Law of One Summary: Session 12

Article by Doug Esse

May the peace and joy of our Infinite Creator be with all of you! I invite you to read the Law of One session 12 in full which is found below my reflection. In this summary, I give a brief summary of the particular question and answer, then I add my reflection in blue italics. As always, my distortions are at play, so please read the full session for yourselves and make up your own minds. Much love to you, dear reader.


12.0-12.1 Don asks if two of their friends could join in the channeling sessions and perhaps ask questions. Ra says that maybe they could eventually join in but right now those two are not tuned correctly for participation. They have been too busy!

At the beginning of session 12, the Ra group gives us an important reminder that energetic attunement really counts! Though they were referring to two individuals who wanted to come and join in the circle and participate in the Ra channeling, Ra makes it clear that the Ra contact requires a careful spiritual, emotional, and physical calibration that would create the proper attunement to pick up the narrow band channel. Somethings get in the way of this kind of quality of presence including busyness! Busyness is less a condition of moving around too much and getting things done. It’s a state of inner restlessness that doesn’t harbor a still and calm center. Ra advises the seekers to meditate and cultivate an inner stillness before they can participate in the channeling. This goes for us, too. How are we cultivating an inner stillness and an energetic attunement towards living as agents of love and light to the world?

“The key is silence…” Ra, session 5.2

12.2 Don wants to know more about the Orion “chariots.” What description would Ra give? Ra says that the chariots, or space ships, compromise various shapes, sizes, and capabilities. The Orion Empire is made up of several different civilizations and they don’t always share their technology with each other. Some of the civilizations can even tap “intelligent infinity” and travel instantly in time and in space.

We get a glimpse here of the mind behind the negative polarity. The different groups don’t share technology because the more powerful civilizations would loose their advantage over their minions. Tapping intelligent infinity is a high form of magic where the adept(s) tap into the potential contained in the allness of the One Infinite Creator and thus yield energy for work.

12.3  Don asks if the Confederation attempts to stop the Orion group from coming to Earth. Ra says that there is a quarantine upheld by a network of guardians who question anyone who enters the territory. However, there are those who know how to penetrate the quarantine net in secret. They slip past the guards, as it were.

12.5. Don doesn’t understand. Ra elaborates that there are different levels of guardians who monitor the Earth’s fields. If a being or ship comes near, the guardians hail the visitor in the name and power of the One Creator. The visitor, Ra says, will choose to obey the quarantine because the visitor will not want to infringe upon free will of Earth humans.

By “different levels,” Ra may be saying that there is a team of guardians made up of beings from different densities. Fourth density beings would work at a fourth density level of advancement. Likewise for fifth and sixth densities. As we will see a later session, at the top of this team is a group from beyond the octave (very advanced!!) who installed the energetic quarantine in the first place. How I understand what Ra is saying here is that positive or curious ET groups would approach Earth and be hailed. They would be notified in some manner that the free will of Earth’s humanity is to be honored and please do not interfere with their evolution. However, only positive or curious groups with positive intent would want to honor this free will. There must be some kind of mechanism at place to stop nefarious groups who have space ships from entering en masse. But those Orion members who do enter, do so through holes in the ‘net,’ which appear randomly. We’ll see later in the material that the holes are not random at the level at which they are generated and created by the highest level of guardians.

12.6-12.7 However, Ra continues, that there are those beings, namely from the Orion Empire, who know how to slip past the guards and the net through what seems to be random windows that appear from time to time.

UFO’s that are witnessed are most often from Orion or human made

12.8-12.9 Don asks if the slipping behind the net is evident when we see UFO’s in our skies. He wonders if they are from Orion. Ra says that many seen are indeed from Orion and they communicate telepathically to people. When the message is received by a positive person (on the service-to-others path), what is often “picked up” is that times will be hard in a doom and gloom kind of way. Negative humans find the Orion messages to be very helpful. Ra also says that the Confederation sends out projections or thought-forms and these can be seen. Finally, other UFO’s are human made and part of the military.

12.10 Don asks a specific question about which group contacted a well-known researcher, Henry Paharich. Ra says they cannot relate this info because it would infringe on his free will.

12.11-12.12 Don wonders if Ra can answer what group contacted the group to which he belonged in 1962. Ra said that it was indeed the Confederation’s projection of a thought-form.

