of life include establishing an identity, a strong self-image, and a place to belong.  The Galactic Logos, in the fullness of time, then chose to break into humanity’s third density reality using the person of Jesus to be the face of this new level of consciousness.  The Cosmic Christ’s message, via Jesus, to Jesus’ own people and to the rest of humanity is that once an identity is established and one feels their chosenness, it is time to move into the next phase of the journey: to loosen the boundaries of identity and gaze into the eyes of others and see the same Self.  You have to have a sense of self in order to let go of it. We have to let go of our attachment to identity and allow our reality bubbles to be pierced or at the very least,  be semi-permeable, in order to better see how all is blessed, chosen, and indeed, One.

That we can understand this three-step forward, two-step backward pattern of the Big Picture, means that we are tracking with the Cosmic Plan of the Infinite Creator.  All of the esoteric goings-on are secondary and actually make up the intricacies of the Plan.  They are not necessary to know or even believe for us to get the message.  It is one, coherent Universe because it is One Cosmic Body that Is-and-Becomes.  Exactly how the Body “Becomes” is a matter of the Many-ness of the Infinite Creator interacting with each other at varying degrees of conscious awareness of union with the One.  That the Many-ness includes positive and negative extra-terrestrials (humans from other planets) is an accidental matter that is less important to the Gestalt of the whole process.


Revelation 2: Separation from God is an Illusion

Interrelated to the first Revelation is that all separation and all limitedness is an illusion, and part of the divine matrix or veil that was placed in the third density by the Galactic Logos in order to make this density of choosing much more intense and efficient.  Nothing polarizes better faith.

From my view, the Gospel stories point to several events that indicate Jesus’ presence ushered an intensification of the consciousness of love and understanding.  This is so because the planetary shift into the fourth density, the density of love and understanding, was just on the horizon.  Ra states that in fourth density, the veil is dropped, and the great work for humans at this level is to expand in the consciousness of love within oneself and between oneself and others.  At some point in fourth density, the entirety of the society unites in a fusion of minds becoming what Ra calls the “social-memory complex”.  No veil exists between self and other self within a society at this point.  Jesus’ entry into the third density scene marked the beginning of the great push to gather as many people as possible together and activate their heart centers (chakras) in order to make the harvest into fourth density as large as it could be.

fourth densith

The Gospel stories about Jesus include narratives where the unitive light of Christ in Jesus was dispelling the stranglehold of perceived separation that characterizes the third density. Collectively, humanity was ready for a larger picture of reality and Jesus was the living archetype who started framing it.  The following is not an exhaustive list but suffices for our purposes here, which is to show how Jesus’ presence brought the light of divine union into a world shrouded in the darkness that results from feeling separated and limited .

Jesus is confronted by Satan in the desert


(Matthew 4:1-11 New International Version (NIV))

4 Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted[a] by the devil. After fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry. The tempter came to him and said, “If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread.”

Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’[b]

Then the devil took him to the holy city and had him stand on the highest point of the temple. “If you are the Son of God,” he said, “throw yourself down. For it is written:

“‘He will command his angels concerning you,

    and they will lift you up in their hands,

    so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.’[c]

Jesus answered him, “It is also written: ‘Do not put the Lord your God to the test.’[d]

Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. “All this I will give you,” he said, “if you will bow down and worship me.”

10 Jesus said to him, “Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.’[e]

11 Then the devil left him, and angels came and attended him.



Satan is the archetype (and I would argue “living archetype”) of the world of separation, of the material.  Material domination is offered Jesus if only he would worship that “spirit” of separation.  When Jesus rejects the invitation to worship this spirit of separation, it disappears.  He held on to his own integrity and self identity as being in union with the Infinite Creator.

Jesus also didn’t fight the devil, he didn’t give the temptation any energy, and he didn’t take any bait. The ethos of separation desires to pit a person against another within a world of scarcity.  The result of this ethos produces a hierarchy of power where each successive rung on the ladder towards the top seeks to enslave and manipulate the lower.  The top enjoys total power and control, but it also knows how fragile this position is.  Since it’s all based on illusion, nothing is firm so there is a extremely intense urge to ever increase the strength of their grip. When Jesus said, “Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only’,” he meant something like this: “The illusion of separation is transparent to me. I see you for what you are and I won’t allow you to control me through any temptation.  Since you are not real, anything you offer me is also not real. Rather, I worship the mystery of unity of all things. I serve the Infinite Creator!”

Jesus sees Satan falling like lightening

Satan falling

A second area where Jesus takes on separation is right after 72 people come back from a mission trip. In Luke 10:17-18 “The seventy returned with joy, saying, ‘Lord, even the demons are subject to us in Your name.’ And He said to them, ‘I was watching Satan fall from heaven like lightning.'” This might be another way of saying that the illusion of separation (Satan) is falling and a new understanding of unity with God is revealed.  That this statement came at the return of his disciples from doing good work puts a highlight on what Jesus’ mission was all about: revealing God as Love wherein no separation or division exists between the heart of God and the heart of the human. 

It is important to note that nowhere did Jesus ever condemn the spirit of separation for existing.  Why?  Because it’s necessary in the self-becoming of the Galactic Logos.  In It’s experience of Becoming, those portions of Itself (humanity as sub-sub logic beings belonging to the larger Galactic Body) also go through their mini inner-reconciliations.  We could not become whole and “reconciled” within ourselves much less with the Galactic Logos if it were not for the perception of separation (veil).  In other words, it is in the struggle with our inter- and intra- conflicts (catalysts) that brings us to greater wholeness and consciousness. Evil belongs. As I have mentioned, in Law of One terms, it serves as catalyst for further polarization should we, through our own free will, accept it and even love it and thereby transform it rather than transmit it. 

