(Audio) The Jesus Christ Event and the Law of One

(Audio) The Jesus Christ Event and the Law of One

By Doug Esse

The following is taken from a presentation that I did about the Law of One metaphysics and Christianity, as I understand it.


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New Archetype Installed In Earth’s Third Density Space-Time Operating System by the Jesus Christ Event

One thought on “(Audio) The Jesus Christ Event and the Law of One

  1. Amazing, AMAZING discourse into the archetypes introduced by the Jesus Christ event! First time that I was able to see the whole picture together and understand different aspects of this representation of wholeness. Thank you immensely, dear Doug Esse! It is interesting to note that the Yahweh confederation entity -according to RA- put so much weight into devising ways to accelerate the evolution (and it’s assimilation) of the Spirit aspect of human beings in the course of their evolution. It leaves me to surmise that this feat is central to the development of 3rd density in preparation of entrance into 4th. After all, 3rd density is the first density where this Spirit aspect of us, is activated and tasked with a central purpose. For me, the advanced 4th density entity Yehoshua simply put, volunteered to not merely invite his Spiritual Self counterpart to merge (temporarily or permanently) within, in his mortal shell -as is the case with many a spiritually matured human- but to actually embody and surrender to the Sacred Logos Itself (!), Who is overseeing the development of human beings upon our planet. So, for instance when Peter asked him, Teacher, show us this Father you talk about, Jesus said to him, Peter, I am with you for such a long time and you still do not recognize me? Meaning, He was indeed the Father, The Logos, apart from being the Son of Man. As it is, The Logos put Himself under the obligation to enter flesh, merging with the mortal man and teach them the graduating lessons of the realm at the appropriate time, no matter if man was ready for it or not. Some were ready, others not and it wouldn’t matter. Like you’ve pointed out, there’s a conglomeration of Souls incarnate here upon Earth with the most diverse galactic origins, very difficult to unify. That, and the need to counter the negative polarity’s efforts to subdue and conquer the spirit of man, led to the unprecedented infusion of Wanderers -well past a billion in my opinion- upon this planet.

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