Law of One, Session 18: Reflection

Article by Doug Esse

Here is my reflection on session 18. Session 18 covers the effect of LSD on the contact, balancing along the positive path, engaging with others in regards to free will, Aleister Crowley, the power forgiveness has in stopping karma, and more on the Yahweh group.


18.0 Ra: I am Ra. I greet you in the love and the light of the Infinite Creator. We communicate now.

Category: Ra ContactOpening Statements

18.1 Questioner: I was thinking last night that if I were in the place of Ra at this time, the first distortion of the Law of One might cause me to mix some erroneous data with the true information that I was transmitting to this group. Do you do this?

Ra: I am Ra. We do not intentionally do this. However, there will be confusion. The errors which have occurred have occurred due to the occasional variation in the vibrational complex of this instrument due to its ingestion of a chemical substance. It is not our intent in this particular project to create erroneous information but to express in the confining ambiance of your language system the feeling of the infinite mystery of the One Creation in its infinite and intelligent unity.

Category: Ra Contact

18.2 Questioner: Can you tell me what the chemical substance is that was ingested? Causes poor contact?

Ra: I am Ra. This is not a clear query. Could you please restate?

Category: Ra Contact

18.3 Questioner: You just stated that you had some problems with the instrument because of the ingestion, by the instrument, of some chemical substance. Can you tell me what the substance was?

Ra: I am Ra. The substance of which we speak is called vibratory sound complex LSD. It does not give poor contact if it is used in conjunction with the contact. The difficulty of this particular substance is that there is, shall we say, a very dramatic drop-off of the effect of this substance. In each case this instrument began the session with the distortion towards extreme vital energy which this substance produces.

However, this entity was, during the session, at the point where this substance no longer was in sufficient strength to amplify the entity’s abilities to express vital energy. Thus, first the phenomenon of, shall we say, a spotty contact, and then, as the instrument relies again upon its own vibrational complexes of vital energy, the vital energy being in this case very low, it became necessary to abruptly cut off communication in order to preserve and nurture the instrument. This particular chemical substance is both helpful and unhelpful in these contacts for the causes given.

Category: Ra Contact

18.4 Questioner: Are there any foods that are helpful or harmful that the instrument might eat?

Ra: I am Ra. This instrument has body-complex distortion towards ill health in the distortion direction corrected best by ingestion of the foodstuffs of your grains and your vegetables, as you call them. However, this is extremely unimportant when regarded as an aid with equality to other aids such as attitude which this instrument has in abundance. It, however, aids the vital energies of this instrument, with less distortion towards ill health, to ingest foodstuffs in the above manner with occasional ingestion of what you call your meats, due to the instrument’s need to lessen the distortion towards low vital energy.

Category: PeopleCarla, Don, Jim

Doug: The chemical substance that was ingested by Carla was LCD and this affects the contact, says Ra. However, in other places in the material, we see that Carla’s pain flares affect the contact and can cause errors in transmission. I’m assuming that in both cases, the energy that is needed from Carla’s side flickers quite a bit when there is a disruption; like the flame of candle when there is a sudden draft of air.

Also of interest here is Ra telling Don that they do not intentionally give erroneous information during this project. Does this suggest that they have done so in the past? If they did give disinformation in past projects, I am assuming it was to maintain the Law of Confusion (third density’s expression of the Law of Free Will, the first primal distortion) given the mindset and consciousness development of the humans receiving their aid.


The Floating Self and Anchored Self

18.5 Questioner: Thank you. I have a question here from Jim that I will read verbatim:

“Much of the mystic tradition of seeking on Earth holds that belief that the individual self must be erased or obliterated and the material world ignored for an entity to reach ‘nirvana,’ as it’s called, or enlightenment. What is the proper role of the individual self and its worldly activities in aiding an entity to grow more into the Law of One?”

Ra: I am Ra. The proper role of the entity is, in this density, to experience all things desired, to then analyze, understand, and accept these experiences, distilling from them the love/light within them. Nothing shall be overcome. That which is not needed falls away.

The orientation develops due to analysis of desire. These desires become more and more distorted towards conscious application of love/light as the entity furnishes itself with distilled experience.

We have found it to be inappropriate in the extreme to encourage the overcoming of any desires, except to suggest the imagination rather than the carrying out in the physical plane, as you call it, of those desires not consonant with the Law of One—this preserving the primal distortion of Free Will.