Jesus heals, forgives, and transforms lives

Jesus’ ministry included healing people on all three triadic components of the soul: the Mind, the Body, and the Spirit. As an archetype of love and understanding (the energetics of the fourth density) he helped people reconcile with each other and with God.  The Cosmic Christ, that manifestation of the Love between the “Father” and the “Son,” broke into third density humanity and enflamed the heart chakras of the people through the person of Jesus.  Ra (17.22) stated that Jesus became aware that he “was not an entity of itself but operated as a messenger of the One Creator whom this entity saw as love…”

open heart

Jesus’ own understanding of God-As-Love falls perfectly in line with his soul experience of having (just) completed the fourth density [the density of love and understanding].  His message that God-Is-Love is quite appropriate now in our times, to our third density reality.  Love unites, reconciles through forgiveness and understanding, and the fruit of all of this acts as a transformer of energy.  Lower, more chaotic energetic vibrations enter a transformer and are gathered, streamlined, and elevated to higher levels.  Love does this and the Cosmic Christ [Logos] used the person of Jesus’ to spark the fire.

Jesus Proclaims that he and Father are One

Jesus boldly announces to a tough audience, “I and the Father are one, ” John 10:30. Jesus had exquisite knowledge of his own soul. He had done extensive inner work and was by all accounts a wisdom teacher and adept of the highest order.  He had achieved what later theologians would call “theosis” or “divinization” which is a heart-knowing and personal experience of being in union with God.  The various statements made by Ra bear this out as Ra describes Jesus as being a crystalline healer whose will was totally aligned and one with the Will of the Infinite Creator.

Jesus was by no means the first person to achieve divinization. The Buddha and many of his followers as well as others from the Eastern part of the world shared in this same realization while embodied in the third density.  Yet, the Cosmic Christ was using Jesus as a sort of “divine plow” that It pushed forward forging a straight pathway to heart activation and ultimately up and out of the octave.  Jesus’ statement that he and God are one is not meant to be taken as an exclusive pronouncement only pertaining to him.  We, too, are one with God because we are the Infinite Creator, albeit with “blinders on.”  Courageously, with Jesus, we can stand firm in our own ontological integrity and face the ethos of separation, whether embodied by the “devil” or the “asleep” masses, and proclaim, “I and the Father are one, too!” We may even go further and invite our “enemy” to understand this same gospel truth.

The Veil in the Temple Tears

“And when Jesus had cried out again in a loud voice, he gave up his spirit. At that moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. The earth shook, the rocks split…” (Mathew 27:50-51). This dramatic scene in Mathew’s Gospel account of the immediate aftermath of Jesus’ death reveals something very important.  The Cosmic Christ was showing that the veil between the sacred and the profane is an illusion. Indeed, all is sacred space and there is no “holy of holies” in the Cosmic Body of the Galactic Logos.  Temples served their purpose in the Age of Pisces.  They created a gathering place that seemed separate from the rest of the world.  Here, an individual or a group felt like they could have better access to the divine.  Temples and sacred spaces work for the third density (and perhaps early fourth density) psyche.  They created the container so that they roots can go deep.  Religions do the same, when they are functioning at their best.  Yet, the very notion of an ecclesia, or church, is moving into a more transcendent reality that acts as a fulfillment of the third density idea.  I would argue that the creation of a social-memory-complex in the mid-fourth density is “church” come to its logical conclusion and manifestation.

Seen from this lens, Jesus’ prayer that “they will all be one, just as you and I are one–as you are in me, Father, and I am in you” (John 17:21), seems to be a foreshadowing of, and indeed an urgent longing for, the reality that comes to pass naturally in the course of the fourth density when the social-memory-complex forms.  Just prior to this Incarnation, Jesus had enjoyed total union of mind and heart with other members of his society, wherever that was.  This was a very fresh experience whose memory was vivid in the deep mind of his own soul.  He knew what awaits these third density God-beings in the fourth density and longed for it to be a reality now!

The Cosmic Christ used Jesus to reveal that there was no separation between the material world and the divine.  The tearing of the veil conveys this divine disclosure and connects it to the death of Jesus, the face of the Christ.


Revelation 3: The One Incarnation

Many New Age belief systems that I’ve encountered seem to have an underlying disregard for materiality.  This disregard ranges from outright disdain for the material world, including the body and sexuality, to expressing a very subtle frustration that we are here in this “valley of tears.” Perhaps this is the result of some vague yet persistent primordial knowing that this material world with its seeming limitedness and separation is, as Ra states, “dancing thoughts” in the Mind of God.  There is an impulse to want to exit the veil and be done with separated life.  I understand this impulse.  

Yet, what the Incarnation reveals to us is that the Infinite Creator’s full self-expression through It’s original idea, Finity/Christ , is material world.  Materiality is Light and Light, Ra says, is the fruit of the action of Free Will upon Love (54.27).  Materiality is the Infinite Creator’s ultimate masterpiece!! It is Love expressed outwardly in eternal cycles of begottenness.  All of materiality is alive and in its own way sentient. Its level of consciousness depends on whether it has evolved high enough to house a new soul, an individuated holon of God, in the late second density.

What gives us the wisdom and courage to say that materiality is not an impediment to God but rather the only avenue–the reality of the Incarnation?  Here I move swiftly into the waters of speculation but I will just say it. I believe that it was no accident that for all of Christian history, humanity conflated Jesus with the one and only Christ.  The orthodox story of Jesus as (the unique) Christ was also part of the Logoic plan because humanity needed to sit with the seeming paradox that the divine and material world could actually exist in union!  Jesus became the Cosmic Christ’s icon of this mutual indwelling so that we could get the truth in one place, at one time, with one person.  The idea was to see the truth in Jesus and then to see it in ourselves and all of creation. 

The only difference I see between what I am saying about Jesus and what the orthodox position of Jesus with respect to the Incarnation is this:  Jesus was a sub-sub logos like every other human, whether from this planet or another.  He was a fourth density Wanderer harvestable to the fifth density and he freely chose to incarnate here to be a messenger of the Cosmic Christ to third density Earth, which I would argue was the plan of the Logos all along.  He was not the unique Incarnation of God but rather a unique incarnation that was indeed special because he became the face of the transcendent Cosmic Christ in order to reveal the nature of God in unheard of ways. There has only

big bang
Cosmic Christ 

ever been ONE Incarnation. That was the original bursting forth of Light from the Infinite Creator’s great and eternal act of love with Its one Idea, Christ.  Put differently, when the Immanent Christ within the Immanent Trinity pushed outward as Light, THAT was the Incarnation.  What pushed out? Materiality.  What is materiality?  God as the Many-ness.  How do we know this? The Incarnation! How did we come to the notion of Incarnation?  Jesus!

