SOURCE!! trance

The following happened three mornings ago.  It was a new kind of experience for me.  It was incredibly vivid and I was not dreaming.  If the reader desires, he/she can go to this link to listen to the sounds of the sun which resembles uncannily to what I also heard/felt/experienced in the following trance:

I settled down in my prayer chair this morning.  I entered into my usual silent mind.  Too many thoughts!  I then created a golden merkaba, sphere of golden light. I put it on my head and watched it fall in and through my body, expanding until I was enveloped in the sphere.  I then told it to protect me from any distracting energies from any negatives that were trying to muddle my silent mind.

Then something very strange happened.
My mind crystallized on an image.  Normally I block images when doing CP.  But I was felt nudged by my guides to continue, should I choose.  I became aware that this was another dimension, a reality very real yet what I was seeing was not exactly how things are… it was viewed from within my subconscious so that I could make sense of it.
I was in a unending room.. so large as to be black.  But before me was golden light, a giant wall of gold.  There was a door, open, golden light streaming from within.  The door was a actually the bottom “triangle” of a huge Star of David… very clear to see for me.  As I approached, there was a very large violet object that straddled the whole Star.  It fell before me, it was like a guard.  puzzling.
I then entered the door and the light was so beautiful, golden with different sublte hues of reds, oranges, blues, violets, silvers, mixed in with the golden.  In the center of the room was a giant Golden Sphere.
At this point, I decided to test the spirits and said, In the name of Jesus, I command you to reveal to me your real nature, who are you?”
I heard a voice echo and blast forth like trumpets, “SOURCE!!”  At this utterance, all manner of noise like horns, and huge cacophony of sounds filled the entire room.  Underneath the joyous, chaotic din, was a deep, constant “ohm” resonance.
I was not frightened but realized that this place and this Sphere was the Almightiness of Sol, of Whom I wrote about previously.  All was Almighty in nature.  I then realized that the corroboration of this thought with the Star of David that I had seen etched in the golden wall.  The door was the bottom part of the downward Alpha triangle, the Almightiness of God.
The violet structure guarding the door was Raphael, not as a personality, but as a symbol.  Not sure why it did a nose-plant.  Maybe some sort of bridge or gesture to allow me to enter?
It then became apparent to me that SOURCE, as the Almightiness, didn’t have Personality, as such.  It was RAW POWER of creative magnitude.  It contained all things in potentiation.  I realized that the Omega part of God was in part what gave God personality since It accumulated Self-Consciousness from all logoi within Its Body (planets, us).  God and us grow together in the Omega-ness of God.

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