Law of One, Session 19: Reflection

Article by Doug Esse

Session 19 beautifully explores cosmology by giving us the metaphor of creation as a giant cosmic heartbeat. Other topics include the harvest from second density to third density, planetary ashrams that send love and light, and polarity.

Thank you for reading and may we be instruments of love and light to our immediate other-selves this week.


19.0 Ra: I am Ra. I greet you in the love and the light of the Infinite Creator. We communicate now.

Category: Ra ContactOpening Statements

19.1 Questioner: I have been thinking over the scope of this book and will read this that I have thought. We are concerned in this communication with the evolution of mind, body, and spirit. I would like to fully investigate through questioning the mechanism of evolution in order to allow those interested individuals to participate in their own evolution. It seems to me that a good place to start would be the transition from the second to third density, then to investigate, in detail, the evolution of third-density entities of Earth, paying particular attention to the mechanisms which help or hinder that evolution. This is my intent for direction of this working session. I hope that this is a correct direction.

What I would like to know first is: do all entities make a transition from second to third density, or are there some other entities who have never gone through this transition?

Cosmic Heart

Ra: I am Ra. Your question presumes the space/time continuum understandings of the intelligent energy which animates your illusion. Within the context of this illusion we may say that there are some which do not transfer from one particular density to another, for the continuum is finite.

In the understanding which we have of the universe, or creation, as one infinite being—its heart beating as alive in its own intelligent energy—it merely is one beat of the heart of this intelligence from creation to creation. In this context each and every entity of consciousness has/is/will experienced/experiencing/experience each and every density.

Metatron’s Cube

Category: Law of One

Doug: My guess is that Ra is saying that from the perspective of space/time (not time/space) there are some entities which do not go through the densities at the individual level. Some of these beings may include the angelics, both positive and negative. These beings don’t incarnate and go through space/time, yet they exist all along the spectrum of life within all of the densities. We have angels who protect plants, we have angels who are like the Yahweh group, and we have angels like Michael or Metatron, who are super complex and “high up there.” These beings would not individually go through the densities, but since they are one with the Creator, they participate and are along for the ride as the Creator learns about Itself through each creation, which–like a beating heart–pushes outward and then draws inward.

Ra speaks about the beating heart metaphor in session 27, too: “Intelligent infinity has a rhythm, or flow, as of a giant heart beginning with the Central Sun, as you would think or conceive of this; the presence of the flow inevitable as a tide of beingness without polarity, without finity; the vast and silent all beating outward, outward, focusing outward and inward until the focuses are complete. The intelligence or consciousness of foci have reached a state where their, shall we say, spiritual nature or mass calls them inward, inward, inward until all is coalesced. This is the rhythm of reality as you spoke.”


19.2 Questioner: Let’s take the point at which an individualized entity of second density is ready for transition to third. Is this second-density being what we would call animal?

Ra: I am Ra. There are three types of second-density entities which become, shall we say, enspirited. The first is the animal. This is the most predominant. The second is the vegetable, most especially that which you call sound vibration complex “tree.” These entities are capable of giving and receiving enough love to become individualized. The third category is mineral. Occasionally a certain location—place, as you may call it—becomes energized to individuality through the love it receives and gives in relationship to a third-density entity which is in relationship to it. This is the least common transition.

Category: DensitiesSecond

19.3 Questioner: When this transition from second to third density takes place, how does the entity, whether it be animal, tree, or mineral, become enspirited?

Ra: I am Ra. Entities do not become enspirited. They become aware of the intelligent energy within each portion, cell, or atom, as you may call it, of its beingness.

This awareness is that which is awareness of that already given. From the infinite come all densities. The self-awareness comes from within—given the catalyst of certain experiences—understanding, as we may call this particular energy, the upward spiraling of the cell, or atom, or consciousness.

You may then see that there is an inevitable pull towards the, what you may call, eventual realization of self.