Revelation 4: The Pascal Mystery as a Divine Process of Becoming

This revelation of the Cosmic Christ deserves its own essay!  The Infinite Creator is simultaneously Being and Becoming.  Seen from the standpoint of infinity, the Pascal Mystery is how God “Becomes.”  Through the person of Jesus, the Pascal Mystery can be distilled to one historical moment. There was a strong message that the Cosmic Christ wanted to reveal to humanity through Its face, Jesus.  That message is this: If the Trinity describes what God IS, and Love describes what God DOES, then the Pascal Mystery describes the flow of God’s Love. 

The Pascal Mystery’s distilled moment in time was the death and resurrection of Jesus.  This was a bit of a shocker that burst open people’s reality bubbles enough to allow for some serious reflection on that paradox.  The fruit of the reflection, guided by the Holy Spirit, was to say that the very flow of love in reality is a cycle of dying and rising, giving and receiving, “letting go, and letting God,” as the saying goes.  This flow happens all the time, everywhere through the manifested universe.  But the Pascal Mystery is not exclusively found in the Jesus, because as I mentioned previously, all of materiality in whatever size or complexity, contains the same substance as the Infinite Creator.  The Pascal Mystery is actually the movement of Love, the second divine law, between the Mind of God (“Father”) and Its holy and unique concept, Finity/Christ (“Son”).

Trinity, v3

Recall that God begot finitude as a concept. The first gift that God gave to Cosmic Christ (Logos) was total free will.  When Christ realized Its own beingness  and then saw that It was but a perfect mirroring of the Mind of God and thus totally one with God, Christ returns the gaze of God in a “moment” of ecstatic delight and then reached out to embrace. Together they dance in an endless cycle of giving of self and receiving of “other self.”  The gift of self, the love of the other, the mutual delight, is the Holy Spirit begotten from the union of “Father” and the “Son.”

So the reader can see that within the Immanent Trinity, the Godhead, the Pascal Mystery is HOW the dance between three flows.  Like sound waves of a divine music traveling concentrically from the epicenter of the Dance, the potential energy that was “contained” in God is released into its own beingness as Light (the third divine law) forming ever greater concentric circles of divine radiation.  This emanation grows “outward” through the cycles of energy repeating the same Pascal Flow of Love.  Not only is energy never lost but through repetitions of transformation (death and resurrection, to use the conventional terms) it reorders itself into new realities that are greater than the sum of the parts.  A sort of Gestalt process happens in the reordering of energy.  The result of the resurrection, or the reconfiguring of energy on the other side of death, is a new and much grander shift into a higher level of beingness.

I’ll just quickly mention Guirdieff’s Law of Three as a way to illustrate how the Pascal Mystery plays out in reality.  The Law of Three holds that there are three forces at work within the Pascal Mystery: Holy the Affirming, Holy the Denying, and Holy the Reconciling.  Cynthia Bourgeault describes that the interplay of these three forces working within a wholeness result in not just a mediation between two conflicting parties (Affirming and Denying) but an actual new level of beingness.  The Pascal Mystery, conducted by the symphony of the Law of Three, is the music to which the Infinite Creator dances to in all Its Beingness and Becoming. This music can be heard, felt, and fully experienced in every nook and cranny of the manifested universe, no matter how large or small.

How else could humanity have understood such a marvelous cosmic truth if it had not sat long and hard with the seeming paradox of what Christians began to believe as Jesus’ nature as being both divine AND human.  As I mentioned before, that the early church conceived of the Incarnation and its implications of Jesus being God Incarnate was, to my mind, no accident.  However, with the transmission of a new, pure in light and love, cosmic exposition in the Law of One, might it now be the time to revisit this hallowed dogma and provide an important nuance?  Maybe humanity is ready for it and a reappropriation of Jesus as being part of the Many-ness of God, albeit Logos’ face or icon, rather than God’s unique Incarnation, might go a long way in helping humanity 1) better follow Jesus, rather than (only) worshiping him (something he never asked us to do!), and 2) see themselves more clearly as part of the Cosmic Christ, holons of the Infinite Creator.

Cycles of death and rebirth, great and small

The human death of the Logos on the cross revealed something much more profound. Jesus became for us the living example of the greatest Archetype that encompasses all archetypes: the Ankh. The Ankh, actually, is the perfect symbol of the Pascal Mystery.  Dying always leads to rising, negativity can be transformed into positivity through love and sacrifice, and this cycle of life is present throughout the cosmos at every level. It bears repeating Ra’s own words here:

93.24 “…the cross indicating that nature of manifestation which may only be valued

Ankh or Crux Ansata

by the losing. Thus the crux ansata is intended to be seen as an image of the eternal in and through manifestation and beyond manifestation through the sacrifice and transformation of that which is manifest.” 

94.26 “There is no experience which is not purchased by effort of some kind, no act of service to self or others which does not bear a price, to the entity manifesting, commensurate with its purity. All things in manifestation may be seen in one way or another to be offering themselves in order that transformations may take place upon the level appropriate to the action.”

The Pascal Mystery is a code phrase for the cycles of death and rebirth, both on the macro scale and on the micro scale, both on the cosmic level and on the human level.  Rather than summing up the work of many great writers who have taken on this topic, I am going to  jump right into a more of an esoteric lens of the Pascal Mystery.

Reincarnation is one of those ideas that most Christians either don’t consider or may feel guilty in admitting that they have interest in this area. Just recently I had two brief encounters with Catholics who shared with me that they are open to idea of reincarnation, but they quickly countered, “Well, you know… it’s against our religion to think those things.”  Rather than against our religion, I believe that its perhaps one of the biggest kept secrets in all of Christendom.  This essay is not the place for the reflecting extensively about reincarnation. I’ve actually written a piece on this before and can be accessed here. Nevertheless, if viewed from a higher or broader perspective, reincarnation is not the boogeyman it’s made out to be and for purposes of this essay, I would argue that it falls within the umbrella of the Pascal Mystery.

