Understanding Unity: A Reflection by a Law of One Forum Moderator

Article by Brian Preece (Admin at Facebook’s “Law of One: Ra Material Study Group”)
Doug S., here.  Brian Preece is one of the best moderators I have read in our community as his responses always seem to me to be balanced, respectful, very informative, and inviting.  I was delighted to read his response (below) to a question posed online.  I asked his permission to post his response here.  I edited it a little bit. I hope that you enjoy this brief reflection like I did.  
Original Question: 

When Ra speaks of us all being the one, I understand that we are all leaves on the same tree. I see all other selves as a part of me. Other explanations imply that we are literally the same thing existing in a form of super position. (i am me and you at once because “the now” is all there is)

So, am I, Jesus, and the 13 year old kid that lops off soldiers’ heads [which can be seen] on the internet simply existing at different places at different periods of the now or, are we all capable of experiencing those lives but not “destined” make those decisions as part of a list of learning that is to be done? I ask because another self posted earlier about her struggle with perspective and I now question whether I am to be both the best and worst case scenario or that I simply have the option.

Brian Preece’s response:

I think if you are coming at understanding unity from the point of view of identifying with your personality, you may interpret it as meaning, “I am all these other personalities too, most of them whom I disapprove of strongly”. I don’t look at it really as like me being all these other people. The reason being, I don’t think I’m even myself. As strange as that is to say.
I mean, yes, my experience of being in is world is that I have a body, I have an age, address, bank account, driver’s license, etc. and the world tells me I’m Brian Preece and all these other details, yadda yadda. But I exist beyond this personality and the actions, thoughts and feelings that belong to it. This is just a role I am temporarily playing. But I exist beyond these roles. I exist beyond name and form, beyond space and time. As do we all.
One way to think of it is to start with the Infinite. The One Infinite Creator is self-existent and is the source of all things, the source of all energy and intelligence, but also the totality of all things, which includes all of creation and all beings within the creation. The Creator is all that exists. Nothing can exist outside of that.
And when the process of creating an increasingly finite universe began as a way of the Creator knowing itself, you have to ask, what did it have to create with? The answer is, it had only itself, because that is all there is. So, no matter how distorted and seemingly limited the creation became, it is all really the same thing essentially[all share the Divine Essence].
But maybe that’s too cosmic for many people to relate to, and requires too much of a belief in an infinite intelligence that exists out there, outside of a brain trying to think about such things. So another way to approach it is to look at it from the point of view of where most people are right now. Which is someone who more or less identifies with the body, mind, thoughts, feelings, and personality that this world continually tells you that you are [and that we continually choose, too].
If someone is really inquisitive and starts to think really deeply about what exactly is consciousness, and what is matter, and what is the self, eventually they may start to question the conventional view that most people take for granted, that they are a separate and finite being existing in an external world. This is the beginning of seeing through the illusion of separation. The main thrust of oneness or unity is not that you are all these other people, but that there is no such thing as separation.
There are many, many aspects and levels to this, and one can take lots of approaches to begin being able to see through this apparent separation. Some people do it through studying quantum physics and they start to question, “Where do I physically end and the external world begin?” And they may discover that it is impossible to actually draw that line anywhere.
Or they may study psychology and the formation of the mind and personality and start to question: “What exactly is consciousness?” “What is the self?” Or they may study ecology, and start to realize, as Chief Seattle did, as expressed in this quote: “Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.”
But even these are still pretty conventional and lower level approaches, because you are still focused on physicality. Others stumble into it by taking the spiritual approach, that is, having a direct personal experience of oneness[which is the definition of mysticism]. And even this has many aspects and levels to it as well. But many people come to it via deep meditation, or through a psychedelic experience, or having a Near Death Experience, or having Out of Body Experiences. Or they may experience telepathy, and that might cause them to question, “How is it that information is able to travel from one mind to another across space and time instantly?” “Does that mean that consciousness exists beyond space and time?”
Anyway, this post is getting long enough, I will wrap it up by saying that it does not matter that we understand unity. We aren’t expected to at this point. For those on the positive path, as they progress, it will become increasingly obvious that oneness is the reality. The way I look at it is that 13 year old lopping off heads is a future enlightened being. It may take him a billion years to get there, but they all do, eventually. Maybe he’ll have to repeat third density a bunch of times, but eventually, he will make the choice and graduate to fourth density. And when he does, he will be nothing like the 13 year old lopping off heads.
16.39 Questioner: I am assuming it is not necessary for an individual to understand the Law of One to go from third to fourth density. Is this correct?
Ra: I am Ra. It is absolutely necessary that an entity consciously realize it does not understand in order for it to be harvestable. Understanding is not of this density.
Doug S.: The following is a video I made for a friend to explain how I use the Hoberman Sphere to explain unity and diversity.  The video’s quality is poor, unfortunately, but the reader can get the point, I hope.  It supports Brian’s reflection above. May we all carry and shine the Light of the Infinite Creator to Creation.

2 thoughts on “Understanding Unity: A Reflection by a Law of One Forum Moderator

  1. “Understanding is not of this density.” As a “Truther” there is an aspect of “self” that seeks understanding, verification, confirmation, etc. What a mystery! So, how do we “know” anything is “True”? I want to believe some things like “Christ-Consciousness”, love, etc. but are they just beliefs and, if so,…? Have a close friend that used to tell me, “Just because you believe something doesn’t mean it’s true.” So, what to do with “beliefs”? Thanks for the journey of exploration guys!


    1. Everyone, including Truthers, have many beliefs and belief systems. You have to have them so you can feel that you have a secure foundation to understand reality. Yet the great trick and one that is very hard to do is to make sure that our reality bubbles, or belief systems are “semi-permeable,” meaning that we can assimilate new knowledge to enhance old paradigms or we can accommodate new knowledge to replace and/or rebuild new belief systems. The key is humility… to know and accept that we don’t know everything. Many Truthers are not very humble in this sense, I’m afraid. Secondly, we need to have our own encounters with the divine which moves us into the mystical pathway to knowledge. To be a mystic is to experience for yourself what love is instead of reading second hand accounts from others. Many of us Truthers are not very mystical and end up feeling anxious a lot, just waiting for the next scraps of knowledge from Q or other authorities. We would do well to balance our left brain search for hidden truth with good meditation that gets you out of your mind and into the heart. From the heart, we can see more clearly because it is a higher seeing that allows for one foot in the eternal mystery of the unfolding Divine Creator’s plan to know Itself, and one foot in the relative, which in Earth’s case, is right smack dab in the middle of the great shift between 3rd and 4th density.


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