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Born a mystic and raised in mystical Christianity, I discovered the Law of One in 2013.  I see no contradiction at the root of the Christianity and the Law of One material.  Here is what I mean:

Radical Intimacy: How the Law of One and Mystical Christianity Are the Same
The word “radical” means “roots” in Latin.  This is important because the Christian message is saying that at the root of it all, the experience of union with the Infinite Creator is felt as a rooted intimacy with everything and everyone.
The word “Christ” is what the Law of One refers to as the Logos, or a kind of Personhood of Love. Ra calls this Love, “Intelligent Energy.”
Activated Heart
When one opens their heart enough to become activated, it comes “online” and can house Intelligent Energy in a new way. This indwelling Spirit is called by Christians, the “Holy Spirit,” and by many today, “Christ Consciousness.”  Christians call this “being born again,” or “being saved.” A Law of One student could refer to this as “Logoic Consciousness” and it is the beginning of adepthood.  But the labels aren’t important.
To activate the heart enough to receive and hold a threshold level of Christ Consciousness is enough to become harvestable to fourth density but that is only one lesson of the Christian message. That is only part of what the Jesus Christ Event illuminated.

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