The reason it is unwise to overcome is that overcoming is an unbalanced action creating difficulties in balancing in the time/space continuum. Overcoming thus creates the further environment for holding onto that which apparently has been overcome.

All things are acceptable in the proper time for each entity, and in experiencing, in understanding, in accepting, in then sharing with other-selves, the appropriate description shall be moving away from distortions of one kind to distortions of another which may be more consonant with the Law of One.

It is, shall we say, a shortcut to simply ignore or overcome any desire. It must instead be understood and accepted. This takes patience and experience which can be analyzed with care, with compassion for self and for other-self.

Categories: BalancingPositive Path

Doug: This is one of the most important passages in the material as regards to inner work in third density. I will offer some thoughts from my counseling perspective. Ra first speaks that in third density, a person has the free will, indeed the role, to experience everything they want to. There is not a hint of morality or immorality there. And then, as time and incarnations go on, a person chooses a polarity and becomes more single-minded in pursuing that polarity. Their behavior and thoughts will become more congruent with the polarity chosen, and the more a person polarizes, the less they will want to experience things that will distract them from polarization. It’s as if polarization is its own kind of magnet, pulling a person onward ever more streamlined and quickly.

But few will ever need to consciously know what is happening metaphysically. The language of polarization isn’t necessary. But the energetic signatures of love and loving, joy, peace, purpose, perspective, sacrifice, generosity, vulnerability and courage, and connection definitely resonate and excite. The more a person polarizes towards the positive, the more they will experience what congruent-with-polarization energy feels like as their way of being and doing in their incarnation sifts the wheat from the chaff in their lives (ref Matthew 3:12).

When I am working with clients, I often ask them to do a homework assignment of writing down what kind of person they want to be. I ask them to think in terms of character traits and then to list the reasons why they want to be that way. When the client articulates this, I am helping them express (5th chakra activation) their understanding of their polarization at that point. Then I ask them about their goals in life. I help them articulate the congruity of their goals with their being. This way, being and doing are more connected in their conscious mind. Finally, I will use their declarations of being and goals as a metric to help them discern how their choices enhance and support their goals or take them away from their goals. I specifically ask them to focus on their emotional state when they act and behave in congruity with their goals and when they are distracted and behave in incongruity. They learn, then, that though they have the free will to experience everything (in 3rd density) there are things in their lives that they no longer need and could be allowed to “fall away,” as Ra says above.

The second part of Ra’s response is very helpful in understanding that we don’t progress on the spiritual path by overcoming our ego and problems. Attempting to overcome them by eradicating the ego, killing the ego, suppressing our desires, repressing our feelings, etc, is to participate in violence against ourselves. And violence begets violence. Einstein said something similar, “No problem can be resolved at the level of consciousness that created it.” Ra agrees and says here that to attempt to overcome things about ourselves that we don’t like or find negative actually creates an interior environment where the problems not only continue but multiply.

One teaching tool that I use is based upon the Perennial Philosophy’s notion that each person is “di-polar,” or that there are two “selves,” at work. The Anchored Self is anchored into the Ground of Being or God. It is who you really are below all of the labels and roles and images that seem to define our lives. Labels, roles, and images are some of the ingredients that make up the Floating Self, which flies above and is often subject to the whims of the emotions of the day. The Floating Self is the egoic self. It is not bad or wrong, but it is indeed dangerous if that is the only self I think I am. Good spirituality and good psychotherapy help us detach from our Floating Self and embody our Anchored Selves more consistently. It almost always feels like a little (or big) death to the ego to detach from its sense of importance and entitlement but that is what needs to happen to live from the Anchored Self. That is why surrendering our control or expectations is necessary in the spiritual life. And we usually don’t surrender until we are confronted by the catalysts of suffering or some encounter of great love.

To sum up this point, Ra says that attempting to overcome our ego or problems is a kind of violence that perpetuates the ego and problems. The great task in life is learning to live from the Anchored Self and use the Floating Self to do good in the world. This way, our roles, identities, and ego can be instruments at the service of the Anchored Self, which is always and forever grounded in God.


18.6 Questioner: Basically, I would say that to infringe on the free will of another self, or another entity, would be the basic thing never to do under the Law of One. Can you state any other breaking of the Law of One than this basic rule?