Just like in a person’s lifetime now, he or she moves forward through levels of consciousness that range from the dualist to the non-dual.  Spiritual writers and psychologists alike often lament that most of humanity, as a whole, seem to be adolescent in their emotional and/or spiritual development.  Still, when breakthroughs happen, it’s because our ego defenses are thinned by the  many moments of great suffering or rare but precious moments of great love.

Episcopalian priest, Cynthia Bourgeault, wrote a compelling book on how the Trinity’s own Becoming follows a fluid and predictable movement involving three divine forces: Holy Affirming, Holy Denying, and Holy Reconciling. She appropriates Gurdjieff’s Law of Three teaching and sets it within the Immanent Trinity and later in the Economic Trinity. From our position in this essay, the Holy Affirming force could be understood as our normal operating egoic functioning; consciousness as usual existing on a “comfortable” level of awareness.  Then something happens, either gradually or suddenly, and the force of Holy Denying drops in onto the landscape of our lives.  Through intense reckoning, perplexity, and many times great angst, a pathway opens up on “higher ground.”  This pathway is the force of Holy Affirming and it is the result of the conflict that often takes place somewhere in the deep mind of the soul. Soul-work done well allows us to see in hindsight that whatever painful experience that brought us to a more inclusive and transcendent level of consciousness was well worth it.  From a Pascal Mystery standpoint, the dropping in of the Holy Denying force often signals the death knell for the “old way of being.”  It invites us to see that the time of death has arrived for that particular way of being and doing, and a new “resurrected” life awaits.  This happens many times throughout someone’s lifetime.  And it happens throughout many lifetimes of someone.

Ra indicates that the great task of the third density is to choose a polarity.  This is why in the Law of One Material, the third density is known as the “density of choice,” and it is of paramount importance because one’s polarity becomes the particular thrust behind his or hers soul evolution.


76.16  The prelude to choice must encompass the laying of the foundation, the establishment of the illusion and the viability of that which can be made spiritually viable. The remainder of the densities is continuous refining of the choice. This also is greatly lengthened, as you would use the term. The choice is, as you put it, the work of a moment but is the axis upon which the creation turns.


When a new soul is formed that hasn’t experienced third density before, it would exist more or less as a tabula rasa on the soul or deep mind level.  After the cessation of their bodies, new souls don’t spend much if any time in life review and are immediately tended to by helpers of angelic beings known in the Law of One Material as the Guardians. Ra elucidates after being questioned who supervises the determination of further incarnation needs and sets up the next incarnation:


48.8 Ra: I am Ra. This is a query with two answers.

Firstly, there are those directly under the Guardians who are responsible for the incarnation patterns of those incarnating automatically, that is, without conscious self-awareness of the process of spiritual evolution. You may call these beings angelic if you prefer. They are, shall we say, “local” or of your planetary sphere.

The seniority of vibration is to be likened unto placing various grades of liquids in the same glass. Some will rise to the top; others will sink to the bottom. Layers and layers of entities will ensue. As harvest draws near, those filled with the most light and love will naturally, and without supervision, be in line, shall we say, for the experience of incarnation.

When the entity becomes aware in its mind/body/spirit complex totality of the mechanism for spiritual evolution it, itself, will arrange and place those lessons and entities necessary for maximum growth and expression of polarity in the incarnative experience before the forgetting process occurs.


The bottom line here is that once a person chooses a polarity, whether the service-to-others path or service-to-self path, they become ready to take the reins of their own soul-evolution. Choosing the manner of the polarity is key because the person has a foundation on which to launch their further soul-exploration and evolution.  This cycle of incarnation, death, and reincarnation fits within the overall scope of a person’s personal Pascal Process.  They will continue to be reborn until they reach a strong enough polarity to achieve what Ra calls, “harvestability” to the next density.  For some, this process is about 75,000 years (the average time for a Master Cycle in third density). For others, they have to repeat third density elsewhere on another planet, until they “graduate” to the next level of consciousness.  The good news here is that no one is lost! There is no hell except for the ones we make ourselves either in our lifetime now, or intentionally choose in future lifetimes in order to address a karmic imbalance.  All of our rebirths, whether great or small, evidence the flow of Love of the Infinite Creator, the Pascal Mystery.


Karma, soul evolution’s gears in Pascal Mystery’s motor

Karma is the key component of progress in the overall Pascal Process of a soul.  In my limited way, I understand it to be the “force” that allows people to stay where they are at on an emotional/spiritual level to the point where a kind of inertia sets in.  The common phrases such as, “stuck in his or her ways,” “comfort-zone,” “repeating the same mistakes over and over again…” etc., speak to the phenomenon of karma.  Ra gives a good, albeit typically dense, explanation in the following two exchanges between the questioner and themselves. It’s worth reading in their entirety:


18.12 Questioner: You stated yesterday that forgiveness is the eradicator of karma. I am assuming that balanced forgiveness for the full eradication of karma would require forgiveness not only of other-selves but forgiveness of self. Am I correct?

Ra: I am Ra. You are correct. We will briefly expand upon this understanding in order to clarify.

Forgiveness of other-self is forgiveness of self. An understanding of this insists upon full forgiveness upon the conscious level of self and other-self, for they are one. A full forgiveness is thus impossible without the inclusion of self.

34.4Questioner: Thank you. Would you define karma?

Ra: I am Ra. Our understanding of karma is that which may be called inertia. Those actions which are put into motion will continue using the ways of balancing until such time as the controlling or higher principle which you may liken unto your braking or stopping is invoked. This stoppage of the inertia of action may be called forgiveness. These two concepts are inseparable.

34.5 Questioner: If an entity develops what is called a karma in an incarnation, is there then programming that sometimes occurs so that he will experience catalyst that will enable him to get to a point of forgiveness thereby alleviating the karma?

Ra: I am Ra. This is, in general, correct. However, both self and any involved other-self may, at any time through the process of understanding, acceptance, and forgiveness, ameliorate these patterns. This is true at any point in an incarnative pattern. Thus one who has set in motion an action may forgive itself and never again make that error. This also brakes or stops what you call karma.