Category: DensitiesSecond

19.4 Questioner: Then after the transition into the third density, am I correct in assuming that these entities would then be in— We’ll take Earth as an example. Would the entities, then, look like us? They would be in human form? Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct, taking your planetary sphere as an example.

Category: Third Density

Doug: Though Ra says that there are three types of second density beings wbo harvest to third density, they admit that occasionally there is a fourth type. The four types are: animal (advanced 2nd density types like apes and pets); plants (perhaps some trees and other plants who have been invested by love from humans, Earth’s third density beings); minerals (especially those which have been energized through relationship with humans; and more rarely, actually places which have been invested through relationship with humans to the point where they incur some level of sentience and self-awareness. I would guess that human investment over many years would create thoughtforms of such strength and complexity that a kind of oversoul of the actual structure forms, becoming a sentient nucleus or the seat of its “gestalt” phenomenon. And then once an oversoul is formed, cosmic law kicks in and the oversoul desires to incarnate in space/time as an individualized being. Perhaps these souls go to third-density planets that can house these housing types.


19.5 Questioner: When the first second-density entities became third on this planet, was this with the help of the transfer of beings from Mars, or were there second-density entities that evolved into third density with no outside influence?

Ra: I am Ra. There were some second-density entities which made the graduation into third density with no outside stimulus but only the efficient use of experience.

Others of your planetary second density joined the third-density cycle due to harvesting efforts by the same sort of sending of vibratory aid as those of the Confederation send you now. This communication was, however, telepathic, rather than telepathic/vocal or telepathic/written, due to the nature of second-density beings.

Category: Earth HistorySecond Density Harvest

19.6 Questioner: Who sent the aid to the second-density beings?

Ra: I am Ra. We call ourselves the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator. This is a simplification in order to ease the difficulty of understanding among your people. We hesitate to use the term, sound vibration, “understanding,” but it is closest to our meaning.

Category: Confederation of Planets

19.7 Questioner: Then the Confederation also aided in second density to third density transition. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. We must qualify correctness of this query. A portion of the Confederation which is not working with third density but finds its aid best used in other harvests—that is, the second-density harvest—is responsible for aid in these harvests.

The Confederation, as we have stated previously in these sessions, is composed of many of those in other densities, in your own density, within your planetary sphere, and within the inner, or angelic, realms. Each of those entities developing a mind/body/spirit complex, and then developing a social memory complex, and then dedicating this social memory complex to the singular service to the One Creator, may join the Confederation.

Category: Earth HistorySecond Density Harvest

Some fourth density Confederation members send pure love and light as their service

Doug: Interesting. Ra says that 75,000 years ago when Earth’s third density came online, some of the second density beings harvested to third density without any assistance from the Confederation. They just were able to use second-density catalysts well enough through experience to be able to gain sufficient self-awareness to graduate. Other second-density beings received Confederation help in various ways. Obviously we know about one Confederation member, Yahweh, who brought in the Mars souls to Earth’s third density. But Ra says that there are other Confederation members, including angelics, that send love and light to the planet in ways that can be used by the second-density beings to gain traction towards harvestability. I imagine that there are fourth-density Confederation members who send undifferentiated love and light from their planet to various planets and that is their great service. Ra says as much in session 21: “There dwell within the Confederation planetary entities who, from their planetary spheres, do nothing but send love and light as pure streamings to those who call. This is not in the form of conceptual thought but of pure and undifferentiated love.”


19.8 Questioner: Well, did this second density to third density transition take place then 75,000 years ago? Approximate?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

Category: Earth HistorySecond Density Harvest

19.9 Questioner: Where did the second-density beings get physical vehicles of third-density type to incarnate into?

Ra: I am Ra. There were among those upon this second-density plane those forms which, when exposed to third-density vibrations, became the third-density, as you would call sound vibration, human, entities.

That is, there was loss of the body hair, as you call it; the clothing of the body to protect it; the changing of the structure of the neck, jaw, and forehead in order to allow the easier vocalization; and the larger cranial development characteristic of third-density needs. This was a normal transfiguration.