Ra: I am Ra. As one proceeds from the primal distortion of Free Will, one proceeds to the understanding of the focal points of intelligent energy which have created the intelligences or the ways of a particular mind/body/spirit complex in its environment, both what you would call natural and what you would call man-made.

Thus, the distortions to be avoided are those which do not take into consideration the distortions of the focus of energy of love/light, or shall we say, the Logos of this particular sphere, or density. These include the lack of understanding of the needs of the natural environment, the needs of other-selves’ mind/body/spirit complexes. These are many due to the various distortions of man-made complexes in which the intelligence and awareness of entities themselves have chosen a way of using the energies available.

Thus, what would be an improper distortion with one entity is proper with another. We can suggest an attempt to become aware of the other-self as self and thus do that action which is needed by other-self, understanding from the other-self’s intelligence and awareness. In many cases this does not involve the breaking of the distortion of Free Will into a distortion, or fragmentation, called infringement. However, it is a delicate matter to be of service, and compassion, sensitivity, and an ability to empathize are helpful in avoiding the distortions of man-made intelligence and awareness.

The area, or arena, called the societal complex is an arena in which there are no particular needs for care, for it is the prerogative honor/duty of those in the particular planetary sphere to act according to its free will for the attempted aid of the social complex.

Thus, you have two simple directives: awareness of the intelligent energy expressed in nature; awareness of the intelligent energy expressed in self to be shared, when it seems appropriate, by the entity with the social complex. And you have one infinitely subtle and various set of distortions of which you may be aware; that is, distortions with respect to self and other-selves not concerning free will but concerning harmonious relationships and service to others as other-selves would most benefit.

Category: Service to Others

Doug: Don believes that if one is going to live the Law of One well, one will never infringe upon the free will of others. He wonders if there are other aspects to living the Law of One well. Ra basically replies that the whole matter is complicated.

Our human thoughtforms that created our collective consciousness may or may not be in congruence with the Logos’ plan. One example to which they infer (in my mind) is that humans have deemed it appropriate to build our constructions at variance with nature and thus we hurt the environment. What seems “good” by human standards, in the consistent growth and exploitation of nature’s resources, is actually quite an infringement of nature’s freewill.

Likewise, our ways may not be the ways of the Logos when we think we are doing something good according to our laws or cultural norms but in reality are continuing to live against the Law of One if we were able to reach out with our hearts in empathy and really see how off course we are. One example here might be how we have imprisioned millions of people in our country for drug offenses without taking into account the mental illnesses and social ills (unfair social policies) that contribute to the drug usages.

So, Ra says that we need to cultivate our empathy skills and connect with nature and with each other in a more wholehearted fashion. And to link this with my exploration of the Anchored Self above, to live more wholeheartedly is to live from a more humble and discerning position rather than allowing our individual and collective egos to seek and satisfy the ever urgent needs for power, prestige, and possessions.


18.7 Questioner: As an entity in this density grows from childhood, he becomes more aware of his responsibilities. Is there an age below which an entity is not responsible for his actions, or is he responsible from the time of birth?

Ra: I am Ra. An entity incarnating upon the earth plane becomes conscious of self at a varying point in its time/space progress through the continuum. This may have a median, shall we say, of approximately fifteen of your months. Some entities become conscious of self at a period closer to incarnation, some at a period farther from this event. In all cases responsibility then becomes retroactive from that point backwards in the continuum so that distortions are to be understood by the entity and dissolved as the entity learns.

Category: Third Density

15 month old

Doug: Interesting. Ra says here that once a baby becomes conscious of themselves, the Law of Responsibility in that lifetime comes online. Ra then says that on average, this time is fifteen months old.

18.8 Questioner: Then an entity, say, four years old would be totally responsible for any actions that were against or inharmonious with the Law of One. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. It may be noted that it has been arranged by your social complex structures that the newer entities to incarnation are to be provided with guides of a physical mind/body/spirit complex, thus being able to learn quickly what is consonant with the Law of One.

Category: Third Density

18.9 Questioner: Who are these guides?

Ra: I am Ra. These guides are what you call parents, teachers, and friends.

Category: Third Density


Aleister Crowley

18.10 Questioner: I see. The entity Aleister Crowley wrote, “Do what thou wilt is the whole of the law.” He was obviously in understanding, to some extent, of the Law of One. Where is this entity now?

Ra: I am Ra. This entity is within your inner planes. This entity is in an healing process.