As the reader can see, karma and forgiveness are two sides of the same metaphysical coin!  They are inseparable, as Ra states above.  In the overall flow of the Pascal Process, a soul moves forward in its evolution towards greater and greater consciousness of oneness with the Infinite Creator through exploration of the worlds of separation.  The soul makes sense of these “separated” worlds by experiencing the oscillations of karmic flow where one becomes karmically unbalanced and then after a process of dying and rising (perhaps many times!), regains karmic balance.  This regaining of karmic balance is another way of saying that a person experiences a metanoia and is now enjoying a higher more transcendent view of reality.

Concluding Remark on the Pascal Mystery

Much more could be written here on incorporating the Law of One Material into the Pascal Mystery.  I’ll end this segment by commenting that souls who have achieved a higher perspective, whether in one lifetime or several, come to a deep trust and faith in the Pascal Process of their own journey.  They learn that karma is a blessing and gift which can be used in the moment to learn and accelerate soul growth.  Both the falling and the recovering from the fall are equal gifts of the Infinite Creator, as Julian of Norwich intuited. What hurts now, helps in the long run.

Revelation 5: Relationality as the Key


The fifth major revelation that the Cosmic Christ revealed to third density humanity through It’s face, Jesus, was the dynamic of relationship being of primary importance in moving forward in spiritual evolution, both on the macro and micro levels. Relationship requires a minimum of two, but as we are discussed previously, no dyad exists alone.  Their relationship becomes a third dynamic that both of them “beget” together. In other words, they bring into existence this third “thing” that unites them as a larger unit.  It is through the relationship, that much catalyst is generated for soul evolution.  Ra gives a most terse reply to the question of the importance of relationships:


33.17 Questioner: Do we have enough time left to ask the second part of this question which is to list all major mechanisms designed to provide the catalyst that include action with other-self? Do we have enough time for that?

Ra: I am Ra. You have much time for this, for we may express this list in one of two ways. We could speak infinitely, or we could simply state that any interaction betwixt self and other-self has whatever potential for catalyst that there exists in the potential difference between self and other-self, this moderated and undergirded by the constant fact of the Creator as self and as other-self.


Relationality is the dynamic at play from “top to bottom” in both God as One and God as the Many-ness.  And yet, there are different ways that relationality is experienced and used as the force behind catalyst in the soul evolution in different planets.  We move now into some esoteric material presented in the Law of One Material. We will see shortly that the Cosmic Christ, through Jesus, made straight the path to God through a particular flavor of relationality that was tailor made for Earth’s third density reality.

Towards the beginning of the transmission of the Law of One, Ra stated that they could not plumb the depths of the distortion that infect our people. Apparently of all of the planets that host third density life, sixty percent are entirely positive, ten percent are entirely negative, and thirty percent consist of “a mixed harvest.”  These mixed planets are the battle grounds between positive and negative forces. The negative groups seek to extend their empire and subjugate the population.  The positive groups respect the free will of the people and work to protect the sleeping masses from the negatives until they awaken and can lead the charge towards their own liberation.  This war takes place largely between fourth density beings and much of the problems we see in our current time have their origin in this higher density. It is important to note here that one should not blame all bad things on “the devil” of negative density beings.

To put this simply, the three-step forward, two-step back pattern of the collective human consciousness is a natural process that would occur without the intervention of higher beings.  What the negatives do is to accentuate the two-step backward pattern by very cleverly disguising it as the three-step forward for those who cannot or will not discern.  At their wisest, the positives let the native populations alone because they respect the free will of each entity with the honor that this first divine law deserves. When they have intervened, as the Ra and Yahweh groups have, it has never worked out well because the negatives quickly corrupt what was good.

Why are these very highly evolved beings so naïve?  My guess is this: they evolved on one of the sixty percent totally positive planets.  Whatever catalysts they used during their own progression in the third density were, to my estimation, extremely subtle and what we might say, “heady.”  Ra shared that they were gifted by their teachers the concept of the Tarot.  Through visualization, they were able to penetrate to satisfying degrees the archetypal mind of the Sun Logos.  This understanding, coupled with their highly sexual society, produced strong polarizing energetics that allowed them to be “highly harmonious.”  When their teachers introduced the concept of the pyramid as a focuser of etheric light which could be used for healing and initiation, they used it in the appropriate manner for the well-being of all.  When Ra introduced the pyramid to Earth humanity, the elite quickly capitalized on the opportunity to garner power for themselves and use it to control the masses. The Ra group had no appreciation of what a mixed polarity humanity would do with such powerful tools as pyramids. The elite saw their opportunity, and Ra saw their own folly.

This corruption of the good for the service-to-self path is exactly what happens in mixed harvest planets like Earth. And this negative practice of apeing the positive is precisely what was so surprising to Ra and Yahweh.  It’s logical to assume that their own collective soul growth and harvest to the seventh density entails them learning how to most perfect the balance of love and wisdom. The sixth density, after all, is the density of unity.  At this level, an individual being as resolved any paradoxes within themselves (total integration of shadow and light within), become one in consciousness with all others in their society (social-memory complex), and put together in perfect balance the lessons of the fourth density (love) and the fifth density (wisdom).

Put differently, Ra and Yahweh’s primary lesson that remains for them in this octave is to redress their love-over-wisdom imbalance which they possess due to their own very harmonious collective soul evolution (a common trait for those evolving on one of the 60% totally positive planets).  As such, they are tied to Earth’s third density humanity because they are karmically responsible in part for their positive attempts going wildly awry. Their relationship with Earth’s humanity is part of their own collective Pascal Mystery that affords them the opportunity to progress further towards their Omega point.

