Everything is distilled to their essence in 3rd Density Earth

What is found on Earth, the good, the horrible, and all levels of consciousness in between are found in all of the universe.  For the Creator is all beings and all beings are the Creator, in smaller and smaller holographic manifestations.  The Uni-Logos, which is the Logos as the Universe, is alive and Its body is made up of all of the galaxies (of which there are billions). Each galaxy is a Galactic Logos and is likewise the body of that particular Logos.  Each star is a sub-Logos, whose home density is  somewhere at the 8th density or beyond.  Each human (from earth or outside of earth) is a sub-sub logos.  The 3rd density is the classroom whereby one makes a choice to serve others of serve self; the right hand path or left hand path. Both paths lead to God.  At the 6th density, all is unified and the paths converge to enter into the total unity with the Creator. They still possess consciousness and individuality.  At the seventh density, self is itself let go while somehow individuality is not.

Each Logos at each level, from macro to micro, is evolving, growing in either to realize oneness or the in the expansiveness of unity.  In this particular Galactic Logos, the demiurge or what some of the gnostics called “Wisdom,” was created and became the matrix in which all physical manifestations take place.  The mind of the logos gives the demiurge the blueprints of ideas to make manifest and the latter creates.  The demiurge is the soul of the Logos, or grand thoughtform, or Elemental, that is not itself the Creator but the tool of the Creator to create the multiplicity.  Once the veil in third density was put into place to expedite and enrich the learning process, sub-sub logoi discovered that there were two paths that could be taken that lead to a reunification with the holy monadic self (at the 8th density).  The easiest path is the path of service to others  (STO) and the more complicated path is the path of service to self (STS).  The latter is a undaunted progression towards an intentional enlivening of the ego whereby the false self itself becomes the gateway to tapping into intelligent infinity.  This becomes worship of the self and the life of separation.  Entropy, which is always tailing such seekers, is avoided only by preying on the entities just below themselves on the hierarchical food chain.  It is the pathway of prey and predator.  This archetype and all archetypes of the cosmos are found here on Earth.  In the outer cosmos in higher demensions they take on awareness of self via evolution (natural or technolocially manipulated) and carry out what is natural to them, to prey and be preyed upon. Their food is anger, anxiety, hatred, and most of all, fear. This feeds the 4th density negative or STS path.  They are then controlled and fed upon their 5th D STS overlords.

The STO path feeds on love and begets more love.  STO beings respect free-will AND know how to set boundaries when necessary. STO does not manipulate but invites other to grow and meets one where they are spiritually at.  STO path loves Truth, and couples love with wisdom because: Love without wisdom is folly and wisdom without love can lead to  cruelty.

Both STS and STO present in 3D Earth rudimentarily and archetypically in 2D beings and intentionally in 3D beings.  Most in 3D, however, have not chosen a polarity yet and remain unpolarized and easily manipulated by 4D STS ET/ED.

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