12.13-12.14 Don asks what kind of info does Orion give when they slip through the net. He also wants to know if it is transmitted telepathically. Ra affirms this and says that there are black-magic rituals that are performed to make the telepathic contact. Moreover, there are beings on the inner planes who are negatively orientated and can be invoked to help guide, teach, and possess the seekers.

12.15-12.16 Don asks if humans can get confused when calling and thus pick up both the Confederation and Orion. Ra affirms this and says that it is rather commonplace. A positive person may pick up the negative Orion and receive messages of doom, but the negative person will be given direct information and guidance along the negative path. Ra says that many positive contacts start out connecting with the Confederation but when they desire proof, they became vulnerable to loosing contact with the Confederation and picking up Orion, mostly from negative fourth density. The switch happens behind the scenes and the contactee does not realize it.

This is key. Ra states in other areas in the Law of One that Moses was one such person who had contacted the positive Yahweh group but as time went on, and the people demanded results, the Orion group was able to slip in and begin mimicking the original Yahweh. From Ra’s perspective, the Jewish religion, as an archetype for all Earth’s religions, is mixed in polarity. In the case of religion, however, Ra says that a faith seeker who is pure in intention (single hearted) and desires to follow the faith towards the service to other’s path, can indeed find a pure path to union with the Creator. This is good news!

12.17 Don wonders if we could see a fourth density being. Ra says that fourth density beings choose to be invisible but they could appear to humans if they concentrated on materializing within the third-density vibration.

12.18-12.19 Don asks if there are Confederation or Orion beings here on Earth, working, influencing, and walking among us? Ra denies that this is happening at present (1981) but Orion does operate via materialized thought-projections and robots. They say that the Orion robots would appear human and indistinguishable to us.

12.20-12.22 Don wants to know about the Men in Black phenomenon. Ra elaborates that the MIB are materialized thought-forms with some “beingness in their makeup.” Their frequency is not third-density and thus they are able to appear and disappear at will. The MIB are used by Orion. Don gets curious and wants to know what would happen if he captured one. Would the MIB be touchable? Would it disappear? Would Don be violating the Law of One if he tried something like that? On this latter point, Ra does not interpret the Law of One (give advise) because that would be a violation of Don’s free will and invites him to think about it for himself.

12.26 Don asks about Wanderers. Who are they and where do they come from? Ra answers that life in the universe is as numerous as the sand on Earth. There are positive societies that have melded into one unity and have decided as a group that they would like to serve others who call for their aid. These groups can be seen as Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow in that they desire to move towards the sorrow of the entities that call them.

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12.27-12.29 Don asks how many Wanderers are incarnated on Earth. In 1981, there were about 65,000,000 ET souls in human bodies on Earth, a few coming from fourth density and the vast majority coming from sixth density. Ra explains that there is a gamble to Wandering in that the Wanderer may forget their mission and be swept away by Earth humanity’s distortions, getting karmically entangled through consciously acting in an unloving manner towards others.

12.30 Don wonders if Wanderers have physical illnesses when they incarnate. Ra affirms and explains that the vibrational differences between Earth’s third density and a Wanderer’s home density (4th or 6th) causes maladjustments including 1) feelings of severe alienation, 2) personality disorders, and 3) allergies.

(The following is taken from my article on Wanderers. You can access that here if you wish: The Law of One, Info Graphics: Wanderers.) Most of the people that I know who identify as Wanderers say that they never felt like they fit in emotionally and spiritually on Earth, even as little kids–that somehow it’s not home. It could be that some people who believe they are Wanderers are, in fact, not Wanderers, but suffering from deep mental illness. It is also true that many who are suffering from deep mental illness could be Wanderers. It is hard to say and it is for the individual person to delve deeply into their own inner lives to find the truth. And the truth should be simultaneously freeing as well as inviting to live a life of joy amidst the sorrow. This will keep a Wanderer who has awakened to his or her mission humble so that they can continue their greatest task of deeply incarnating here to do good work. If a Wanderer just desires to go home, then there may be imbalances and one will not feel the joy that comes with union with Infinite Creator on this side of the veil of forgetting. Home is here because here is where the Infinite Creator dwells. As the Ra group says in Session 10.14: 1) Look in the mirror: see the Infinite Creator; 2) Look at your neighbor: see the Infinite Creator; 3) Look at creation about you: see the Infinite Creator; and 4) surrender to the moment with an open heart for love of the Infinite Creator is ever present.