Category: PeopleAleister Crowley

18.11 Questioner: Did this entity, then, even though he intellectually understood the Law of One, misuse it and therefore have to go through this healing process?

Ra: I am Ra. This entity became, may we use the vibration sound complex, overstimulated with the true nature of things. This overstimulation resulted in behavior that was beyond the conscious control of the entity. The entity thus—in many attempts to go through the process of balancing, as we have described the various energy centers beginning with the red ray and moving upwards—became somewhat overly impressed, or caught up, in this process and became alienated from other-selves.

This entity was positive. However, its journey was difficult due to the inability to use, synthesize, and harmonize the understandings of the desires of self so that it might have shared, in full compassion, with other-selves. This entity thus became very unhealthy, as you may call it, in a spiritual complex manner, and it is necessary for those with this type of distortion towards inner pain to be nurtured in the inner planes until such an entity is capable of viewing the experiences again with the lack of distortion towards pain.

Category: PeopleAleister Crowley

Doug: I was surprised to see that Crowley is someone who chose the positive path since he is known for black magic. His ideas, along with Ayn Rand’s concept of rational egoism, are two foundational pillars of the Church of Satan. I consider Rand to have offered a service-to-self philosophy.

However, Ra says that Crowley was positive but because of his black magical pursuits, he became very confused and lived with lots of inner pain. He caused lots of pain, too. Hurt people hurt people, and Crowley would be an icon of this phrase.


18.12 Questioner: You stated yesterday that forgiveness is the eradicator of karma. I am assuming that balanced forgiveness for the full eradication of karma would require forgiveness not only of other-selves, but forgiveness of self. Am I correct?

Ra: I am Ra. You are correct. We will briefly expand upon this understanding in order to clarify.

Forgiveness of other-self is forgiveness of self. An understanding of this insists upon full forgiveness upon the conscious level of self and other-self, for they are one. A full forgiveness is thus impossible without the inclusion of self.

Category: Positive Path

Doug: Ra’s notion of forgiveness is robust and reveals that under the Law of One, all people make up One Self, One Body. We are cells within a Body. Moreover, this notion has to be brought up to the conscious level in order for there to be think of forgiveness that stop the wheels of karma.

Informed by the Law of One, I understand Ra’s explanation of forgiveness as being composed of two points:

  1. As Co-Creator, I acknowledge you as Co-Creator and afford you the dignity which that entails. I will not see you as less than God, less than me, for that would be to violate the notion of the Law of One, since all are the Creator experiencing Itself. I may not agree with your decisions, and I may need to set appropriate boundaries, but I will not see you as sub-human or a being that is other than myself. To forgive is to accept my divine dignity and then to uphold your divine dignity, even if you want to objectify me and see me as “other.”
  2. I then need to bring up to my conscious awareness that what I don’t like about you or your actions are things that I also have inside me and have been unaware. Instead of projecting my shadow upon you, and attacking you, I will own my own hurt or brokenness inside and forgive it. I will not transmit negativity but transform it and I do this by seeing how the speck in your eye that so offends is the log in my own (ref Matthew 7:3).


Doug: The following several questions and answers deal with Yahweh and Orion. I offer a reflection below.

18.13 Questioner: Thank you. A most important point to my way of thinking.

You mentioned that there were a number of Confederations. Do all serve the Infinite Creator in basically the same way, or do some specialize in some particular types of service?

Ra: I am Ra. All serve the One Creator. There is nothing else to serve, for the Creator is all that there is. It is impossible not to serve the Creator. There are simply various distortions of this service.

As in the Confederation which works with your peoples, each Confederation is a group of specialized individual social memory complexes, each doing that which it expresses to bring into manifestation.

Categories: Confederation of PlanetsLaw of One


18.14 Questioner: Can you tell me how Yahweh communicated to Earth’s people?

Ra: I am Ra. This is a somewhat complex question.

The first communication was what you would call genetic. The second communication was the walking among your peoples to produce further genetic changes in consciousness. The third was a series of dialogues with chosen channels.

Category: Earth HistoryYahweh’s Efforts

18.15 Questioner: Can you tell me what these genetic changes were and how they were brought about?

Ra: I am Ra. Some of these genetic changes were in a form similar to what you call the cloning process. Thus, entities incarnated in the image of the Yahweh entities. The second was a contact of the nature you know as sexual, changing the mind/body/spirit complex through the natural means of the patterns of reproduction devised by the intelligent energy of your physical complex.

