Gospel of Thomas with Doug and Noa: Logion 13

Logion 13: 

Jesus said to his disciples, “Compare me to something and tell me what (some translations say who) I resemble.” 

Simon Peter said to him, “A just angel is what you resemble.” 

Matthew said to him, “An intelligent philosopher is what you resemble.” 

Thomas said to him, “Teacher, my mouth utterly will not let me say what you resemble.”  Jesus said, “I am not your (sing.) teacher, for you have drunk and become intoxicated from the bubbling wellspring that I have personally measured out. And he took him, withdrew, and said three sayings to him. 

Now, when Thomas came to his companions they asked him, “What did Jesus say to you?” Thomas said to them, “If I say to you (plur.) one of the sayings that he said to me, you will take stones and stone me, and fire will come out of the stones and burn you up.”

Noa: Ok, I am doing this pre-coffee so…  I know better than to try to figure out those 3 sayings ;).  I do not know enough about Peter or Matthew to know if their answers have some hidden meaning based on their gospels but I can talk about the Thomas one.  Clearly he sees the deeper message Jesus was trying to spread. He knows he gets it but also knows that others did not really get it and seems to know they are just not ready, but might eventually get it.  This has deep, deep wisdom to me. Talking to the teachers among us, telling them to use discretion…??


Doug: This is also a very interesting piece because the three synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke) have Jesus asking this question and Peter was given the voice of saying that Jesus was the long awaited Messiah. Then Jesus says that Peter is the rock and upon this rock he’ll build his church… this was seen as the anointing of Peter to head the whole thing after Jesus. In the Gospel of Thomas, Peter is saying that Jesus is a just angel.  An angel is a messenger of God, that’s the definition. So, the Gospel of Thomas has Peter not connecting the dots with Jesus being the Christ. Matthew has Jesus being more of sage, a world teacher.  

The Gospel of Thomas then has Thomas seeing between the lines and not able to say who Jesus was perhaps because there are no words to describe the kind of metaphysics behind the Jesus Event, esp given that 2000 years ago they wouldn’t have had the collective mindset to handle all of it.  

Jesus then says that he is not Thomas’ teacher. Why?  Perhaps because he saw in Thomas a student who was ready to draw upon the same source as Jesus and become a teacher in his own right?  In any case, it does seem that Thomas was initiated into some crazy awesome white magical teaching that pulled the veil back a lot.

One has to be ready for such things, for sure.  So, Thomas was likely told by Jesus not to reveal these teachings until the students who find him (guided by Spirit) were ready. As to the stones, what Thomas may have heard is something so crazy that it would cause an upheaval of the belief systems that operated in the companions.  My fantasy is that Jesus revealed the Law of One stuff to Thomas and perhaps about the Confederation of Planets in the Service to the Infinite Creator, of which Ra said that Jesus was a member. Perhaps Thomas was, too (likely, actually) and Jesus revealed this? In any case, that would be disturbing to the conventional belief system! 

red pill

The fire that would come out of the stones to burn up the would be killers, I believe is a metaphor, unless Jesus taught Thomas how to do that, which would be possible and such things have been done.  Yet, fire is usually associated with Love and Spirit in the Gospels. But fire can be dangerous when the person is not ready for such Love/Light. Burning up doesn’t sound good and I would liken it to what Ra says about becoming unbalanced in the upper chakras if the lower chakras aren’t  harmonized to some sufficient level. 

There are Christian inner wisdom stories, especially with the www.Researchersoftruth.org who claim that Jesus taught a select group of people much more cosmic things including how to use intelligent energy to heal, materialize things, disappear, project their body elsewhere, etc.  

hands of light

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