Category: Earth HistorySecond Density Harvest

19.10 Questioner: Over approximately how long a period of time does . . . was this transfiguration? It must have been very short.

Ra: I am Ra. The assumption is correct, in our terms at least—within a generation and one-half, as you know these things. Those who had been harvested of this planet were able to use the newly created physical complex of chemical elements suitable for third-density lessons.

Category: Earth HistorySecond Density Harvest

Doug: Ra is saying that within about 1,300 years (a generation and a half, if one normal 3rd density lifespan is 900 years), Earth’s third-density vibratory conditions caused a bodily genetic upgrade. Once this was completed, newly minted third-density souls could inhabit these bodies and begin their third-density lessons. My guess is that if an early hominoid was able to harvest to third density prior to when Earth’s third density went online, then they would “hang out” in the time/space (astral planes) until a body was ready. Something similar may happen for those who will incarnate in Earth’s fourth density.


19.11 Questioner: Can you tell me how this new bodily complex was suited to third-density lessons and what those lessons were?

Ra: I am Ra. There is one necessity for third density. That necessity is self-awareness, or self-consciousness. In order to be capable of such, this chemical complex of body must be capable of the abstract thought. Thus, the fundamental necessity is the combination of rational and intuitive thinking. This was transitory in the second-density forms, operating largely upon intuition, which proved through practice to yield results.

The third-density mind was capable of processing information in such a way as to think abstractly and in what could be termed “useless” ways, in the sense of survival. This is the primary requisite.

There are other important ingredients: the necessity for a weaker physical vehicle to encourage the use of the mind, the development of the already present awareness of the social complex. These also being necessary: the further development of physical dexterity in the sense of the hand, as you call this portion of your body complex.

Category: Third Density

Doug: This is very succinct. Ra says that there is ONE necessity for third density: self-awareness. The biological body, then, must be configured so that it can deepen awareness of the self. What is needed includes a bigger brain, a weaker body so that one learns to use the mind over brute strength, increase awareness of one’s social complexities, and the increased dexterity of the hand, including, of course, the opposable thumb. All of these things together come with the third chakra (yellow ray energy center) being activated. Seeing the self as a self-in-community in a conscious way is the stuff of third density.


19.12 Questioner: This seems to be a carefully planned, or engineered, stage of development. Can you tell me anything of the origin of this plan for the development?

Ra: I am Ra. We go back to previous information. Consider and remember the discussion of the Logos. With the primal distortion of free will, each galaxy developed its own Logos. This Logos has complete free will in determining the paths of intelligent energy which promote the lessons of each of the densities, given the conditions of the planetary spheres and the sun bodies.

Category: Cosmology

Doug: Ra says something subtle here:

  1. “…each galaxy developed its own Logos.”
  2. “This Logos has complete free will in determining the paths of intelligent energy which promote the lessons of each of the densities.”

From a third density perspective, the time seems off here. Wouldn’t it be the case that the Logos developed It’s own galaxy? Doesn’t the Logos come first and then the galaxy come from It? Well, when you add to the pot that all things are simultaneously happening in an eternal now, maybe it doesn’t matter. But cosmology intrigues, and thus we try.

For Ra, a “galaxy” is a star system, whether that star system is a solar system like ours, or what we call a galaxy with trillions of stars. The way I try to understand it is that as primordial creation flies out there and begins to form cohesive patterns in increased complexity, a kind of oversoul begins to form. The original material that was made manifest comes from the preceding Logos’ creation because there is always that which transcends when we speak of the One Infinite Creator. When an oversoul is borne, it is the Gestalt of the all of its parts, and carries a sentience of its own. The young Logos (in experience), is also one with the All and thus eternal and infinite in Its gnosis of all lessons learned by other Logoi.

The Logos, then, works within the parameters set up by the One Infinite Creator: free will, love, and light. These things manifest according to divine geometry in some way and thus you have the blueprint of creation. Yet, as Ra says here, each Logos can nuance certain things to provide the Logos–and through the Logos, the One Infinite Creator–a variant experience of Itself.

