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Shall We Walk Together?

After an initial awakening experience in April, 2013, I have endeavored to live in the constructive tension between the exoteric and the esoteric understandings of Christ and the larger Cosmos.  I do not have answers.  I only have evolving reflections.  I try to approach everything with both an open mind and skepticism.  I desire to serve others and live with integrity.

I have lived for a few years in Latin America including Mexico, Nicaragua, and El Salvador during my twenties.  I earned a masters degree in clinical social work and a masters in pastoral ministry from a large university in the northeast. For the past twenty years, I’ve worked as a mental health counselor for different organizations.  Currently, I work part-time at a local university in the Dallas (Texas) area and have a private counseling practice (www.dougscottcounseling.com).

my email is doug@cosmicchrist.net

The following are people who have influenced me. I don’t hold any one source as having the full truth or being the full expression of the truth.  I do hold them all in gratitude and I bow to them in reverence for their “yes” in doing their work from a place of authenticity.  These are not presented in any order of importance:

Thomas Merton, Cynthia Bourgeault, Illia Delio, Teilhard de Chardin, Ken Wilber, Dolores Cannon, Michael Newton, Bible, the Law of One material, Rudolf Steiner, Daskalos, Carla Reukert, Meister Eckhart, Julian of Norwich, Richard Rohr, Eckhart Tolle, Thomas Keating, John O’Donohue, Diarmuid O’Murchu, Theresa of Lisieux, Theresa of Avila, Theresa of Calcutta, Brené Brown, Kristin Neff, Robert Monroe, Adyashanti, Brian Weiss, Richard Smoley, Q’uo, Bede Griffiths, Mirabai Starr, Henri Nouwen, Pema Chodon, Jurgen Ziewe, Joseph Campbell, Ram Dass, Ramana Maharshi, Carl Jung, Michael Crosby.

Here is my prayer that I pray everyday:

I Desire to Live as a Crystallized Healer

I desire to live as a crystallized healer of the mind-body-spirit complexes of my other selves on this planet. I desire to live my full authenticity without fear, anxiety, or compromise.

I merge my will with Your will so that I have no will of my own.

You have given me everything and I return Your gaze of love by releasing myself into You. I offer myself to the One Infinite Creator totally and without reserve.

I am deeply grateful to be a part of Your divine Self-expression and marvel in sheer delight at how You are eternally both transcendent and indwelling everywhere:

–in, as, and beyond creation;

–in, as, and beyond my other-selves;

–in, as, and beyond me.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

13 thoughts on “About and Contact Info

  1. I appreciate your blog entries that integrate the RA Law of One material with your Christian mysticism. While I am not a Christian (been there, done that, was continually slapped in the face as a GAY man), my background includes this “myth system”, as I call it. Therefore, I can relate to your words, although I do not share your faith. Actually, there are 2 areas where we disagree:
    1. Catholicism. While you are straight and are glorified via marriage in the Church, I have been a pariah, a sinner, someone who was “intrinsically evil” according to the Medieval dogma of the Church. My dignity as a human being could not tolerate such treatment, so I divorced Christianity decades ago (I am 64, perhaps your oldest reader?).
    2. While very familiar with the Corey Goode/David Wilcock traveling show and GAIA TV show, I do not simply give my faith to their wild stories. I enjoy them for the entertainment value, but how could a rational person simply believe in what these men say? But I am not here to try to convince you to practice more spiritual discernment, but to simply state that we disagree on this point.

    Nonetheless, I have downloaded a large quantity of your blog for my private reading. My worn eyes have trouble with grey print on a black background, so I painstakingly copy/paste each article to a MSWord file, then do my software magic to convert the background to white and the typeface to black.

    Thank you for your blog. While I do not share your world view, which seems to be at times trying to find a way to justify an ancient Christian belief in terms of modern metaphysics, I do value your perspective.

