Gospel of Thomas with Doug and Noa: Logion 10

Logion 10:  Jesus said: I have cast a fire upon the world, and see, I watch over it until it is ablaze.


  • Fire:  Since Jesus was a person not a supernatural being this is not saying he cast any kind of literal fire, right?  Fire = wisdom or the light within or maybe lighting the fire that kindles the growth of self.
  • Watch over: a message of protection of some kind.  Jesus gave the messages that could start a person onto a path that will awaken their true selves.  Not actually him but Christ Consciousness is keeping watch. But why?  
  • Ablaze: awakened consciousness, or true selves.
  • More on fire.  Since fire spreads maybe this is also relating fire to his teachings.  Once they are set into the collective conscious they will become ablaze.

Doug: Good stuff.  

This Logion, I feel, is directly related to the Earth’s shifting into 4th density consciousness.  Jesus was a messenger of Love. Love is Christ Consciousness, the heart of the Logos. People cannot be harvestable to 4th density until their hearts are on fire with love, which would indicate that the heart has been activated. Love is a kind of burning… an ecstatic joy that burns and consumes.  Love is contagious and it is passed from person to person through some form of self-giving (self-emptying: kenosis). The Logos, through Jesus, showed humanity the clearest path to heart activation: relationality. No theology needed, just the practice of love through service and the joy that comes from it.  

radiant intimacy of the heart

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