If this is still confusing… then good, because you can see you are in good company with yours truly. But, perhaps the idea is not so foreign to us if we consider other esoteric sources that say when a group of people, or even two people, get together with intention, then an oversoul begins to form that unites all of them. And this oversoul–forged from relationship itself–begins to have its own sentience that is intimately connected to, but also individuated from, the members who created it. Might this kind of phenomenon be similar to something Jesus said, “When two or more are gathered in my name, I am there?” (Matthew 18:20). That language might be “third-density language” for this co-creative aspect that is constantly unfolding, eternally.


19.13 Questioner: I will make a statement with respect to my understanding, then, and ask if I am correct. There is a, what I would call, a physical catalyst operating at all times upon the entities in third density. I assume this operated approximately the same way in second density. It’s a catalyst that acts through what we call pain and emotion.

Is the primary reason for the weakening of the physical body and the elimination of body hair, etc., so that this catalyst would act more strongly upon the mind and therefore create the evolutionary process?

Ra: I am Ra. This is not entirely correct, although closely associated with the distortions of our understanding.

Consider, if you will, the tree for instance. It is self-sufficient. Consider, if you will, the third-density entity. It is self-sufficient only through difficulty and deprivation. It is difficult to learn alone, for there is a built-in handicap, at once the great virtue and the great handicap of third density. That is the rational/intuitive mind.

Thus, the weakening of the physical vehicle, as you call it, was designed to distort entities towards a predisposition to deal with each other. Thus, the lessons which approach a knowing of love can be begun.

This catalyst then is shared between peoples as an important part of each self’s development as well as the experiences of the self in solitude and the synthesis of all experience through meditation. The quickest way to learn is to deal with other-selves. This is a much greater catalyst than dealing with the self. Dealing with the self without other-selves is akin to living without what you would call mirrors. Thus, the self cannot see the fruits of its beingness. Thus, each may aid each by reflection. This is also a primary reason for the weakening of the physical vehicle, as you call the physical complex.

Category: Third Density

Doug: This just good perennial truth right here. Ra is saying that the third-density body was perfectly designed to take advantage of the lessons of third-density bandwidth of consciousness. We are not meant to go it alone and we all need mirrors in our lives. The veil of forgetting, the newly online rational/intuitive mind, the weaker body, and the awareness of self-in-community, are all the ingredients that go into learning from third-density catalysts. This learning leads us to the choice of polarity and then to harvesting into fourth density.


19.14 Questioner: Then we have second-density beings who have, primarily, motivation towards service to self and possibly a little bit of service to others with respect to their immediate families, going into third density and carrying this bias with them but being in a position now where this bias will slowly be modified to one which is aimed toward a social complex, and then ultimately toward union with the all. Am I correct?

Ra: I am Ra. You are correct.

Category: Third Density

19.15 Questioner: Then the newest third-density beings who’ve just made the transition from second are still strongly biased towards self-service. There must be many other mechanisms to create an awareness of the possibility of service to others.

I am wondering, first—two things. I’m wondering about the mechanism, and I am wondering when the split takes place, where the entity is able to continue on the road towards service to self that will eventually take him to fourth or fifth density.

I would assume that an entity can continue . . . can start, say, in second density with service totally to self and continue right on through and just stay on what we would call the path of service to self and never ever be pulled over. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect. The second-density concept of serving self includes the serving of those associated with tribe or pack. This is not seen in second density as separation of self and other-self. All is seen as self since in some forms of second-density entities, if the tribe or pack becomes weakened, so does the entity within the tribe or pack.

The new or initial third-density entity has this innocent, shall we say, bias or distortion towards viewing those in the family, the society, as you would call, perhaps, country, as self. Thus, though a distortion not helpful for progress in third density, it is without polarity.

The break becomes apparent when the entity perceives other-selves as other-selves and consciously determines to manipulate other-selves for the benefit of the self. This is the beginning of the road of which you speak.

