The Trinity as the Infinite Creator Experiencing Itself: Love!

Author: Doug Esse

The Christian notion of the Trinity is simply the “formula” or “pattern” that must exist in order for there to be creation. The following is my attempt to graph this out in simplistic ways. Don’t get caught up in the words, especially “Father” or “Son” but rather, notice the ungirding dynamic at play. The interplay of Three is how God experiences Godself through manifestation. The early Christian church called this interplay, the Divine Circle Dance (“Perichoresis”). Not a bad spiritual intuition for people living almost 1700 years ago. Not bad at all!


What does this mean? It means that all created things from the leaf and the rock to the dog and the person in the mirror (you!), are:

1) God experiencing Godself through the created thing!

2) Have an inherent relationship with the Divine. That’s the Holy Spirit.  You cannot NOT have a relationship. 

3) Have indwelling in your center, the same Holy Spirit that indwells in the Creator. 

To live a fully human life, to live an “ascended” life, to be “born again,” to live an “anointed life,” to live an “Eucharistic life, to live in union with Creator in an intentional way, all of these things describe what it means to truly see, feel, experience, and intuit the Infinite Creator in every person and in everything; and then serving the Infinite Creator by serving them and caring for them.  

One thought on “The Trinity as the Infinite Creator Experiencing Itself: Love!

  1. This is sooooo holy Grail stuff right here! ✨✨✨💫 I love how many your diagrams have this same quality of 3. Self other and the dance between. If I could post a picture reply it would be Alex Grey’s Holy Grail. Perfect depiction 😍


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