Spiritual Implications of UFO’s

by Doug Scott, LCSW

Below is my interview with Rick Archer, founder and host of the Buddha at the Gas Pump podcast. I’m interviewed with Mark Gober, the author of “An End to Upside Contact: UFO’s, Aliens, and Spirits–and Why Their Ongoing Interaction with Human Civilization Matters.”

Here are my main points about the UFO phenomenon. For comprehensive coverage of all of these ideas, I invite you to read the two articles linked below the video of the interview.

Just as your body contains trillions of cells, you are a gestalt of those cells–something greater than the sum of your parts. Just so, there is a Universal Body which transcends yet includes everything, every thing.

Just as you have seven primary chakras, the Universal Body has seven primary cosmic chakras called “densities.” Each density in the cosmic octave is a unique and interconnected expression of light/love much like each note in an octave of music is unique yet a part of the whole. The densities are bandwidths of consciousness that configure light/love into metaphysical environments which correspond to stages of consciousness evolution.

Earth is a third-density planet which has moved into a cosmic environment corresponding to fourth-density, green-ray light/love. Earth will be a fourth-density planet in time but at the moment, Earth and its third-density humanity are in the process of transitioning. And the transitioning is belabored.

Third density is the only density where there is a “veil of forgetting” in place. The purpose of this veil is so that sentient beings who have awakened to the level of self-awareness, can make a choice of moral or ethical polarity; something that will provide the thrust for psychospiritual evolution for millions of years to come. Eventually, all beings choose the positive path–which is the only path within the great Mystery of Union and Unity–in early sixth-density.

However, the choice of polarity is paramount because the two polarities, positive and negative, provide mutual catalyst for each other which leads to further polarization or evolution up through the densities of consciousness. Most beings choose the positive path, and this is true for Earth’s humanity.

Nevertheless, just like one would not force a young child to solve calculus equations because they would not be ready for that level of math, it is not appropriate for a self-aware being who is learning third-density lessons to be thrust into fourth density energetics when they are not ready.

The experience would be too intense because a third-density operational system couldn’t handle the denser forth-density power upgrade. And as it stands, here at the tail end of Earth’s third density experience, our human collective unconscious has not polarized enough into green-ray consciousness on either the macro or micro levels. We are not ready for fourth-density lessons–even as Earth has fully entered into the fourth-density sector of our galaxy.

The mismatch of energies has caused a kind of metaphysical heat in a similar way that a wobbly tire would heat up if it were on a car going down the highway at 70 mph. This heat causes a metaphysical greenhouse effect resulting in super intense collective experiences. We are being given the opportunities to learn the third-density lessons we haven’t yet grasped in ever more intense ways.

It’s as if the cosmos were assertively inviting humanity to look at itself in the mirror and figure out how to know, to accept, to forgive, to balance, and to open itself to greater love. But humanity is not looking in the mirror as we struggle to look elsewhere and to scapegoat anything else for our continued discomfort.

We cry out for aid in our confusion. Aid is given in the form of inspiration to help us break through our own consciousness logjam. Inspiration comes in the form of different types of service. However, the responsibility to carry our Cross is ours.

Nevertheless, our “other-cells” in the Universal Body are with us in this and they lend us support so that the weight does not break us.

And that is the main purpose of UFOs; at least the UFO’s that come from positive ET groups. The negative ET groups see our collective confusion, and like opportunistic bacteria that infect a wound on the body, they desire to inject more confusion and negativity into our experience. They also desire to mitigate the effects of the positive groups.

Both the positive and negative groups, who come from fourth density, effectively cancel each other out but in doing their battling, they serve a pivotal purpose: they sop up the excess metaphysical heat which would render our third-density condition so intense that it would grind to a halt, or blow itself up.

Their “war in heaven,” as it were, results in a lightening of weight of our Cross that we, ourselves, must carry. Do they know that they are doing this? I don’t know. But this Universal Body balances Itself just like our bodies attempt to do. And we are never alone nor without hope!

Transcendent to our cosmic Octave of experience, there are beings who act as Guardians. They guard the evolution of the One Infinite Creator whose Body includes all of the densities. God’s evolution is our evolution, since we are God having experiences as third-density beings.

These Guardians steward precise amounts of love/light and light/love into our Octave, especially God’s third chakra, including Earth’s humanity, following some kind of crazy complicated cosmic-divine karmic algorithm.

This algorithm ensures that each holon or fractal of the Creator, is given exactly what it needs to evolve. Any negative experience that comes to us from the negative polarity is always matched by the potential for an equal amount of positivity to be activated. And the reverse is also true.

Some of the UFO’s are from positive ET groups. Some are from negative groups. Some are from us, which belong to hidden areas of our societies.

The ultimate reason why aliens have influenced humanity, whether for the positive or the negative, is because they are the “winds” of the Creator which attempt to blow humanity one direction or another in order to choose a polarity and begin to polarize along their chosen path. That choice is the only key that can unlock the door to the next steps in evolution. If we don’t grasp that key because we haven’t figured out how it works, then help is sent to motivate and inspire us on our learning.

Most of you reading this are positive. Most of us still struggle with unhealed wounds, fears, anger, and projection. We don’t need to focus on things like UFO’s or even esoteric sources if they don’t help us to awaken to the awe and wonder of the Creator Who is presencing Itself as the immediacy of our lives. Whatever we focus upon should inspire or enhance us to serve others more undistortedly.

I argue that one important way forward that we can do as a collective, or parts of the collective, is to enter into greater solidarity with the marginalized, poor, and those who do not benefit from the system.

Freedom to work for justice and equality of opportunity for all could be the best way to exercise our free will in third density.

Thank you for reading and for your interest. Here is the interview.


For further reading on these subjects, please check out:

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One thought on “Spiritual Implications of UFO’s

  1. I had abduction experiences since childhood, ending (to my knowledge, at least) in the late 90s. Last year I thought I’d finally “get to the bottom of all this” by (stifle the laughter) reading every book out there on the subject of UFOs and abductions. About a third way through this expensive task, I realized that no one really has the answer, and that I was tired of one person’s opinion after another. I at the ripe age of 71 have decided to let the mystery be, and spend the rest of my life caregiving my spouse (who is slowly dying of Parkinsons and Alzheimers) and be at peace with this enigma. I find this much more gentle and soothing than “demanding” to get to the bottom of all this. And now I am more happy.


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