The Ra group lays out why the Wanderer looses his or her memory and the emotional consequences of that which causes the journey on Earth to be so hard in Session 65.19 (paraphrasing):

  • The genetic properties and even the cellular structure of the body is different between a third density human and a human coming from the higher densities (4th, 5th, or 6th). When a Wanderer incarnates in 3rd Density, they totally become a 3rd Density human at every level with the exception of their innate stronger connection to the spiritual. The Wanderer volunteers for this total amnesiac experience out of a strong desire to serve their other-selves in 3rd Density.
  • The free will of their other-selves in 3rd Density needs to be preserved. A Wanderer can indeed penetrate the forgetting and start his or her mission, but they (almost always) won’t activate the higher- density bodies because to do so would be live in a “god-like manner,” which would not be in congruence with wanting to live a humble life of service.
  • In the home density, the group has already formed a social-memory-complex where everyone has joined their hearts and minds in total love. To come from such unity into 3rd Density where everything feels so separate is quite painful. Thankfully, we have 3rd Density globally-recognized teachers such as Richard Rohr, OFM, who are publicly proclaiming that any separation between us and God and between us and each other is an illusion, and a great task in the spiritual life is to awaken from this illusion!
  • The Wanderer feels a fairly constant unconscious frustration that they are unable to do the things that are natural and common in their home density. These things may include healing physical and emotional disorders in others (and self) through doing energy work, telekinesis, telepathy, intentional astral projection, and seeing reality in wholes–especially the sacred geometric patterns that are used to manifest 3rd Density objects and events. There is a distant remembering that they should be able to do these things but it feels like grandiose fantasy and even delusional within the confines of 3rd Density energetic parameters (Session 66.6). But rest assured, a Wanderer who awakens the heart and gets busy doing good work, especially in daily, ordinary life, can access all the tools needed to preform the exact mission he or she volunteered to do. This ministry, this accessing of the tools, this good work becomes quite clear through the mechanism of faith. Seeing in the darkness through the light of faith is called by the Saints, “Luminous Darkness.” It is the best kind of seeing, actually, and very fruitful. This is heart-seeing which then activates the upper chakras. When this happens, the Wanderer is awake…joyful…and busy being lightworkers. You may find that real psychic abilities become activated and they will be used for service to others that remains grounded and incarnated.

12.31 Don wants to know if there is a best way for Wanderers experiencing these ailments to heal themselves. Ra gives a long, deep, and very subtle answer. Ra explains that self-healing comes about ultimately by realizing in a profound and pervasive way that the fullness of the One Infinite Creator dwells within each person. This full knowing and enjoyment of the indwelling presence is often blocked–and every person is blocked in a unique way. For the kind of healing about which Don is asking, what is required is an embodied knowledge of: 1) how everything is spirit in some way, and 2) the manner in which spirit also enters and flows within a person.

Ra provides an important picture for us. They say that 1) all is spirit in manifested form; 2) manifested forms are kinds of containers; 3) as containers, they are also filled by spirit like a liquid being poured into a glass; 4) this spirit that is poured from above enters the crown chakra and can get blocked as it goes down. Later on in the material, we also learn that manifested forms as containers “suck in” spirit from the bottom; that is, energy is drawn up, too. Where the upstreaming of energy and the downstreaming of energy meets, marks the level of conscious awareness of the person.

The Ra group then uses Carla (the instrument they use to speak their words) as an example to flesh out what they mean. Ra says that some of Carla’s illnesses are mostly due to blockage of the sixth chakra (indigo-ray or pineal energy center). If no blockage exists, then the Creator’s energy (spirit) would enter the head and pour or stream downwards into the body allowing for healing over time.

Moreover, Ra says that Carla’s sixth chakra blockage has emotional ramifications as well. She has an underlying belief of unworthiness and this in turn blocks the free flow of the spirit’s pouring into her body resulting in her belief that she must serve others to the detriment of her own physical and mental wellbeing. The metaphysics behind this is an overly open and activated heart center.

