Gospel of Thomas with Doug and Noa: Logion 31

Logion 31: Jesus said: No prophet is accepted in his own village, no doctor heals those who know him.


Noa:  something to the effect of the peeps you knew before you started on the mystic path or on the path of kenosis probably are not going to get what you have learned/are learning/trying to teach.  I wonder if a doctor had a different position back then, like more of a mix of medical and spiritual doctor.


Doug: I think that it is human nature to doubt someone whom you’ve known all their life, or with whom your partnered with for many years, who has emerged or awakened with a calling that seems confusing or even scary.  There is just too much emotional baggage connected in those relationships.  People who are really close to the “prophet or doctor” know the warts, blind spots, and shadow-sides of her or him. The question becomes, how can this person really be called to teach or heal when they are broken themselves?  Didn’t I know them when they were young? Didn’t they play with my kids? Or, I’m married to him and this calling he feels is delusional.  

The biggest reason, it seems to me, that prophets or doctors (ie healer, shaman, energy worker, etc) aren’t accepted in their own village is that they are threatening to the belief systems of the villagers.  Traditionally, the prophetic role is someone who stands on the inside edge of a community, institution, religion, community, family, business, etc, and challenge the status quo. Their calling is to point out the shadow of the group in which they belong so that the whole system remains an open, living system that is capable of change, growth, transformation, and great inclusion of others.  When the prophetic role is not honored (read “whistleblowers”), then systems become closed, monolithic, “too big to fail,” and eventually, an idol itself, that entraps people within a static belief system. 

Lastly, the Ra group emphasizes that one heals oneself through faith.  A healer, witch doctor, shaman, light worker, etc does not do the healing but rather is a catalyst that helps the one who desires healing to generate the requisite faith that touches Intelligent Infinity and brings forth the new configurations.  The Ra groups related that this was how Jesus healed others; that Jesus didn’t, in fact, heal the others as much as acted as an instrument to hone and crystallize the faith of the one seeking healing. Through their own faith they were healed. Other well-known healers say the same thing.  They know that they are crystallized conduits of the Logos and that the power that heals does not come from them but through them. The power is from the Creator, of which we are all a part.

prophet without honor

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