    Will Christie


    1. Thank you, Will, for your taking the time read and write the comment. Unfortunately the church has really hurt a lot of people and been abusive and oppressive towards gays and others. The last chapter of understanding human sexuality has yet to be written and I hope that in years to come, the church will see how homosexuality is another way in which the Infinite Creator chooses to experience Itself. I also think that RA does not understand human sexuality in its complexity. Be blessed. Doug


  2. Thank you brother,
    yes I walk with you!
    I would like to exchange some concepts with you, and perhaps you can point me in the right/white 🙂 direction, as i have spent the last 2 years purifying myself. I perceive much of the same of what you have shared here.
    Thank you for sharing/loving

    A skype call or a messenger chat would already be of great service! Please tell me how to get in touch
    Thank you!!!!
    A Brother,


  3. Great Blog Doug! I discovered the Law of One through David Wilcock about a year ago and it really resonated with me. I have always been very spiritual and have been trying to reconcile it with my Catholic Christian background. I searched around quite awhile and finally just found your blog. I hadn’t heard of Fr. Rohr until I read your posts. Now things are making a lot more sense. True can be found everywhere if you know where to look, and it seems that science and spirituality are one and the same. I have been slowly getting my older son to realize the truth about God and the universe, so his faith won’t be abandoned once full disclosure hits.


    1. Hi Tom!
      I’m honored that you read some of my blog and so pleased that it resonated with you. I’m a cradle Catholic of a Franciscan flavored spirituality. I lived in Nicaragua with the Capuchins for a couple of years. We attend Mass every week and I enjoy my faith’s lens of reality esp with non-dual “glasses” on. Like you, I’ve always been very spiritual and mystical. When I was ready, I was led to the Law of One, too.
      Since then (4 years ago), I’ve been slowly processing how congruent the metaphysics of the Law of One and that of mystical Christianity are at their root. I created the blog to help me reflect in my own way these congruencies. Richard Rohr, my main exoteric spiritual mentor and a friend of mine, presents the same ideas, as far as I am concerned, as the Law of One with a few exceptions. He is not interested in the esoteric and he admitted to me, when I spoke to him about my blog, that he doesn’t have the mind to understand such things. Yet, the Spirit of the Infinite Creator has been very busy all of this time by inviting such people like him and his friend, Cynthia Bourgeault, another mentor of mine, to incarnate at these times to help prepare people for the next collective stage. They can do this INSIDE the tradition and they can use traditional concepts and terms to flush out the fullness of the truths; which Ra in the Law of One also reveals to us.

      The beauty of Richard’s work is that it enkindles the heart and helps people open up that green ray center (so needed for harvesting to the 4th) without the need to peak behind the veil, as it were, through the often confusing phrasing and for many who haven’t been exposed or open to cosmic realities, the controversial statements, by Ra and Q’uo.


  4. Hi Doug, I have recently found your blog, and as a Christian who resonates deeply with the Law of One, find it encouraging to find someone else who is reconciling these two exoterically different beliefs.

    Last year, I went through a profound spiritual awakening experience, and since that time I have internally felt the need to try to create a two-way bridge between Christianity and New Age / New Thought. For I think there are aspects from each of these belief systems that can benefit the other. Modern Christianity in my experience lacks mysticism, imagination, and openness to the cosmos, while New Age/Thought seem to lack in grace, faith, and hope.

    Thank you for your work here, and if you would like to exchange ideas, just let me know.


    1. Hi Jonathan, I’d love to exchange ideas. I’m glad we are doing similar work. I think the exoteric and esoteric are two sides of the same coin and at the higher levels, as Ra says, the distinction isn’t needed. Many things in the so called New Age Thought are very helpful, esp as they approach nonduality. many New Agers, I have found are as dualistic and fundamentalist as are Christians who see the world through filters that highlight separation. It is my great joy and vocation to be a bridge builder for both, as you say, too. I have found that the mystical levels of Christianity especially as found in the work of Richard Rohr, Cynthia Bourgeault, Thomas Keating, James Finley explore nonduality in exciting ways. Of course, they are building upon other strands of Christian thought that go back right to the beginning. These strands often moved into hiding and gave way to the Master Narrative, but now, it seems, that they are resurfacing for all to see and enjoy–for those with the eyes to see them.