Luckily for us, there are great teachers arising nowadays to help us with understanding this type of blockage is very present in so many people. In my opinion, at the root of it all is shame. Teachers such as Dr. Brene Brown and Dr. Kristin Neff really help us with shame resilience and self-compassion. As a therapist, I use their techniques with my clients and I have seen rapid and lasting transformation.

Brene Brown
Kristin Neff

Finally, Ra says that Carla’s seventh chakra or violet ray is fine as is because for all people, the seventh chakra gives a kind of energetic overview of the level of vibration someone embodies. Ra suggests that for Carla (as an example for all of us), is a mindset of peaceful understanding grounded in humility that her union and oneness with the Creator is total and perfect. The deep knowledge of her oneness will lead to actions that will be balanced, not leading to a martyr’s complex powered by underlying feelings of unworthiness. She can either figure this out on her own or seek the advice and/or service of another person to help her with this.

12.32 Don then asks if anyone of the three of them (Don, Carla, and Jim) are Wanderers. Ra says yes, all three of them are indeed Wanderers on a mission.

12.33: Ra instructs on aligning the Bible, candle, a chalice filled with blessed water, and incense for better contact and its maintenance over time.

One thing of importance here is that the three symbols serve various functions. They help orient Carla in getting tuned appropriately for the Ra contact, they help her find her way back into her body as guiding lights, as it were, when the session has concluded and her spirit resettles into her body, and finally, they serve as way that Ra can instruct the channeling group if they are in danger of loosing the contact when they move into the areas of transience not focused on the unity of all things, the Law of One. In other words, Ra says that Don needs to rotate the three items by a few degrees or there may be trouble with maintaining the integrity of the contact over time. What Ra is also saying is that Don needs to take care to keep his mind and questions focused on the Law of One and less interested in the transient material is can be interesting but certainly belonging to the ethos of separation. Too much focus or interest in Orion, etc, could hurt the contact. But because Ra respects Don’s free will so much, they won’t come out and say, “Don’t get too interested in this…” Instead, they speak about the alignment of the “appurtenances,” as they are called, as an analog to the alignment of Don’s questions and mindset as they pertain to the Ra contact.

Here’s a picture of the same “appurtenances” used in the Law of One contact sent to me by Jim McCarty. These are in his house!


12.0 Ra: I am Ra. I greet you in the love and the light of the Infinite Creator. I communicate now.

Category: Ra ContactOpening Statements

12.1 Questioner: I got [a] call from Henry Puharich this afternoon. [He will] be here next month. I want to ask you if it is possible for him to join in our circle and ask questions. And also if Michel D’Obrenovic, who’s also known as George Hunt Williamson, happens to come here would it be all right for him to be in the circle?

Ra: I am Ra. These entities, at present, are not properly attuned for the particular work due to vibrational distortions which in turn are due to a recent lack of time/space which you call busy-ness. It would be requested that the entities spend a brief time/space in each diurnal cycle of your planet in contemplation. At a future time/space in your continuum you are requested to ask again. This group is highly balanced to this instrument’s vibratory distortions due to, firstly, contact with the instrument on a day-to-day basis. Secondly, due to contact with the instrument through meditation periods. Thirdly, through a personal mind/body/spirit complex distortion towards contemplation which in sum causes this group to be effective.

Category: Ra Contact

12.2 Questioner: Thank you. Continuing with the previous session, [you] mentioned that the Orion crusaders came here in chariots. [Could you] describe a chariot?

Ra: I am Ra. The term chariot is a term used in warfare among your peoples. That is its significance. The shape of the Orion craft is one of the following: firstly, the elongated, ovoid shape which is of a darker nature than silver but which has a metallic appearance if seen in the light. In the absence of light, it appears to be red or fiery in some manner.

Other craft include disc-shaped objects of a small nature approximately twelve feet in your measurement in diameter, the box-like shape approximately forty feet to a side in your measurement. Other craft can take on a desired shape through the use of thought control mechanisms. There are various civilization complexes which work within this group. Some are more able to use intelligent infinity than others. The information is very seldom shared; therefore, the chariots vary greatly in shape and appearance.

Category: Orion

12.3 Questioner: Is there any effort by the Confederation to stop the Orion chariots from arriving here?

Ra: I am Ra. Every effort is made to quarantine this planet. However, the network of guardians, much like any other pattern of patrols on whatever level, does not hinder each and every entity from penetrating quarantine, for if request is made in light/love, the Law of One will be met with acquiescence. If the request is not made, due to the slipping through the net, then there is penetration of this net.

