The 3rd-Density Ankh Event: A Law of One Discussion on Reconciliation, Archetypes, and Jesus




Doug and Troy (www.troycaldwell) engage in a wide-ranging discussion on a few perspectives of the Jesus Event. We discuss the nature of archetypes from a Jungian angle and how manifest in our third-density experience.  We highlight how the Jesus Event could have been a type of installation, or manifestation, of the Great Archetype–the Ankh–which brought to bear the “Reconciling Force” inherent when there are two previous seemingly irreconcilable forces colliding headlong into each other.

In our case, the human collective consciousness became so locked into the inertia of bellicosity where scapegoating, revenge, payback, and the call for aid formed a metaphysical karmic logjam of cosmic proportions.  This collective-karmic inertia kept our collective consciousness stubbornly well-below harvestable levels even as our portion of the galaxy was about to enter into a new field of metaphysical consciousness which would give rise to the next stage of evolution: the fourth-density experience.  Indeed, the train of our third-density collective consciousness raced rapidly toward an immovable cosmic “object” composed of a density of consciousness that was simply as incompatible as water is when poured into a vat of thick oil. 

How did the Logos plan and execute a pathway that resolved the planetary drama? Tune in and see what you think?

Some terms may not be familiar such as “space/time,” “time/space,” “third density,” as well as some Christian metaphors that are common within that belief system. 

The following is taken from Gary Bean’s concept guide



 A density is one of seven (or eight, depending on the perspective) dimensions, levels, or cycles of evolution in an octave of experience. It is called a “density” because each successive level is more densely packed with light. As with notes on a musical scale, seven densities are grouped together into an octave where the eighth density begins the first density of the next octave, this repeating infinitely.  

 Each density represents a quantum vibrational spectrum or portion of intelligent energy, constituting a fundamentally different level of reality and awareness for the constituents of that density. 

 Designed by the Logos, every density of experience offers its own set of lessons and parameters that must be learned and understood in order to cross the threshold and graduate from one density to the next. Each density completes its cycle according to the predetermined, clock-like rhythms of intelligent energy. 

 Every density has seven sub-densities. Every sub-density has seven sub-sub densities. And so on, infinitely. The core vibrations of the seven densities have correspondence to the seven true colors and the seven energy centers. 

 The seven densities of our present octave include: 

 ·        First Density: The cycle of awareness; associated with red ray; the foundation for all that is to come, traversed largely in timelessness until space/time is realized. It consists of the elements of earth, wind, fire, water. 

 ·        Second Density: The cycle of growth; associated with orange ray; the cycle of movement and striving toward the light. It consists of single-celled microscopic life at the lower end to advanced animal and plant life at the upper end. 

 ·        Third Density: The cycle of self-awareness; associated with yellow ray; the density of The Choice (service to others or service to self); the first of the activated spirit complex. It consists of humans or, as Ra calls them, mind/body/spirit complexes.”

“Fourth Density: The cycle of love or understanding; associated with green ray. 

 ·        Fifth Density: The cycle of light or wisdom; associated with blue ray. 

 ·        Sixth Density: The cycle of love/light and light/love, or love and wisdom, or unity; associated with indigo ray. 

 ·        Seventh Density: The gateway cycle; associated with violet ray; the density of completion and turning towards timelessness or foreverness. 

 ·        Eighth Density: The octave which moves into a mystery Ra plumbs not; associated with pure white light; intelligent infinity.”

[Excerpt From
The Ra Contact Resource Series: A Concept Guide
Gary L. Bean
This material may be protected by copyright.]

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