Gospel of Thomas with Doug and Noa: Logion 1

This is the first of a series that will explore the Gospel of Thomas through a dialog between two old friends.  The author of this blog, Doug, and his friend, Noa, were friends in high school.  We reconnected a few years ago and have been supporting each other along our spiritual journey.  Noa is currently enrolled in an online course connected with the Center for Action and Contemplation (www.cac.org) and they are studying the Gospel of Thomas.  Noa invited me to process this ancient wisdom writing. Our reflections come from our own experiences and filters. My filter is mystical Christianity and the Law of One.

If anyone finds these interesting or helpful, then it’s worth posting.


Logion 1 – These are the hidden words that the living Jesus spoke. And Didymos Judas Thomas wrote them down.  And he said: “Whoever finds the meaning of these words will not taste death.”

Noawords that stick with me after a reading:

  • The Twin, maybe he is talking about the deeper meaning/close other self of Jesus.  He sees how Jesus does and is speaking his deeper meaning to those that can understand it?
    • Doug: Yes, there are layers of meaning to each saying.  They should all point to the oneness of all things.
  • Secret Saying: his deeper meanings.  the message under the obvious ones.  Things like all is one, maybe?
  • Not taste death: because with this knowledge you understand that the veil between life and death is thin and not important and our spirit moves on, never dies?


Doug: This is good.. Yes, the idea is that if our hearts (nous=heart/mind) are activated, then we are vibrating at a level of awareness that can help us see and know (gnosis=lived experiential knowledge) that there is no death; that we are in 3rd density and that means that there is a veil of forgetting (that we are one with Source and with each other). This veil is there on purpose and is holy.  Yet from this side of the veil, we cannot see beyond this life here except through faith. Jesus’ words will help us pierce this veil as the heart/mind is activated (heart/mind= heart and throat chakras or love and wisdom chakras). There will be no tasting death because there it is known deeply that there is no death to taste. 

open heart

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