Category: Orion

12.4 Questioner: Who makes this request?

Ra: I am Ra. Your query is unclear. Please restate.

Category: Orion

12.5 Questioner: I didn’t quite understand. How does the Confederation stop the Orion chariot from coming through the quarantine? What actions do…

Ra: I am Ra. There is contact at the level of light-form or lightbody-being depending upon the vibratory level of the guardian. These guardians sweep reaches of your Earth’s energy fields attempting to be aware of any entities approaching. An entity which is approaching is hailed in the name of the One Creator. Any entity thus hailed is bathed in love/light and will of free will obey the quarantine due to the power of the Law of One.

Category: Orion

12.6 Questioner: What would happen to the entity if he did not obey the quarantine after being hailed?

Ra: I am Ra. To not obey quarantine after being hailed on the level of which we speak would be equivalent to your not stopping upon walking into a solid brick wall.

Category: Orion

12.7 Questioner: What would happen to the entity then [if] he did this? What’d happen to his chariot?

Ra: I am Ra. The Creator is one being. The vibratory level of those able to reach the quarantine boundaries is such that upon seeing the love/light net it is impossible to break this Law. Therefore, nothing happens. No attempt is made. There is no confrontation. The only beings who are able to penetrate the quarantine are those who discover windows or distortions in the space/time continua surrounding your planet’s energy fields. Through these windows they come. These windows are rare and unpredictable.

Category: Orion

12.8 Questioner: Does this account for what we call the “UFO Flaps” where a large number of UFOs show up like in 1973?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

Category: UFOs

12.9 Questioner: Well then are most of the UFOs which are seen in our skies from the Orion group?

Ra: I am Ra. Many of those seen in your skies are of the Orion group. They send out messages. Some are received by those who are oriented towards service to others. These messages then are altered to be acceptable to those entities while warning of difficulties ahead. This is the most that self-serving entities can do when faced with those whose wish is to serve others. The contacts which the group finds most helpful to their cause are those contacts made with entities whose orientation is towards service to self. There are many thought-form entities in your skies which are of a positive nature and are the projections of the Confederation. Other sightings are due to the inadvertent visualization by your peoples’ optical mechanisms of your own government’s weaponry.

Category: UFOs

12.10 Questioner: Which group was it that contacted Henry Puharich in Israel, right around 1972?

Ra: I am Ra. We must refrain from answering this query due to the possibility/probability that the one you call Henry will read this answer. This would cause distortions in his future. It is necessary that each being use free and complete discernment from within the all-self which is at the heart of the mind/body/spirit complex.

Category: UFOs

12.11 Questioner: Does that also apply to answering who was contacting the group that I originally was in, [in] 1962?

Ra: I am Ra. This query may be answered. The group contacted was the Confederation.

Category: UFOs

12.12 Questioner: Did they have any of their craft in our area at that time?

Ra: I am Ra. There was no craft. There was a thought-form.

Category: UFOs

12.13 Questioner: [You] mentioned the Orion crusaders, when they do get through the net, give both technical and non-technical information. We know what you mean by technical information, but what type of non-technical information do they give to those they contact? Am I right in assuming that this is all done by telepathic communication?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. Through telepathy the philosophy of the Law of One with the distortion of service to self is promulgated. In advanced groups there are rituals and exercises given and these have been written down just as the service-to-others oriented entities have written down the promulgated philosophy of their teachers. The philosophy concerns the service of manipulating others that they may experience service towards the other-self, thus through this experience becoming able to appreciate service to self. These entities thus would become oriented towards service to self and in turn manipulate yet others so that they in turn might experience the service towards the other-self.

Category: Orion

12.14 Questioner: [Would] this be the origin of what we call black magic?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct in one sense, incorrect in another. The Orion group has aided the so-called negatively oriented among your mind/body/spirit complexes. These same entities would be concerning themselves with service to self in any case and there are many upon your so-called inner planes which are negatively oriented and thus available as inner teachers or guides and so-called possessors of certain souls who seek this distortion of service to self.

