A Response in the Law of One Study forum on FB

There was a discussion on Facebook regarding Jesus specially in the light of the law of one material. Discussion was centered around a proposition that held that Jesus did not say , “I am the way…” etc but rather actually said, “ I AM is the way…”. Without disagreeing with this, I wrote the following:

Without denying anything that is written above, there may be another nuance that can be gleaned from Jesus’ words, I Am the way, etc. What if Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection was a kind of embodying of the great archetype of manifested reality? What if the whole Jesus Event was a statement, or revelation, of cosmic principles and a concrete display of the path of spiritual transformation inherent to all spiritual teachings? What if the Logos used the Jesus Event to bring concept and philosophy to the level of the personal and relational? So, what was the great message of the Jesus Event? Namely, it was to reveal the living and embodied archetype of the ankh. See Ra’s description in session 93: We may indicate that the crux ansata is a part of the concept complexes of the archetypical mind, the circle indicating the magic of the spirit, the cross indicating that nature of manifestation which may only be valued by the losing. Thus the crux ansata is intended to be seen as an image of the eternal in and through manifestation and beyond manifestation through the sacrifice and transformation of that which is manifest.
It seems that real spiritual transformation always includes a self-emptying and surrender to the Infinite Creator. To become a crystallized healer, Ra says that one has no will of his or her own; and that the adept becomes more and more of that which he/she is: the Infinite Creator. Finally, to surrender our own needs and selfishness so that we are polarized 51% towards the positive is a way to harvest to the 4th density. Truly, living a surrendered life, becoming a living ankh, is a way to realize our own Godhood… and that is to know Eternal Life.

To sum: it could be that the Logos “said” a statement, a Word. That Word was the Jesus Event. That Jesus Event was to reveal the pathway of the ankh. The ankh is the great archetype how the One manifests as the Many and that through manifestation, as Ra says, the Infinite Creator knows Itself. The How of this Logoic Self- knowing is through self-emptying. Just my thoughts, though.

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