All of this is to say that if Ra could not “plumb the depths of the distortions of Earth’s humanity,” they likewise could not ascertain the specific remedy that was needed to cut through the distortions in order to increase the harvest of humanity to the fourth density, which was rapidly approaching.  They couldn’t see. The Yahweh group couldn’t see, either.  But the Infinite Creator could and did see.  I would argue that all along, the plan was for the Infinite Creator’s Cosmic Christ to enter into Earth’s third density’s mixed energetics in the fullness of time to reveal the Archetype of archetypes: That Love is a Kenotic Flow between a communion of three who eternally die and rise in each other and for each other.  This Truth, this Archetype, transcends and includes all of the “lower” Logic and sub-logic archetypes.

radiant intimacy of the heart

How did the Cosmic Christ hope to portray relationality as a shortcut in spiritual evolution?  The plan seems simple to see “here on the ground.”  The plan was to use Jesus to enkindle the hearts of people so that their polarity increased to the vibrational threshold of fourth density (positive), 51% positive polarity or heart chakra activation. As we will see further in the next revelation below, the Cosmic Christ sent Jesus (who freely volunteered) as a realized fourth density being who was able to (almost) fully activate his fourth density body within the third density.  His presence just electrified the heart chakras of people and they fell in love with him.  They still fall in love with him.  And through falling in love with a person, they fell in love with the “Father,” whom they began to feel shared the same substance as the Infinite Creator.  Jesus presence revealed that God could be related to as a Person.  Through this I/Thou relationship, a person’s heart is opened and this allows for access to the higher energy centers (chakras) so they can be activated.

To sum up this section, I posit that all mixed harvest planets, which as we have seen is thirty percent of the total third density planets, probably have some sort of Jesus Event or group event that essentially reveals the same relational path. To put it visually, if the waters of distortion of a mixed planet like ours are so murky as to not be penetrable, an I/Thou relational model with a loving, merciful deity splits the sea so a bridge of dry land forms from the backwater village of duality to the glorious, golden city of the non-dual state.

Revelation 6: Earth’s Imminent Shift to Fourth Density

We now arrive at the sixth revelation of the Cosmic Christ through the person of Jesus: the planetary shift into the fourth density.  Behind the scenes, the Sun was moving rapidly towards an area of the Galactic Logoic Body that resonated at higher vibration. As planned, the Sun and all of its planets would experience an energetic increase.  Session nine in the Law of One Material provides quite an interesting description of the shift.


9.4 Questioner: The way I understand the process of evolution [of a] planetary population is that [a] population has a certain amount of time to progress. This is generally divided into three 25,000-year cycles. At the end of 75,000 years the planet progresses itself. What caused this situation to come about… preciseness of the years, 25,000 years, etc.? What set this up to begin with?

Ra: I am Ra. Visualize, if you will, the particular energy which, outward flowing and inward coagulating, formed the tiny realm of the creation governed by your Council of Saturn. Continue seeing the rhythm of this process. The living flow creates a rhythm which is as inevitable as one of your timepieces. Each of your planetary entities began the first cycle when the energy nexus was able in that environment to support such mind/body experiences. Thus, each of your planetary entities is on a different cyclical schedule as you might call it. The timing of these cycles is a measurement equal to a portion of intelligent energy.

This intelligent energy offers a type of clock. The cycles move as precisely as a clock strikes your hour. Thus, the gateway from intelligent energy to intelligent infinity opens regardless of circumstance on the striking of the hour.


In 17.22, Ra stated that Jesus knew that Earth was in its last portion of Master Cycle.  One can feel that urgency and longing that Jesus had in Luke’s Gospel narrative when he said, “I have come to set the world on fire, and I wish it were already burning!” Luke 12:49. He embodied the Love density (fourth density) as purely as possible and came to know as his vocation the enkindling of the heart chakras of humanity.  He came to light the match and turn up the gas in our hearts so that our souls would be ready for the shift when it came. The Cosmic Christ planned all along to break into this portion of third density with the great trump card, the Jesus Event.

It is of paramount importance here to say that a battle of sorts is now being waged within deeply hidden arenas between factions variant degrees of positive polarity and highly negative factions for how the narrative of disclosure will unfold.  This disclosure will not only reveal the existence of extra terrestrials and the fact that there has been a seventy-year governmental cover up but more shocking will be how the elite behind the Earth’s governments and power centers have committed heinous crimes against humanity without impunity for eons, with a particularly uptake of negativity beginning in first decades of the last century.  This essay will not be an expose of this material.  But let me reassure the reader that the post-disclosure world will be very different than the pre-disclosure one.  Whether there will be a Disclosure Event where a massive downloading of information happens at once or a gradual disclosure that will take decades to unravel is now what is being decided upon.

The reason why I bring up this highly controversial topic of disclosure in this essay is to position it within the greater parameters of the Pascal Mystery.  Karma on a grand scale is being balanced through the intense catalysts of current events, visible and invisible.  This is all part of the process of dying and rising.  Earth’s third density is ending and is currently in the very last gasps of breath.  We are in a collective dying phase but soon will experience a collective rising.  It is indeed a benevolent Universe and when we can surrender into the flow of Love in our own lives, we will radiate a infectious joy that enlightens the hearts of others.  When we do this, we join in the  same ministry of Jesus who so longed to set the world afire with the Love of God.

Divine Chakras, v3

The Return of Jesus

Before we end this essay, I want to briefly mention what Ra has to say about their understanding of return of Jesus.


17.22 Questioner: In our culture there is a great saying that he will return. Can you tell me if this is planned?

Ra: I am Ra. I will attempt to sort out this question. It is difficult. This entity became aware that it was not an entity of itself but operated as a messenger of the One Creator whom this entity saw as love. This entity was aware that this cycle was in its last portion and spoke to the effect that those of its consciousness would return at the harvest.

The particular mind/body/spirit complex you call Jesus is, as what you would call an entity, not to return except as a member of the Confederation occasionally speaking through a channel. However, there are others of the identical congruency of consciousness that will welcome those to the fourth density. This is the meaning of the returning.


Put differently, the meaning of the return of Christ can be seen more clearly now with the information from the Law of One.  The Return is the shifting into the fourth density bandwidth of conscious awareness.  Ra says above that Jesus “spoke to the effect that those of [his] consciousness would return at the harvest.”  Those of his consciousness would be fourth density beings heralding the transition into fourth density.  Many if not most of the children now born are what Ra calls, “double-bodied” Wanderers 


63.13 Questioner: Now these entities incarnate into a third-density vibratory body. I am trying to understand how this transition takes place from third to fourth density. I will take the example of one of these entities of which we are speaking who is now in a third-density body. He will grow older and then will it be necessary that he die from the third-density physical body and reincarnate in a fourth-density body for that transition?

