Christ’s decent into hell

Bourgeault writes in her book, Mary Magdelen, that after the crucifiction, Christ did indeed descend, and stayed there for three days before returning.  What did he do?  According to her, he paid witness to the lowest level on the astral plane using his subtle body.  As Bohem wrote, God could not go hell but love could.  Jesus, the incarnation of Love itself, as the Christ, meets the most frozen, coldest areas of the astral plane and reconciles them to himself by being a witnessing presence. I see that he descends to the bottom, and once there attaches the seed of Love and uses it as an pull-system. As he ascends, he brings “hell” into the possibility for reconciliation with the rest of creation allowing it to see that separation from the One was always an illusion.  Montalk writes about the Demiurge and the Corrupt Demiurge.  In his work, he does allow for the possibility for redemption of this Corrupt demiurge, or Evil world thoughtform.  On densities 3,4, and 5, Evil and Good are in battle.  They resist each other.  6th density shows a unity where all is understand as one.  From this perspective, only the true understanding of the Cross can “defeat”  evil by letting it be and witnessing it.  The power of powerlessness.  I would posit that hell is the corrupted demiurge.  Further, I would argue that this shadow thoughtform will ultimately be transformed or will cease to exit.  Nothing is lost, all energy is retained and transformed.  It is the Christ consciousness that enlightens the shadow.  In other words,  just as humans have 7 chakras, this Universal Mind/Body/Spirit Totality has seven chakras.  As above so below, as below so above.  The demiurge, or soul, of the Universal Totality has its own shadow side, just like humans. It is the lower mind which as personified into what is called the Adversary. The upper mind of UT  allowed the shadow to happen due to giving it’s creation free will. This shadow became the ego of the Logos and attached itself to the lower chakras of God to perpetuate itself and resist the light of the upper chakras, the uncorrupted Demiurge.   When the shadow started to overtake the balance, the  upper mind or Logos, itself, incarnated as Jesus of Nazareth, to function as the great reconciler of the shadow and the light.

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