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Law of One Graphics, Intro: 3rd Density

Author: Doug Esse The following graphs and texts are my own interpretations of some concepts in the Law of One regarding 3rd Density. This is not meant to be highly nuanced but rather a primer. It is hoped that the reader will read the material itself, which can be found on the L/L Research website: … Continue reading Law of One Graphics, Intro: 3rd Density

Towards a Theology of Oneness

Summary of Reflection: The early Christian insistence that Jesus and God's substance was different than that of creation was a three step forwards movement at that time.  It was good.  Yet now the insistence may be moving towards the two-step back movement with our current scientific understanding of quantum physics and the unity of all things.  … Continue reading Towards a Theology of Oneness

Christianity in the Law of One: The Jesus Event

Article by Doug Esse Abstract: This long article attempts to bridge the "apparent" gap between the metaphysics of Christianity and the Law of One material. For this author, the Law of One material is the clearest presentation of the Perennial Philosophy which undergirds all of the world's major religions.  Through the Jesus Event, the fullness … Continue reading Christianity in the Law of One: The Jesus Event