      1. I can certainly appreciate the underlying reality of non-duality, but sometimes I feel that it is possible for people to fall into the trap of non-action because of it. For example, if we immediately accept that there is no good or evil, then motivation for correct moral action, searching for truth, and even helping others might wane or become misguided.

        We cannot forget that we are in a 3rd density experience, and we will not totally be free of duality until 6th density (according to Ra). When we look at the natural physical world, duality seems necessary for function and evolution. Death/birth, male/female, predator/prey, hot/cold, wet/dry, etc. are like catalysts of the 2nd density. Third density introduced good/evil, therefore it is necessary for our development and evolution. Duality brings us catalyst, and by recognizing it and acting in love and selflessness, we can overcome the duality. But I think it is important to recognize it as somewhat necessary in this existence.

        The Qabalistic Tree of Life introduces duality in the 2nd and 3rd Sephiroth, as the male and female creative forces in the universe. The male force provides the burst of energy or impetus, while the female force is the fertile ground that gives the force form, shape, and function. Much like an internal combustion engine, the male force is the exploding vapor, and the female force could be like the combustion chamber that utilizes and channels the force. In the course of evolution, the male force provides the energetic leap forward, and the female force rushes up to meet it to provide form and equilibrium at the higher level. Certainly interesting to contemplate. As above, so below.


  5. Beautifully articulated. I agree with you. The big invitation and opportunity of being embodied in 3rd density form is to grow in wisdom and love and this is most often, and perhaps most made possible by, doing some form of service. We work with catalysts of all sorts and the duality has purpose. It is wonderful. At the same time, I do believe that nondual consciousness is quite possible to enjoy while being embodied at this spectrum or frequency of conscious awareness. However, it seems to me that nondual consciousness at the level of 3rd density really compels us to love our bodies, our here and now, and do something about making life better for others and our selves. There is a desire to make manifest that connection that we feel so deeply and intimately at the soul level. We want to be “bringers of the kingdom come” rather than wait for some future time. We are the agents of eschatology. Ra says that, too. They still have desire to serve. They also say that 3rd density beings who penetrate Intelligent Infinity often have a great and overwhelming desire to share this with others in the spirit of service. I guess I’m saying that right here in our 3rd density world, we can come from nondual seeing and act dualistically at times, in our dialoging with the environment and other selves. In fact, our dualistic decision making will now be a little freer of egoic thoughtforms and we can be, as Ra says, crystalized instruments of the Logos, Itself. Isn’t that what Christianity tries to teach at its depth? Thanks for your words. I agree with your seeing and appreciate the comment.


  6. Hi! I like what you have to say. It makes sense to me, ad a recovering Catholic who found his way back to Christianity through the Law of One. What do you think of David Wilcock’s work? He is a big advocate of the LoO and Disclosure, and also supports Corey Goodeand the Blue Avian story. What is your opinion on that? I like Dr. Michael Salla’s work at exopolitics.org for disclosure of tech. His wife is involved with a “healer” from Croatia called Braco, who is a “walking King’s chamber”, as the LoO puts it. Miracles happen through his gaze, even bus Livestream or by watching a DVD. I used to practice acupuncture, but no longer do because this works better. Also, check out the Bruno Goerning Circle of Friends. They carry the teaching of Bruno Goerning who was doing Jesus like miracles in Germany after WWII, not many have heard if him.


  7. Wow! I’m so excited about your blog!
    I’ve been engaging with the Law of One material and it has blessed me so much! I was raised Catholic and became a Protestant “Born Again” believer as a young teen. I’ve always loved spiritual things. I have been entering into deeper practices of meditation and study and I came across the Ra Material. I had a deep ‘soul-desire’ to find others who would appreciate studying this amazing work and converging some of the ancient wisdom teachings of Christianity, along with the other wisdom teachings. I came across your work and I’m overjoyed! I’m glad you’re here!

    Thanks for living the good life, running the good race and offering yourself, because I feel more fulfilled just by finding you my brother.


    1. Hello Gary! I sent you an invite via my blog to your updated email address. The truth is, I’ve been working on an article on disclosure for the past few months and haven’t posted much, so that may account for not receiving anything. Thank you for your ongoing interest! Many blessings


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