Gospel of Thomas with Doug and Noa: Logion 34

Logion 34: Yeshua says… If the blind are leading the blind, they will topple together into a pit.


Noa: This one is pretty straight forward.  If you can’t see, you don’t know. Also the visual of a bunch of people falling into a pit is a call to action for me.  If I see a bunch of blind being led by someone who is blind I should try to help if I can. Help them see a bit better.


Doug: Yes, indeed!  Good points. This saying could be excavated deeply and could produce books…  

I’d say that we are all blind here in third density. The Ra group reminds us over and over again that this density is not the density of understanding, even subjectively (see session 61.9).  That means that no one, no matter how enlightened they seem to be, sees fully. And if people don’t see fully, then we are all blind to various degrees. Period.  

This is why discernment is super important when we decide to follow a particular teaching source or teacher.  We must approach the sources as mature adults who take responsibility for our own psychological tendencies to project onto the sources our own shadows, including codependency and woundedness.  Spiritual seeking is natural to our condition here in the octave of experience (particularly in densities 3-7) and so we don’t want to not not seek. If we find a teaching or teacher that really resonates, then that’s good.  But our spiritual path includes struggling with our own sense of personal empowerment even while we soften our boundaries towards the spiritual source so as to be true to our paths and callings.  

So how do we avoid falling into the pit? If our teachers are humble and admit right off the bat that they are learning, on the path themselves, and try to live with integrity, then that person(s) may be more trustworthy.  How are they held accountable? Do they claim to be enlightened? Where’s the proof of that? Are they “awakened?” “woke?” Those are words that I run away from. But I trust, “awakening.”  

Would I ever say that I am fully “educated?”  Nope. I don’t know hardly anything when compared to all that one can learn.  Most people would feel the same. Yet when it comes to spiritual teachers, we sometimes see someone who touts that they are fully enlightened or awakened.  That’s a big problem and speaks to the very fact that they aren’t awakened to the fact that they can’t fully be awake. Sure, many teachers have a good sense of the non-dual and maybe even have experienced nondual awareness.  But how do they also live with integrity in the world of duality? How do they live the “both-and” of being here in 3rd density and also tapping into the formless realms? Few teachers, it seems, can bridge with consistency both the transcendent and the immanent.  

In any case, for me, it is not a call to action to help those who are falling into the pit because how do I know that perhaps the falling down is not part of people’s own path?  It is a call to shine.

Instead, my own stance is that I hope that I am a simple light bearer who stands on a bridge between worlds and ideas, between the conventional and the cosmic, between the dualistic and the nondual. I want to be holding the lamp on that bridge and help people see their own path more clearly, to the degree that they want to.  I’ve made lots of mistakes in my life as a kind of spiritual teacher myself. The more I learn about my own ability to truly see, the more I see that I don’t see very much. But love counts and I believe my desire to love others and be a conduit for love–a Love that is not my own but comes through me even as it includes me–actually makes a difference.  

I’m informed by this ethical stance not only from learning by my own mistakes but also from my clinical training as a clinical social worker.  We are not to guide people along their paths by showing them how to cross the thresholds in their lives. Instead, we are to guide people to finding their own inner compass and then trust that from a place of maturity that balances unknowing with knowing, and doubt with faith.  In both cases, unknowing and doubt inform and seed knowing and faith with a robust harvest of gnosis. And once you know  something spiritual (have gnosis), then it’s always yours and you are a mystic. The world needs more mystics. The Ra group would call these people, adepts along the path of becoming crystallized healers.

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