Look Around You and See the Creator (ref 10.14)

Reflection by Doug Esse

As above, so below, as within, so without. This perennial truth is found in the Law of One material in several places:

The next step is an infinite reaction to the creative principle following the Law of One in one of its primal distortions, freedom of will. Thus many, many dimensions, infinite in number, are possible. The energy moves from the intelligent infinity due first to the outpouring of randomized creative force, this then creating patterns which in holographic style appear as the entire creation no matter which direction or energy is explored. These patterns of energy begin then to regularize their own local, shall we say, rhythms and fields of energy, thus creating dimensions and universes.

13.8 Law of One

The universe in which you live is recapitulation in each part of intelligent infinity. Thus you will see the same patterns repeated in physical and metaphysical areas;

28.2 Law of One

On a recent walk, I saw in the world around me–in the water, in the swirls and flows, in the eddies and breakthroughs–what seems to me like the same kinds of patterns what we see in the flow and evolution of consciousness in third density.

Third Density without the Veil

The water slowly flows, uniform in character and without intensity and variety.

Third density conditions without the veil was a “situation of a most pallid experiential nexus in which lessons were garnered with the relative speed of the turtle to the cheetah” (82.18).

Those Logoi whose creations have been set up without free will have not, in the feeling of those Logoi, given the Creator the quality and variety of experience of Itself as have those Logoi which have incorporated free will as paramount.

77.17 Law of One

The Logoi Experiment with the Veil

The top of this waterfall makes me think of the first experiment of the veil. The water tumbling down reminds of how Ra describes the many different experiments (83.22) of the Logoi as they learned how to hone what would become the most articulated third-density experience yet discovered (ref 91.15).

Questioner: What was the mechanism of the very first veiling process? I don’t know if you can answer that. Would you try to, though, answer that?

Ra: I am Ra. The mechanism of the veiling between the conscious and unconscious portions of the mind was a declaration that the mind was complex. This, in turn, caused the body and the spirit to become complex.

83.19 Law of One

Third Density Repeater Psychology and the Breakthrough

Most of us third-density beings don’t escape the inertia of bellicose attitudes that we’ve carried from catalyst to catalyst, across lifetimes.
There are a few who learn how to view the world from the green/blue rays. This may be what the Christian Scriptures mean by “being born from above” (John 3:5).

Come Holy Spirit of the One Creator, enkindle in our hearts the holy fire of love, understanding, wisdom, and light. We desire to learn how to accept, to forgive, and to the degree possible, carry out works of restitution. May It Be.

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