Category: Earth HistoryYahweh’s Efforts

18.16 Questioner: Can you tell me specifically what they did in this case?

Ra: I am Ra. We have answered this question. Please restate for further information.

Category: Earth HistoryYahweh’s Efforts

18.17 Questioner: Can you tell me the difference between the . . . the sexual programming, let us say, prior to Yahweh’s intervention and after intervention?

Ra: I am Ra. This is a question which we can only answer by stating that intervention by genetic means is the same no matter what the source of this change.

Category: Earth HistoryYahweh’s Efforts

18.18 Questioner: Can you tell me Yahweh’s purpose in making the genetic sexual changes?

Ra: I am Ra. The purpose, seven five oh oh oh [75,000] years ago, as you measure time, [of] the changes subsequent to that time were of one purpose only: that to express in the mind/body complex those characteristics which would lead to further and more speedy development of the spiritual complex.

Category: Earth HistoryYahweh’s Efforts

18.19 Questioner: How did these characteristics go about leading to the more spiritual development?

Ra: I am Ra. The characteristics which were encouraged included sensitivity of all the physical senses to sharpen the experiences and the strengthening of the mind complex in order to promote the ability to analyze these experiences.

Category: Earth HistoryYahweh’s Efforts

18.20 Questioner: When did Yahweh act to perform the genetic changes that Yahweh performed?

Ra: I am Ra. The Yahweh group worked with those of the planet you call Mars seven five, seventy-five thousand [75,000] years ago in what you would call the cloning process. There are differences, but they lie in the future of your time/space continuum, and we cannot break the free will Law of Confusion.

The two six oh oh [2,600], approximately, time was the second time—we correct ourselves—three six oh oh [3,600], approximately the time of attempts by those of the Orion group during this cultural complex. This was a series of encounters in which the ones called Anak were impregnated with the new genetic coding by your physical complex means so that the organisms would be larger and stronger.

Categories: Earth HistoryYahweh’s EffortsNot AnsweredLaw of Confusion

18.21 Questioner: Why did they want larger and stronger organisms?

Ra: The ones of Yahweh were attempting to create an understanding of the Law of One by creating mind/body complexes capable of grasping the Law of One. The experiment was a decided failure from the view of the desired distortions due to the fact that rather than assimilating the Law of One, it was a great temptation to consider the so-called social complex, or sub-complex, as elite or different, and better, than other-selves, this one of the techniques of service to self.

Category: Earth HistoryYahweh’s Efforts

18.22 Questioner: Then the Orion group . . . I’m not quite sure that I understand this. Do you mean that the Orion group produced this larger body complex to create an elite so that the Law of One could be applied in what we call the negative sense?

Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect. The entities of Yahweh were responsible for this procedure in isolated cases as experiments in combating the Orion group.

However, the Orion group were able to use this distortion of mind/body complex to inculcate the thoughts of the elite rather than concentrations upon the learning/teaching of oneness.

Category: Earth HistoryYahweh’s Efforts

18.23 Questioner: Well, was Yahweh then of the Confederation?

Ra: I am Ra. Yahweh was of the Confederation but was mistaken in its attempts to aid.

Category: Earth HistoryYahweh’s Efforts

18.24 Questioner: Then Yahweh’s communications did not help or did not create what Yahweh wished for them to create. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. The results of this interaction were quite mixed. Where the entities were of a vibrational sum characteristic which embraced oneness, the manipulations of Yahweh were very useful. Wherein the entities of free will had chosen a less positively oriented configuration of sum total vibratory complex, those of the Orion group were able, for the first time, to make serious inroads upon the consciousness of the planetary complex.

Category: Earth HistoryYahweh’s Efforts

18.25 Questioner: Can you tell me specifically what allowed the most serious of these inroads to be made by the Orion group?

Ra: I am Ra. This will be the final full question.

Specifically, those who are strong, intelligent, etc., have a temptation to feel different from those who are less intelligent and less strong. This is a distorted perception of oneness with other-selves. It allowed the Orion group to form the concept of the holy war, as you may call it. This is a seriously distorted perception. There were many of these wars of a destructive nature.