Category: Negative Path

Doug: Good stuff from Ra here. Don is wondering how the service-to-self emerged and did it come from the animal kingdom? In other words, did the negative mindset carry over from second density and then the choice to follow the service-to-other polarity later become apparent as third-density humans learn more and more the nature of love? Ra gives a good nuance here. At the level of high second-density beings, there exists a kind of social hierarchy where the strongest are at the top. This does seem like the negative polarity. But Ra says that at the level of second density, and early third density, whatever hierarchy that forms does so in order to protect the entire group. The leader(s) of said group do not see themselves as the overlords of the group with the elitism of the negative path. There is no strong sense of individualism within a pack, for the pack is one unit. But with the negative polarity, the person intentionally chooses to see themselves as separate from all others. It is similar to making a kind of sacred vow. They choose to separate and manipulate others for their own individual glory. And they run with that value system for millions of years.


19.16 Questioner: Then, through free will, sometime in the third-density experience, the path splits, and an entity consciously . . . probably does not consciously choose. Does an entity consciously choose this path at the initial splitting point?

Ra: I am Ra. We speak in generalities, which is dangerous for always inaccurate. However, we realize you look for the overview, so we will eliminate anomalies and speak of majorities.

The majority of third-density beings is far along the chosen path before realization of that path is conscious.

Category: The Two Paths

Doug: “Conscious” in terms of space/time… I would assume that when a person dies and returns to time/space, they remember their chosen path, be it positive or negative. Then they program catalysts for the next incarnation that would help them polarize more. But when they enter into space/time again, the ole veil of forgetting blankets the conscious part of it.


19.17 Questioner: Can you tell me what bias creates their momentum toward the chosen path of service to self?

Ra: I am Ra. We can speak only in metaphor. Some love the light. Some love the darkness. It is a matter of the unique and infinitely various Creator choosing and playing among its experiences as a child upon a picnic. Some enjoy the picnic and find the sun beautiful, the food delicious, the games refreshing, and glow with the joy of creation. Some find the night delicious, their picnic being pain, difficulty, sufferings of others, and the examination of the perversities of nature. These enjoy a different picnic.

All these experiences are available. It is free will of each entity which chooses the form of play, the form of pleasure.

Doug: At some point in the third-density experience, a person advances to the level that they make conscious decisions in how to live their lives based upon what gives them joy, what gives them meaning and purpose. Most feel the joy in unity and union with others and with God. A few feel joy and purpose in playing with the perversity of cosmic natural laws. That certainly is their choice since all enjoy free will. To feel great pain and great disharmony in oneself and then to inflict great pain and great disharmony on others–all with exquisite intentionality–is not their “hell,” as it would be for those on the positive path. That is their heaven.


Categories: Negative PathPositive PathThe Two Paths

19.18 Questioner: I assume that an entity on either path can decide to choose paths at any time and possibly retrace steps, the path-changing being more difficult the farther along is gone. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect. The further an entity has, what you would call, polarized, the more easily this entity may change polarity, for the more power and awareness the entity will have.

Those truly helpless are those who have not consciously chosen but who repeat patterns without knowledge of the repetition or the meaning of the pattern.

Category: The Two Paths

19.19 Questioner: I believe we have a very, very important point here. It then seems that there is an extreme potential in this polarization the same as there is in— To make an analogy, using electricity: we have a positive and negative pole. The more you build the charge on either of these, the greater the potential difference and the greater the ability to do work, as we call it, in the physical.

This would seem to me to be the exact analogy that we have in consciousness here. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is precisely correct.

Category: The Two Paths

Doug: Ra says here that as someone advances along their polarity, they become more and more aware that they are choosing a polarity and that they could, at any moment, pivot and switch tracks, if desired. This makes sense to me. As one sees more clearly the big picture, one realizes more acutely how important it is to live by one’s values more strongly. If values aren’t guiding posts, and used to direct one’s decisions, then one becomes sidetracked and looses momentum.


