Introducing A.C.

A.C. is a friend and spiritual brother of mine on this amazing gift of living at 3D Earth at this space/time.  He introduced the Law of One to me. He is also a Christian, as I am.  Moreover, he is a therapist and has deep understanding of the inner life, depth psychology, dream work, Jungian thought, and spirituality.  He and I dialog often in our private emails to each other and there always emerges really good food for contemplation and thought.  I approached him about the possibility of including here some of our thoughts as regards to my writings in this blog.  My hope is that on some of my reflections, I pass on to him via email and he will provide his own insights.  Then I’ll edit the dialog and post it here for anyone to see.  This is done as a service to other with love and light. His work can be found

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