Category: Orion

12.15 Questioner: Is it possible for an entity here on Earth to be so confused as to call both the Confederation and the Orion group in [an] alternating way, one, then the other, [inaudible] back to [inaudible]?

Ra: I am Ra. It is entirely possible for the untuned channel, as you call that service, to receive both positive and negative communications. If the entity at the base of its confusion is oriented towards service to others, the entity will begin to receive messages of doom. If the entity at the base of the complex of beingness is oriented towards service to self, the crusaders, who in this case, do not find it necessary to lie, will simply begin to give the philosophy they are here to give. Many of your so-called contacts among your people have been confused and self-destructive because the channels were oriented towards service to others but, in the desire for proof, were open to the lying information of the crusaders who then were able to neutralize the effectiveness of the channel.

Category: Orion

12.16 Questioner: Are most of these crusaders fourth-density?

Ra: I am Ra. There is a majority of fourth-density. That is correct.

Category: Orion

12.17 Questioner: Does an individual in the fourth density normally appear— or are they normally invisible to us?

Ra: I am Ra. The use of the word “normal” is one which befuddles the meaning of the question. Let us rephrase for clarity. The fourth density is, by choice, not visible to third density. It is possible for fourth density to be visible. However, it is not the choice of the fourth-density entity to be visible due to the necessity for concentration upon a rather difficult vibrational complex which is the third density you experience.

Category: DensitiesThird

12.18 Questioner: Are there any Confederation or Orion individuals living on Earth visible to us and important in our society at this time? Walking among us?

Ra: I am Ra. There are no entities of either group walking among you at this time. However, the crusaders of Orion use two types of entities to do their bidding, shall we say. The first type is a thought-form; the second, a kind of robot.

Category: Orion

12.19 Questioner: Could you describe the robot?

Ra: I am Ra. The robot may look like any other being. It is a construct.

Category: Orion

12.20 Questioner: Is the robot what is normally called “Men in Black?”

Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect.

Category: Orion

12.21 Questioner: Who are the Men in Black?

Ra: I am Ra. The Men in Black are a thought-form type of entity which have some beingness to their make-up. They have certain physical characteristics given them. However, their true vibrational nature is without third-density vibrational characteristics and, therefore, they are able to materialize and dematerialize when necessary.

Category: Orion

12.22 Questioner: Are all of these Men in Black then used by the Orion crusaders?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

Category: Orion

12.23 Questioner: If one were to visit me and I grabbed him and locked him in a closet could I keep him, or would he disappear?

Ra: I am Ra. It depends upon which type of entity you grab. You are perhaps able to perceive a construct. The construct might be kept for a brief period, although these constructs also have an ability to disappear. The programming on these constructs, however, makes it more difficult to remotely control them. You would not be able to grapple with a thought-form entity of the Men in Black, as you call it, type.

Category: Orion

12.24 Questioner: [Would] this be against the Law of One and I would be making a mistake by grabbing these entities?

Ra: I am Ra. There are no mistakes under the Law of One.

Category: Law of One

12.25 Questioner: What I’m saying is would I be polarizing more toward self-service or toward service for others when I did this act of locking up the thought-form or construct?

Ra: I am Ra. You may consider that question for yourself. We interpret the Law of One, but not to the extent of advice.

Category: Not AnsweredLaw of Confusion

12.26 Questioner: Thank you. Well, you spoke of Wanderers. Who are Wanderers? Where do they come from?

Ra: I am Ra. Imagine, if you will, the sands of your shores. As countless as the grains of sand are the sources of intelligent infinity. When a social memory complex has achieved its complete understanding of its desire, it may conclude that its desire is service to others with the distortion towards reaching their hand, figuratively, to any entities who call for aid. These entities whom you may call the Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow move towards this calling of sorrow. These entities are from all reaches of the infinite creation and are bound together by the desire to serve in this distortion.

Category: Wanderers

12.27 Questioner: How many of them are incarnate on Earth now?

Ra: I am Ra. The number is approximate due to an heavy influx of those birthed at this time due to an intensive need to lighten the planetary vibration and thus aid in harvest. The number approaches sixty-five million.

