The Prayer of the Holy Spirit and the Law of One

“I have come to bring fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled!” Attributed to Jesus of Nazareth (Luke 12:49)

Reflection by Doug Esse

Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love. Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created. And You shall renew the face of the earth.

The Creator is wholly all that there is. The Creator is holy and every experience experienced by every entity is a participation in the (w)holiness of the Original Thought (82.10) and the Original Desire (20.27).

“I am Ra […] The infinity of the spirit is an even greater realization than the infinity of consciousness.”

Law of One, session 80.20

Intelligent Infinity is Spirit, whole and undistorted. Intelligent Infinity comes into a pointed focusing of spirit into a singularity of will to experience Itself [ref 13.7]. Intelligent Infinity does this through Love.

As Love evolves over time, creation becomes self-aware in the form of third-density beings [ref. 13.21, 14.1]–and with even more time, the veil of forgetting was installed as an upgrade in the third-density operational system [ref. 82.21]. And this is key!

Third-density beings offer the Creator the experience of wielding incarnate intelligence which can only be wrought on this of the veil [ref 56.3]. A veiled third-density being has a unique ability–unique in all of the creation [ref 76.16]–to develop and nuance the Original Thought in the form of will, and to develop and strengthen the Original Desire through faith.

With the Creator in the form of a mind-body-spirit complex in third-density [ref. 51.10], Intelligent Infinity and Intelligent Energy can be activated, brought into third density, and utilized to further co-create catalysts that synch up more or less to the frequency (or “strength” [ref 27.15]) of the Original Thought [ref. 54.8].

To put this differently, since the turn of the twentieth century, we have have known of the wave/particle dual nature of subatomic particles. An electron, for example, is both a wave and a particle, and depending upon the presence of an observer (witness, or activator), the electron will remain a wave–and thus stay in the realm of time/space (ie astral)–or collapse into a particle, and become manifested in space/time. And what does it take to bring the electron-wave into form? The answer is an incarnate intelligence that is incarnated here in space/time third density, and an intelligence that impresses the moment with intention.

Just so, we incarnated third-density mind-body-spirit complexes through our will and faith have the ability to shape the omnipresent light-energy [ref 58.12] into usable energy–or Love, if you prefer–in our third density space/time experience.

It is also a well-known truth that when a collective of mind-body-spirit complexes act together with some threshold level of unity, the Law of Squares [7.1-7.8] exponentially intensifies the call for aid and can make manifest substantive changes to third-density reality [ref 3.10].

Therefore, prayers such as the “Prayer to the Holy Spirit,” is vastly appropriate and efficacious for those who stand with Jehoshua (Jesus) and say, “I have come to bring fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled!” (Luke 12:49).

This “fire” is the love-light of fourth density whose frequency syncs with an activated green-ray energy center (heart) and brought into manifestation by willing incarnated intelligences, us! When our hearts are enkindled, we enkindle the world, and an enkindled world feeds back love-light into our hearts. Thus the Law of Squares [ref. 10.14] is once again activated and the result is an exponential augmentation of fourth-density vibratory conditions!

We incarnate third-density mind-body-spirit complexes are the Creator who participate in the Creator’s Original Desire to become one [ref 20.27], and the oneing culminates in the fourth-density formation of a social-memory complex.

Indeed, the Creator’s Original Desire’s space/time manifestation in fourth density comes into form as the social-memory complex phenomenon [ref 38.7, 47.2]. But the social memory complex starts here, now, in third density–with you and me and our calling forth the Creator’s Love to intensify and particulate love and light amidst our Earth’s third density vibratory conditions, which up to now have been characterized by unpolarization.

“I am Ra […] When there is no progress those conditions which grant progress are gradually lost. This is one of the difficulties of remaining unpolarized. The chances, shall we say, of progress become steadily less.”


“I am Ra […] The overriding reason for the offering of these Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow in incarnative states is the possibility of aiding other-selves by the lightening of the planetary consciousness distortions and the probability of offering catalyst to other-selves which will increase the harvest.”


Come Holy Spirit

We, incarnate third-density entities, do hereby activate the Law of Squares through our calling forth the Creator’s love and light.

…fill the hearts of your faithful

We unite our wills and point our collective compass in one direction [ref 13.23]. We exercise our will to become intensifiers of the green-ray density prana by activating our green ray centers right here and now. And we have firm faith that what we seek shall happen.

…and enkindle in them the fires of Your love.

We call down the Wind and Fire of fourth-density love-light to burn incandescently in our hearts [ref 78.29].

Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created.

We now stand shoulder to shoulder with our gaze united upon the cracked, dry tinder and kindling of the logjam of Earth’s third density consciousness; stuck as it is in the frozen desert of bellicose attitudes.

We willing conduits allow You-in-Us to inhale the cosmic green-ray energy down into our third density. And then expel breath over the breast of our collective Body from right to left [ref. 103.15], stoking the small embers that still burn in yearning for unity into a unquenchable flame that transmutes the miasma of illusion and misrepresentation that we project upon each other into the sweet fragrance of reconciliation and forbearance [ref. 80.12].

And You shall renew the face of the earth.

And You-as-Us–We-as You shall renew the face of the earth.

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