Merkabah and Synchronicity:

This falls into subjective, so not very interesting to anyone but me.  Still, I want to write, and write about it I will.  Last week, the word “Merkabah” was swirling around my head a lot.  In the Temple of the Heart on the astral plane, I saw the blue entity on the right side of the room pointing at the other side of the room where usually I see the golden beings.  This time I saw a jumble of golden energy and understood from the blue being that I was to make a merkabah out of the energy that was there.   I didn’t know how to do this and thought it would be complicated because I get lost in visualizing all the triangles and pyramids, etc.  I looked up a picture online to see what they look like.  Then once I could see the whole thing, I was able to just create one and then see myself inside of it. Once I had the whole thing together I could then inspect and see every part.  A day later I heard the name Merkabah from David Wilcock’s talk and I researched it a little more online and learned all about these rotations at various different rates and it sounded complicated.  I sort of stopped the movement a little for a couple of days. Then on Sat, last week, I was running on the high school track and asked in the name of Jesus for a sign if I needed to pursue the Merkabah thing.  I continued running around and then looked down and saw the attached picture on the track itself.  After I took the picture, I looked for other “merkabah’s” on the track and this was indeed the only one.   I’m not sure yet what to do with the Merkabah, but I’ll wait on more internal instruction.  I have no doubt that the Merkabah is important in both the personal as well as cosmic sense.  merkabah

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