The Hero’s Journey, the Wheel of Karma, the Paschal Mystery, and the Cross

The Hero’s Journey

I believe  that the Hero’s Journey and the Wheel of Karma are the same thing.  The idea is that as a hero heros-journeymatures and learns humility through some great act of vulnerability and surrender, he or she rises to the final occasion and accomplishes the great feat of their life.  They end up returning to where they started but now transformed. They are a “resurrected” version of themselves.

From another perspective, in order for the hero to arrive at the crossroads wherein they are invited to radical vulnerability prior to some act of courage, he or she passes through the process of reconciliation.  They become reconciled with their fate, with their past, with their destiny, and they do this all through surrender and acceptance.  A synonym for reconciliation is forgiveness.  

The Wheel of Karma

In the Law of One, Ra speaks clearly that “in forgiveness lies the stoppage of the Wheel of…Karma” (Session 17.20). Acceptance and forgiveness are the two-pronged pathway that prepares a person wheel of karmato die… to die to their attachments, to die to their ego’s pursuit of power, prestige, and possessions, and then to die in some way through the confrontation with the adversary. All of this dying is for the sake of the rising that happens afterwards. To use more modern language, to “die and rise” is to undergo the process of positive transformation.  

The Paschal Mystery

The Paschal Mystery is Christian language to describe the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  This particular dying and rising has cosmic implications because the Logos, Itself,paschal mystery was showing the world through what I am calling, the Jesus Event, that the whole pattern of reality follows the same path.  There is only one journey: death and resurrection.  Moreover, the Paschal Mystery is the archetypal Hero’s Journey with a special twist that has implications for all of humanity. In Jesus’ case, what was the great adversary that he was “combating?” What was his “dragon?”  The Scapegoat Mechanism.

It is as if the Logos (and/or senior members of the Confederation of Planets?) were trying to say to all of humanity:

Stop scapegoating other people, other religions, other problems that are outside of you! By scapegoating, you project your shadow elsewhere and this keeps you trapped in third density because you just keep repeating your karmic lessons without learning the lessons!”

Jesus became the Scapegoat willingly so that we could see what we have done… we are supposed to be shocked at the implications of not recognizing pure Love/Light when It comes before us, in our midst–as one of us–and then killing this Light. He became “sin” [the Scapegoat Mechanism] so that we could individually and collectively stop scapegoating and start accepting and forgiving everyone, including ourselves, including reality, for all of the imperfections, pain, hurt, and imbalances.

—”In forgiveness lies the stoppage of the Wheel of Karma.”

The greatest hero’s journey is the one in which we confront our own places of hurt, betrayal, trauma, sadness, grief, and neediness.  Many won’t go there. They would sooner be angry and point fingers than surrender into vulnerability.

The Ankh

Therefore, what might be a symbol of this mystery that can be described as 1) the Wheel of Karma, 2) the Hero’s Journey, and 3) the Paschal Mystery? Ra and wisdom traditions offer the perfect symbol: the ankh. To paraphrase Ra, the ankh symbolizes the truth ankhbehind sayings such as:

  • The best way to find yourself is to loose yourself. (Gandhi)
  • Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit. (John 12:24)
  • If you die in this love your soul will be renewed. Die, die, don’t fear the death of that which is known. If you die to the temporal you will become timeless. Die, die, cut off those chains that hold you prisoner to the world of attachment. (Rumi)
  • It is in giving that we receive. (Prayer of St. Francis)
  • Thus the ankh is intended to be seen as an image of the eternal in and through manifestation and beyond manifestation through the sacrifice and transformation of that which is manifest. (Law of One)
  • There is no experience which is not purchased by effort of some kind, no act of service to self or others which does not bear a price, to the entity manifesting, commensurate with its purity. All things in manifestation may be seen in one way or another to be offering themselves in order that transformations may take place upon the level appropriate to the action. (Law of One)
  • …the cross indicates that nature of manifestation which may only be valued by the losing. (Law of One)

The Cross

Finally, through the Jesus Event, humanity was given a living icon of the ankh through what we now call, “the crucifix,” or “the cross.”  What am I saying here? In sum, the Wheel of Karma, the Hero’s Journey, the Paschal Mystery, and sacrificial love are all captured by the great archetypal symbol of the cross.  The cross is, in other words,  a great icon of invitation to:

  • Accept: to accept who we are, how we are, why we are.
  • Forgive: to forgive reality for how it is, to forgive ourselves, to forgive others.
  • Stop Scapegoating: to own our shadow and do our inner work so that we can look upon others with mercy and compassion.
  • Kenosis: to learn how to self-empty, surrender to need to control, manipulate, win, to defend, to go on the offensive, to use to the ego’s needs for power, prestige, and possessions.
  • Do the Work of Love and Understanding: to begin the work of fourth density right scapegoat-cosmic-mirrornow, within our own environment.  Heart-activated people activate the hearts of others.
  • Gaze into a Cosmic Mirror: to see ourselves in the struggle to live out a sacrificial love that doesn’t scapegoat but accepts being crucified upon this present moment’s opportunities to deal with life with integrity.

To choose to live the way of the cross is the Hero’s Journey.  It relieves karmic debt and brings karmic balance because in order to live such of a life of humility, surrender, vulnerability, and great courage, one has to be actively and intentionally engaged in deep spiritual practice and inner work so that we can learn how to die before we die.  There is no other way to live that life.  But it is a life worth living because this is how the cosmic light gets in.

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