19.20 Questioner: Well, this would seem then that there is a relationship then between what we perceive as physical phenomena, say the electrical phenomena, and the phenomena of consciousness, and that they, having stemmed from the One Creator, are practically identical but have slightly different actions as we [inaudible]. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. Again we oversimplify to answer your query.

The physical complex alone is created of many, many energy, or electromagnetic, fields interacting due to intelligent energy. The mental configurations, or distortions, of each complex further adding fields of electromagnetic energy and distorting the physical complex patterns of energy. The spiritual aspect serving as a further complexity of fields which is of itself perfect, but which can be realized in many distorted and unintegrated ways by the mind and body complexes of energy fields.

Thus, instead of one, shall we say, magnet with one polarity, you have in the body/mind/spirit complex one basic polarity expressed in what you would call violet-ray energy (the sum of the energy fields), but which is affected by thoughts of all kinds generated by the mind complex; by distortions of the body complex; and by the numerous relationships between the microcosm (which is the entity) and the macrocosm in many forms—which you may represent by viewing the stars, as you call them, each with a contributing energy ray which enters the electromagnetic web of the entity due to its individual distortions.

Category: Cosmology

Doug: Wow! Do you see how complex it all is? There are layers upon layers of electromagnetic fields all interacting with each other. Our body has many layers, our mind and its thinking patterns configure many of these layers and add more on top. Then there are layers of energetic fields connected to cosmic things such as astrology and relationships with others that overlay and interpenetrate. Yet, through free will and choice, a polarity begins to emerge as the significant variable which configures the effective use of the multitude of layers of energy fields. All of these layers, choice of polarity, and ability to use catalysts register as a gauge of one’s level of spiritual development, energetically speaking, as the violet-ray energy center.


19.21 Questioner: Is this then the root of what we call astrology?

Ra: I am Ra. This will be the last full question of this session.

The root of astrology, as you speak it, is one way of perceiving the primal distortions which may be predicted along probability/possibility lines given the, shall we say, cosmic orientations and configurations at the time of the entrance into the physical/mental complex of the spirit and at the time of the physical/mental/spiritual complex into the illusion.

This then has the possibility of suggesting basic areas of distortion. There is no more than this. The part astrology plays is likened unto that of one root among many.

Category: MiscellaneaAstrology

Doug: Ra affirms the reality of how cosmic orientations and configurations can be energetically stamped in at the time when the spirit enters the body, and when the body is born, but it is only one of many influences. Thus, it is real but not as all encompassing as many people would believe.

19.22 Questioner: I just have two little questions here at the end. The instrument wanted me to ask if there was any other substances, foods, etc., that she should not eat or drink, or anything she should not do because she does not wish to have poor contact for any reason.

Ra: I am Ra. There is no activity which this instrument engages in which affects its abilities negatively. There is one activity which affects its abilities positively. This is the sexual activity, as you would call it.

There are substances ingested which do not aid the individual in the service it has chosen, this being that which you would call the marijuana. This is due to the distortion towards chemical lapses within the mind complex causing lack of synaptic continuity. This is a chemical reaction of short duration. This instrument, however, has not used this particular substance at any time while performing this service.

We believe we have covered the use of such chemical agents as LSD, this being positive to a certain extent due to the energizing, or speeding up, of the vital forces. However, it is not recommended for this instrument due to the toll it takes upon the vital energies once the substance wears off, this being true of any speeding-up chemical.

Category: Ra Contact

Doug: Ra tells Don that pot and LSD for Carla would not be advisable given her body and her desire to be a channel for the Law of One material.

19.23 Questioner: The only other question I have, is there anything that we can do to make the instrument more comfortable? And, is it . . . wanted to ask about another session, but I guess it’s too late today. I didn’t realize.

Ra: I am Ra. This instrument is well aligned. You are being very conscientious. We request you take more care in being assured that this instrument is wearing footwear of what you would call sound vibratory complex “shoes.”

I am Ra. I leave you in the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator. Go forth, therefore, rejoicing in the power and the peace of the One Creator. Adonai.

Category: Ra ContactClosing Statements

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