Ra: I am Ra. These entities are those incarnating with what you may call a double body in activation. It will be noted that the entities birthing these fourth-density entities experience a great feeling of, shall we say, the connection and the use of spiritual energies during pregnancy. This is due to the necessity for manifesting the double body.

This transitional body is one which will be, shall we say, able to appreciate fourth-density vibratory complexes as the instreaming increases without the accompanying disruption of the third-density body. If a third-density entity were, shall we say, electrically aware of fourth-density in full, the third-density electrical fields would fail due to incompatibility.


The Kingdom of God is the Fourth Density: the “New Jerusalem”

In other words, the Cosmic Christ is returning now, in our midst, through the higher vibratory fourth density beings that have arrived early to the planetary shift.  Ra mentions that this is great privilege for them to be able to incarnate and participate in the transitioning over into the higher density.

Let me make this clear, we don’t need any of this esoteric material, really.  It’s all smaller components that make up the intricacies of the Many-ness of the Infinite Creator.  It’s sufficient to say that when more and more people open their hearts to each other and grow individually and collectively towards greater conscious union with each other and with God, then whatever “hundredth monkey” that finally tips the scale towards shifting into higher beingness, that will be the Return of Christ.

Nevertheless, one never fully knows what the Infinite Creator will do.  Perhaps Jesus will return, as a member of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator, in a space ship!  And behold, a voice booms down from the sky saying, “Surprise!”

Implications for this Christology and Concluding Remarks

I had long read that God is One and the Many, and then when I studied for my Masters in Pastoral Ministry years ago, I encountered Jesuit theologian, Karl Rahner’s, dictum: The Immanent Trinity is the Economic Trinity and the Economic Trinity is the Immanent Trinity.  The message that I was picking up was that God is creation.  But Christians were quick to say that was pantheism, a heresy. Instead, Christian theologians were very careful to speak about God and creation in terms of panentheism: God is in creation and creation is in God.  Moreover, traditional Christian dogma holds that Jesus and the “Father” share the same substance (homoousios) which is categorically different than the substance of creation. So it seemed that there were two substances out there? Yet one God?  I was picking up conflicting messages but whatever restlessness it stirred in me was unperceivable.  It remained quite in the background.

Then when I read the Law of One material, they seemed to have some “insider” information on the being that later became known as Jesus.  After more than two years of delving into this material, falling more in love with the person of Jesus, his message, and most importantly for me, developing a centering prayer practice that led me to unitive consciousness, I put together some pieces that make sense to me. In other words, once I began enjoying the unitive condition of soul where I know myself as being one with God on an experiential  level, I then could better synthesize this material so that a narrative emerged that satisfied me to some degree.  Whether I am right or wrong, I know that I am loved deeply, that I am contained in a larger reality that transcends and includes me.  I got the “who am I” part right so that I could attempt the “how did we get here” part with a bit more clarity and courage.

The Law of One Material, for me, is key to unlocking the conundrum of that pesky question, “If there is only one God, how can there be two substances out there?”  My response?  There is only one God, for who else is there?  There is only one substance, that of God! There is only one Incarnation  which took place when the Godhead threw out Its divine inner life as manifestation via the throbs of Love.  Jesus does share the same substance as the Father AND so do we, so does all of creation.  It is all ONE, after all.  Perhaps a new word that somehow combines pantheism and panenthism is overdue.  Maybe “panambitheism” might work?  (“ambos” is Latin for “both)

The bottom line for me is this, rather than God and creation possessing different substances (which as I said, doesn’t make sense), they possess different levels of gnosis.  Therefore the distinction between God and creation is on the level of awareness of oneness.  And that’s exactly the point!  What good is the concept of “Finity” if you can’t use it for self-exploration?  So God as the Many, or Cosmic Christ, seems to operate from varied levels of conscious awareness of this union, and therein lies the difference between the Godhead and creation.

What is the point of existing at various levels of awareness, the reader might ask?  Nothing less than Love!  The force of love, the second divine Law, resurfaces eternally in creation every time a “part of God” recognizes on some level itself in other “part of God.”  As Cynthia Bourgeault, quoting Jacob Boehme, states in her marvelous article  on this Christian mystic,  “For so,” Boehme says, “the eternal delight becomes perceivable, and this perceiving of the Unity is called LOVE.” The entire creation as the Infinite Creator eternally delights every time and everywhere the perception of unity becomes perceivable.

As far as my limited vision can see, the implications for a Christianity seen from a “Law of One Material”  perspective would be varied.  For mystical Christianity, not much, I think, would change.  Mystics have always intuited this kind of knowing and many enjoy the communion of being with the Infinite Creator, as the Infinite Creator, because they are the Word returned (cf John 1:1)!   For conventional Christianity, some pretty strong disillusionment might ensue.  And yet! As I have tried to lay out here in this essay, Christianity has intuited cosmic truths from the very beginning.  In fact, I would argue that incorporating Christianity into the metaphysics laid out in the Law of One Material provides a wonderful corrective for some of the dead ends found in the lived expression of Christianity.  The dead ends would be places in the Christian Body that relish the “two-steps back” part of the dance of spiritual evolution and have made these two-step back movements their dwelling place.  From a unitive consciousness standpoint, it’s not hard to spot the two-steps back movements by their sour fruit. Communities and ideologies stuck on the two-steps back always lead to 1) privileging orthodoxy over orthopraxis, 2) the development of elitism or tribalism, 3) an impulse to separate themselves from the rest, 4) desirous of conformity rather than celebrating diversity within unity, and 5) scapegoating. These five tendencies often led to a strong and paranoid power elite that increasingly busy themselves with deciding who is in and who is out of their flock. Dissention is not tolerated well.