Category: Earth HistoryYahweh’s Efforts

Doug: Ra gives very important information in this section, though I would hold it as somewhat transient in comparison to understanding the unity and union of all things. Still, in union and unity, you have diversity. And with diversity, you have infinite variables. Some of these variables can be plotted upon spectrums between opposites. One such spectrum is polarity. Like the magnet that consists of the positive and negative forces, metaphysical polarity consists of those who embrace the path of truth and wholeness, and those who embrace the path of falsity (session 80.8) and separation (46.16).

Within the infinite diversity in an unending unity, we have parts of the Creator who have chosen the path of separation, or the service-to-self path, as their journey forward in the spiritual life. They desire to control and order what they see as chaos in order to create caste-like systems with themselves at the top. For them, this kind of thinking is entirely proper and good. One of the main signatures of caste systems is the creation and maintenance of an elite who lord over the masses. The elite use their power to substantiate and perpetuate their control and domination because they truly believe that they are bigger, better, stronger, and thus entitled to rule over those they deem weaker. The caste-system dynamic follows a strict hierarchical format whose boundaries between levels are solid so that the higher levels enjoy greater information and privileges which are not shared with the levels below. The only way up or down is based upon meritocracy where one’s worth is measured against the loyalty to and performance within the system.

On the other hand, there are those who choose the path of wholeness who operate following a holarchy dynamic. A holarchy honors that there are different skills, competencies, gifts, responsibilities, and structuring this diversity for the benefit of all is necessary. Therefore, it is not that structure is wrong and that it is negative that certain individuals have more power than others, as long as structure and power provide benefit and service to the whole body. The different levels within a holarchy are more porous and there is freer communication. The leaders of a holarchy see their roles as serving everyone with open hearts.

The Confederation Yahweh group believed that they could establish a holarchy upon Earth with the Martians whom they transferred over to Earth at the beginning of Earth’s third density, 75,000 years ago. Because Yahweh was an angelic group, and had never experienced incarnation and the wisdom that this path garners, they were incredibly naive regarding the complexities of their mission.

The Yahweh group believed they could create a people who would be able to advance spiritually more rapidly than would be normal if there were no intervention. They did this by genetically enhancing the physical body so that it would be bigger, stronger, and more intelligent–thus setting them up to study, learn, and teach the Law of One. Then, this advanced–and hopefully, loving–people would over thousands of years go out to the world and spread their physical and mental genetics and spirituality. This way, Earth’s humanity would be more than ready for harvesting to fourth density.

Unfortunately, this holarchy never formed as intended and the plans for a benevolent trickle-down never came to fruition. Instead of the genetically modified minds and bodies leading to accelerated learning of the Law of One and increasing planetary beneficence within the ethos of servant leadership, a new malicious thoughtform emerged of elitism, superiority, and separation from those considered less than. What was supposed to be a framework for a holy holarchy became the basis for the inroads taken by the Orion group following the ethos of the negative path, exactly the opposite as was intended (see also 24.6 and 24.9).

And I’m not too hard on the Yahweh group because the Ra group and the other sixth density social-memory-complex that helped humanity in South America made very similar, naive mistakes, and humanity turned their efforts completely around to become service-to-self tools. These include technology such as the pyramids.

Finally, it is my belief that Yahweh, Ra, and other “naive members of the Confederation” (22.26) were allowed to do this by the Council of Nine because the whole thing was planned by the Logos. Earth is not just a school of life and love for Earth humanity, but also for those who aid.


18.26 Questioner: Thank you very much. I believe that to be a very important point in understanding the total workings of the Law of One. It’ll be helpful. As you probably know, I must work for the next three days, so we will possibly have another session tonight if you think it is possible. And the next session after that would not be until four days from now. Do you believe another session tonight is possible?

Ra: I am Ra. This instrument is somewhat weak. This is a distortion caused by lack of vital energy. Thus, nurturing the instrument in physical balancing will allow another session. Do you understand?

Category: Ra Contact

18.27 Questioner: Not completely. What specifically shall we do for physical balancing?

Ra: I am Ra. One: take care with the foodstuffs. Two: manipulate the physical complex to alleviate the distortion towards physical complex pain. Three: encourage a certain amount of what you would call your exercise. The final injunction: to take special care with the alignments this second session so that the entity may gain as much aid as possible from the various symbols. We suggest you check these symbols most carefully. This entity is slightly misplaced from the proper configuration. Not important at this time. More important when a second session is to be scheduled.

I am Ra. I leave you in the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator. Go forth, therefore, rejoicing in the power and the peace of the One Creator. Adonai.

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