The Universal Christ, part 2: The pattern of loss and renewal

Doug Esse

This second presentation on the Universal Christ continues to draw our attention to God’s perfect symmetry between the macroscopic and the microscopic. Secondly, Doug speaks about the pattern of Love’s own becoming in which there is always a dying and rising, loss and renewal, losing and gaining. This paradox is exquisitely exemplified by the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Drawing upon Richard Rohr’s teaching, we see that Jesus is a visible icon of an invisible universal Reality. To find out what God has been up to for the last 14 billion years, look at the life of Jesus; and to find out how to interpret the life of Jesus, engage with God’s “first Bible:” creation and its cycles of transformation. There’s perfect symmetry there, too.


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  • I believe the Christian faith is saying that the pattern of transformation is always death transformed, not death avoided. The universal spiritual pattern is death and resurrection, or loss and renewal, if you prefer. That is always a disappointment to humans, because we want one without the other—transformation without cost or surrender. (  –Richard Rohr
  • Christianity can help us realize that death and resurrection are part of the evolutionary path toward wholeness; letting go of isolated existence for the sake of deeper union. Something dies but something new is born—which is why the chaos of our times is, in a strange way, a sign of hope; something new is being born within. Out of chaos, a star is born. Breakdown can be break through if we recognize a new pattern of life struggling to emerge. –Ilia Delio

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