Karl Rahner, SJ, along with the chorus of Catherine Lagunga, Rev. Cynthia Bourgeault, Richard Rohr, OFM, Thomas Keating, OSCO, and Mike Crosby, OFM, Cap, prophesized once that if Christianity doesn’t move into the mystical levels, it would die. On an intuitive level, many Christians sense this truth.  This is certainly true of the Emergent or Emerging Church movement which seems to be a positive outgrowth of Christians who seek unity within diversity through their commitment to dialog centered on the love and imitation of Jesus.





[2] 16.50  Questioner: Thank you. Is it possible for you to give a small description of the conditions [in] fourth density?

Ra: I am Ra. We ask you to consider as we speak that there are no words for positively describing fourth density. We can only explain what is not and approximate what is. Beyond fourth density our ability grows more limited still until we become without words.

That which fourth density is not: it is not of words, unless chosen. It is not of heavy chemical vehicles for body complex activities. It is not of disharmony within self. It is not of disharmony within peoples. It is not within limits of possibility to cause disharmony in any way.

Approximations of positive statements: it is a plane of a type of bipedal vehicle which is much denser and more full of life; it is a plane wherein one is aware of the thoughts of other-selves; it is a plane where one is aware of the vibrations of other-selves; it is a plane of compassion and understanding of the sorrows of third density; it is a plane striving towards wisdom or light; it is a plane wherein individual differences are pronounced although automatically harmonized by group consensus.


[3] 7.9 Questioner: I have a question here, I believe, about that Council from Jim. Who are the members, and how does the Council function?

Ra: I am Ra. The members of the Council are representatives from the Confederation and from those vibratory levels of your inner planes bearing responsibility for your third density. The names are not important because there are no names. Your mind/body/spirit complexes request names and so, in many cases, the vibratory sound complexes which are consonant with the vibratory distortions of each entity are used. However, the name concept is not part of the Council. If names are requested, we will attempt them. However, not all have chosen names.


[3] 37.4  Questioner: I have been very hesitant to ask certain questions for fear that they would be regarded, as I regard them, as questions of unimportance or too great a specificity and thereby reduce our contact with you. In order to disseminate some of the information that I consider to be of extreme importance; that is, the non-transient type of information, information having to do with the evolution of mind, body, and spirit, it seems almost necessary in our society to include information that is of little value simply because that’s how our… our society works and… how the system of distribution appraises that which is offered for distribution. Could you comm— Will… will you comment on this problem that I have?

Ra: I am Ra. We comment as follows: It is quite precisely correct that the level and purity of this contact is dependent upon the level and purity of information sought. Thusly, the continued requests for specific information from this particular source is deleterious to the substance of your purpose. Moreover, as we scanned your mind to grasp your situation as regards the typescript of some of our words, we found that you had been criticized for the type of language construction used to convey data. Due to our orientation with regard to data, even the most specifically answered question would be worded by our group in such a way as to maximize the accuracy of the nuances of the answer. This, however, mitigates against what your critic desires in the way of simple, lucid prose. More than this we cannot say. These are our observations of your situation. What you wish to do is completely your decision and we remain at your service in whatever way we may be without breaking the Way of Confusion.



6 thoughts on “Christianity in the Law of One: The Jesus Event

  1. Thank you. It took me all day to read this and has been a fruitful journey (work was not busy, thankfully). I hesitate to leave a message, as the beauty of your writing needs nothing added. My understandings are stretching (and groaning!) and as you can imagine, some synthesis happening on this end – I recall words I didn’t understand at the time but found so intriguing a few years ago when my family went to Phoenix to see Dr. Issam Nemeh (Miracles Every Day) and attend a healing session. He spoke before the healings and said something about a ‘matching’ needed to occur – I recall my understanding at the time was he was referring to the timing of the harvest. I won’t go into more detail, but this is just an example of one of the things that came to mind today, from the recesses of the memory banks, while I was reading your thoughtful writings. With Peace and Love, Mallory


  2. Hey… I found your article while searching for some “Ra” material. Always an interesting topic Jesus huh 🙂 I speak with the Yeshua energy, but it’s not one person, it’s Colllective Consciousness. I’m not Religious in this lifetime, but certainly I have been Christian in other lifetimes and been besoted with the whole Christ story etc

    The Ra material about Jesus is actually quite correct, although their wording is a bit confusing for people to read and understand..

    I very recently asked the energy collective of Yeshua does he remember that lifetime of Jesus Christ. This was his response…..
    “That is an interesting question, It is challenging for us at this point to differentiate between the many points of beingness that we once were as individuals, and so it hard to say that one of us is the one that relates to the Jesus Christ incarnation, but certainly there was that sense at one time of an individuated consciousness”

    When people connect to Yeshua, it’s really a massive group consciousness with no names. Even though they present themselves as one name Yeshua for our humanity to relate and he/they will show us images of the Yeshua person, but that’s more for humanity because of the HUGE attachment humans feel to his name etc. Where he/they are now, there are no names. Does that make sense to you?

    Love and Light
    Susan XXX


  3. You have cleared up so many things for me. Seeking is not easy at some points. Life is a beautiful journey. Thank you for taking the time and energy to type all of this. Much Love


  4. I NEED to chat with you. I loved this article and have been thinking very deeply about this every day for quite awhile with no one to have a conversation with about this complicated topic. Would you be down to zoom call? That would be amazing, thank you.


    1. Hi Mikey,

      Thanks for reaching out. I’m honored you read my article and that it has intrigued you.

      I’m happy to dialog with you over email. I’m work as a busy mental health counselor and a stay at home dad of three kids who are doing online schooling. I simply don’t have the time, unfortunately, for a Zoom call right now.

      But, I’d welcome your thoughts via email and then I can converse when in between the many things.

      Would that be okay?


  5. Definitely a looooooong read, and so thought out and deep with contemplation. I sincerely applaud you. I feel a kinship with you and those in this group who read and comment. As if we are all surfing the same cosmic energy wave. This all makes so much sense as we move along our evolutionary soul path. I have read & listened to The Law of One several times and recently have been spending time with the Gospel of Thomas. Your commentary has brought so much light of understanding to both. I am so thankful that I stumbled on! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


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