Category: Wanderers

12.28 Questioner: Are most of these from the fourth density? What density do they come from?

Ra: I am Ra. Few there are of fourth density. The largest number of Wanderers, as you call them, are of the sixth density. The desire to serve must be distorted towards a great deal of purity of mind and what you may call foolhardiness or bravery, depending upon your distortion complex judgment. The challenge/danger of the Wanderer is that it will forget its mission, become karmically involved, and thus be swept into the maelstrom from which it had incarnated to aid the destruction.

Category: Wanderers

12.29 Questioner: What could one of these entities do to become karmically involved? Could you give us an example?

Ra: I am Ra. An entity which acts in a consciously unloving manner in action with other beings can become karmically involved.

Category: Wanderers

12.30 Questioner: [I just had a] thought. Do any of these Wanderers have physical ailments in this Earth situation?

Ra: I am Ra. Due to the extreme variance between the vibratory distortions of third density and those of the more dense densities, if you will, Wanderers have as a general rule some form of handicap, difficulty, or feeling of alienation which is severe. The most common of these difficulties are alienation, the reaction against the planetary vibration by personality disorders, as you would call them, and body complex ailments indicating difficulty in adjustment to the planetary vibrations such as allergies, as you would call them.

Category: Wanderers

12.31 Questioner: Is there a best way for these entities to heal themselves of their physical ailments?

Ra: I am Ra. This will be the last complete question of this time/space.

The self-healing distortion is effected through realization of the intelligent infinity resting within. This is blocked in some way in those who are not perfectly balanced in bodily complexes. The blockage varies from entity to entity. It requires the conscious awareness of the spiritual nature of reality, if you will, and the corresponding pourings of this reality into the individual mind/body/spirit complex for healing to take place.

We will use this instrument as example. The portions of its ailment, as you call this distortion complex, that can be perfected in balance are due primarily to a blockage of the indigo-ray or pineal energy center. This center receives the intelligent energy from all sources lawful within the one Creation; that is, lawful in this third-density distortion or illusion. If there is no blockage, these energies pour or stream down into the mind/body/spirit complex perfecting moment by moment the individual’s body complex.

This instrument also experiences some distortion of the green-ray energy center which you may call the heart center. It is overly open due to an intensive desire distortion on the part of this mind/body/spirit complex towards service to others, or as you may call it, universal love. This entity, therefore, spends itself without regard to its reserves of mind/body/spirit complex distortion in regard to what you call strength or energy. This distortion is primarily due to the blockage of the indigo ray. As we have said before, the misapprehension distortion of the instrument responsible for this blockage is the basic orientation towards a belief in unworthiness. The unworthiness distortion blocks the free flow of intelligent energy.

The seventh or violet ray is unimpaired, this being not only an energy receptor but a sum total of the vibratory level of the individual. The other energy centers are also quite clear. The solution to healing in this case is action that puts into practice the peaceful understanding in humility distortion that the entity is one with the Creator, therefore perfected and not separate. In each case of what you would call ill health one or more of these energy centers is blocked. The intelligence of the mind/body/spirit complex needs then to be alerted either by the self as healer or by the catalyst of another healer, as we have said before.

Is there a short question before we close this session?

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12.32 Questioner: [Is it] possible for you to tell us if any of the three of us are and have been Wanderers?

Ra: I am Ra. In scanning each of the mind/body/spirit complexes present, we find an already complete assurance of this occurrence and, therefore, find no harm in recapitulating this occurrence. Each of those present are Wanderers pursuing a mission, if you will.

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12.33 Questioner: Thank you. Is there anything that we can do to make the instrument more comfortable?

Ra: I am Ra. We ask you to realign the object upon which the symbols sit. It is not a significant distortion for one session only, but you will find upon measuring the entire assemblage that the resting place is one point four degrees [1.4°] from the correct alignment, the resting place an additional one-half degree [0.5°] away from proper orientation. Do not concern yourselves overly with this in the space/time nexus present, but do not allow these distortions to remain over a long period or the contact will be gradually impaired.

I am Ra. I leave you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. Go forth rejoicing in the power and the peace of the One Creator. Adonai.

2 thoughts on “Law of One Summary: Session 12

  1. Another remarkable teaching, my friend. I found a machine translation glitch:

    Moreover, Ra says that Carla’s sixth chakra blockage has emotional ramifications as well. She has an underlying belief of unworthiness and this intern in turn blocks the free flow of the spirit’s pouring into her body

    Troy Caldwell



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